Murphy Desk Ideas That Change The Way You Work At Home

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For the type of person who needs their own little work area but doesn’t want to have a full-size desk in the house, a Murphy desk is the perfect option. It’s small, practical, very space-efficient and also very versatile. They come in lots of different styles, sizes and shapes and they maintain a professional look while also giving away a very casual and modern vibe. They’re a really great choice for a lot of people, including students who live in tiny spaces and pretty much anyone with a job or a hobby. Check out below our top favorite designs.

Comparable to a medicine cabinet in size, this wall-mounted desk folds out and offers a work surface which can accommodate a laptop, tablet, documents, etc. It folds up with ease whenever you want to keep it out of the way. When closed, the desk measures 32” x 19.5” x 6”. It’s made of MDF and birch veneer and it’s versatile and durable. Check it out on Amazon.

If you prefer a desk with a more traditional and formal look, perhaps this one would be to your liking. It’s suitable for spaces like the living room or home office and it’s made of MDF and wood veneer. Inside it has four storage compartments as well as a paper organizer, a small cork board and a drawer. Find out more about it on Amazon.

This Murphy desk is also super practical and space-efficient and in addition to that it has a beautiful rustic allure that makes it look extra charming. When it folds down it offers a comfortable work surface for daily tasks, which can hold up to 80 lbs which is around 36 kg. Also, when you fold it up you get to use the surface like a chalkboard to take down notes. You can get this on Amazon.

If you’d like a Murphy desk but without the built-in storage, then a simple fold-down table-like piece would be enough. This desk, for instance, is just a piece of particle board supported by metal brackets. It’s very convenient and space-efficient and you can use it in a lot of different ways and for all sorts of purposes. You can find this on Amazon.

This is the same wall-mounted desk we mentioned before but this time in a different color. The white finish gives it a more clean and modern look compared to the dark wood version which looks more formal and traditional. It has the same four compartments inside, the paper organizer, little cork board and extra drawer at the bottom. Check it out on Amazon.

This is the Flatbox, a small, wall-mounted desk designed by Michael Hilgers for Müller. It can be used as either a standing or seated desk and it can be easily installed at any height. The design is simple and sleek, making this stylish desk a good option for a variety of different spaces as well as various different interior decors.

Not a fan of straight lines and angles? How about a Murphy desk with soft curves and smooth features instead? This is the Nubo wall desk. It’s very simple but it also has an interesting aesthetic which creates a sense of familiarity. The shape is reminiscent of vintage suitcases or clouds and the padded surface adds texture and color to the design, making this desk stand out in a subtle and very pleasant manner.

Another cool example of a practical Murphy desk is the Altea Work, a multifunctional system that’s excellent for small apartments, holiday homes and even offices. It comes in two sizes and it can function as a desk as well as a table. When you don’t need it just fold it up to save space. Its modern design gives it a sleek look in both forms.

As practical and space-efficient as wall-mounted desks are, they’re not always ideal because even if they’re small in size they still need plenty of wall space. If you don’t have that free space, other options are available. For example, a bed and desk combo can be perfect for bedrooms of all kinds. This is the Kali Board, a wall bed with a built-in writing desk that neatly goes under when the bed folds down.

If you like the minimalist look and you don’t mind the lack of storage, then you don’t even need to look for a desk specifically. A simple fold-up table would work in a lot of cases. for a lot of different purposes, including work. The Norberg table from Ikea is a great option. Its simple design makes it very versatile and the size is pretty great too.

DIY Murphy desks

There are quite a few interesting and beautiful Murphy desk options available in stores or online but if you’d rather make your own version, a DIY desk is also a great option. You can use existing products as inspiration to create your own unique project or you can follow a tutorial.

You could definitely make your own Murphy desk with shelves inside for storage and a chalkboard which is only visible when the desk folds up. You can use it to take down notes, draw on or simply add a cheerful message. You could put the desk in your bedroom without it taking over the decor and ruining the cozy and relaxing ambiance. Check out shanty-2-chic for more details and keep in mind that there’s always room for creativity when it comes to DIY projects.

There’s also a great tutorial on thecoralchannel explaining how to build a wall-mounted desk just like this one. You need 2 small L brackets, 7 hinges, some lumber, wood screws, sandpaper and wall anchors. You could definitely adjust the measurements if you want your desk to be smaller or larger than this one. You can also add more features if you want to or choose to paint the wood instead of staining it. Look for ways to make this project your own and to create a desk that you’ll enjoy using.

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Stressed? These 5 Relaxing Paint Colors Will Turn Any Room Into a Retreat

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Behr wants you to chill out. We already knew about the transformative power of color on our mood—a recent study showed navy leads to better relaxation—but the paint company is taking this idea a step further. Behr’s 2020 color trends report features three palettes, and one is dedicated entirely to turning your home into your own personal sanctuary.

Aptly named Restore, the color scheme spotlights five hues in cool tones of green and blue. Purposefully crafted to encourage balance indoors by celebrating nature outdoors, the collection is basically your starter pack for a calming space. We can see the shades used as soothing backdrops in post-Kondo’d homes, paired with clean-lined, neutral-hued furniture for the ultimate oasis.

Ready to get your zen on? Here’s how to decorate with each of the five paints, according to Behr’s vice president of color and creative services, Erika Woelfel.

Secret Meadow

“This is an eclectic, botanical green with global appeal—perfect for an inviting entryway,” offers Woelfel. The rich shade is definitely a bold choice, so if you’re on the fence, try giving just the inside of your front door a coat of the color. Even if you keep the rest of your hallway white, that one detail will make it pop.

Back to Nature

If you have avocado green PTSD, allow us to convince you to give it another chance. The hue is not only trendy, it’s equal parts relaxing and revitalizing. Woelfel loves this shade for warming up a family kitchen or reading nook. Paired with raw wood and other natural textures, it’s super-inviting.

Light Drizzle

This serene blue is likely what people think of when they envision a spa-like environment. Take that thought and run with it, painting your bedroom—the space where you need those soothing vibes the most—in the hue. “It’s also an excellent choice when you want to add a not-too-saturated pop of color to your door,” Woelfel points out.


Try this cornflower blue to spice up weathered antiques and old fixtures that are bringing you down, rather than painting the walls. “Bluebird is a fresh, spirited blue that adds visual interest when used on furniture, a fireplace mantel, or other focal point,” Woelfel says.


This deep blue-green will turn your living room into a cozy hideaway. To infuse a bit of color into the space without sacrificing your overall neutral aesthetic, apply it to window and door trim and call it a (very peaceful) day.

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5 Unexpected Pillow Combinations You’ve Never Thought Of Before

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Well-styled beds and sofas have one key detail in common: Their throw pillow game is always on point. A vibrant group of patterned cushions can bring a drab, dated sofa to life—a much more affordable alternative to purchasing a new sofa. On a bed, they double as an added layer of comfort. Oh, and bonus points for the fact that they are the ultimate tool for transitioning your space from season to season.

That said, as simple as choosing throw pillows sounds in theory, actually doing it can be a challenge. There are just so many options available. And figuring out a nonboring pairing is a whole different (read: even more daunting) story. That’s where we come in. Read on for five cool, unexpected cushion combos that get rid of the guesswork.

Checkered + Fringe

Consider it a foolproof way to master just about any combo: Pick a base color and run with it. It’s especially true in this case, when you’re working with a bold print.

Solid Stripes + Florals

Designate one of these prints to be the hero pattern—in this case, it’s florals—and complement it with a set of pillows in the other motif that borrows hues from the first.

Geometric + Hand-Dyed

Pair like fabrics with one another (here, the pillows are cotton and silk), then introduce a striking pattern in a hue on the same side of the color wheel to keep things dynamic.

Color-Blocked + Linear

Make neutrals more exciting by choosing cushions with tone-on-tone abstract designs. (We incorporated a hint of blush into the scheme to really elevate it.) Bring it all together with an unexpected pop of similarly graphic high-contrast stripes.

Abstract Shapes + Multicolored Stripes

Vary the scale of the patterns involved and hone in on one color palette to keep this look from appearing too busy. The eclectic mix here still feels sophisticated thanks to the grounding shade of navy found in each option.

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The Gift of Stillness

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“Self care” is a big buzz word these days, you’ll find hundreds of inspirational quotes on Instagram about it and articles written with the words “self care” in the title offering tips and techniques on how you too can exercise self care. I find it encouraging that we’ve developed a collective consciousness about its importance.

Self care has many definitions, for some it’s a mom who wants a hot bath and glass of wine away from her kids, for others it’s a hike in nature in solitude, self care takes many forms. For me self care is exercising every day for the feeling it gives me. It’s traveling to a new place once a month to be inspired. It’s taking the time to meet a friend for coffee so we can catch up and connect. All of these activities are personal acts of self care that bring me greater contentment.

This month I began another ritual of self care that has nothing to do with moving my body or engaging my mind but instead, bringing peace to my soul. Each day I sit in my studio with no distraction, I listen to music or a podcast or I read a book for the first 30 minutes, and then I simply sit in stillness with no distraction in appreciation of the present moment. Sometimes the stillness lasts only 20 minutes, sometimes more. And it’s here where I’ve discovered several things occur.

Stillness indulges my inner rebel. My closest friends and family know this truth: I’m a nonconformist and in many aspects of my life, I make my own rules. There’s an inner rebel in me that’s always looking to push back against societal norms and interestingly, stillness is one way I do it. We live in a world that’s filled with more distraction than ever, so in those moments of stillness I am immune to distraction. In a world of instant connection, I see turning off my phone or being unreachable as an act of rebellion. Sitting in stillness is how I project to the rest of the world: your patterns are not mine.

Stillness makes me mindful of the value of my time. My time has become more valuable to me in two ways as a result of this practice. 1) I pay closer attention to where and with whom I spend my energy when not practicing stillness. I focus my time, love, and attention on the people and places that make me smile and bring me joy and and I avoid the ones that don’t. 2) The gift of stillness has minimized that cultural phenomenon we call the ‘fear of missing out’. I care less about what’s happening on social media and keep my focus on matters I truly care about. In addition, that hour spent in stillness has become more important than anything else happening in the world during that hour, so not only does the time spent in stillness have greater value to me, the time not spent in stillness is not being wasted because of the lessons learned in stillness. Make sense?

Stillness leads to mental clarity. Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had have come to me just this month by making stillness a practice. It’s amazing what flows out of you when you take the time to just be still! I see my path more clearly and I see the steps to get to where I’m supposed to be. When the steps are clear, I know what actions to take and I proceed down that path with greater mental strength by trusting in myself and my abilities.

Stillness removes stress. In quiet solitude, I breathe easier and recognize more and more each day with each practice that worry serves no purpose. I don’t feel anxious about the future or even today’s to-do list. Realizing that worry has no power over me dramatically diminishes its effect. With this awareness inside, I move through my day with greater ease, with less stress, and more at peace with whatever is happening around me.

Stillness channels gratitude. Gratitude is defined as the state of being grateful or thankful, meaning that it can only happen in the moment and in the present. How many of us find ourselves constantly 1) living in the past or 2) anxious about the future? Focusing on the negative events from the past removes my ability to feel gratitude. Being anxious about the future means I’m not living in the moment and therefore cannot feel gratitude. So the greatest way to truly channel gratitude is to center myself and feel it in the moment. By pausing, breathing, and focusing on the good things that surround me today.

As we coast into June, that first warm month of summer when we’re all embracing lazier days, I encourage you too to give yourself the gift of stillness. If you’re already engaged in this ritual, tell me, what do you find comes from your practice of stillness?



Two Industrial Style Homes With A Colourful Twist

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Two industrial style homes, but with a twist. Each of these industrial chic interiors, designed and visualised by Sens Studio, have been infused with a myriad of unexpected cheerful colors. Grey raw concrete and breeze block walls plus neutral floors create a cool backdrop for punches of bright yellow, shades of green, blue accents and warm orange. The neutral canvases allow the brighter statements to be properly showcased, and provides space for them to breathe. The expected exposed ductwork and light tracks sketch lines across the ceilings to set the right vibe, whilst modern pendant lights and stylish furniture pieces upscale the home’s image.

Cool concrete walls rise behind a two tone modern sofa combo in the open plan living room of our first home. Perpendicular to a textured grey couch, a mustard yellow sofa stretches out to divide the floor area between the lounge and dining room. A small side table is finished in a brighter shade of yellow to lift the look.

Deep blue scatter cushions dress the grey sofa, behind a white round coffee table. An adjacent concrete planter complements the grey couch upholstery.

The living room opens up to an industrial chic kitchen with breakfast bar.

The formal dining area seats eight around a modern green dining set.

Unique dining room pendant lights are paired over the table to double their visual impact.

Grey breeze blocks flank the side of the kitchen and storage volume, and provide an industrial feature wall for the dining room.

The cold grey and white kitchen decor is warmed greatly by a wooden breakfast bar, which runs most of its length. The bar breaks around the midway point to allow for a structural support column.

The bonus piece of bench can be used as extra space for prep or serving up. Three wooden bar stools line up at the dining end.

Punched metal wraps an industrial style cooker hood, mounted over slick grey base cabinets. A white tiled backsplash extends all the way to the ceiling line, and covers all of the window wall in the kitchen.

A green slatted wall behind the dining room reveals the home entryway. A small wooden bench seat is centred in the black foyer. Light tracks give the dark box a glowing border.

Light tracks and directional spot lights run the length of the hallway that leads from the living room.

A dark interior design fills the master suite. A black headboard feature wall and black slatted wardrobes line the room.

Monochrome modern art is propped against a wall that’s tiled in the same way as the kitchen. The brown bedroom chair that warms the vista is the Wassily chair. Get the original here.

A chunky throw makes the upholstered bed extra cosy. Modern bedside lamps throw reading light over plump grey pillows.

A red wall light and desk chair vie for attention in a green and grey kid’s bedroom.

Custom closets fit flush into the wall, with a tower of shelving recessed at the end. A chunky white bedroom pendant light makes the room bright for play.

Gloss green panels back bookshelves by the kid’s workspace.

In a second kid’s bedroom, a sunshine yellow kid’s chair teams with the desk.

Multiple bookshelves and storage nooks are wall mounted above the study space and the foot of the bed.

Two poufs sit next to the head of the bed. See more kids’ beds here.

A metal framework wall divides up a large bathroom, whilst still allowing the two ends of the room to visually connect. Industrial style lighting extends from one of the white powder coated rungs in its network.

The white framework also shelves a unique bathroom sink, along with an illuminated white vanity mirror. Colourful pipework creates a stripe of red, white and blue behind the wash area.

A white metal bathtub is perfectly paired with natural wooden accents, under a white floor lamp.

The floor plan reveals the homes storage areas, along with the bedrooms and bathrooms layout.

Orange upholstery visually dominates the living room of industrial style home interior number two.

A slimline black floor reading lamp glows at one end of the orange sofa.

The unique coffee table design is cut through like a powdered ring doughnut. A black and white side table acts as a connecting piece between the white marble coffee table and the black floor lamp.

Two flat dining room pendant lights hover above the table like flying saucers. Four modern dining chairs follow on with the orange accent that was started in the lounge.

A wooden dining bench completes the seating at the modern table.

Terrazzo floor coating carries flecks of orange, brown and black across the entire room.

Glass topped display shelves extrude from a white wall, to hold bright belongings.

A mint green dining bench extends from a colour coordinated backsplash.

An orange kitchen faucet packs unexpected punch.

White kitchen bar stools match with white support struts under the countertop.

Grey cabinets give the mint, orange and white kitchen some weight.

A charcoal grey upholstered bed fills most of the minimalist bedroom.

Turquoise side tables brighten the monochrome bedroom scheme.

Unique bookshelves with yellow brackets add interest to a plain white wall above a white home office desk. See more double workspaces.

Sliding doors conceal the bedroom.

The floor plan shows the unique workspace nook.

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DIY: Diamond Hat + Coat Rack

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I finished a fun little DIY project over the weekend. It’s been driving me crazy that I didn’t have a place to hang my backpack, hoodie, and hat each day, so I built a unique solution! Let me introduce you to a hat + coat rack I pieced together, painted, and hung behind the front door in my studio.



Mass produced coat and hat racks were just a little too boring for me, I wanted something more unique, less ubiquitous!

I measured out my wall space and conceptualized a simple diamond shape with knobs attached, then off I went to Lowe’s to buy the lumber and supplies. I purchased 2 eight foot long 3” x ½” birch boards.

To recreate this you’ll also need flush mount hangers (seen below), four mending brackets (seen below), polycrylic protectant, white paint, wood filler, a protractor, measuring tape, painter’s tape, and miter saw.

The entire rack measures 30” in width by 60” in height, it’s just 5 feet tall. To achieve this size I used a protractor to measure a 30 degree angle for the top and bottom cuts.


Set the miter saw at the same 30 degree angle (double check your pencil line on the board) and make the top and bottom angled cuts.

Once you’ve cut the four angles, set them together at the top and bottom joints then measure where they overlap, mark with pencil, and make secondary cuts that form the middle joints.

Originally I was going to use my Kreg Jig to secure the joints together but because this board is only ½” thick birch I opted instead for flat mending braces at the back and they work perfectly! Just be careful where you secure them to allow yourself to center the knob later.

Any imperfections where the joints meet can be hidden with wood filler (sand it when dry before painting or applying protectant.)

To achieve the two tone finish, I first added one coat of Polycrylic to seal the wood. It’s easier to correct paint mistakes on this gloss coat vs. a raw wood surface.

Next I used painter’s tape to create the white stripe. Note: you’ll get a cleaner line if you peel back the painter’s tape when the paint is wet. Allow the first stripe coat to dry, reapply the painter’s tape, and repeat the process by painting a second coat of white then peeling back the painter’s tape once more.


Allow paint to dry, correct any mini mistakes with a brush (or your fingernails) then add an additional coat of Polycrylic to give it a shine and protect the surface.

To hang it flush to the wall I used these hangers. I installed them 16” apart on the back of my hat rack so they’d match up with the wall studs. (Or consider using drywall anchors if you can’t hit the wall studs.)


To finish it off, I added six gold knobs that I found online, they’re this Lew’s brushed brass knob.


All on its own when not in use, it’s a cool geometric installation, I love the medley of wood + white + gold! I already have a mirror in my entry, but I also thought this would look fab if you added a mirrored back to it!

I styled it with a few hats from my collection…

… but on ordinary days, I’m a backpack and baseball cap girl, so this is a more real picture of how I use it!

I’m so pleased with how it turned out, and its slim profile that hides behind my entry door!

Practical, pretty, and unique!


Small Apartment Ideas, For Spaces Under 50 Square Meters

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These three small apartment tours illustrate three very different ways of creatively utilising limited living space, all measuring under 50 square metres. The first tour is all set to show off how a super stylish space can be possible on a budget, featuring a glass wall bedroom and a surprising volume of storage. Tour number two is a pine filled picture of bespoke furniture and unique elevated viewing platforms that increase the square footage. Lastly we tour a high-end interior on a tiny footprint, which still manages to squeeze in a double workspace, a glass wall bedroom, and a chic little bathroom with a multitude of storage niches.

Designer: N.Team Design  
Visualizer: N.Team Design  

This 45 square meter one-room apartment was designed to be rented, and therefore only allowed a small project budget. The designers transformed the flat into a spacious studio with a combined kitchen and living room, a separated bedroom area, and a bathroom. A sectional couch, set of round coffee tables, and a floor reading lamp form the simple but stylish lounge.

A glass wall serves as a room divider between the living areas and the bedroom, whilst maintaining the complete visual area of the apartment.

Bespoke storage makes the most of every inch of space.

In the narrow home entryway, a rattan stool tucks neatly into a nook within the closets.

A sleek linear suspension lamp illuminates the dining end of a bench. The other end becomes a shelf below the wall mounted tv.

Bookshelves tower at the end of the kitchen installation, providing a pleasant focal point to the rest of the living area.

The support leg of the dining bench is transparent, which complements the aesthetic of the glass wall bedroom nearby. See more modern fruit bowls like this one here.

Inside the glass wall bedroom, an orange bed matches with the orange area rug in the lounge.

A black bathroom sink dominates the light grey and white bathroom scheme.

Black towel rungs stripe the adjacent concrete bathroom wall.

A black shower and toilet complete the black bathroom kit.

The floor plan illustrates the banks of plentiful storage installed in the limited space.

Architect: A6A  

Our second tour is set over 49 square meters, in Bordeaux, France. It has been entitled ‘the pine flat’ by its designers, for obvious reasons. Bespoke furniture, wall panels and doors all swim with wood grain.

Green scatter cushions compliment the lumber interior. An arc floor lamp stretches over one block side of the timber sofa.

Neat modern wall sconces are mounted onto the timber headboard wall inside the bedroom. Wooden bedside cabinets are built into the bedframe.

Pine plywood panels engulf the room. Knotty pine planks fashion the door.

Back out in the main living space, a round dining table stands in front of the bespoke wooden couch, with four modern dining chairs.

Indoor plants populate the space, flourishing in the sunlight from high windows. The extra ceiling height offered by the eaves facilitates a double layered design, where platforms on top of deep storage volumes increase the surface of the small flat to an optimized 50 square metres. The platforms also provide access to the view.

The cool grey kitchen contrasts with the color and patterns of the surrounding wood. Stainless steel doors allow the storage space inside the kitchen island to be accessed from both sides.

A stainless steel sink is undermounted to the varnished concrete worktop.

An induction hob occupies the other end of the concrete countertop.

Industrial style kitchen pendant lights complement the steel and concrete kitchen materials.

Two tall timber doors stand beside the kitchen island, with cut-out holes for handles. One conceals the fridge and the other a bathroom.

This is a studio with lofted bed too; a ladder provides access to the elevated alcove.

The hideaway bedroom goes almost unnoticed from the main floor.

Pine panelwork continues inside the bathroom.

Steps lead up to a tucked away tub.

Floor plan illustrating the two bedrooms inside the tiny home, plus the deep storage volumes that double as platforms beneath the high windows.

Designer: Tyoma Atsone  
Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone  

Our last tour is a compact 38 square metre abode in Kharkov, Ukraine. The layout includes a living room dining room combo with a double workspace, and a glass wall bedroom.

A modular sofa backs onto a dining table. Its upholstery varies between different shades of grey to break up its visual bulk.

In front of the sofa, a small side table nestles into the crook of its L-shape.

Wood slats trim the lower half of the room beneath the windows, in continuation from the wood effect kitchen base units.

The dining chairs look into the lounge area, past the wine glasses.

A decorative wall mirror softly illuminates one wall of the living room.

A creative slatted lighting solution glows in the hallway, opposite a smooth grey coat closet and a shoe storage stool.

Inside the glass wall bedroom, a storage headboard is built into the closets. The black bookshelves contrast with clean white cupboard doors. Two modern wall sconces provide reading light inside the dark bed nook. A silver grey comforter gives the bed an inviting luxe look.

Cabinets above the desk and computer chair in the living room follow the same aesthetic as the bedroom storage units. Wooden drawers underline the desktops beneath each of the computer monitors, at either end of the workspace.

An illuminated vanity mirror glows inside a wood and white bathroom.

Concrete tiles speckle the floor.

The space around the toilet cistern is harnessed for clever bathroom storage. Candles and nicer toiletries can be displayed within a cut-through section above the loo, whilst excess items are tucked behind the face panel and accessed from the side.

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