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A lot of pressure is put on work. It should be a passion. It should be an identity. It should be fulfilling. And really, given all of those expectations, it’s fair if your relationship with work is complicated. But through it all, one thing is certain: If work must exist, then it should happen in an inspiring setting, and IKEA desks can provide just that without spending an entire paycheck.

While IKEA’s wide-ranging products are often applied to more relaxing activities—like, say, gathering in an organized kitchen for breakfast or unwinding in a calm bedroom before sleep—they also make for hard-working details in a home office. Need proof? We gathered five projects that use versatile IKEA supplies to craft stylish desks which range from easy spray-paint jobs to more advanced wall customizations.

No matter which one you choose, if you’re looking to get down to business with a home office that suits your needs, these five IKEA desk hacks will do the trick. And we have every expectation that your version will look great.

If you have a full wall to fill…

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Courtesy of Jones Design Company

Emily Lex at Jones Design Company created this work area in a space above her garage using three Hemnes dressers and wood countertop. She also attached inexpensive pulls that she spray-painted gold to the fronts of each dresser to give it a sophisticated finish.

If you need room to work comfortably…

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Courtesy of IKEA

Interior stylist Åsa Dyberg designed this desk combination using a Linnmon table top that sits on an Alex drawer unit—which provides enough space and compartments to keep a work desk neat. A Skadis pegboard makes it easy to keep tools at hand, too, in case you already know which ones you reach for the most.

If you like to have enough space for your knees…

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Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Mandi Johnson, who is a contributor at A Beautiful Mess, shows how to create a custom desk using plywood, lumber, a few power tools, and IKEA cabinets. The key to remember about this project is that Johnson measured the desks based on how much space she and her husband wanted between their knees and the bottom of the table top. The more room, the better.

If you like a mid-century look…

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Courtesy of Lovely Indeed

Chelsea Foy at Lovely Indeed created this mid-century-inspired desk with the help of three IKEA products: a Linnmon table top, a Micke drawer unit, and Hilver table legs. The drawers are attached to the table top on one side of the desk with industrial-strength velcro, creating a built-in aesthetic.

If you need a lot of shelving…

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Courtesy of Crafted Life

Rachael Mae Smith at The Crafted Life went vertical with her desk storage by creating a shelving unit using IKEA shelves that can be moved up and down along tracks—and a mounted desk that takes up zero floor space. The shelving brackets were painted in a kaleidoscope of colors for a fun detail, but sticking to one shade would be equally stylish, too.

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