What To Know About Your Expansion Tank This Season

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When winter is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of heating system you’re going to use. There are many different heating systems but many of them use an expansion tank.

boiler Expansion Tank

Water heaters and boilers alike use an expansion tank. These are both similar as they are used to heat water which will heat your home in one way or another. So learning about an expansion tank can be useful.

What Is An Expansion Tank?

An expansion tank is a tank made to relieve pressure in certain types of heating systems. It monitors the pressure and ensures that constant pressure is present yet not too much pressure damages the pipes.

Without the expansion tank, the pipes could easily burst, requiring major repairs, making a mess, and even injuring people severely. So an expansion tank is important with a boiler as a safety measure.

How Does An Expansion Tank Work? 

Expansion tanks equalize pressure throughout the heating system. It is a small tank that is divided into two sections. One side is connected to the pipes of the heating system. This section contains water.

How Does An Expansion Tank Work? 
Image from Flickr.

The other side is empty, or at least, it simply contains pressurized air. The way it works is that the hot water enters the heating system, and the pressure increases. When this happens, the air is compressed.

So more space is created for the excess water, relieving pressure. This is how the boiler expansion tank prevents damages to the pipes which prevent accidents in the heating system, and why an expansion tank is necessary.

Considerations For Your Expansion Tank

Considerations For Your Expansion Tank

There are a few things to take into consideration when buying a new expansion tank. While most of the time, a professional will take care of everything, there are occasions where you need to find out a few things first. 

Size Of Expansion Tank 

The size of the expansion tank is probably going to be your first consideration. Now, your water heater will definitely let you know the size of the expansion tank that you need, so check that to find out the size.

But in general, it’s actually the psi that matters. Take the psi recommended and divide it by 20 to get a good idea of the size of the water tank that you need. You can do the same for water heater capacity as well. 

Cost Of Expansion Tank 

Expansion tanks can cost anywhere from $50 to around $200. Of course, the size of the expansion tank affects the price but knowing that you won’t pay more than a couple of hundred dollars is a load off.

That said, if you are replacing your tank every couple of years, the cost over time can add up. If this happens, consider switching to a different heating system with a larger upfront cost that will make it worth it. 

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Expansion Tank Maintenance 

Expansion tanks can be checked by a professional once a year when your heating system is checked. But you can do self-maintenance really easily as often as you like but at least every few months when in use.

All you have to do is touch the tank. The top of the tank should be warm but not scalding hot. The bottom should be only slightly warm or room temperature. If the entire tank is warm, then call a professional. 

How To Install An Expansion Tank

How To Install An Expansion Tank

About 90% of the time, you will install an expansion tank when you install the water heater. You can install the expansion tank separately, but when you do, it can be difficult to find room for the expansion tank. 

That’s why a lot of people tend to do both at the same time as you will get an expansion tank that is a set with the water heater. This yields the best results so let’s go through this process of installing a water heater. 

Step 1: Get Everything Ready

The first thing you’ll do is go to the circuit breaker and turn the power off, not the water, to the water heater. Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off then break off the connection to the wires.

Let the water in a faucet run until the water is cold. Then attach a hose to the tank and turn a faucet and let the water drain from the tank. It shouldn’t take long, just make sure it’s draining where you want it to.

Step 2: Remove The Tank

Now that the tank is empty, you can remove the discharge pipe from the temperature and pressure relief valve. You can also disconnect the water from the tank at this point. The tank should be free of anything connected. 

When this happens, you can remove the tank. You shouldn’t move the tank alone nor could you as it will be too heavy. So instead, have someone help you remove it and properly discard it at the appropriate disposal service. 

Step 3: Get New Tank Ready

Put the new water heater in a drain pan. Then, take the temperature and pressure relief valve that came with the new water heater and twist it into place. It should be very easy to do this so if it isn’t, you may be doing it wrong.

Just don’t reuse the old valve. This valve is used to open if the pressure becomes too much in the tank. Now, position the discharge pipe from the temperature and pressure relief valve toward the floor or drain and cut it. 

Step 4: Install Fittings

Use a flexible hose kit and plumbers tape to attach the hoses. Then secure dielectric fittings to reduce corrosion between two different metals. Finally, secure the fitting to the hose and then hold the hose up to the pipe. 

If you don’t have any experience with plumbing then you probably shouldn’t use this as a first attempt. Hire a professional if you are lost at this point because it will only get more complicated from here. 

Step 5: Install Further Fittings

Slide the compression nut and ring onto the pipe. Then push the pipe into the fitting and tighten the nut. Use seismic straps 6 inches from the top of the water heater and 18 inches from the bottom.

Secure one end of the strap to the stud with a socket and ratchet. If blocks cover the studs, use a masonry bit to create a pilot hole. Wrap the strap around the water heater and adjust the size, securing the adjustable bracket on the opposite side. Pull the strap tight and repeat the process on the lower strap.

Step 6: Check Leaks And Fill

Slowly turn on the water supply, having someone check everywhere for leaks as you do. If you don’t see any leaks then you’re good to finish filling the new tank. If there are leaks, turn off the water and find the problem.  

When water runs from the bathroom faucet then the tank is full. Let it run for three to five minutes to get rid of any debris or chemicals in the tank. Then you are ready to use the tank after connecting electricity. 

Step 7: Connect Electric

Remove the junction box cover and attach the ground wire to the green ground screw. Twist the wires together and secure them with electric plugs. Replace the junction box cover and turn the power on.

This should work. If it does not, then turn the power back off and check the connections. Then, set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take a while for the heater to get the water ready the first time. 

Step 8: Check Heater

After the heater has been heating for a few hours, you should make sure that everything is working correctly and there are no leaks. Turn the psi to 80 or lower, depending on how big the tank is and how much you need.

If you have any problems, always call a professional as soon as you can. Turn the power and water off to the heater and wait for the plumber to arrive so they can help you with the problem at hand. 

Do I Have An Expansion Tank

Do I Have An Expansion Tank?

If you don’t even know if you have an expansion tank, this is easy to check. Go to your hot water heater or boiler and check around it. Most likely, there will be a small, two to four-gallon tank somewhere nearby. 

This is the expansion tank. If it ever needs to be replaced, replace it with the same size for best results. You can check the size by looking at the sticker or stamp on the expansion tank. If all else fails, take the old tank in with you. 

This can work well anyway in case the tank is a specific kind of tank that is difficult to replace. So detach it carefully after the water and heat is shut off from it and then you can take it in to have it looked at.

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Christmas Bedding (Creating A Look For Less)

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Howdy, friends! I learned something new about myself last month. All of a sudden, I am obsessed with Christmas bedding! I love the red velvet quilt, “merry” pillow, “woody car” fitted sheet, and white top sheet and pillow cases in this gorgeous Pottery Barn pic: …and I am crazy about the colors in the plaid duvet…

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This New Furniture Brand Is All the Good Things About the ’70s

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Courtesy of Popus Editions.

On a recent trip to Paris, I was truly stopped in my tracks by the Marais storefront of new-to-the-scene furniture brand Popus Editions. From the very moment I laid eyes on its fun-forward pieces, I knew they would be a hit—because how could fearlessly bold upholstered seating and high-gloss ceramic tables not attract a little attention? While the location I stumbled upon was a pop-up, the company will soon be opening a permanent showroom nearby, which will put it in the same neighborhood as equally chic housewares store Merci.

This New Furniture Brand Is All the Good Things About the ’70s

Courtesy of Popus Editions

Popus Editions was globally launched by French couple Yannick and Fanny Gicquel in September 2021, with the main objective of bringing cheerfulness into homes through color. Every hue is selected with that value top of mind, with mossy greens conveying optimism and bubblegum pinks expressing gentleness. Seeing their works together in one space is almost like entering a candy shop, and what could be happier than that? 

This New Furniture Brand Is All the Good Things About the ’70s

Courtesy of Popus Editions

Within the 42-piece collection, spanning from lamps to dinnerware to poufs, there isn’t a sharp corner in sight. Just when I thought I was ready to say goodbye to the curvy ’70s trend that has characterized millennial style, Popus Editions makes rounded edges feel fresh again. That might have something to do with the jacquard fabric offerings in classic-with-a-twist patterns like chinoiserie and palm leaves from such iconic fabric houses as Pierre Frey and Dedar. Both the graphic and solid pieces are as successful as a single focal point as they are when mixed and matched together—there are endless combinations.

This New Furniture Brand Is All the Good Things About the ’70s

Courtesy of Popus Editions

Considering the undeniable quality and high-end curation, I had quickly assumed the cost would be completely out of reach. But after doing a bit of research, I was proven wrong; sofas start at just over $3,000, making Popus Editions’s prices not much more than CB2’s. Each piece is made to order, with an eight-week lead time before shipping—which is nearly as long as it takes to get any old noncustom sofa these days. And this is just the beginning; the couple will continue to roll out more feel-good designs seasonally. 

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Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

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Stove with a dutch oven and tea towel

Very rarely is a kitchen perfect when you move in. Perhaps you’re missing the island you always hoped for, or the backsplash is majorly in need of an update. While a complete overhaul likely requires saving up (and saving a lot), there are ways to make your space more functional in the short-term—it just requires investing in the right pieces. 

From the practical (floating shelves) to the so pretty (a sleek aged-brass faucet), five Domino editors share the Rejuvenation items that will help get them one step closer to the kitchen of their dreams. 

Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

Ormandy Kitchen/Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

Sophie Miura, Commerce Content Director 

I’m in house-hunting mode at the moment, which means I’ve already mentally skipped ahead and designed my dream kitchen. It has a Calacatta Paonazzo marble island with statement lighting suspended overhead—something striking and sculptural like the Ormandy pendant lamp. I love the mid-century, Danish-inspired design, and that the lacquered and polished brass catches the light at any angle.

Few accessories upgrade a tired kitchen quite like new hardware—and boy, does my little rental need some TLC. I’m eyeing the Blair cabinet knobs in an oil-rubbed bronze finish (perfect for hiding sticky fingerprints).

Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

Abigail Kitchen/Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

Kate Berry, Chief Content Officer 

This clay lamp adds such a cozy touch to my kitchen. Overhead lights can sometimes be too bright; a table lamp on the countertop gives off a low, inviting light.

The arch of this faucet is the ideal clean, graphic shape, but the tone of the metal is still warm enough to mix with all of my kitchen accessories.

Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

Eastmoreland Kitchen/Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

Lindsey Mather, Editorial Director, Home

You know you’ve made it when your kitchen has a pot filler next to the stove and lugging heavy saucepans of pasta water to and from the sink is a distant memory. This one has a cross handle that’s just the slightest bit nautical.

A narrow galley kitchen like mine calls for a slim runner, especially crucial when chilly mornings mean cold tile underfoot. Plus this jute-wool combination will stand up to years of dish washing and trips to the fridge.

Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

Butler Pantry/Wet Bar/Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

Brit Ashcraft, Design Director

I live in a 130-year-old house with a kitchen that is short on storage. These white oak floating shelves would add a little extra space, while keeping the things I use most handy. 

I’d style my new ledges with art, florals, and pantry essentials (I always have chocolates on hand) in these beautiful yet functional larder crocks.

Here’s How Team Domino Would Design Their Dream Kitchens

Blair Kitchen/Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

Faith Brown, Editorial Intern, Creative Studio 

I just moved into my first apartment postgrad, so maximizing my small space is top priority. With just five cabinets in my kitchen, this swivel hook is a must for extra storage.

I’m obsessed with a butcher block on wheels—I can roll it out when I need to meal prep for the week ahead, and tuck it back into a corner when I’m done with it.

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Dark Wood Tone Decor: Ideas For Your Next Project

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The richness of wood has always shaped desirable home interiors, from the traditional to the ultra modern. Dark wood tones are particularly dramatic, and lend themselves luxuriously to this collection of three contemporary home interiors. We’ll tour a fabulous high-end studio concept that is encased with sleek dark wood panelled walls. We’ll look at how to brighten dark walls in an apartment where bright artwork and mirrored panels completely change up the vibe for a young family. Finally we’ll tour a home where wood clad walls meet raw grey microcement and the atmospheric golden glow of backlit shelving around a bespoke TV wall unit and a stocked wine storage wall.

Visualizer: Item Design  

Measuring 72 square metres, this luxury studio apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A ​​modern sectional sofa dominates the studio layout, on a living room rug that visually and texturally defines the split of space between the sitting area and dining zone.

Smooth, dark wood wall panels encase the apartment, with lattice panels marking a decorative border around the base and ceiling lines, A small floor vase houses a burst of greenery that freshens the darkly dramatic wall treatment.

Floating wall shelves in the same dark wood finish seem to extrude from the panelled room perimeter. A minimalist collection of books and design items sparsely cover their surface.

A slimline, black floor reading lamp almost disappears against the dark surround, as does the black TV screen.

Visualizer: Item Design  

A portiere curtain draws around the sleeping area of the studio to conceal it from the main living space. A curved curtain track with a deep wood pelmet creates a pleasant visual.

Lightweight beige drapes reveal only silhouettes of what lies inside. The light fabric allows some light to permeate into the bedroom from the living room windows.

With the curtains drawn back, the bedroom remains clearly defined thanks to a marginally raised platform. The curved platform floor is built in dark wood to match the walls of the apartment, and scoops around to meld neatly with the panelled wall.

The curved platform is part of a bespoke floor bed design. A bedroom lamp with a flat shade looks like a tiny bedside table.

A pure white microcement floor effectively lightens the dark walled living room dining room combo.

Two low-hanging dining room pendant lights are paired above the length of a modern black dining table. These are the Model 2065 pendant lights designed by Gino Sarfatti for Danish brand Astep.

The lattice wood panels that border the walls are utilised underneath the dining room windows as aptly perforated radiator covers.

A decorative glass fruit bowl makes an elegant, light-reflective table centrepiece.

Beige upholstered dining chairs make light contrast around the edge of the black dining table, and palely coordinate with the window drapes.

The beige drapes fall tidily alongside the end of the kitchen run, which stops short of the wall for this purpose. A simple clear glass panel partially covers the wood wall panels in the kitchen to form an invisible backsplash.

A brass kitchen tap warmly complements the rich wood backdrop. White base cabinets make clean contrast.

A mirrored panel door leads into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, a white marble farmhouse sink adds a luxe touch to a modern, backlit vanity unit. A small round mirror adds a brass accent to complement the cabinet hardware and tap.

3D perspective drawing.

Visualizer: Pavel Dobrovolskyi  

Belonging to a young family in Odessa, Ukraine, this dark wood panelled apartment interior is brightened with mirrored sections and colourful wall art. In the lounge area, a round coffee table adds a moment of texture within the smooth surroundings.

A subtle brown chevron rug beautifully complements the table’s textural effect.

An L-shaped grey sofa wraps the border of the lounge, beneath a lively abstract art piece that burns orange and red.

Another fiery red art piece colours the dining area. Black brush strokes tie in with the black round pedestal dining table.

A white headboard wall brightens the bedroom design. A black bedside table lamp makes a strong silhouette against the light wall, whilst a coordinating black pendant falls over the other floating bedside unit. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

Chocolatey bed covers drape the brown upholstered bed.

Sliding glass doors draw around a dressing area, where open shelves and clothes rails offer organised storage.

A range of wall units and shelves offer various bedroom storage and display options around the TV.

In contrast to the rest of the home interior, the bathroom decor is blissfully light in luxe white marble.

The modern bathtub follows a fashionable racetrack outline.

An illuminated vanity mirror and underlit vanity unit brighten the white room further still.

Visualizer: Blue Studio 288  

Grey microcement walls meet with dark wood cladding in our final home interior. A modern chandelier drops halos of light into the centre of the shadowy lounge.

A linear TV wall unit blends with the dark wood backdrop. Backlit shelves cut across the dark wood mount, adding golden glowing stripes.

More atmospheric light trickles across a wall of wine storage in the dining room.

A small courtyard separates the dining room from the kitchen. The skylight above the courtyard brightly breaks the dark interior.

The L-shaped kitchen follows the same dark wood aesthetic as the wall panelling to achieve one cohesive surround.

Black marble builds the backsplash, main countertop and a wraparound perimeter worktop. Dove grey kitchen bar stools gently lighten the look.

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Get £15 off your Made.com order with this secret discount code

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Buying something from sought-after furniture brand Made.com? You’re probably searching for a Made discount code, then. If that’s the case, then you’ve landed in just the right place. In fact, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve found not one, but three brilliant Made discount codes for you to use along with your order. Not only to score a bargain ahead of Black Friday 2021, but to cut the price of your new purchase by up to £50.

Whether it’s a new sofa that you need, a bedside lamp that you’re eyeing up or perhaps it’s a gift for someone? We’ve got you sorted. Now’s the time to upgrade your furniture or update your home decor. Just in time for the cold weather, and spending more time indoors!

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You’ve got until the 24th of October to use this discount code. So, you’d better start adding to your trolley pronto. Not sure what to use this Made discount code on? We’ve popped our 5 favourite buys below, all of which can be used with one of the codes below. Don’t miss out!

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Here are our 5 top Made buys, all over £150 so that you can use your Made discount code and save money.

1. Arles Large Arch Leaning Floor Mirror

Arles Large Arch Leaning Floor Mirror in bedroom

Image credit: Made

Use this statement-worthy mirror to make your space appear larger than it is – or to check out your outfit each morning. Lean it against any plain wall and let it do its magic. A simple way to spruce up a plain corner or space, plus it works well in a minimalist decor scheme, mostly thanks to its clean lines and sleek matte finish.  The mirror itself sits inside a very thin – yet striking – frame.

This leaning mirror measures a sizeable 170cm high, and it makes a great addition to a bedroom or hallway. Not only that, but it’s a smart buy for any room that’s a little darker than you’d like. Why? This large mirror ought to reflect lots of light into your space. It also proves to be great for talking those all-important Instagram outfit selfies in.

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2. Haru Large Double Sofa Bed

Haru Large Double Sofa Bed in yellow

Image credit: Made

Made’s Haru sofa bed is popular and for good reason – it’s a pinnacle of style and function. It even comes in a range of colourways and fabrics, but our favourite has to be Butterscotch Yellow. Sitting on four black feet, this sofa bed unfolds to become a sizeable sleeping solution. It’s perfect for popping in a spare bedroom or in the kids’ room.

The Haru comes with the two button-detailed pillows included, and these can also be used for guests to lay their heads – or just for decoration. It’s quite low down when unfolded, just something to bear in mind, although it’s perfectly fit for occasional use here and there.

Buy now: Haru Sofa Bed, £379 £349 at Made using the code MADEFAB30

Don’t miss our best sofa beds roundup for more stylish suggestions

3. Ankhara Bedside Table

Ankhara Bedside Table beside bed with plant and rug

Image credit: Made

A set of new bedside tables can instantly refresh your bedroom – or a spare bedroom, or the kids’ bedroom. It’s important that your bedside tables are both stylish and space-savvy, so with this in mind we suggest the Ankhara bedside tables. They boast a spacious drawer for carrying your clutter and hiding it away, and atop you can pop anything from a bedside lamp to your current read and a couple more bits.

Made using a combination of rattan and oak, this curved bedside table sits softly inside a bedroom. With gold accents including a drawer handle, it screams (whispers) luxury.

Buy now: Ankhara Bedside Table, £169 £154 at Made using the code MADEGREAT15

Shopping edit – stylish bedside tables for a bedroom update

4. Teo Overreach Floor Lamp

Teo Overreach Floor Lamp

Image credit: Made

A simple way to ready your living room for darker nights, this floor lamp can illuminate your space and add ambience when you didn’t even know you needed it. Place it in the corner of your room to arch over your furniture and set the mood.

With an off-white fabric shade to bring a welcoming vibe, this lamp stems from a black metal arched frame. With antique brass accents, too. This floor lamp will easily slide into any space, whether your living room is modern, minimalist or mid-century modern. Versatile.

Buy now: Teo Overreach Floor Lamp, £169 £154 at Made using the code MADEGREAT15

5. Helgar Large Quad Sheepskin Rug

Helgar Large Quad Sheepskin Rug in white on living room floor under a grey armchair

Image credit: Made

Whether it’s a new rug for your living room floor to sit underneath your coffee table, something soft for a nursery or it’s for the bottom of your bed, the Helgar from Made is a beauty. It comes in Soft Taupe, Sandstone or Ivory, and it will undoubtedly bring the cosy level in your home from 0 to 100.

Thick and cosy, this Made rug is made out of four separate sheep skins, plus it’s pretty sizeable. It measures 170cm wide by 105cm deep. When we say that it’s soft enough to sleep on, we’re not lying. Your pet will probably tell you that…

Buy now: Helgar Large Quad Sheepskin Rug, £199 £184 at Made with the code MADEGREAT15

Shop more beautiful rugs in our best rugs shopping edit

What else to buy at Made?

Carry on shopping and click through to browse whatever you are after at Made. And don’t forget that discount code!

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Modern Luxe Interiors Enriched With Gold And Stone

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/modern-luxe-interiors-enriched-with-gold-accents-italian-marble

Gold accents and high-grade Italian marble weave a thread of modern luxury through these two contemporary home designs. The fine beige, wood-like vein of Serpeggiante marble pays the perfect complement to the lustrous metallic elements that highlight these interiors, where there is solid emphasis on finishes and elegance. A tame infusion of gold dances across the first home design, upgrading a simple media unit, home accessories, and making a splash in the kitchen. The golden touch increases in home tour number two, where we witness another glorious gold kitchen island and a gold-backed fireplace with a deluxe Serpeggiante marble surround, plus a chic marble clad bathroom design dashed with gold fixtures.

Designer: Quadro Room  

Located in a riverside residential complex overlooking the Zhivopisny bridge in Moscow, Russia, this 80 square metre apartment concept focuses on high-end finishes and luxe gold accents. Straight lines form a leading feature of this design, which direct the gaze around the room.

A linear wall light stripes down a wall of divided wood panelling that is interspersed with vertical mirrors. This fractured effect causes an optical illusion of added space, as if another room unfolds on the other side of the split panels.

Serpeggiante marble forms a polished, round coffee table in the centre of the light lounge space. A small black side table makes a darkly contrasting companion to the piece.

The sectional modern sofa lays down a minimalistic outline. Two ottomans align to create unobstructive seating in front of the living room window.

A cream living room rug holds the layout together and creates cosy comfort underfoot.

The floating tv stand threads a line of gold into the pale living room decor scheme, enriching the space with a dash of luxe.

A TV speaker props on top of the wall mounted media unit, without any added decor pieces to create a fuss.

A unique modern wall sconce introduces a gold accent to the home entryway, which is situated just off the lounge in a free flowing, open plan arrangement.

Internal doors reach all the way to the ceiling line of the apartment in frameless doorways, where their finish camouflages with the surrounding walls.

The entryway door is highlighted under a warm wood finish that melds with its surrounding feature wall. Black hardware adds a contemporary touch.

A made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling mirror is conveniently situated by the entry door, along with a chic marble entryway table. A strip of white LED light cuts sharply down one edge of the mirror, where the silver glass amplifies its bright effect.

A modern decorative vase brings the golden accent to the front door. See more options for beautiful decorative vases here.

The open plan entryway sweeps around the kitchen diner that stands opposite the lounge.

A linear chandelier descends on a dining island, which features a lowered tabletop for a more traditional feel and comfort.

Two dining chairs pull up to the wraparound island table, where a spherical vase makes a simple centrepiece on top of the higher counter space.

A luxurious gold finish defines the kitchen island and a row of upper kitchen cabinets. See more inspiration for gold accents in interior design.

The lower kitchen units counteract the lavish gold finish of the uppers with a smooth, natural wood tone finish. A black faucet and black kitchen sink punctuate a white Serpeggiante marble backsplash and countertop.

Moving on into the master bedroom suite, we find the space split almost evenly between the sleeping area and a very generous walk-in wardrobe. A pair of mini pendant lights drip gold accents into the pale grey and white scheme.

White marble bedside units meld with a marble headboard feature. Gold electrical outlets interrupt the white marble with lustrous effect.

Gold-framed glass doors keep the garments dust free inside the walk in closet

Gold hardware dashes the wood effect drawer fronts with an expensive looking finish.

LED lights showcase the contents of the walk in wardrobe, whilst a couple of gold ceiling lights shine down upon the dressing area.

Neat storage boxes stow away some out of season garments and accessories. Designer bags are showcased under the spotlight of illuminated shelves.

White marble and gold accents smooth across a deluxe bathroom design. A ring of LED light creates the look of a round mirror within a custom-cut rectangular expanse.

Bespoke drawers and shelving tuck inside of a recessed nook to make use of all available space in the compact room.

A beautiful lighting feature has been created with another nook behind the freestanding bathtub.

A gold side table complements the gold bathroom fixtures.

Inside the kid’s bedroom, a sweet apricot accent warms a predominantly white base scheme. Fluted wall panels and a coordinating headboard create moments of interesting texture. See more ideas for kids’ beds here.

A narrow bookcase and a cushioned window seat make a cosy reading nook across the bedroom window.

A modern bedside table carves more texture into the decor scheme to complement the headboard wall.

The wardrobe is fronted with a mirrored panel that slides away to reveal an apricot painted interior.

Shelves and drawers line the side of the small walk-in wardrobe. LED strips illuminate the space to aid easy selection.

The bedroom window seat is integrated not only with the bookcase by the bed, but with a kids’ desk design at the opposite end.

Beige drapes softly frame black steel window frames.

Knitted toys make cute shelf decor.

The guest bathroom is atmospherically lit with under-cabinet lighting and a contemporary wall light.

Gold trims and matching fixtures warmly reflect the lighting scheme.

A unique bathroom sink dips into the marble vanity countertop.

A thin gold frame elegantly defines the vanity mirror.

Floor plan.

Designer: Xenia Korobova  
Visualizer: Anastasiya Zhigir  

Our second home design is kissed with the contemporary arch trend, alongside stunning gold accents and luxurious Italian marble.

A set of contrasting round coffee tables create a unique centrepiece in the lounge area, one cool stone and the other metallic gold.

A modern wall sconce takes the golden accent to the wall. A modern gold chandelier and the reveal around the window offer a matching lustrous finish.

The lounge area opens straight into the kitchen diner space, where a gold kitchen island commands the room. A linear suspension light draws along the full length of the island and an attached dining table.

Serpeggiante marble builds both the kitchen countertop and its cantilevered dining table. Its beige wood-like vein complements a wall of floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet doors across the back of the room.

Clear dining chairs seat ghostly silhouettes at the small dining table. Two decorative vases make up a neat table centrepiece.

The wood effect cabinet doors at the back of the kitchen tuck away in a pocket door fashion when the kitchen sink area is in use.

With the kitchen cabinet pocket doors open, a rich golden framework is revealed around a Serpeggiante marble backsplash, countertop and integrated kitchen sink.

In the hallway, wood effect storage cabinets match the neighbouring kitchen.

Modern wall sconces dot the wooden panels.

A floor-to-ceiling mirror is set inside a stunning gold reveal.

With the kitchen all closed up, the white, wood and gold interior has a reposeful atmosphere.

A small dividing wall subtly separates the living area from an open bedroom.

Large bedroom pendant lights and a marble bedside table make up an attractive focal point that can be seen from the living room couch.

A gold-backed shelf recess cuts above the marble bedside units and upholstered bed.

Another golden window reveal bejewels the bedroom.

A decorative vase and bowl make pretty bedside adornments.

See more options for decorative vases here.

A bedside clock adds a golden touch onto a small side table.

The diving wall that separates the living and bedroom areas is a fabulous marble creation with a fluted texture treatment around its base. In the lounge it serves as the TV wall.

In the bedroom, the marble diving wall is the chimney breast.

The modern fireplace is trimmed with gold.

Stone coloured drapes complement the chimney breast.

More glorious stonework clads the bathroom. A custom-cut bathroom mirror opens up a sense of space in the small room.

The entire shower wet wall is striped with the wood-like grain of Serpeggiante marble.

Gold towel bars ladder up the wall by the shower, where they luxuriously coordinate with the gold showerhead and gold shower screen mount.

The toilet cistern is concealed behind attractive marble panels and a gold flush plate.

Concealed LEDs highlight the bespoke marble sink.

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Amanda Chantal Bacon Never Wears Shoes in Her Kitchen (and Uses $5 Jars for Everything)

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/amanda-chantal-bacon-kitchen-essentials/

portrait Amanda Chantal Bacon

Photography by Oliva Malone.

In her second cookbook, The Moon Juice Manual, the adaptogenics-obsessed Amanda Chantal Bacon whips up her version of comfort food: recipes that she says are as de-stressing to eat as they are to make. “Comfort food should be comforting while you’re making it and indulging in it, and it should also leave you better than it found you,” she says. “All the recipes are easy and fun to make, nourishing to the body, and calming on a biological level.”

Amanda Chantal Bacon Never Wears Shoes in Her Kitchen (and Uses $5 Jars for Everything)

Courtesy of Moon Juice

From Reishi Granola to Eleuthero Cookies, Bacon developed all the recipes herself, which means she knows her way around a kitchen, from the best appliances to the cutting board she can’t get enough of. We tapped the author and Moon Juice founder for all of her cooking essentials. Here’s what she shared with us.

Amanda Chantal Bacon Never Wears Shoes in Her Kitchen (and Uses $5 Jars for Everything)

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Single-Use Kitchen Item That’s Actually Worth It

Get yourself a proper chef’s knife. I’ve had my Shun for 17 years. I worked in commercial kitchens with it and now use it daily at home.

Best Kitchen Organizer

I use Weck jars for everything, from adaptogens to leftovers.

Kitchen Appliance I Can’t Live Without

I think this is how some people feel about cars. I’m so into the motor and the performance, and I’ve used it almost every day for 15 years. More than smoothies (even though it makes the perfect thick milkshake), I use it to make hot lattes spiked with adaptogens. It also whips an impressive amount of air into a latte for foamy perfection. 

Gadget That I Keep Out on the Counter Because It’s Pretty

I can make two shots at a time in this most handsome cat’s-eye green appliance. 

The Best Baking Sheet

It’s a beautiful blue for your eyes to feast upon.

Amanda Chantal Bacon Never Wears Shoes in Her Kitchen (and Uses $5 Jars for Everything)

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Whisk That Saves My Wrists

I’ve put many hours into whisking, whether it’s 8 quarts of mayonnaise (from my restaurant kitchen days) or an impromptu batch of raw whipped cream for a few at home. The wooden handle in my hand and the length of the whisk just feels right! Side tip for the raw whipped cream: It makes a perfect after-dinner moment with fruit, and whatever is left over is an incredible cloud in your coffee the next morning. 

My Favorite Popsicle Molds

This is the Popsicle you dream of! These are nostalgic and paddle shaped to cover your whole tongue, and lend a different flavor experience from the thinner pop molds out there.

Museum-Worthy Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an investment, like sheets or towels. I spend so much of my daily life staring down at one, so I found a board that is a piece of art.

Baking Dish I Use on Repeat

I pretty much roast everything in cast iron, but there are a few things I love to do in this glass dish: tomato confit, a stone fruit or berry cobbler, and braised leeks. They just taste better in glass.

Frying Pan That Gets the Most Play in My House

Get yourself the biggest one your oven will hold and make a lifetime commitment to each other. I cherish mine for the golden crust it can make on any vegetable.

Amanda Chantal Bacon Never Wears Shoes in Her Kitchen (and Uses $5 Jars for Everything)

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Where I Get All My Spices

Most of my spices come from Banyan Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs

Shoes I Wear in the Kitchen

I never wear shoes in the house kitchen, but always Dasko clogs in the commercial kitchen.

My Preferred Cooking Jams

Rogov and Megapuss for cooking tunes. We also have these new speakers called Oda that play live-feed background noise from natural places and have live performances. It’s always on!

My Favorite Kitchen Decor

We have a beautiful painting from our dearest friend, artist Patricia Iglesias Peco.

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October Mood: Dark Walls

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2021/10/october-mood-dark-walls/

What is it about October that makes us all want to hang out in dark cozy spaces. I believe it’s the combination of Halloween and candlelight flickering against the walls that casts alluring shadows plus the cooler weather and daylight savings time that brings the night faster.

What I notice with dark painted walls is that gold or brass glisten beautifully, wood textures come alive, and shadows are more dramatic. These examples will tempt you to paint your walls  a shade of deep green, blue, charcoal, or black.

villa betula 

the future kept

arazi levine design 

source unknown

colette wallpaper – the pattern collective 

shop mohd 

ideal home uk 

studio mcgee 

eche martinez 

hotel st vincent 

deuce city henhouse

vernich interiors


apple and oak

8 Days in Italy: What I Packed

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2021/10/8-days-in-italy-what-i-packed/

It’s been a few days I’ve been in Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, and Verona. In the past ten years I’ve visited a lot of European countries but I haven’t been back to Italy in almost two decades so I’m thrilled to return! If you follow my stories on Instagram, I’ve shared some images of what this week has been like so far.

I’m not a fashion blogger, I travel for the experience and to take a lot of pictures of the landscapes and scenery. I value comfort but I don’t want to look sloppy either so I will bring clothing that make me feel good while I walk around town. I travel light, wear layers, rewash and rotate my outfits. I stick with classic styles but I prefer to mix feminine and edgy.

Today take a peek at some of the separates I brought with me on my trip to Italy and the travel gear I bring with me too!


long sleeve swing dress / faux leather jacket

black camo leggings / red lace cami / black combat boots

mustard crewneck sweater / lace trim top / stretch ripped jegging 

satin leopard print skirt (similar here) / gold sneakers

marble leggings / black v neck sweater / black sneakers

tie dye sweatshirt  / red midi skirt (similar)

packable puffer jacket / lightweight moto jacket

black floral blouse (similar) / black jeggings/  black stretch rayon dress /

I brought clothing that can be mixed and reworn in different combinations. Comfy leggings or jeggings, a few dresses and skirts, patterned or colorful tops and super comfortable shoes!


samsonite spinner / this lightweight duffle (sale price here)

jewelry bag / black crossbody (night)

marble cosmetic bags / small backpack (day)


A few tips that I follow that help me pack super light:

1. Roll instead of fold your clothing, it’s amazing how much this saves space!

2. Stay in a vacation rental with a washing machine mid way through your trip so you can wash and rewear clothing. Keep in mind some places only have a washer not a dryer so budget 24 hours of time for clothes to dry.

3. Try every outfit on! I’ve skipped this step before and realized I’d gained or lost a little weight or I brought the wrong version of something and smacked my forehead not doing this. Especially since comfort is so key!

4. Stick to a basic color palette, mix in one or two patterned dresses and a few colorful tops/sweaters/skirts.

5. Shoes: comfortable is essential but cute is important too! I like leather sneakers plus a pair of boots in colder weather or sandals in warm weather. The one thing you don’t want is blisters so break in any shoes before you leave, but bring blistercare gel bandages just in case.


I’ll be in Italy a few more days! I’ll share the regular weekend post on Sunday and back to blogging when I get back to the States next week.

Ask any questions you have and I’ll get back to you in the comments. Ciao!