Vietnamese Villas That Focus On Airy Courtyards & Lush Green Borders

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Nature has revitalising effects that are great for mental health but often we’re pretty removed from it in our modern homes. In built-up areas, there can be restricted space for gardens, or they may not offer enough privacy from the next-door neighbours. Courtyards offer an opportunity to put this right. Surrounded by the home itself, there are no prying eyes from next door, and the central location of the green space encourages footfall through it when moving from one interior room to the next. Designed by Kaizen Archi, these two bright and modern Vietnamese villa concepts are centred around their airy courtyards that provide blissfully cooling ventilation and a serene 360º garden view.

Measuring 26 metres by 30 metres, our first Vietnamese villa design is a modern abode that’s surrounded by a lush garden border of mature shrubs and palm trees.

The two-story house is arranged in a square formation, with a courtyard slotted inside.

The modern facade is shielded by high walls to ensure privacy from the road that runs close by the front entryway.

Once inside the villa, the aesthetic remains crisp and modern with fresh white walls, ceilings and floors. Natural wood elements and beige textiles warm the colour palette, and solid black accents provide weighty visual anchors.

The large and airy living space is an open layout that encompasses the kitchen and dining areas behind the lounge.

Retractable glass doors adjoin the living room with the outside terrace, which further increases the useable space. The indoor-outdoor living arrangement also ensures plenty of cooling airflow throughout the Vietnamese villa.

The kitchen installation fills the back of the living room with rich wooden cabinets. Matching wood effect panels reach all the way up to the ceiling line to extend the aesthetic and make a much grander statement. A coordinating kitchen island separates the cooking space from the dining area and neighbouring lounge.

The living room spills out into a peaceful courtyard design with mature trees and a deck for dining on in the fresh air.

A relaxed combo of chairs and dining benches provide seating at the rectangle dining table.

Wide windows create sunkissed bedrooms with beautiful views of the green borders. An end of bed bench matches the earthy brown upholstered bed, whilst two lounge chairs tie in with the cool grey bed set and concrete headboard wall.

A floor lamp makes the bedroom seating area into a practical reading nook.

Inside the master suite, a low dividing wall separates the sleep space from a dressing table area.

A fluted feature wall rises darkly behind the upholstered bed.

An espresso bed throw perfectly coordinates with the deep shade of the headboard wall. A private terrace awaits just outside of sliding glass doors, with a calming view of the tropical treetops.

A modern bedroom pendant light drops a lustrous gold accent over the bedside unit.

The bathroom has a fabulous view all of its own, which can be enjoyed from the bathtub.

A double sink bathroom vanity attaches to the opposite wall of the bathroom, where it is attractively framed by slatted wood panels.

Two outdoor chairs and an inviting hanging chair find shade under a short roof overhang and a number of small trees in raised planters.

At the side of the house, a narrow patio area runs alongside the high perimeter wall, which is softened by overhanging plants and border of thick greenery.

The border of plants grow a level of privacy outside the window the modern home office.

Home layout.

Our second Vietnamese villa design measures 7.5 metres by 30 metres in Binh Duong,

High walls and wooden canopies box in the private, two-story villa.

Behind the perimeter wall, the ​​front entrance porch serves as a shaded outdoor sitting area.

Inside the modern living room, unique ceiling fans cool the air. A warm cognac and grey colour scheme creates a sophisticated vibe.

A round coffee table creates a dark core for the lounge layout, and adds a balancing element for the large black TV screen.

Sliding glass doors connect the lounge with an airy courtyard, which then carries through to the kitchen diner. A large, glass dining room chandelier catches the light from double height windows.

Grey kitchen bar stools cooley match with the grey upholstered dining chairs, whilst the kitchen cabinets bring warm wood tone to the room scheme.

The cognac colourway reappears in an upholstered bed design in the master suite.

A beige bedroom rug melds easily with the wood chevron floor.

Modern bedroom pendant lights are suspended on either side of the bed, where they complement the metallic finish of two luxe bedside units.

A pair of ​​bathroom mirrors hang from the ceiling of the vanity area, where LED perimeter lights cast a cosy glow.

Inside the modern kid’s room, a stepped platform raises the kid’s bed off the floor and provides storage space underneath.

Sky blue kids’ wardrobes are built-in at the end of the bed, where they attach to a kids’ workspace.

In the home office, hot orange accents add energy to a black, white and wood grain decor scheme. A designer chair makes a chic reading nook between two bookcases.

A bespoke desk design keeps the minimalist home office looking streamlined.

Ground floor plan

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Section drawing.

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Best non-stick frying pans 2021: reviewed by the Ideal Home team

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If you’re on the hunt for the best non-stick frying pan, look no further. We’ve been busy reviewing top non-stick frying pans from Tefal, Ninja, Stellar, Our Place, Samuel Groves, Progress, and BergHOFF to bring you our complete roundup.

The best non-stick frying pans typically come in a range of standard sizes, so while we tested a variety ranging from 20cm to over 30cm for the purposes of this review, we’ve listed the specific dimensions available under each product, along with complete pros and cons. Nowadays when shopping for a frying pan many opt for the best non-stick frying pan. They can still get that traditional sear to your fish skin or bacon, but without any of the sticking and an easier cleanup when you’re done.

See also: the best saucepan sets 

Another important factor is durability. Poor quality pans can fall apart over time, and their non-stick coating can come away easily. We made sure to test each and every pan in this guide over the course of a few months to make sure that you’re getting a durable non-stick frying pan that’s built to last.

1. Ninja Foodi Zerostick Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan overall

Ninja Foodi Zerostick Frying Pan IH approved


Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Zerostick coating, 10 Year Replacement Guarantee
Reasons to buy: 

  • You can use metal utensils 
  • Oven-safe up to 260 degrees
  • Incredibly durable
  • Surprisingly lightweight

Reasons to avoid:

  • None

Ninja has done it again: the brand behind some of the best air fryers and best blenders turned its hand to cookware not too long ago, and this debut wowed us. For a start, the non-stick is very durable, so much so that you can use metal utensils in the pan. It’s also oven-safe up to 260 degrees. We can’t remember the last time we ramped the oven up that high, but it’s nice to know you can! 

The non-stick is quite unique, and in the months we put this one to the test it’s not had so much as a scratch of damage. The non-stick texture feels more like a skillet, but your stir-fries or steaks will lift away with no sticking. It can also go in the dishwasher, and for an entirely aluminium design, it’s not too heavy. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

2. GreenPan Barcelona Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best frying pan for quality of non-stick coating

Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: PFAS-free, lightweight design
Reasons to buy: 

  • Amazing non-stick 
  • Very ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Designed to last

Reasons to avoid:

  • A more expensive choice

GreenPan paved the way for healthy non-stick, and the Barcelona Frying Pan is a classic example. It’s noticeably high quality as soon as you hold it, with a lightweight design that doesn’t feel cheap. The handle is easy to hold and perfect for flipping pancakes, and the thick aluminium design evenly distributes heat.

The riveted handle is very durable and we’re confident that this frying pan will continue to stand the test of time. We also found the non-stick very durable, and our fried eggs and bacon slipped around the pan in testing.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

3. Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan

Best value non-stick frying pan

Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 24cm, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Thre layers of non-stick
Reasons to buy: 

  • Amazing quality for the price
  • Metal tool safe
  • Durable non-stick needs next-to-no oil

Reasons to avoid: 

  • Weighty

The Zyliss Cook Ultimate Induction Frying Pan punches well above its weight with astonishing value-for-money and a really great handle. The non-stick is triple coated, with a holding primer, ceramic reinforced middle, and a sealing layer. It’s slightly textured, but not as much as the Ninja pan, and you can also use metal tools when cooking.

The handle is very sturdy and it feels secure when cooking, which is useful because this frying pan is quite heavy. It can go in the oven up to 180 degrees, but as with many plastic handles, it won’t go as high as metal. Zyliss claims that it doesn’t need oil or butter, and we did agree that we were able to move things around the pan pretty effortlessly with little oil. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

4. Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best quality non-stick frying pan

Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 26cm, 28cm, 32cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Tri-ply stainless steel, aluminium core
Reasons to buy: 

  • Incredible quality
  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Oven-safe up to 200 degrees

Reasons to avoid: 

  • An expensive choice
  • Not dishwasher-safe

The Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan screams of quality, thanks to its hand-crafted stainless steel construction right here in the UK. The non-stick is particularly impressive, so it’s no wonder that the brand recommends you don’t put it in the dishwasher, where you could limit its lifespan. 

We really enjoyed the handle, which is very ergonomic, and reminiscent of something straight out of a professional kitchen. You can put the pan in the oven up to 200 degrees, which is a big win for foodies who want to sear their salmon and finish it in the oven. 

Of course, the price will be a barrier for some barriers, but if there’s one frying pan we’d recommend splurging on, this is it. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

5. Our Place Always Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for multi-functional design

Our Place Always Pan IH approved

Sizes: 25.4 cm diameter only
Non-stick: Yes
Features: A sturdy lid and steaming basket
Reasons to buy: 

  • Iconic, colourful design
  • Excellent quality non-stick
  • Works on all cooktops
  • Nesting spatula

Reasons to avoid:

  • It can’t go in the dishwasher
  • It’s not oven-safe

If you’ve not seen the Always Pan online you’re part of a very select group. It’s been an Instagram and influencer favourite for years, and it recently launched in the UK. As cookware lovers, we were excited. 

First and foremost, the non-stick is top tier. Fried eggs slide around the pan, and it even makes a mean scramble, which is a tough task for many frying pans. The large capacity is great for cooking for the whole family, and thanks to the removable steamer we were able to cook noodles or steam broccoli and easily lift it out from the water once cooked. 

It’s not a conventional frying pan as it’s designed to replace a saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, and saucepan too. It also has a built-in groove to rest your spatula on, and the beechwood spatula is included in delivery. 

The range of colours is another big win, and we’re quite keen on the Sage. If you want to buy a frying pan as a gift, or simply to treat yourself, you’ll never want to take this one from the pride of place on the stove. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

6. Prestige Eco Non Stick Frying Pan Set

Best non-stick frying pan set

Prestige Eco IH approved

Sizes: 20cm, 26cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Eco-conscious design, five-year guarantee
Reasons to buy: 

  • Great price
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Made from recycled aluminium 
  • Five year guarantee

Reasons to avoid:

  • Only oven-safe up to 150 degrees

We didn’t have the highest of expectations for a set of pans at such as reasonable price, but after months and months of use, this frying pan set has really impressed us. It’s got a genuinely excellent and very durable layer of non-stick, and cleaning in the dishwasher is a breese. 

As part of Prestige’s Eco range, it’s made of recycled aluminium, and one tree is planted for  every pan sold. The induction base is great for all hob types and completely scratch-free. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

7. Zwilling Forte Duraslide Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for searing

Zwilling Forte Duraslide Frying Pan IH approved

Sizes: 20, 24, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Abrasion-resistant non-stick coating
Reasons to buy: 

  • The non-stick cooks like cast iron
  • It’s a sturdy and well-balanced pan
  • Outstanding heat distribution

Reasons to avoid:

  • Only oven-safe up to 180°C

The Zwilling Forte Duraslide comes in four sizes, and we enjoyed that the entirety of the pan felt like it was coated in the ultra-durable Ti-X (extreme titanium) non-stick. This pan heats very evenly, and once heated, it will sear your steaks or char your vegetables like cast iron. That’s thanks to the textured non-stick, which coats a forged aluminium core. 

If you love washing your frying pan in the dishwasher but aren’t keen on cheaper non-stick, which can sometimes feel like it’s not built to last, this is a brilliant solution. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

8. BergHOFF Leo Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for those on a budget

Berghoff frying pan IH approved

Sizes: 20, 24, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Super lightweight design
Reasons to buy: 

  • Brilliantly low price
  • We love the entire range of cookware
  • It’s got a grippy, ergonomic handle

Reasons to avoid:

  • Because it’s so light, it’s not the sturdiest

The BergHOFF Leo Non-Stick Frying Pan, like the rest of the BergHOFF line, really impressed us with its value-for-money. Costing as little as £20 for a pan, it’s remarkably well made, and the handle is grippy and ergonomic.

You can use this frying pan on all cooking surfaces, but it can’t go in the oven. What we loved the most was the slippy non-stick which had zero issues in frying eggs and bacon. It’s very lightweight, the lightest in this guide by far, so if you want something easy to lift it’s a good shout (great for flipping pancakes!) What you may find is that this leaves it with a lack of balance while on the hob, meaning it’s maybe better for induction and electric than gas. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

9. Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for cooking meat

Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan

Sizes: 20, 24, 26, 28, 30cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Lattice non-stick
Reasons to buy: 

  • Great for searing 
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat-safe handle
  • 10 Year Non-Stick Warranty

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not the best for eggs

With a unique non-stick lattice-style pattern, the Stellar S327B 24cm Forged Frying Pan is like no other non-stick frying pan we tried. It has a heat-safe silicone-coated handle that can go in the oven up to 180-degrees, and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Most non-stick frying pans have a sleek, flat non-stick coating, but we really like this lattice alternative for frying meat and fish. It adds depth of flavour and different cooking textures, which will give you a finish that’s comparable to a standard frying pan. However, if you like making sauces or scrambled eggs in your frying pan, be prepared to scrub the hexagonal grooves in the Stellar pan to clean it up after use.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

10. Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan

Best non-stick frying pan for induction cooking

Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan

Sizes: 20, 24, 28cm
Non-stick: Yes
Features: Sustainability-focussed line
Reasons to buy: 

  • Made of 100% recycled aluminium
  • Very even base with added induction layer
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Works on all hob types

Reasons to avoid:

  • The handle wasn’t our favourite

The Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan is made of 100% recycled aluminium and is guaranteed for five years, so you know it’s built to last. The non-stick is extremely durable, and like the Zwilling Forte Duraslide frying pan, it’s slightly textured. We really like this for browning meat and vegetables with plenty of flavour, and it also speaks to the durability of the coating. 

The base is 8mm thick, and is clearly designed to work perfectly on induction cooktops. It’s also dishwasher-safe, but we didn’t love the plastic handle, which was not as ergonomic as some of the pans we tested. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

How we tested the best non-stick frying pans

Greenpan Barcelona in the oven

All of the best frying pans in this guide were tested by our Small Appliance and Cooking Editor, Millie Fender. Millie also tested all of our best woks and best air fryers, so she knows a thing or two about frying and how to tell when cookware is worth your money.

Millie tested these frying pans in her day-to-day life. She cooked a lot of eggs and bacon, some sauce-based dishes, and oven-baked salmon when testing these frying pans, looking for signs of even cooking and considering how well the frying pans held up when used and cleaned on a regular basis. The best non-stick frying pan should hold up for months on end, which is why Millie spent months preparing for this comprehensive frying pan roundup. She also took into account the design of the pans, considering the weight and handle shape when using.

The post Best non-stick frying pans 2021: reviewed by the Ideal Home team appeared first on Ideal Home.

Textured Home Design Inspired By Nature

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Inspired by nature, this 180 square metre minimalist home interior features an all-encompassing earthy colour palette of rich brown and tranquil beige. Textured elements give large living spaces great depth and unique character. Visualised by NK Interior in Kyiv, Ukraine, the home concept holds lofty rooms where rafters are smoothed over with wide panels of chocolatey wood grain. Matching wall panels call further attention to the towering height of the living areas and bedrooms alike. Fabulous pendant lights fill the spacious voids beneath the roofline, glowing with warm and atmospheric light. White marble slabs clad a luxurious bathroom decor scheme, where modern fixtures fashion a high-end finish.

We start the tour of this luxury home in an impressive double height living room, where a towering tiled feature wall bubbles with texture. The nature inspired 3D tile design is reminiscent of scales, and delivers a beautiful silky finish to the lounge area.

The ceiling of the enormous living room is clad in handsome wood grain, which makes the lofty space feel cosy despite its massive scale.

A set of contrasting round coffee tables complement the freeform living room rug, which transitions from beige to black.

A textured ceramic vase and a unique incense burner decorate the larger of the two nesting coffee tables. The beige modern sofa draws a clean, simple line across the darkly detailed feature wall that lustres behind it.

The stylish lounge area opens directly into an equally lofty kitchen diner space, which follows the same serene colour palette of warm beige, matt black, and natural wood tone. The kitchen cabinets sport the same wood tone finish as the attractive ceilings in order to achieve an individually tailored look. Illuminated open kitchen shelves cross the back of the room, where they create a glowing point of interest.

Opposite the 3D tiled feature wall in the lounge, a modern fireplace flickers across a long black hearth. The TV is mounted just above it, set within a block of units with a reeded texture finish. The wall hung units offer generous storage space for media items, consoles and books.

A wide window frames a modern lounge chair that has a unique sculptural appeal. A fabulous view of mature trees spans the distant horizon.

Linear suspension lights hang parallel above the living room in an understated fashion.

Conversely, a dining chandelier makes a big statement in the neighbouring space with multiple low hanging pendants. The three pendants draw loose halos along the length of a large dining table and integrated kitchen island. A piece of 3D relief artwork is propped against the wall of the dining area to add interest to the plain grey render.

Upholstered dining chairs make square silhouettes at either side of the bespoke rectangle dining table, which features a glass panel at one side to lighten the look.

An induction hob with an integrated extractor unit is set on the kitchen island alongside the dining table, putting the cook right next to the diners for ease of social interaction.

The other side of the kitchen island houses two deep drawer units–perfect for storing all of the cutlery, napkins, placemats, serving bowls, and other items that are frequently used at the dining table.

Inside the first bedroom, a dreamy marble accent wall features fashionably fluted texture sections. The luxe grey stone contrasts coolly against the visual warmth of smooth wooden ceiling panels. LED perimeter lights draw a bright divide between the materials, which gives added emphasis to the feature wall.

Multiple bedroom pendant lights stream down in front of the textured focal wall, landing low over one of the bedside units. A freeform bedroom area rug lays shades of grey across the microcement floor.

A linear suspension light distributes even illumination over the other side of the bedroom.

A simple dressing table links onto the side of the bedroom TV wall units. An illuminated vanity mirror provides focussed task lighting.

The next bedroom lighting scheme takes a different turn, with great looping modern chandeliers that create an immediate statement above the bed.

Raw cement walls give the peaceful bedroom design a subtle texture.

Fluted glass fronted units glow from within at the foot of the upholstered bed.

A bespoke dressing table module is tagged onto the side of the glass units. A modern grey vanity chair tucks beneath.

The spacious walk in wardrobe is brightly lit by LED perimeter lighting, which makes selecting a clothing colour match an easier task.

The built-in lighting scheme creates atmospheric illumination over the textured walls of the walk in closet.

Square units are situated slightly apart, creating a freestanding cabinet aesthetic.

Inside the luxury bathroom design, glossy white marble slabs cover the walls and the floor to achieve one streamlined, cohesive look. Dark grey vein strikes through the white stone, creating a dramatic finish. This dark accent inspires the colourway of a charcoal grey toilet cistern concealment wall and a matching grey modern toilet. White mosaic tiles build a shimmering tower inside the shower enclosure.

Black single bar heated towel rails and coordinating black shower fixtures contrast darkly against the white marble wall panels.

A small grey marble bathroom table holds toiletries close by the shower door for convenience.

A linear white marble bathroom vanity unit seems to extrude from the matching marble walls.

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The 18 Coolest Kids’ Beds from Instagram That Blend Cuteness With Functionality

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Although in a way kids’ beds are just a smaller version of regular-sized beds, that’s not all there is to it. There’s a lot more to consider when buying a kid’s bed beside the size.

kids beds

There are actually different types of beds with different and specific functions and it’s also important to know when and how to transition from one type of bed to another. 

Common Kid Bed Types

Some of these types you may already be familiar with and some may be a novelty to you. Either way, it’s good to know what’s out there before you make a decision.

Common Kids Bed Types

Here are a few of the most common types of beds for kids that you can choose from:

Cot beds

A cot bed is very similar to a regular cot but with removable sides and also a removable end panel. These elements allow the cot to be easily converted into a toddler bed which makes the transition easy and seamless. Also, cot beds are a bit more spacious than regular cots. 

Single beds

A single bed is what comes next after a toddler bed. It’s bigger compared to a toddler bed, being the standard bed size for a single person. Keep in mind that the standard dimensions however can differ based on you geographic location. For example, the standard single bed size in the UK is considered 200 cm x 99 cm while in the EU it’s 190cm x 90cm. 

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are very useful when you have more than one kid and limited floor space. A bunk bed is a type of bed where one bed frame is stacked on top of another. This way you can have two or more beds occupy the same floor space as one. Their designs and styles can further be categorized into more subsections. 

Cabin beds

A cabin bed is more than a bed. It’s a multipurpose piece of furniture where the bed is raised on a platform and there’s space underneath which can be used for storage or where you can fit a desk or something else. Cabin beds come in different sizes and styles and there’s lots of ways in which you can personalize them to suit your child’s needs.

Loft beds

A loft bed is basically a single bed that’s raised off the floor on supports or on a platform. This frees up the space underneath and allows it to be used for something else. In a way it’s a simplified version of a cabin bed. 

Beautiful kids’ beds from Instagram

Already settled on a type of bed that you want to but or build for your kid? Or perhaps you’re still unsure and would like to seek some inspiration online. Either way, these beautiful kids’ beds from Instagram will hopefully make the decision-making process easier.

Cute canopy bed yet practical

Cute canopy bed yet practical

Ideally, you’d be able to find a good balance between what’s practical and what looks good when choosing your child’s bed. This one shared by  @nasz_swiat_moimi_oczami looks absolutely lovely with the little canopy and all the decorations. At the same time, it’s safe and practical.

Triple bedroom beds

Triple bedroom beds

Although they’re very space-efficient, bunk beds are not always the right answer. Take for example this beautiful kids’ bedroom design shared by @bocadolobo. It makes use of three individual single beds all with matching nightstands and a beautiful wall frame to connect them all seamlessly. 

Bunk beds with a matching desk

Bunk beds with a matching desk

In a situation like this one when the floor space is limited, bunk beds can be a real lifesaver. This design shared by @deroseesa just how space-efficient bunk beds can be and how beautiful they can look when custom-designed for a particular space. The matching desk complements these two beds perfectly and makes great use of that corner space.

Cute house-shaped bed

Cute house-shaped bed

This toddler bed design shared by @my_fantasyroom is absolutely adorable. The house-shaped frame, the curtains, and the lights create such a cozy atmosphere plus the bed is very practical and kid-friendly because the mattress sits directly on the floor, making it safe and accessible. 

Beautiful and functional

Beautiful and functional

This design shared by @flexausa is based on the cabin bed type. What’s cool is that there’s a second bed here in addition to the one on top of the platform. Also, the whole design is very space-savvy. The stairs for example double as bookshelves. 

An actual house bed

An actual house bed

This interesting variation of the typical house bed or bunk bed shows that bedtime can be pretty fun. The design is shared by @tinamariegreen and, as you can see, there’s all sorts of ways in which you can make such a toddler bed personalized with seasonal or festive decorations. 

A simple bed with cute accessories

A simple bed with cute accessories

When transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or to a single bed, the new design can seem pretty bare and scary to a kid. Make it look cute and inviting by adding accessories like this adorable mushroom-shaped nightstand. Check out @kidofthevillage for more ideas.

Loft bed with curtains

Loft bed with curtains

Loft beds are great because they leave all that space underneath that can be used for something else. It could be super fun to turn it into a little play area or a tent-like space by adding curtains and creating a little enclosed nook for the kids to hide in. We got this idea from @sarahslovelythings.

Framed single bed

Framed single bed

Keep in mind that there’s all sorts of variations of the basic kid bed types to consider. For example, check out this super cute single bed design shared by @berkshiretownhouse. It has a frame and a little crawl space underneath. Also, the jungle-themed room decor is wonderful.

Built-in protective railing design

Built-in protective railing design

One of the defining characteristics of a toddler bed is the fact that it has protective railings that prevent kids from falling off the edge in their sleep. In this design shared by @kasia_pinkowskaa  these are seamlessly built into the bed’s frame with curved cut-outs on either side where the child can easily get in and out of the bed.

Custom bunk beds with the climbing platform

Custom bunk beds with the climbing platform

Getting into the top bunk is actually easy and fun in this case because there’s more one way to do it. The ladder is the option we’ve come to expect from most bunk beds but this one also has a climbing platform. The design shared @brakiasitoys shows not just a couple of kids’ beds but also a fun playground.

Single bed with a colored frame

Single bed with a colored frame

Even if the bed is simple like a single bed it can still look cute. A-frame in a fun and playful color can make a big difference, helping the bed to fit into the child’s room decor seamlessly. Check out this little explorer-themed room design shared by @thebasketroom for inspiration. 

House bed with railings

House bed with railings

House-shaped beds are really cute even when the design is simple like the one shared here by @by_camillak. The wooden frame in this case has low railings on all sides and the mattress is only slightly raised off the floor. Add curtains or string lights to personalize the bed further and to add atmosphere to the room.

A perfect fit for an angled roof

A perfect fit for an angled roof

Here’s a situation when a house-shaped bed is simply perfect for the child’s room. The slanted ceiling featured in this design shared by @nas_maly_domek has the same angle as the bed’s frame. This helps the bed fit snugly against the wall and makes it a perfect fit for the room.

Cabin bed

Cabin bed with the window

You can choose a cabin at first for its functional and space-efficient design but then you can find ways to also customize it and make it cute. For example, this design shared by @flexausa has a cute window with a box planter on the outside and a cozy sitting space underneath.

Bed and desk combo

Bed and desk combo

Whether it’s a bunk bed with a desk or a cabin bed with a desk underneath or to the side, this combination is very fitting for a child’s bedroom. Another idea, if you want to save space, is to have a desk that you can roll underneath a platform bed when not in use. Check out @flexausa for some more inspiration.

Toddler bed with canopy

Toddler bed with canopy

One of accessories you can add to a toddler bed to make it look nicer and to help it feel cozy is a hanging canopy. You can have a small one hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room over the side where the pillow is. For more ideas check out @kidswoodlove.

Double house bed with string lights

Double house bed with string lights

Add string lights to a child’s bed to give it a fantasy-inspired look and also to seamlessly add mood lighting to the room. Leave these on at bedtime and set them on a timer if you want them to automatically turn off. Either way, designs like the one shared by @hideseekkids are very inspiring in this sense. This one is a double bed with a cute house-shaped frame.

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Simple Christmas table decor ideas for well-dressed dining

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With so much to think about in the run-up to Christmas, why make life more complicated with an overly-fussy table arrangement? Simple Christmas table decor ideas that are easy to put together will save you time and energy on the big day, so you can better enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

From easy to arrange table centrepiece ideas to simple place settings and chair decorations, there are lots of fuss-free tricks and Christmas table decoration ideas to make your dining room decor look extra special without taking too much time and effort.

Simple Christmas table decor ideas

‘Now that we can host loved ones once again, people are taking extra care over presentation for long-awaited moments shared with friends and family,’ say the expert tablescapers at Lay London.

‘Christmas tables should be joyful and fun, with a little glamour. And never underestimate the excitement of leaving little keepsakes for guests on the table. As it’s the festive season, you might add velvet bow napkin ties, candy-stripe bags of humbugs or ribbon-tied baubles at each place. No matter how small, guests will feel gleeful at their surprise, festive token.’

1. Create a relaxed, rustic setting

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with linen stripe table runner and wooden chairs

Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby

Go for a stylish but simple scheme by dressing up key basics that you already have. A classic linen-striped table runner feels suitably festive with the addition of jolly red charger plates at each setting. And adding sparkly red candles as part of the centrepiece ties the colour theme together.

While the Christmas table centrepiece looks striking, it’s actually super-easy to put together. Just cluster together a collection of candlesticks in assorted colours and sizes and stand them on a rustic, low-sided basket. Using a tray or basket allows the centrepiece to be lifted off the table more easily when space is needed for serving dishes.

2. Make an easy table centrepiece

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with wood panelling walls and wood burning stove

Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

For a quick and easy table centrepiece, try using a simple door wreath, perhaps one that you have from a previous Christmas. It’s a great way of re-using decorations and is perfectly-sized if your dining table is on the small size. Just add a few extra sprigs of foliage or baubles if it needs sprucing up.

Position a couple of candles in the centre of your wreath, to give the display extra sparkle. For safety, make sure that the candles are at least 15-20cm above the foliage to avoid the materials catching fire. Alternatively, use LED candles that mimic the look of real – try Lights4fun for a selection.

3. Add a fruity, festive fragrance

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with ticking stripe napkin and fruit

Image credit: Tori Murphy

Make simple Christmas place settings look extra special with a few extra additions. Tie ticking-striped napkins with co-ordinating ribbon in plush velvet and set one at each place. Tuck in a sprig of fragrant rosemary, together with a cinnamon stick and slice of dried citrus fruit, that will add Christmas colour and a delicious aroma too.

Fill the centre of the table with platters of festive fruits, such as nectarines and satsumas, pomegranates and fresh figs. Add nuts, berries and dates, filling in any gaps with extra sprigs of foliage and greenery.

4. Fill the table with foraged fare

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with linen cloth and foliage

Image credit: The Cotswold Company

Create a Christmas flower arrangement idea for a tablescape display using foliage and greenery. It can be foraged from the garden or bought cheaply at a florist or garden centre. Go for lush ferns and trailing ivy to add colour, with sprigs of holly and mistletoe or festive spruce and eucalyptus.

A simple linen cloth make a lovely, natural backdrop that will set off greenery beautifully. Tablescapes need height, so add a couple of sturdy wooden candlesticks to create a central focal point. Next get your tableware in position, with mats, dinner plates and glasses at each setting. Then it’s just a matter of filling in with foliage, weaving greenery in and out so that it runs the length of the table.

5. Dress up plain white dinnerware

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with foliage place setting

Image credit: B&Q

Make super-easy place settings by popping a posy of greenery on each dinner plate. Simple white dinnerware and napkins are great for everyday dining, but easy to dress up for occasions as white will go with pretty much any colour scheme.

Fold napkins into a neat rectangle, tucking over the edge to create a pocket. Tuck your cutlery inside – gold adds a touch of luxe – and then add a paper luggage tag so you can write your guest’s names on in a fancy font.

6. Make a simple centrepiece

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with white pitcher and foliage

Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Derby

Keep table decorations as quick and easy as possible, so you’ve more time to enjoy the festivities. Put together an easy centrepiece with a Scandi flavour. Fill a simple enamel pitcher or stoneware jug with armfuls of baby’s breath and berry-loaded foliage, then trim with mini decorations in matching red and white.

Swap fussy table linen and fiddly decorations in favour of a rustic wooden serving board positioned centrally on the table. It makes a great resting spot for dinnerware and glasses or for serving dishes and platters when the festive fare is handed around.

7. Keep it casual for Christmas lunch

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with white metal chairs and wood and steel dining table

Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Derby

More guests around the dinner table, means that extra chairs from around the house come into play. Make seats more comfortable by adding cushions, seat pads and a couple of cosy throws. Go for mix and match fabrics in a cheery colour that will tie your festive colour scheme together.

Decorate the backs of chairs by tying on sprigs of berries and fir, with a length of ribbon or twine. Decorate with mini baubles or tree ornaments and add gift tags with guests names stamped onto them.

8. Double-up with festive tableware

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with parcel table setting

Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Derby

Make everyday dinnerware go further when you have extra guests over at Christmas. Combine plain white china with a bright colour or set of festive-patterned tableware, for a jolly mix and match feel that will give you double the amount of crockery.

Pop a mini gift for your guests at each place setting for a special start to the meal. Wrap in co-ordinating giftwrap and tie with satin ribbon with a berry sprig topper as a pretty finishing touch.

9. Give a neutral scheme subtle sparkle

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with neutral dining room and wreaths on wall

Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

If traditional reds and greens aren’t your style, opt for soft gold and white to give a neutral dining scheme a little extra sparkle. Burnished golds and frosted finishes create more of a subtle shimmer and soft sheen that isn’t as harsh as polished surfaces and high-shine metallics.

Decorate the table with mercury glass votives and tall gold candlesticks that will create a soft and cosy glow after dark. Keep to frosted foliage, soft-sheen eucalyptus and snow-tipped fir trees decked with twinkling fairylights. Warm white bulbs like these are easier on the eyes than cool white bulbs.

10. Pretty-up place settings with winter florals

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with white napkins and cake stand

Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

Make simple but extra-special place settings by adding winter foliage to decorate the table. Spray a couple of small terracotta planters gold and fill with mini potted snowdrops or white cyclamen, standing one planter at each setting.

Layer up dinnerware in a stack at each place and pop a white linen napkin on top, adding a stem of gypsophila to decorate. Tie with a paper parcel label around each inscribed with your guest’s name in gold pen.

11. Create a sparkly hanging centrepiece

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with green panelled walls and wood dining table

Image credit: Next

Leave more space for festive fare by opting for an overhead centrepiece rather than a tabletop arrangement. Use a large branch or wooden pole that stretches the full length of your table and suspend it from the ceiling on sturdy hooks.

Decorate your branch with battery-operated fairy lights so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug them in. Decorating with Christmas lights is the perfect way to add festive sparkle.

Finish off by festooning it with a garland of greenery, coiling it around to create a swagged effect and then hanging on a few more lightweight decorations here and there.

12. Line the table with a garland

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with greenery garland on table

Image credit: Layered Lounge

Scale back the decorations for a super-simple look that still looks ultra chic. Mix evergreen fir with rustic linens, white stoneware and pale wood for a scheme that goes together naturally.

In place of a table centrepiece, use a long garland of greenery, either real or faux running the length of the table. Add height to your arrangement with a row of shiny brass candlesticks nestled in amongst the foliage.

Use a mix of tall and short sizes for variation, with simple white dinner candles to echo the simple scheme. Finish off with a few wooden bead strings and paper snow flakes dotted along the table.

13. Choose a relaxed colour theme

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with green and wood dining chairs

Image credit: Maisons du Monde

Make your festive decorations a continuation of your existing colour scheme. Dress up natural wood and sage green by bringing in garlands of shimmering eucalyptus and accents of taupe and bronze on the dining table to add sparkle and shine.

Keep the look relaxed and informal with mismatched dining chairs in natural wood and green paintwork, with a country-style cloth to cover the table. Make garlands twinkle by weaving in strings of fairy lights to take your dining scheme from daytime to night.

14. Swag chairs with greenery

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with green chairs and foliage

Image credit: Future PLC

It’s the simple finishing touches that make any Christmas scheme look special. With chair backs facing guests as they enter the Christmas dining room decor, why not dress them up so that they look prettier, in colours to complement your table scheme.

Loop swags of greenery over the backs, off-cuts of spruce from the Christmas tree are ideal, tied with satin ribbon and a couple of sparkly baubles.

15. Set up a festive tabletop scene

Simple Christmas table decor ideas with white table and red charger plates

Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

Make a simple snow globe centrepiece to decorate the dining table. A glass domed cake stand is ideal or try a couple of large glass bell jars if you don’t have one to hand. Spread a layer of salt or fake snow over the base of your stand to create a frosty backdrop, then arrange a collection of mini light-up houses on top to create a winter wonderland effect.

Use battery-operated tea lights inside the houses to light your display up after dark.

How do you decorate a simple Christmas table?

Think about how you’d like your Christmas table to look first. Whether it’s traditional red and green with lashings of holly and berries, or a white and silver winter wonderland with frosted baubles and candlelight. To keep things simple and save time, choose a colour theme that suits the decor that you already have, so you’ll have plenty of decorations and trimmings that you can grab to dress up the table.

Simple centrepieces are an easy way of adding a decorative finishing touch to your table. Display some of your favourite baubles and decorations in a bowl or on a cake stand to add height to the arrangement. Or fill the centre of your table with an array of pillar candles, arranged on a wooden serving board with a couple of sprigs of holly and berries dotted here and there to add colour.

How do you set a Christmas table?

Start with a tablecloth. While you may not use them for everyday meals, they’re a good idea for Christmas lunch as they’ll protect the table from hot serving dishes and spills. A plain white sheet makes an inexpensive alternative if you don’t have a cloth that’s large enough for Christmas festivities. Dress it up with a length of wintry wallpaper or festive wrapping paper along the middle as a runner. Then add colourful place mats, festive dinnerware and glasses to dress it up.

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How to make a space-saving Christmas tree

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This space-saving Christmas tree is the perfect Christmas decor idea if you’re struggling to fit in a full-sized tree this year.

Many of us find ourselves short on floor space, so this wall-mounted alternative Christmas tree idea is the perfect solution. Made from real foliage, you’ll still get the lush look, feel and scent of a proper fir tree.

This Christmas tree idea is also just the thing if you have naughty pets who like to scale your beautifully decorated spruce. We’re not promising your curious cat or excitable pup won’t end up in the branches, but at least the whole thing won’t come crashing down!

How to make a space-saving Christmas tree

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own DIY Christmas decor, so get stuck into this pre-festive project.

Wall mounted Christmas tree with fairy lights and red and white decorations

Image credit:

What you’ll need

  • Staple gun
  • Shears
  • Saw
  • Wood
  • Foliage (real or faux)
  • Command Strips
  • Lights and decorations

1. Saw the wood

Image credit:

‘Use a saw to cut the wood into five pieces. These should measure 1m, 80cm, 60cm, 40cm and 20cm in length.’ The team at used pinewood battens measuring 6cm in width.

2. Attach Command Strips

Wooden battens with Command strips attached

Image credit:

Attach the Command Strips to one side of the wooden battens. ‘Don’t peel off the paper from the side that will be added to the wall at this stage.’

The two longer pieces of wood will require six pairs of Command strips each. ‘We’ve used two multi-packs, each containing eight pairs of large and four pairs of medium strips.’

Buy now: 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips value pack, £5.34, Amazon

3. Cut the foliage

Close up of red shears and pine foliage on wooden floor

Image credit:

Use the shears to cut the foliage from the branches into smaller pieces.

‘We’ve used Noble Fir foliage, which you can usually find from a florist. You could also use Nordmann Fir, or even find an undesirable real Christmas tree and cut that up.’

Of course, you can use faux foliage pieces, from dismantling a garland. You could even use lengths of tinsel, to create a kitsch version of this fairy light Christmas tree.

4. Staple the foliage to the wood

Close up of staple gun attaching fir foliage to a wooden batten

Image credit:

Staple the foliage onto the pieces of wood using a staple gun. Continue until it is fully covered on one side. Repeat for each piece of wood.

5. Arrange your tree on the floor

Foliage covered wood battens laid on a wooden floor

Image credit:

Layout your tree on the floor to check you’re happy with it. If there are areas looking a littler thin, then add more foliage. Prune back any areas that don’t look symmetrical.

‘This is the time to also get an idea of spacing. Work out how much space you’d like between the ‘branches’. Ours is 15cm between each row.’

6. Attach your tree to the wall

Wall mounted Christmas tree on white Wass with wooden star

Image credit:

Remove the backs of the Command Strips on the reverse side of the wooden battens. Attach to the wall. Start with the largest branch at the bottom. Use a spirit level to make sure they’re straight and space them out evenly. Nobody wants a wonky tree!

7. Decorate your space-saving Christmas tree

Close up of decorated fir foliage with red, white and grey hearts and fairy lights on a white wall

Image credit:

Now comes the fun part! Wind fairy lights along the branches. We used battery powered mini lights with 100 LEDs measuring 5 metres in length.

Add fun hanging decorations from the branches. If they’re handmade, then even better! This may even be the start of a new family Christmas tree trend.

Mark Rofe, owner of says, ‘We love Christmas trees, but understand that not everyone has the room for one. So we’ve created this guide for people that still want the look, touch, feel and smell of a real tree, without compromising on living space.

‘The great thing about the space saving tree is that you can make it using foliage from an undesired Christmas tree, one that is wonky, unsymmetrical, that has gaps, or is otherwise considered ‘ugly’ and transform it into a beautiful wall mounted tree.’

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Interior Design, Simplicity, And Self Exploration

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Visualised by Shamil Kalimulaev, this home design is born from a journey of self-exploration. The designer’s own tastes and desires have shaped an airy living space that’s styled with modern classics. Clean simplicity factors as one of the main components of the interior design. In the words of Yukio Mashima: “Simplicity is the highest point of wisdom. Anyone who disdains simplicity only evokes pity. If a person is afraid of simplicity, then he is far from maturity.” In the bedroom, an atmospheric lighting plan accentuates fashionably textured decor components and a neoclassical twist. A soothing yet solid scheme of stone grey, luxe black marble, and matching matt black fixtures shade the stylish bathroom.

A pure white colour scheme, high ceilings, and tall windows build an ethereal living room decor scheme. A white living room rug underlines a curvaceous white sofa design that is just too cushiony to resist.

A pair of living room chairs add in bold tan and black accents at either side of the lounge arrangement.

Glass nesting coffee tables take a tint of tan into the centre of the light living room, where a single coffee table book provides minimalist adornment. A white concrete planter houses an explosion of emerald greenery alongside.

At the other side of the lounge chair duo, a huge wall mirror reflects the room, making it appear twice its actual size.

Classical boiserie fashions a neoclassical essence behind the more modern room elements. A piece of wall art displays an on trend arch motif.

In the dining room, a rice paper pendant light is hung low over the round pedestal dining table to create a cosy ensemble.

A round glass vase complements the silhouette of the light fixture.

The dining room pendant light is the Formakami pendant by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition.

The base of the dining table carries a fashionable fluted finish, which is repeated in the glass vase centrepiece.

Fluted glass panes glaze double doors that lead into the kitchen. Matt black hardware brings the traditional door design bang up to date.

Once inside the kitchen diner, we’re met with a luxurious white marble kitchen island in the centre of the room, which doubles as a casual dining space/breakfast bar.

A simple linear suspension light illuminates the length of the marble kitchen island and its glossy finish.

The white marble countertop wraps the ends of the kitchen island as one sleek flowing piece. Black kitchen appliances are integrated into a wall of built-in black cabinets.

A minimalist glass vase filled with dried pampas grass and a white modern fruit bowls decorate the worktop. See more beautiful options for modern fruit bowls here.

Three stylish kitchen bar stools line up warm cognac accents against the cool white marble backdrop of the island. Black metal frames give the stools a sharp edge that coordinates with a matt black kitchen faucet behind.

Black base units provide dark contrast at the back of the black, white and wood tone kitchen design. A trio of cutting boards echo the room palette in solid black, white marble and natural wood finishes. A single modern wall sconce is prettily framed by traditional decorative boiserie, where it adds focussed task lighting above the hob.

Moving on into the bedroom concept, we find a boiserie frame filled by a huge mirror. The mirror is ideally placed to increase the feeling of space and light around a small workspace in the corner of the room. A cream swivel chair provides a light contradiction of colour against the black floating desk.

A linear wall light evenly brightens the whole length of the desk without eating into the work space. A modern headphone stand could tidy up the work area a little further still though.

Fluted wall panels hang en vogue texture across the headboard feature wall. An upholstered bed complements the vertical texture in channel tufted linen.

Modern bedroom pendant lights hang simple tubular shades over bothe bedside tables.

The bedside table design is a unique sloping silhouette that adds a chic contemporary vibe against the classical boiserie backdrop.

LED ribbons are fixed all around the edges of the fluted wall panels to create a glowing, floating effect.

A pale grey bedroom rug softens the floor area around the bed. Oak planks lay down a natural floor across the rest of the bedroom, which ties in cohesively with the hallway, living room, and kitchen diner.

White bed covers lay out a fresh cloud of comfort on the beige bed base.

Doors and door frames are painted to camouflage cleanly with the warm white walls of the home.

As we move into the bathroom, we’re met with another interpretation of the fluted texture trend, which threads a cohesive theme throughout the apartment. An illuminated round mirror and globe bathroom vanity lights build up a soft and atmospheric lighting plan. A contemporary radiator cradles clean bathroom linens on heated shelves.

A matt balck faucet fills the bathroom sink with a waterfall cascade.

The unique bathroom sink is integrated seamlessly into the black marble countertop.

Black bathroom fixtures punctuate beige wall tiles on the toilet cistern concealment wall and the fluted wet wall behind the shower.

A black waterfall shower head thunders down into the walk-in shower area design.

A floating shelf and a small wooden stool offer up handy storage spots for toiletries.

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We Combed Through 800-Plus Products to Find Nordstrom’s Best Black Friday Deals

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Finding the perfect gift isn’t easy, but if you’re determined to cross every name off your holiday shopping list in one swoop, you may not need to look beyond Nordstrom’s Black Friday deals. The retailer is offering up to 50 percent off an extensive selection of home decor, tabletop accessories, and luggage (including one of our favorite suitcases!). But don’t wait—Our Place’s Perfect Pot, which went on sale for the first time ever, has already sold out before the shopping weekend has even officially begun. So take advantage of price slashes on other covetable cookware for the friend who loves hosting, or even cozy throw blankets and charming ceramic bowls as cheap as the popcorn your relative who can’t stop bingeing Squid Game is sure to be filling them up with. With 824 home items on sale—and counting!—we found 20 giftable finds worth checking out.  

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Rustic Christmas Decorations Gathered from Instagram

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What comes to mind when we think of rustic Christmas decorations is things like pine cones, ornaments carved from wood, and all sorts of greenery. The natural materials and the beautiful fragrance of fresh pine, oranges, and cinnamon bring back beautiful memories and make us feel nostalgic which is why a rustic Christmas is exactly what we need this year.

rustic christmas decorations

It’s a perfect opportunity to get nostalgic and to bring back all those retro Christmas ornaments you’ve been holding onto for so long.

Let’s see what inspiration Instagram can offer in this sense.

DIY Rustic Christmas ornaments

If the idea of making some of your own decorations this Christmas feels exciting, it’s time to gather some ideas. There are a lot of projects you could possibly choose from and some of them are super simple and inexpensive. They’re too good not to give them a try.

Dried orange ornaments

Rustic Christmas Dried orange ornaments 

You’re probably aware that you can use dried orange slices to make beautiful Christmas decorations but did you know you can also use whole oranges this way? Each of these ornaments is made from a whole orange and a piece of twine.

The secret here is to gently slice the peel of the orange with a knife and then stick it in the oven for 24–48 hours. As a bonus, during all this time your whole house will smell amazing.

A tree stump candle holder

Rustic tree stump candle holder

Planning to spread some candles around the house or to display them as centerpieces this Christmas? Why not do so in style? You could pretty easily turn a thick tree branch into a candle holder using simple tools and supplies. You can either leave the bark on for a more rustic and textured look or you can take it off. 

Christmas wreath made of felt balls

Christmas wreath made of felt balls

On top of being really cute, this felt ball wreath is easy to make as well. You can use felt balls in any color or color combination you prefer and you can also mix different sizes too.

It could also be fun to create all sorts of patterns and to add other decorations and ornaments to the wreath if you want to. 

Homemade scented candles in glass bottles

Homemade scented candles in glass bottles

Did you know making candles at home is actually very simple? You can even play with different fragrant oils and make scented candles, perfect for Christmas and other occasions?

Another way to save money and make the candles original is by putting them in votives made of upcycled glass bottles.

Christmas tree wall decor

Christmas tree wall decor 

You don’t need expensive things to make beautiful Christmas decorations. Simple materials like wood from reclaimed pallets and paper are all you need to make this lovely Christmas tree wall piece. Play with patterned paper and different colors to make your tree look interesting and special. 

A wooden Christmas tree

A wooden Christmas tree

What’s nice about this wooden Christmas tree is that you can make it in any size. The mini version looks both cute and very stylish. Something like this can be a gorgeous little addition to your rustic Christmas decor but can also easily fit in modern or minimalist decor. 

Christmas Decorating Styles

While it’s always good to have a big pool of inspirational ideas to choose from, you should decorate with your own style in mind.

Christmas Decorating Styles

First, though, you should discover your style in order to know what to look for in terms of decorations and ornaments. Here’s give equally great styles you could choose from:


Everybody knows what traditional Christmas decor looks like. It has a classic look and a nostalgic vibe and it’s truly timeless. A traditional Christmas decor revolves around red and green as the main colors. It’s the type of decor that brings back memories from childhood and that makes us feel comfortable and at home.


Many of us think we know what modern Christmas decor looks like but do we really? Modern isn’t all about simplicity or minimalism. In fact, simplicity isn’t always a rule. The key here is balance. If a traditional Christmas decor is centered around nostalgia and the ambiance around it, a modern one is all about aesthetics and the way in which the decorations are displayed.


Minimalism is not for everyone but if the thought of having your home filled with all sorts of Christmas decorations and knick-knacks makes you feel claustrophobic, this is the style for you. A minimalist Christmas decor can still look very beautiful. In this case it’s not about how many decorations you add but about making each one fit and giving it meaning. In minimalist design everything is intentional.


Monochromatic design is trendy this Christmas. The important thing to keep in mind about it is that it’s not limited to only a single color. The idea here is to pick a single base color for your Christmas decor and then add variations, different hues, and different textures and finishes to add diversity to the decor. 


A whimsical Christmas decor is perhaps one of the most festive ones. It’s all about adding all sorts of playful and cheerful elements like little snowmen decorations, reindeer, cute garlands, elves and so on. All of these elements combined create a magical ambiance and make everyone feel young again. 

5 Tips To Make Your Home Feel Festive This Year

The very thought that Christmas is almost here is enough to make everyone feel excited and festive. But how can we translate all this cheer and excitement into something that others can see and enjoy too?

Make Your Home Feel Festive This Year

That’s when Christmas decorating comes into play. Here are 5 tips for making your home feel festive:

Make a wreath for the front door

There’s a reason why wreaths are so popular. They’re really great at making our homes look and feel festive. You can either buy a wreath or you can make your own. If you’re choosing to craft or to decorate your own wreath you could use things like dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and berries to give it a rustic look and a gorgeous smell. 

Make your own decorations

If the time allows it, craft your own Christmas decorations from scratch. There’s a ton of cool ideas to choose from and a lot of them are super simple too. Handmade ornaments have a charm of their own and they put everyone in a festive mood.

Bring out the scented candles

It’s not just about making the house look festive but about making it feel festive and what better way to do so than with scented candles. Of course, we’re talking about Christmas-related scents like cinnamon and oranges. Pick a few scented candles and spread them around the house. You’ll feel the cheer in no time and so will everyone else that comes to visit.

Prepare your Christmas stockings

The origin of the Christmas stockings is in the tale of St Nicholas who left coins in them for three sisters in need of help. Today though the stockings are cute decorations that we hang above the fireplace. It’s amazing how a single decoration can instantly change the mood in the whole house.

Decorate the staircase

If you have an interior staircase you should definitely decorate it for Christmas. It will make the whole house feel festive. You can use things like green garlands, tinsel, baubles, ribbon, string lights, candles and anything else you can think of to give the staircase a cheerful and Christmassy look.

Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas

A wooden box as a tree stand

A wooden box as a tree stand 

One of the quickest and most effective ways to give your Christmas tree a rustic look is by using a wooden box as a stand. Take any old box and repurpose it. If it looks worn or if it has a distressed finish that will only help the cause. Check out @mymountainretreat for more details about this beautiful Christmas tree. 

More than one tree

More than one tree

There’s nothing stopping you from having more than one singular Christmas tree. If you have the space and resources to include more than one in your decor that could actually look really cool. Here you can see two rustic Christmas trees with matching designs and similar dimensions. They frame the dining room perfectly. The inspiration comes from @katierae.thomas.

Spread the greenery around

Spread the greenery around

A rustic Christmas decor needs more greenery than just the tree. You can also decorate the place with green garlands, wreaths, mini trees and centerpieces. The mantel is a perfect spot where you can display a lot of these. Check out the post from @ourlittlebluefarmhouse to see how these were decorated with pinecones and dried orange slices.

Decorate the front door

Decorate the front door

Set a festive mood for your guests with a beautiful-looking front door. A big green wreath decorated with things like pine cones, jingle bells and berries is perfect if you’re going for a rustic Christmas vibe. This cute and simple design shared by @thosehomeideas is on point.

An upside-down basket skirt

An upside down basket skirt

If you want to hide the stand that holds the Christmas tree upright you should cover the base of the tree with a skirt. This can be made from a variety of different materials. A cool idea if you’re going for a rustic Christmas tree design is to repurpose a woven basket. Check out the post from @thosefarmhouseideas to see what this looks like.

Stick with simple colors

Stick with simple colors

A rustic Christmas decor is not meant to be brightly-colors or to include very vivid tones. A simple palette of greens, reds and natural earthy tones would be just right for this style. This cute little tree in a woven basket demonstrates that. Check out the post from @whitefarmhousehaven for more details. 

Spread the cozy Christmas vibes outside the living room

Spread the cozy Christmas vibes outside the living room

It’s not just the living room that deserves your attention when getting all the Christmas decorations in place. Show some love to some other areas as well like the dining room, kitchen, hallways and so on. This is a really cute coffee bar idea shared by @homesweetlakehouse. It’s decorated with a plaid table runner, rustic mini trees, jingle bells and all sorts of festive things.

Deck the shelves

Deck the shelves

Another cute decor idea for a rustic Christmas is to decorate some of the shelves and to hang green garlands and branches in all sorts of places like from the cabinets in the kitchen or the shelves in the bathroom. Here’s a lovely decor idea shared by @shady_pines3interiors to inspire you.

Make the most of a fireplace

Make the most of a fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace is an absolutely wonderful feature in any home, especially a rustic one. It’s also what you should focus a lot of your attention on when decorating the place for Christmas. This is an opportunity to put even more focus on the fireplace with things like garlands, candles, wreaths and even a cute Christmas tree. You can get a lot of decor ideas from this post from @fitzgeraldlane.

Use earthy colors and simple finishes

Use earthy colors and simple finishes

The thing about rustic decor, in general, is that it looks natural and authentic. It embraces the natural materials like wood and all the little things that you can find in the forest like pine cones, acorns, berries and such. Put these things together and you can have a magical Christmas this year. Check out this beautiful setup shared by @jenna_design for some ideas.

Hang knitted stockings

Hang knitted stockings

You can’t really have a rustic Christmas without hanging stockings from the fireplace mantel. There might still be enough time for you to knit a couple of stockings in time for Christmas or perhaps you can make some out of old knitted sweaters. Either way, they’d look really cute, just like the ones shared here by.

Let the greenery shine

Let the greenery shine

It would be a shame to hide a beautiful and full Christmas tree underneath a ton of ornaments and decorations. It also wouldn’t really fit in a cozy rustic decor like the one featured by @thosedecorideas. Let the greenery shine and keep the tree ornaments small and simple. You can add a few more things around the tree if you want to create a scene.

Put a frame around the wreath

Put a frame around the wreath

There’s plenty of small details that you can add to make your Christmas decor look more authentic or to give it some character. For example, something simple like adding a frame around a wreath can change the look and vibe of the space around it. Check out this post from @vintagebylhof for some more inspiration.

Make the entryway festive

Make the entryway festive

Create a cozy and welcoming vibe for everyone visiting this Christmas by decorating the entryway. How about creating a rustic Christmas setting centered around the console table? You could display a few things on top and also use the area underneath as well. For more inspiration check out this design shared by @rustic_farmcharm.

Don’t forget the dining table

Dont forget the dining table

If you’re planning some sort of family gathering at your place this Christmas, be sure to make the dining table look nice and festive. Perhaps you could bring the Christmas tree in here. You can also use greenery for the centerpiece and place it on a red runner for contrast. Check out the post from @countrylifemystyle for more details and inspiration.

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Beautiful Coastal House In One of Santa Cruz’s Best Surfing Spots

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Located in a quaint neighborhood in one of Santa Cruz’s best surfing spots, this beautiful coastal house fits naturally within the landscape as well as the community built around it. It was designed and built by studio Feldman Architecture with great respect toward the surroundings and the context that the house is a part of.

The rear of the house extends onto a large wooden deck
The rear of the house extends onto a large wooden deck
The open deck transitions into a coastal-themed backyard with a fire pit sitting area
The open deck transitions into a coastal-themed backyard with a fire pit sitting area

As Jaimal Yogis observes in an article written for The Atlantic, surfing is more than just a sport. Sure, riding the waves is fun and exciting but for some, it has a deeper and more spiritual meaning. The connection to the water has a transformative effect and makes one feel unified with the earth and the universe. At the same time, it has a stimulating effect on the brain but in a relaxing and rejuvenating way which gives surfing a cathartic power. 

The ocean is just a few steps away from the beautifully-landscaped backyard
The ocean is just a few steps away from the beautifully-landscaped backyard

The Surf House capitalizes on all of this as well as on the magnificent views of the ocean which the site provides. Its design was carefully planned out to take advantage of the surroundings. The backyard and the deck are oriented towards the water while the front of the house welcomes the sunlight inside in the winter months. 

The house takes advantage of its location and features an outdoor kitchen and an open lounge area
The house takes advantage of its location and features an outdoor kitchen and an open lounge area
The kitchen is very welcoming and has a wooden island with a bar extension
The kitchen is very welcoming and has a wooden island with a bar extension

It was very important for the owners to have a house that was aware of its surroundings and that fits naturally within this beachy and eclectic community. The landscape artists at Ground Studio made sure to materialize these wishes into beautiful open spaces that take advantage of the climate and topography of the land. 

Full-height sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the ground floor areas to the backyard and the ocean
Full-height sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the ground floor areas to the backyard and the ocean
The floating staircase design allows the sunlight to filter through its suspended steps
The floating staircase design allows the sunlight to filter through its suspended steps
The dining area is at the center of the open plan social areas and gets to enjoy a panoramic view
The dining area is at the center of the open plan social areas and gets to enjoy a panoramic view
The upstairs area is the private half of the house and has an open balcony
The upstairs area is the private half of the house and has an open balcony
The bedroom capitalizes on the gorgeous views and lets the sunlight enter from all sides
The bedroom capitalizes on the gorgeous views and lets the sunlight enter from all sides
The bathroom has a strong coastal vibe thanks to the wooden walls, the windows and the views
The bathroom has a strong coastal vibe thanks to the wooden walls, the windows and the views
The large backyard deck includes an in-ground hot tub
The large backyard deck includes an in-ground hot tub

The materials and colors used throughout the house reflect the casual and bohemian nature of this area. The locally-sourced reclaimed wood cladding wraps the house in a beautiful shell that weathers over time and gains a grey patina. Inside, the wooden board and batten seamlessly transitions into plaster on the upper floor where the atmosphere is more bright and relaxed, in sync with the views. 

The outdoor shower is hidden around the corner, framed by lots of greenery
The outdoor shower is hidden around the corner, framed by lots of greenery
The house also has a custom surfboard storage area next to the garage
The house also has a custom surfboard storage area next to the garage

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