American Music & Sound Appoints Kaitlyn Trahan to the Internship Program in Partnership with WAVIT

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American Music & Sound (AM&S) announces the appointment of Kaitlyn Trahan to their Music Industry Internship Program in partnership with Women in AV/IT. Trahan’s hiring exemplifies the ongoing initiative between WAVIT and Exertis | JAM’ …

Product Of The Week: A Monogrammed Trinket Dish for Gifting

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These gorgeous monogrammed trinket trays are a gift that sits right at the sweet spot between practicality, sentimentality, and affordability. Each one is beautifully crafted from clean white ceramic and stamped with a single lowercase letter in a tasteful serif font – simply choose the letter you want and make an instant impact with any recipient. Gleaming gold details add a pop of glamour while wavering edges add tons of artisanal charm.

white ceramic monogrammed trinket tray with gold lettering gilded rim housewarming wedding gift affordable sentimental gifts for sale

Give for important milestones like housewarmings and weddings, or use as an elegant present for birthdays and holidays. If you’re looking for a themed gift, these trays would be a perfect fit for a book-lover or a design-minded person who loves beautiful typography. Need gifts for a group? Invest in one for each of your bridesmaids, besties, or book club members.

beautiful white ceramic jewelry trays with gold monograms customized gift idea

Each trinket tray is crafted from smooth lead-free and cadmium-free ceramic with a raised edge to keep precious treasures from rolling away. The 4.75-inch diameter is perfectly sized for delicate accessories like cufflinks and jewelry, with plenty of space to hold larger items like watches as well. Place at the entryway as a convenient catch-all for pocket contents or place on a vanity to hold hairpins – these trays are super versatile and the functional applications are endless.

modern monogrammed wedding gift idea with attractive gift box ready to give monogram ceramic jewelry dish

Stylish packaging makes these trinket trays ready to gift! Each tray comes packaged in a chic black box with gold lettering that describes what’s inside. Present as-is or easily wrap to suit the occasion. These trays are so timeless that you just might want to keep one for yourself. How would you use these elegant trinket dishes?

elegant round white ceramic jewelry trinket trays with golden monogram and rim lipped dish a b c customizable wedding gifts anniversary

Get them on Amazon.

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Creative Waterside Apartment in Cape Town With Striking Modern Staircase

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This creative home interior, located in Clifton, Cape Town, was imagined by the talent at ARRCC interior design & decor studio in collaboration with Karen Stanek from KS Designs. Waterside is an extraordinary concept of curves and color, which unfolds inside a nine-story apartment building on the coast. Three existing units were merged to create a two-level beachside home, an unusual configuration for apartments in the area. The large, luxurious dwelling consists of 5 bedrooms with ensuites, a private home gym, steam room, cinema room, and spa. You’ll also find a glazed, double-volume central living space, bold artwork, colorful accent furniture, and a unique modern staircase design.

The building was designed by SAOTA in 2009. ARRCC reimagined the floorplan of the 3 merged apartments and placed focus on developing a grand home entryway on the top floor and a core living space on the lower level.

The impressive dual-height living space is glazed to open up the skyscape as well as the beach vista. Sculptural metal wall art, by Louw Roets, and waves of perimeter lighting draw the eye up to linger on the lofty ceiling height.

A curvaceous staircase connects the entrance and impressive living space. The unique staircase design was inspired by mountain contours and so infuses the interior with a natural spirit. The organic lines of its pale, opaque balustrades carve out a liquid-like flow.

The solid white bannister is a tactile experience, ending in a tightly sculpted scroll.

The solid balustrade pushes the eye toward the double-story view as one descends the staircase. LED stair lights burn a warm glow along the treads and risers, creating a cozy aura. Perimeter lighting is a key design element of this home design, meandering in recesses underneath baseboards and snaking around ceilings. On the top floor, the master bedroom suite is accessed off the right of the staircase in a self-contained wing. A series of louvers allow the suite to be adjoined to the larger layout if and when required.

An LED ribbon illuminates the underside of the banister, throwing an inviting glow on the smooth wooden steps of the staircase. The wooden treads protrude beyond their risers, giving each one a lightweight, floating effect. Large format tiles clad the flanking wall of the hallway, accentuating the scale of the entryway.

There are many custom-designed furniture pieces in this home. The space underneath the modern staircase design is furnished with a unique indoor bench design that echoes the staircase construction, climbing taller at one end.

Bulky, structural columns were disguised behind smoked mirrors. Because of this reflective material choice, the ocean view is brought rippling through the interior, and the lighting scheme glows twice as bright. A comfy white sofa fits snugly between the columns, bidding friends to stay a while. Three accent tables march in front.

Behind the main living space, there is an intimate library nook, which nestles under a much lower and dramatically bronzed ceiling. Concealed lighting contributes to the treasure trove-like ambiance and guides the explorer through a hall of precious art.

A custom-designed bookshelf is inspired by seashore discoveries, thematically linking the decor with the apartments premium location. Small ornaments and a collection of decorative vases line the intriguing, backlit display shelves

The curved silhouette of the hand-chiseled bar ties in with the undulating perimeter of the home. Black and white marble countertops and a matching backsplash amplify a feeling of luxury. Three colorful bar stools give the space a playful character, setting the scene for fun. Above the home bar, the ceiling adds a sculptural essence with its curves, and harbors concealed LED light strips.

A modern sofa and two elegant armchairs form a conversational seating area, accompanied by a round coffee table and a set of small side tables to receive drinks. A black floor reading lamp provides soft lighting.

Four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms are located on the lower level, accessed by an atmospherically lit corridor. The bedrooms are configured around the periphery of the lower level to gain access to natural light.

The guest bathroom features a unique, black stone vanity unit and copper bathroom faucet. Dainty soap and lotion dispensers adorn the countertop. The homeowner’s extensive contemporary art collection can be enjoyed in the confines of the bathroom too.

Just off the grand entrance on the top floor, the master bedroom boasts a wraparound view of a private beach. The bed is directed toward the panorama. A bedroom accent chair and ottoman set make up a bedroom reading area under a mesmerizing globe pendant light.

The master bathroom has a side perspective of the ocean. An open, biofuel fireplace burns with a magical flicker when the lights are lowered for a relaxing soak in the modern freestanding bathtub. A white marble platform elevates the look.

A black marble countertop, black inset bathroom basins, and a black double vanity unit build a color-blocked focal point. Wall-mounted bathroom faucets and a pair of modern wall sconces create bright punctuations.

This secondary bathroom comes to life with texture. Travertine walls accentuate the tub and vanity area. The wall-hung wooden bathroom vanity unit features a trendy reeded front. A large bathroom mirror increases the sense of space and light in the room.

An enclosed TV room is quietened with large area rugs and plentiful scatter cushions.

A red sofa turns up the heat in the decor palette and reflects the elaborate curved outline of the ceiling. A glass coffee table holds movie night snacks in neat glass storage containers.

Throughout the home, oxidized copper and green marble hint at the hues of the seashore.

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How to Clean a Sliding Door so That It Slides Easier

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When your sliding glass door no longer moves with ease, the culprit could be damage or warping, but it likely comes from a less nefarious cause: dirt stuck in the tracks. 

Over time, little bits of dirt and debris can accumulate in the tracks, restricting your door from properly opening or shutting. If left untouched, the buildup can become so bad that it prevents your sliding door from opening altogether. Fortunately, cleaning the door tracks requires minimal supplies and is an easy DIY job you can take on yourself.

Clean a sliding door track

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Sliding Door Tracks

Cleaning sliding door tracks involves two steps: dislodging dirt and vacuuming and then damp cleaning. Depending on how dirty they get, aim to clean your tracks at least every 2-3 months or whenever noticeable buildup is present.

Step 1: Use a Shop Vac and Stiff Bristled Brush to Remove Dirt

No matter how dirty your sliding door tracks are, you need to start the cleaning process by using a stiff-bristled brush to dislodge dirt and a Shop Vac to suction it up. If you don’t have a stiff-bristled brush, use an old toothbrush or a wooden skewer to help drive out stuck-on grime.

Work on one section of the tracks, removing as much dirt as possible with your vacuum and brush. Then, move to the next section. Repeat until you’ve vacuumed the entire track.

Step 2: Damp Clean the Track

With the big stuff gone, it’s time to damp clean the tracks. You’ll need a sponge or microfiber cloth and a multipurpose cleaner. Spray down your sponge or cloth until damp, and then wipe the track. Go back over each section with a dry microfiber cloth.

Avoid spraying large sections of the track with your cleaner. Doing this can turn dirt into a muddy mess that’s hard to wipe out.

If you dislodged any big pieces during this step, go back over the track with your vacuum.

Simple repair a sliding door track

Other Ways to Make Your Glass or Patio Door Slide Easier

Cleaning your tracks should be routine maintenance and the first step in making a door slide easier. Aside from cleaning, check the wheels at the bottom of the door to ensure they’re correctly aligned. If they’re out of alignment, adjust the screws to bring them back where they need to be.

After cleaning, lubricate the door tracks with a silicone-based lubricant. Spray the lubricant evenly and open and shut the door a few times.

What to Do When Your Sliding Door Won’t Budge

When grime in the tracks is severe, it might prevent you from accessing the entire track for cleaning. In this case, you’ll need to remove the door. 

Most sliding glass doors feature a cap at the bottom that covers a screw. Remove the cap and then remove the screws with an appropriate screwdriver. With the sliding door partially open, grab the door on both sides at the bottom, lift it, and gently pull it toward you. Note that this doesn’t work on all types of sliding doors, so you’ll need to check your owner’s manual for instructions before attempting DIY removal.

Also, some sliding doors are heavy and dangerous to remove on your own. In these instances, it’s safer to call a sliding door repair company to have them remove the door, assess the tracks, and check for other types of damage.

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There’s a Pink Side Table and Giftable Candlesticks Hiding in Ssense’s Sale Section

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We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

There’s a magical vibe among the items sprinkled across Ssense’s sale section—it can only be described as “that thing you saw at your coolest friend’s house that you can’t stop thinking about.” That’s one part of this equation, and with summer here, we’re all about embracing the rainbow in our lives. We dove into the beloved deals and plucked some of our favorite color-drenched picks.

Fazeek Pink Wave Bowl Set

Pink Wave Bowl Set by Fazeek, Ssense



See It

There’s no better home for a couple of cute ice cream scoops. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, this set is just as practical as it is pretty.

R+D.Lab Red Velasca Acqua Glasses

Red Velasca Acqua Glasses by R+D.LAB, Ssense



See It

Here’s a hot take: A drinking vessel with an unexpected silhouette doubles as art. This duo of mouth-blown borosilicate glasses would make as much sense on a bookshelf—perhaps filled with a bit of water and a flower bud—as they would inside your kitchen cabinets.

Polspotten Pink Twister Side Table

Pink Twister Side Table by Polspotten, Ssense



See It

No matter how small your space may be, there’s always a nook or corner made even better with a little side table. At 22 inches tall, this pink beauty is a prime spot for a short stack of books, your favorite plant, or a cup of coffee.

Gustaf Westman Objects Ssense Exclusive Yellow Curvy Micro Mirror

Exclusive Yellow Curvy Micro Mirror by Gustaf Westman, Ssense



See It

Gustaf Westman’s squiggly mirrors have become synonymous with covetable spaces. This sunshiny one would look best leaning on a shelf or hung on the wall right by your front door for last-minute hair checks.

Polspotten Blue Tam Tam Stool

Blue Tam Tam Stool by Polspotten, Ssense



See It

There’s nothing more handy than a stool for putting on your shoes, but we also love the idea of treating this one like a snack station for your WFH days.

Jiu Jie Ssense Exclusive Purple Baby Knot Cushion

Exclusive Purple Baby Knot Cushion by Jiu Jie, Ssense



See It

Lilac is a year-round color, practically a neutral in our eyes. This tubular pillow offers a boost of lumbar support on the couch, but it’s also a great nap companion.

Bzippy Blue Medium Circle Top 4 Vase

Blue Medium Circle Top 4 Vase by Bzippy, Ssense



See It

Artist Bari Ziperstein is known for stacking shapes and draping them in bold colors. This particular vase is striking enough to sit on its own or shine a light on a fistful of florals. 

Yield Green Double-Wall Glasses

Green Double-Wall Glasses by Yield, Ssense



See It

One of life’s little luxuries is feeling just a little fancy while you hydrate for the day. We love the jungly green of these durable cups—it’s summer in a single color.

Ugly Rugly Ssense Exclusive Blue & Yellow Amoeba Wreath

Exclusive Blue & Yellow Amoeba Wreath by Ugly Rugly, Ssense



See It

Sometimes you have a weird stretch of wall space to fill, and a framed photo or poster just won’t do the trick. The colors woven into this piece of art are one thing, and the burst of texture is divine.

Tina Vaia Green Double Totem Candleholder Set

Green Double Totem Candleholder Set by Tina Vaia, Ssense



See It

Vase or candlestick? You get to choose! Hint: This would make a great birthday or housewarming gift.

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8 Common Mistakes When Decluttering a Backyard and How to Do It Right

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Decluttering your backyard can be a rejuvenating process, resulting in a peaceful and spacious relaxation or entertainment area. This project not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also creates an environment that is more enjoyable and easier to maintain.

However, the initial excitement and energy of the process may cause you to make mistakes early in the process. The desire to complete the process quickly may lead to rash decisions, and the sheer size of the task makes it easy to mismanage.

Backyard declutering for summer

These and other mistakes can be easy to avoid if you know how to plan better. Understanding both the benefits of a decluttered space and how to avoid common mistakes will help you navigate the process more smoothly, resulting in an effective and balanced transformation of your backyard.

Mistakes When Decluttering a Backyard

Decluttering is not always a straightforward process. Instead, it requires careful planning and implementation to avoid the common pitfalls listed below.

Tackling Too Much at Once

One common mistake made when decluttering a backyard is attempting to clean up the entire area at once. This approach can quickly lead to burnout and the abandonment of the project. Instead of making steady progress, you will be paralyzed by the scale of the task at hand.

It is far more effective to divide the project into manageable sections, focusing on one area at a time and allowing time for rest in between. This makes the project less intimidating because you can see incremental progress while maintaining your motivation.

Outdoor water feature declutter

Lack of a Clear Plan

Decluttering without a road map of how you are going to do it will result in a disorganized effort and unsatisfactory results. Without a clear plan, it is easy to become sidetracked from your primary task and waste time on low priority areas.

A well-considered plan will help you prioritize important actions and allocate resources to the most important areas of your yard. Setting specific goals and a timeline for the work keeps your efforts focused and productive, leading to a more systematic and effective decluttering process.

Underestimating Disposal Requirements

Another mistake is underestimating the proper disposal of all of the items you need to remove from your backyard. Failure to plan for the disposal of unwanted backyard items can result in piles that linger in your yard, negating the benefits of your decluttering efforts. Simply moving all of the unwanted items to another location rather than properly disposing of them will not solve your problem; it will only create more clutter elsewhere.

Consider all of the items that require disposal. Items that are useless or broken can be recycled, discarded, or given to someone who can repurpose the parts. Other items in good condition can be donated. Hazardous materials or bulky waste may necessitate the use of specialized disposal methods.

Neglecting Seasonal Requirements

Backyards with gardens or even extensive plant and flower areas will require seasonal maintenance that should be considered during the decluttering process. Each season brings different challenges and requirements for the backyard plants that can be included during decluttering. Planning your decluttering activities around seasonal requirements is a good way to combine both tasks effectively.

Spring is an excellent season for getting rid of winter debris and for new planting. Autumn is ideal for trimming your plants, so it will be necessary to remove all the extra rubbish created.

Negleting outdoor area

Neglecting Aesthetic Balance

In an effort to declutter the backyard, there is a risk of becoming overzealous and failing to consider the space’s aesthetic balance. Enthusiastic stripping of plants and flowers, chippy furniture, or mossy containers can detract from the garden’s character and charm.

It is critical to strike the proper balance between decluttering and preserving the rustic beauty of the backyard. A well-planned arrangement of plants, decorations, and seating areas results in a harmonious and efficient backyard space.

Not Implementing Storage Solutions

A common decluttering mistake is failing to consider how and where to store the items you want to keep after they have been removed from the backyard. People frequently try to store them in a temporary location rather than investing in a long-term solution that will keep their belongings clean, organized, and protected from environmental effects. To ensure easy access and readiness for future use, consider utilizing a garden shed, tool racks, storage bins, or dedicating a section of your garage for big items.

Neglecting Maintenance After Decluttering

Decluttering is never a one-time task; it requires ongoing maintenance to keep a space organized. A common mistake is to neglect regular maintenance after the initial clean-up, which will only result in the backyard becoming cluttered once more.

It is best to establish a regular maintenance schedule. This does not have to be as extensive as your initial decluttering, but it will require weekly, monthly, and/or seasonal check-ins to ensure that clutter does not accumulate over time. This consistent effort will ensure that your backyard space is ready for use at any time.

Not Involving Other Household Members

Decluttering the backyard should be a collaborative effort among all household members. One common decluttering mistake is attempting to complete the task alone rather than involving or consulting with other members of the household. This can result in frustration, misunderstandings, missed items, and a lack of teamwork in the space’s ongoing maintenance.

Engaging everyone who uses the backyard ensures that the decluttering meets everyone’s needs and preferences, while also instilling a sense of ownership and cooperation in keeping the area tidy.

Steps for Effectively Decluttering Your Backyard

Decluttering your yard involves a series of organized steps to ensure the process is efficient and effective.

  1. Assess the Area

The first step is to assess the decluttering needs of your yard. Walk around and take note of any items or areas that need attention. This will allow you to understand the scope of the project and plan how to approach it effectively. Prioritize the areas that need the most attention so that you can tackle them before other areas.

  1. Set Goals and Make a Plan

Once you have a good understanding of the state of your backyard, it is time to set goals and devise a plan to achieve them. Define your goals for decluttering. Whether you want to make more space, set up a seating area, clear space to plant a garden, or simply tidy up, knowing what you want to do will help you plan how to get there.

Divide the project into smaller tasks and assign a deadline for each one. This methodical approach enables you to manage your time and complete measurable tasks toward your goal.

Backyard seating decor

  1. Gather Supplies

Gathering the supplies for your decluttering checklist before you start will allow you to work more efficiently and uninterrupted. This could include gloves, trash bags, recycling bins, storage containers, boxes, and any gardening tools you may require. If you anticipate a large amount of waste or are disposing of large items, you may want to consider renting a dumpster.

  1. Sort Items

Soring items is an essential step in decluttering your backyard. This will involve dividing all of the items into four categories: keep, donate, sell, and discard. Be honest and ruthless in your evaluation of your belongings so that only essential and valuable items remain.

Start with the largest items first. Discarding these items produces the most visible progress, making way for smaller items while motivating and energizing. Once the large items are organized, you can focus on the smaller items. Working methodically through the small pieces requires patience and attention to detail.

  1. Organize and Store

After you have removed all of the items you want to declutter from your backyard, make sure to organize and store the ones you want to keep. Storage solutions such as sheds, storage bins, and cabinets can help you keep your items organized and clean. Clearly labeled areas and containers will make it easier to find your items and ensure that they are returned to their proper location when not used.

  1. Dispose Properly

Proper disposal of unwanted items is a crucial aspect of decluttering. Set up donation pick-ups, sale notices, or take them to a recycling or trash center as soon as you can so that you don’t lose motivation. By handling this step in a timely manner, you will ensure that your items don’t get relocated to another place and cause clutter elsewhere.

Flowers behind the backyard seating

  1. Clean and Decorate

After you have removed all of the unnecessary items, you can start cleaning the backyard. This may include mowing, trimming, sweeping paths, and washing surfaces.

Once you have finished cleaning, refresh the space with fresh flowers, new upholstery, lighting, soft textiles, and other decorations. These will add the finishing touch to your newly cleaned and organized backyard area.

  1. Maintain

Establishing a regular maintenance schedule is essential to maintaining a clutter-free backyard. Schedule periodic check-ins to tidy up, organize, and maintain the space. Regular tasks might include weeding, pruning, as well as removing any new clutter that builds up in the area. A consistent maintenance routine will keep your backyard welcoming and orderly all year.

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A Gorgeous Wood Tone Villa With Lux Textures

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Designed by Vivify Studios, this luxurious villa in the UAE showcases exquisite wood tones and sumptuous textures. The open-plan living area features custom-made furniture and expansive windows that bathe the space in natural light. The kitchen, with its marble countertops and state-of-the-art appliances, seamlessly connects to the dining area, where unique lighting fixtures enhance the elegance. Minimalist decor and high-end finishes throughout the villa underscore the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. The villa’s sophisticated design and luxurious elements create an inviting and serene atmosphere, making it a true masterpiece of modern living.

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So, the Church of the Subgenius is an old, old love of mine. I&rsquo;m back in the fold, so my soul is&hellip;

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So, the Church of the Subgenius is an old, old love of mine. I’m back in the fold, so my soul is contractually obligated to pimp their stuff. This guy made that Kelcie meme from the other day. Go get this, too, for a taste of the faith. It’s free, but you can still pay.

11 Seriously Good Fourth of July Sales You Can Already Shop

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We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

No matter what summery activities may dot your Fourth of July weekend itinerary, we highly recommend making some time to peruse the many holiday sales going on. Consider it a (very good) excuse to take a break from the sun. We’ve noted deals on outdoor furniture, vintage decor, popular mattresses, and even appliances. Among all of it, there are some major steals—see our top sale picks ahead.


Vintage Tubular Chairs From the 1970s




See It

Through July 4, score up to 50% off select vintage designs, outdoor furniture, glassware, lighting, and so much more across the Chairish site. Markdown prices are automatically applied, so you don’t have to worry about remembering any codes.


Lubek Slate Gray Low Corner Sectional




See It

Expect up to 40% off tons of items (we’re talking 700-plus) through July 7 at Article’s Summer Sale. We’re especially excited about the Basi bed frames, and the potential of combining the Plumas dining table, Plumas bench, and Rus dining chairs to make the ultimate dinner setup. There’s also a $600-off deal on the popular Lubek outdoor sectional, which graces our design director’s patio.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel



See It

Until July 8, Crate & Barrel is offering up to 60% off furniture, bedding, decor, and entertaining must-haves. The highly rated Gather sofa is marked down, as well as this party-ready punch bowl from chef Eric Adjepong. Bonus: Included in the sale is a curation of Leanne Ford designs for Crate & Kids. (How cute is this oversize stuffed elephant?)


The One Premium Foam Mattress




See It

This Fourth of July, Casper is helping us all sleep a bit better with 30% off all mattresses and up to 30% off accessories through July 10. It’s finally time to go all in on that Dream Max Hybrid Mattress your back has been begging you to buy. (Psst: Two more of our favorite mattress brands, Avocado and Saatva, are also having sales.)

Rugs USA

Brown Amelina Easy-Jute Washable Southwestern Area Rug (5'x8')

Rugs USA



See It

There are two codes you’re going to want to use to make the most of budget-friendly rug source Rugs USA’s sale: SALE40 will get you an extra 40% off clearance items, and JULY15 will tack on an extra 15% off everything. Go nuts and cover your entire home in new rugs. If you haven’t seen the Arvin Olano collection, do yourself a favor and get there now.


Outer Stone Firepit Table




See It

Upgrade your outdoor lounge situation—Outer, a brand focused on exactly this category, is offering 20% off backyard bundles and seating and lounge. (This includes our pick for the top aluminum set on the market.) You’ll get 10% off sitewide through July 9, too. Plus you don’t need a code to unlock the deals.


Tekla Pink & Red Block Stripes Beach Towel




See It

Ssense is a great, if overwhelming, retailer to find decor and designer goods to outfit your space, but it’s also our go-to for gifting. Whether you’re looking for yourself or your BFF, dig into the site’s sale and get up to 70% off items like the Fellow kettle you’ve been eyeing for years and a Mush Studios rug every houseguest will compliment (no code needed).


Emily Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox




See It

Grab up to 50% off lighting, furniture, planters, decor, and more through July 5 at Pacific Northwest stalwart Rejuvenation. This might be a good time to give all of your plants a new home (we’re eyeing the Dell all-weather planter), but you could also snag best-selling cabinet knobs or one of our favorite mailboxes on sale.

Serena & Lily

Eastport Striped Umbrella

Serena & Lily



See It

Through July 10, everything at Serena & Lily is up to 40% off. Plus if you’re looking to spend over $2,500, your order will ship free. Per usual, we’ve got heart-eyes for the Eastport umbrella and the outdoor Riviera dining chair—two pieces that look like they were plucked from a fancy hotel in the South of France. 


Bespoke AI Laundry Combo




See It

You don’t have to break the bank to get smart appliances. Among Samsung’s holiday deals, the $1,300-off bespoke AI laundry combo (it’s a washer and dryer in one!) and the $1,600-off AI family hub fridge are the big standouts. 


Zimtown BBQ Charcoal Grill




See It

Fourth of July is a grilling weekend for many, and you may be reminded that it’s time for an upgrade. Luckily, Walmart has some holiday weekend deals that can help with that—check out the Zimtown charcoal grill with an offset smoker.

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