Keep Your Bathroom Tidy With Shower Organizers

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Not everyone can afford a custom-built shower, with a built-in soap dish and shelving. In fact, some showers are barely big enough to fit in, with little room for the hygiene supplies you need to get clean every day. To install a single shelf, you have to cut into tile, and you have to find a stud in order to assure the security of the installation. That’s where shower organizers come into play. With multiple options and sizes available, you can find an easy to install shower organizer that works for you. Where can you find the best shower organizers?

What to Look for in a Shower Organizer

You can find shower organizers almost anywhere but shopping online is a great way to find all the dimensions, specifications, and mounting requirements so that you know it’s going to work for your space. When looking at the best shower organizers for your location, you need to start by thinking about where in your shower you have room for the item.

Will you need to hang it over the shower head, or do you have a corner space available? How many items do you need to store on it? At the least, you likely have shampoo, conditioner, and some sort of soap or body wash. Do you have a child that can’t reach high? These are all considerations to keep in mind as you check out the list below of some of the best shower organizers available online.

1. Norris Shower Caddy

The Rebrilliant Norris shower caddy is a great choice for organizing the cluttered disarray of items in the shower that are necessary but can be overwhelming without storage space. One of the best aspects of this particular shower organizer is that it is water resistant, with a thermo-bond coating of bronze plated metal.

This also keeps it very lightweight while remaining sturdy, so you aren’t tasked with replacing the unit frequently. It’s compatible for installation with both tile and fiberglass showers, so you don’t have to worry that you can’t mount it due to the type of shower you have. It is a tension pole, with four adjustable shelves so you can create the right amount of space for smaller soaps and plenty of room for tall shampoo containers.

The tension pole is adjustable from 60 inches to 108 inches long, so it fits most showers without question. It only weighs 9 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver into place without assistance. Each of the four baskets is 26 inches wide, 13 inches long, and 8 inches deep, so they can hold just about anything you put in them. Some assembly is required, but the necessary tools are minimal, and installation is easy.

2. Kenney Rust-Resistant Heavy Duty 3-Tier Large Hanging Shower Caddy

The Kenney Rust Resistant Heavy Duty 3-Tier Large Hanging shower caddy offers ease of organization of all your shower and hygiene items as well as a stylish and out of the way unit that maximizes space and design. The 3-tier unit has multiple uses, with the entire organization factor thought through carefully. Start with two shelves, each of which have two openings so that you can insert shampoo and conditioner bottles in a way that they will stay standing.

This also works for face wash and body wash. Below this is a soap dish holder, which also has 2 hooks for loofahs or rags, as well as 4 spaces for hanging razors. You could even hang a Bluetooth speaker from one of the hooks. It’s easy to install, hanging over your shower head, and has a collar that keeps it from scratching up the hardware. It’s also equipped with suction cups to hold it in place.

Made of heavy gauge metal, it’s rust resistant for long term use. It measures 24 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep, and the collar fits a shower head neck of up to 0.75 inches in diameter. There is no assembly required.

3. Bambusi Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The Bambusi Bamboo bathtub caddy offers an alternative solution to a shower organizer, allowing you to relax in the tub with everything you need for a comfortable soak. This elegant tray is designed for long stays in a warm bath, with or without bubbles, so that you can ease your muscles and enjoy reading a book or watching something on your tablet in peace. With a raised lip outlining the entire tray, you don’t have to worry about your phone, tablet, or other electronic and entertainment devices slipping into the tub and being ruined, giving you extra piece of mind.

At the same time, you can have all your hygiene supplies within arm’s reach. The tray is made of bamboo with a wood finish, and it’s freestanding, made to reach across you while in the tub. It’s water resistant, with adjustable dimensions to fit your needs. No assembly is required, as it comes in one piece, so there’s no need to fret over installation. The tray extends from a minimum of 31 inches to a maximum of 43 inches, and it’s 10.25 inches wide. It’s 3 inches deep and only weighs 3 pounds, due to being made of the lightweight bamboo.

4. Everett 3-Tier Shower Shelf

The Everett 3-Tier shower shelf organizer presents a simple solution that doesn’t require any installation as a freestanding unit. This means you can locate it anywhere inside your shower or have it standing right outside the tub or shower for easy access and more space inside. The stainless-steel finish makes it stylish and allows it to match any space, regardless of décor, and the rust resistant coating makes it safe for use in wet environments with direct water contact.

It has 3 tiers with shelves to contain all your washing and hygiene supplies so you never have to worry about organization or lack of space for a particular product you need in your cleansing routine. The open wire design means water will never pool inside the basket shelves, making sure it keeps its integrity for years to come.

This shower organizer is just over 32 inches tall, 12.36 inches wide, and 6.88 inches deep, small enough to fit in a less than ample shower space but large enough to contain all your necessities. It only weighs a little over 6 pounds, making it easy to move as needed, and a second one could sit in the bathroom for additional storage space for washrags and toilet paper.

5. Flex Plastic Suction Shower Caddy

The Umbra Flex Plastic Suction shower caddy organizer is a perfect solution for a shower with very limited space without any difficult mounting requirements. A corner mounted caddy, this particular organizer comes with a patented Gel-Lock technology, which has a twist to grip feature securing it in place without concern of slipping, dropping, or getting compromised.

It has an integrated soap dish as well as space for about 3 bottles so you can have your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash easily within reach. It also incorporates space to hold your razor, as well as 2 hooks on which you can hang washcloths, loofahs, or even a Bluetooth speaker. The band at the front of the caddy allows you to have larger bottles in the shelf space while still maintaining their security with flexibility.

The organizer is made of durable, strength tested plastic, so it’s easy to clean and rust resistant, as well as long lasting. It weighs less than a pound and measures 3.25 inches high, 11.88 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep. It mounts easily to smooth tile surfaces, as well as glass for versatility. There is no assembly or installation requirement.

6. Cobb Shower Caddy

The Cobb shower caddy organizer is both stylish and useful, with easy installation that takes the guesswork and frustration out of mounting a shower organizer in your space. Rather than installing in the tile or mounting to the wall, this caddy is ready to use and hangs simply on the neck of your existing shower head. This makes use of the unused space beneath the shower head to get your hygiene and cleaning supplies organized and off the floor.

The sleek design is formed from metal with a silver finish, so it brings style to the space, while also providing tons of storage. The rust resistant design includes 6 shelves (some of which are adjustable to fit your particular needs), 2 compartments, and 2 hooks where you can hang your loofah, sponge, back washer, or washrag. It also has a removable mirror so you can see to shave in the shower. The entire caddy weighs about 6.6 pounds but can hold up to 31 pounds.

It measures 27 inches high, 19.4 inches wide (or 12.5 inches without the side extensions), and 5 inches deep. Make more room in your shower by condensing the amount of space used by all your supplies into this small but adequate shower organizer.

7. Two Tier Corner Shower Caddy

The Rebrilliant 2-Tier Corner shower caddy is a simple, inexpensive option for organizing your shower items in a very limited space, utilizing the corner to keep all your hygiene needs stocked and easily accessible. This uncomplicated solution doesn’t rely on a tension pole, mounting brackets, or suction cups to stay in place.

Rather, the unit comes with 2 adhesive strips that can be put in place while the shower is dry to lock the caddy in for easy installation and immediate use. The plastic unit contains 2 shelves for all your bottles and soaps, with additional options for hanging some items, such as a loofah. The shelves are self-draining, so you don’t have to worry about water buildup or mold. This particular storage option is made for very tight spaces, measuring only 11.5 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.

The white finish makes it blend into the space so it’s not an eyesore, and the simplicity of the design keeps it from being a major focal point. It’s a simple solution to what can easily become an overwhelming problem in the bathroom, especially if you have limited shower space.

8. Espana Shower Caddy

The Rebrilliant Espana shower caddy organizer is unique in its design and simple in its installation and use, creating a nice aesthetic while also solving the problem of being overwhelmed by items in your shower space. It hangs over your existing shower head neck for easy installation and out of the way placement, meaning you don’t need any hardware to mount it.

This particular organizer can be arranged differently to support different sorts of items. For example, the top tier is made of 2 shelves that can swing outward, allowing you to place taller shampoo and conditioner bottles in them without being hindered in using them. The bottom shelf is perfect as a soap dish, and below that, you’ll find 4 hooks, so the entire family can hang their loofahs, washcloths, and more in the space to drip dry.

These can also hold razors or toothbrushes as needed to accommodate your needs. Made of metal with a sleek bronze finish for stylization, the shower organizer is rust, water, and mildew resistant for long term cleanliness and sturdiness. It weighs only 3.24 pounds, measuring 24.38 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 5.3 inches deep.

9. 4-Tier Aluminum Tension Pole with Bamboo

The Rebrilliant 4-Tier Aluminum and Bamboo shower organizer is both classic in style and utilization, designed to do a simple job with little effort on your part. Shaped and created to mount in the corner of the shower, the design includes an aluminum tension pole for mounting, complete with a shiny chrome finish for aesthetic appeal, as well as multiple storage shelves made of bamboo for a sturdy design with lightweight elements.

You have 3 large basket shelves for all your bottles, such as shampoo and body wash, with a small shelf at the bottom that makes a perfect soap dish. Due to the construction materials, the organizer is also water and mildew resistant, and it’s easy to clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth. The corner design keeps it out of the way, utilizing unused space for storage in even a small shower space. The adjustable tension pole extends up to 108 inches to fit any shower height, with baskets measuring 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches. It only weighs a little over 6 pounds, so you won’t need assistance installing it.

10. Hanging Shower Caddy

The Rebrilliant Hanging shower caddy organizer provides an excellent solution for a number of applications where you have a glassed-in shower and nowhere to store your shower supplies. With a hanging design set up with hooks that drape over the glass wall, it is at once easy to access and out of the way, so you maximize your ability to move around within the shower. Made of brass with a durable and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel finish, the caddy consists of 2 sleekly designed baskets with ample space to store all the necessary items for cleaning and grooming while in the shower.

No assembly is required, though you may need a screwdriver in order to mount the shower organizer properly. The entire caddy measures 27.31 inches high, 10.94 inches wide, and 4.38 inches deep. Keep your bottles off the floor and have room to hang items such as washrags and loofahs and reduce concern about pooling water and mildew with the open caddy design of the organizer.

11. Hieu Shower Caddy

The Hieu shower caddy organizer is a stylish and eye-catching addition to your shower space that also assists with assuring you can utilize more area and get your necessary hygiene items organized. This freestanding unit is self-sufficient, with no mounting or installation required, so you save a great deal of work and effort you may otherwise need to use. In addition, you can feel good about contributing to environmental safety, since all the grade A teak wood used in the construction of the organizer is responsibly harvested.

It’s then properly dried and carefully finished with attention to detail and put together with solid brass and stainless steel so that it’s not only ideal for wet locations but also reliable and sturdy. Designed for corner use, it maximizes storage room in small spaces with 3 shelves for bottles and soaps. Because teak is lightweight, the entire organizer only weighs 10 pounds, while measuring 35.5 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 7.75 inches deep. There is no assembly required, as the unit comes pre-assembled in a single piece, so you can simply put it in place and start using it for storage.

12. Choreograph Shower Caddy

The Kohler Choreograph shower caddy organizer is one of the sturdiest options for storing your shower items available, based on installation and materials involved. Kohler is known for its sleek, modern design, and this organizer is no exception to the reputation. Consisting of a single shelf, the shower caddy is mounted to the wall with a drill and screws, so you don’t have to worry about a hanging caddy slipping, suction cups releasing, or a tension pole loosening. It’s made of aluminum with a stainless-steel finish, all rated highly for water resistance to be rust resistant and mildew free.

The shelf includes a space in which you can drape a washrag or small towel for ease of access when washing or rinsing. The shelf is small and inconspicuous while also being ideal in design for a modern bathroom, weighing less than 3 pounds and measuring only 2 inches high, 21 inches wide, and 3.38 inches deep. This is perfect for storing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. If more space is required, you can easily install 2 shelves for maximizing your space.

The Bottom Line

Having a shower caddy is crucial if you lack the proper storage space to store all your bathroom toiletries. Also, a shower caddy can keep everything neat and organized in one area, rather than all over the unit. There’s something for everyone on this list so find the one that works best for you!

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The 11 Paint Colors Featured in Our Favorite Green Kitchens

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green kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countersPin It
Photography by BROOKE HOLM

Ever since PPG declared Night Watch, a deep, luxurious aqua that reminds us of malachite, 2019’s color of the year, we’ve been seeing soothing shades of green everywhere. It’s easy to understand why. A symbol of growth, energy, harmony, and nature, green is chock-full of calming properties. It’s especially impactful in a room as busy as, say, the kitchen, where a warm sage or restful moss can help incite a zen-like state amid the cooking chaos. 

There’s a whole world of cleverly named green paints out there (November Rain, Snip of Parsley, and Mown Grass are just a few). But which ones are the absolute best for kitchen cabinets? We worked our way backward, pinpointing our favorite green kitchens and figuring out the essential swatches from there. After a deep dive, these 11 options stood out as the clear winners.

The Calming Olive

long kitchen wiht green cabinetsPin It

Try: Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams

Portland, Oregon–based designer Stephanie Dyer loves this subdued shade of green so much, nearly everyone in her family has a room painted the color. She’s also keen on incorporating it into her clients’ projects, like in this Craftsman space, where she paired it with pops of red, orange, and teal for a modern twist. 

The Sought-After Sage

sunny, small kitchenPin It

Try: Cooking Apple Green by Farrow & Ball 

Teri Lyn Fisher of Spoon Fork Bacon mixed not two or three but 17 samples to find the right balance of mint and sage for her breezy space. She had a big-box paint supplier color-match her experiment, but you could cut corners by going with a similar hue, like Farrow & Ball’s Cooking Apple Green, which looks even brighter when it’s contrasted with white walls and countertops. 

The ’60s Green

dark green cabinetsPin It

Try: Fig Tree by Behr 

Nostalgia is the theme for this Lancaster, Pennsylvania, kitchen, designed by the Chris and Claude Co. Old wallpaper leftover from the 1960s can still be spotted peeking out behind the painted walls in one part of the room. To keep the groovy vibes going with the cabinets, the designers opted for a muddy green color with hints of brown undertones. 

The Chameleon Green

Try: Forest Green by Benjamin Moore 

A dark forest green can sway contemporary or traditional depending on the sheen. In an old renovated row home designed by Chris and Claude Beiler, Benjamin Moore’s tried-and-true color reads as green-blue with its matte finish and clean black pulls. But in a classic Denver Tudor kitchen by Shea McGee, the hue takes a brighter turn, revealing notes of emerald. 

The Gray-Green 

gray green kitchen cabinets with gray marble countersPin It
photo by sara tramp for emily henderson design

Try: Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams

Emily Henderson went with a smoky shade for this kitchen. The silvery green pairs perfectly with the cool gray veining of the marble countertops. While the designer contemplated painting either the lower or upper cabinets white, she decided to make a more dramatic statement by using the same color everywhere (including the island). 

The Bright Green

bright green kitchen island with three bar stools Pin It
photo courtesy of naked kitchens

Try: Hunter Dunn by Paint and Paper Library 

On hardware-less cabinetry, a classic hunter green can feel surprisingly fresh. The buttery yellow barstools, plywood cutout pulls, and fluted glass cabinets in this modern space by Naked Kitchens take the shade into unconventional territory. 

The Seaside Green

large kitchen with green cabinets and black hardwarePin It
photo courtesy of studio mcgee

Try: Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore 

For this modern cabin on a lake, Shea McGee pulled from Benjamin Moore’s historic color collection. The sage-y olive green serves as a cool counterpoint to matte black hardware, sandy-colored hardwood floors, and  the white shiplap in the adjacent room. 

The Herbaceous Green 

small green kitchen sink with drawersPin It
photo courtesy of katie hackworth

Try: Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore 

Katie Hackworth chose a green hue in a satin finish—charmingly named after the tangy sauce—for this small office kitchen. To ensure full coverage, the designer applied it by back-brushing (a technique in which you spray the paint and then smooth out the wet stain with a regular brush).

The Moss Green 

moss green kitchen with small islandPin It

Try: Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore 

Babba C. Rivera’s Brooklyn kitchen exudes warmth. When the sunlight is streaming in, the earthy shade that covers her Shaker-style fronts takes on an almost lime-like glow. 

The Countryside Green 

dark green rustic english kitchen Pin It
photo courtesy of devol kitchens

Try: Racing Green and Emerald Green by DeVol Kitchens

This bespoke space by English brand DeVol is painted with a custom mix of the company’s Racing and Emerald greens. Its rich profile elevates the rustic wood details in the space, plus it makes the vintage oil paintings that lean against the wall pop.

The Mint Green

mint green kitchen with colorful pendant lightsPin It

Try: Moth’s Wing by Behr 

A whimsical pastel hue is the star of Lourdes Hernández’s funky Los Angeles kitchen. A pale yellow Smeg refrigerator and mix-and-match ceramic pendants take the carefree vibe one step further. 

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Totally tropical tastes! New reversible palm print Matalan bedding has shoppers swooning

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What better way to inject summer style into bedrooms than with a tropical print duvet! The new Matalan bedding collection has several hot new tropical designs to do the job. Both with palm prints they’re sure to welcome holiday destination vibes to any boudoir this summer.

More on feeling the summer heat: Too hot to sleep? Here’s how to stay cool in bed

Fans are particularly feeling the feels for the reversible metallic palm and pineapple print design. Shared on the brands Instagram feed the on-trend new bedding has been met with a lot of love…

Matalan bedding: summer collection


‘Keep palm.. and go to sleep! 🌴’ say the team at Matalan (rather brilliantly, we might add). And it seems to be hitting a sweet spot for shoppers and fans of the affordable retailer. The post has generated 4660 likes and 80 comments, all with a running theme of appreciate.

‘Love this bedding 😍 ‘ says one follower sweetly.  ‘Cutest bed linen 🌴’ declares another. ‘I need this bedding 😍😍😍 ‘.

‘oh the palm 🌴 tree cover…. 😍’ comments one, ‘This is gorgeous! 😍 ‘ says another.

‘How cute is this bedding tho! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 ‘ writes one friend to another.

‘I have this and I love it!’ cries one satisfied customer.

matalan bedding with palm print


The quirk design comes in a set, complete with one pillowcase accompanying the single cover and a pair with the double and king duvet. White on one side with a palm tree print and pink on the other with the metallic pineapples this bedding really is like having two duvets in one.

Buy now: Reversible Metallic Palm Print Duvet Set, from £15 to £22, Matalan

And that’s just one of the cool new designs, the following is also new…

matalan bedding with palm leaf print

This design appears to have sold out online, just this morning! It’s best to look out for it in stores now if it’s your summer bedding of choice. The vibrant pink and green palm leaf print duvet is perfect for those who are looking for a more exuberant summery bedding.

Above you can see more clearly the pineapple illustration on the reverse of the Palm print duvet. The summer Matalan bedding collection is super strong, with its tropical prints and on-trend palette of green and pink hues.

In stores only: Palm Leaf Print Duvet Set, from £15 to £22, Matalan

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Both designs are in stores now, while stocks last.

Do you have a dedicated summer duvet?

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This is how much it actually costs to keep your electric fan running all night

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Yesterday was hotter than Ibiza and the Caribbean with highs of 35c. The rest of the weekend is due to be a little cooler, but the temperature is still on track to stay above 20c. It’s safe to say a fan is about to become your new best friend.

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However, whether you are running your fan for 10-minute bursts or blasting it all night, do you know how much it costs to run a fan?

While an electrical fan might be offering you some relief  at the moment, and helping you sleep in the heat. The last thing you want is to be hit with a nasty surprise when your electricity bill comes through.

How much does it cost to run a fan?

how much does it cost to run a fan 1

Image credit: Nick Pope

The good news is that fans are surprisingly energy-efficient, especially when compared to an electric air-conditioning unit. Research by energy-saving assistant Loop revealed that a 40W fan running for 8 hours cost just 6p. While a 1003W Air conditioning unit running for the same time cost £1.44.

If you want to work out exactly how much your fan of choice costs to run you’ll first need to work out how much electricity it is using. You can do this by checking the wattage. This should be shown on the fan or the instructions leaflet.

Once you know the wattage of your fan, convert this into kilowatt-hours. It might sound complicated, but all you need to do is divide the wattage by 1,000.

How much does it cost to run a fan 3

Image credit: A_teen / Getty

Then you just multiply the number by the number of hours you are using the fan for. This will give you the amount of electricity you are using per day.

For example, if you have a 50-watt fan, you would divide 50 by 1,000 to get 0.05. If you are using it for ten hours a day, you’ll then multiply 0.05 by 10 giving you 0.5kW. This is how much energy the fan uses in a day.

To work out the cost, you will need to know how much you pay for one unit of energy (1kw). This should be listed on your energy bill.

how much does it cost to run a fan 2

Image credit: Ti-Media

Multiply the cost of a unit of energy by the kW output of your fan and that will be how much it is costing to run your fan each day.

So if you’re paying 16p for energy, multiply this by 0.5kW and you’ll get 8p as the cost for running a 50watt fan for 10 hours.

If all that multiplying has left you a bit baffled. The experts at ThisisMoney worked out that if a normal household fan (between 25 and 75 watts) was left on every night for a week, it would add no more than £1 to your electricity bill.

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So you can sleep a bit easier with your fan on this week.

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Weekend Reading 7.12.20

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Well with the number of coronavirus cases rising in our area here in the last few weeks, I’m committed to more days spent at home. I’m bracing myself mentally for a few more months of this but no complaints, the weather is nice and there is plenty to do around my county. Like everyone else, I’m spending a lot of time at home. Lightweight kimono cardigans are now part of my lounging attire. I have two of the ones I linked to, they also make great swim cover-ups.

The only place out of town that I get to visit this month is an overnight at Bass Lake just outside of Yosemite. I’m hoping the National Park stays open since I have a day pass, but who knows these days. The situation changes every week so we just have to make the best of it. How are you all hanging in there? Are you getting out of the house much? Planning any road trips or staying put? How are you keeping busy this summer?

Favorite links from the week:

Don’t miss this incredible backyard transformation.

Tour a beautiful beach home in Newport, Rhode Island.

This is a beautiful tile installation in tonal shades of blue.

100 black designers and black owned fashion brands to know.

10 camping apps for your next outdoor adventure.

What to do with watermelon? Make shave ice!

These floral trucker hats are so cute for summer. (I have two!)

Five ways to be better about making decisions if you’re indecisive.

Made me laugh: how to sound like a designer when choosing color.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Weekend Reading 7.26.20

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I feel it, that soft and slow march toward the end of summer as the days are getting shorter. *Sigh* Summer is my favorite season so I’m doing my best to enjoy each day as much as possible. I’m committed to lazier days for just a few weeks more until the kids go back to school. It will be distance learning to start but there will be a new routine for all of us mid August.

I’ve decided to flow with the pace of life and slow down for just a few weeks until we get busy and productive again in autumn. How are you feeling about this time of year? Are you enjoying the relaxed pace of it (I am), or are you ready for fall to arrive?

Favorite links from the week:

Dream destination: this beautiful villa in Bali.

Lovers of white will appreciate the pale palette + beach vibe in this Vancouver home.

Skimp don’t splurge on these lower cost home accessories.

The clay wall treatment in this bathroom renovation is so good.

Seinfeld fans will love these behind-the-scenes cast photos.

The best method for storing fresh strawberries in the fridge.

A few reasons for making big life decisions without telling friends or family first.

More travel companies are now offering female focused adventures.

Take a road trip without leaving the couch with any of these 20 films.

Love him: the world according to Matthew McConaughey. 🙂

Ha ha: this Twitter battle for the “best bum” in the museums. View the entries here.

The Peaceful Effects Of Pale Green Decor

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There is a freshness that emanates from light green interiors, which bring to mind natural origins of sun dappled leaves and frost kissed grass. The pale green colour palette is one of peace and tranquility, and works exquisitely with en vogue grey neutrals and weighty black accents. The light green colour palette makes an ideal companion for botanical themes and a plethora of indoor plants, or to tint a natural palette alongside beautiful bare wood tone. These three inspiring interiors show how to combine light green decor with clear white pauses and dark threads to ensure crisp definition around layouts of chic modern furniture and contemporary decor concepts.

Designer: Dina Vorobyova   
Visualizer: Maria Lyalina  

An unusual modern sofa shapes the lounge of our first pale green interior. A small forest of indoor plants grows between two attractive bookcases. The plants also act as a soft screen across a light sharing glass wall between the lounge and kitchen.

The area rug throws down an earthy natural base for the breezy decor scheme.

A glass wall brings light reflective qualities to the room.

A round coffee table presents cool industrial character at the side of the sofa. Other side tables are integrated into the unique couch itself.

Sculptural black pendant lights complement a black sideboard unit, their dark influence giving balance to the light-coloured room. A textured feature wall ripples behind.

There is a small reading area beside the window, furnished with a black, grey & gold modern accent chair and an elegant satin gold floor lamp.

A black decorative vase tops off a tidy stack of coffee table books.

Inside the kitchen diner, a round dining table places tasteful white marble onto daring black and white floor tiles.

The modern fruit bowl brings a note of black to the table, whilst an attractive glass vase supports a light green accent.

Gold kitchen cabinets strike luxe into a light grey kitchen scheme. A black worktop adds dark definition.

Graceful pendant lights tumble onto the dining area, framed by the kitchen window.

A satin gold faucet accessorises the kitchen.

Muted green tones colour the minimalist bathroom. Unique tiles make a feature wall inside the shower enclosure.

Black fixtures and fittings bring bold definition to the bathroom decor.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Minty elements freshen the living room of our second home. A modern mint rocking chair glides up to the gentle wood tone of a round coffee table. A curved wall mounted media cabinet complements archways that shape the interior architecture.

Botanical canvas prints add deeper green elements to the room, and extend the revitalising effect of living indoor plants. Accent pillows and an area rug throw down a modern chevron motif to shake up the natural theme.

Indoor plants add texture to the room and soften the layout.

Wood frame kitchen bar stools make a visually pleasing addition to a mint painted kitchen island. Colour coordinated minty cabinets colour the back wall of the room.

Another leaf print pulls the kitchen in with the botanical theme.

Upper cabinets in the one wall kitchen are drained of colour to keep the space feeling open and airy.

Green patterned floor tiles define the culinary area from the rest of the open plan. Three orb pendant lights on distinctive black cables give the island a more substantial presence in the room.

Closets in the bedroom follow the same simply framed aesthetic as the kitchen cabinets. An elongated wood effect headboard design incorporates one floating bedside unit by the wardrobes, whilst a white bedside table stands out cleanly on the other side. The bedroom pendant light is a repeat of those employed over the kitchen island to strengthen the cohesive thread.

The bedroom rug and bed runner bring in the chevron element.

A cylindrical
pouf matches with a circular vanity mirror. A rounded makeup shelf and companion storage unit slot in around the vanity seat and an attractive arch.

The same closet design and colour palette repeats in the second bedroom of the house.

This time the bed slots right into the base of the units with satisfying precision.

Visualizer: New Plans  

This 54 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russia is a stylish space with pale sage infusions. Stunning twisted glass nesting coffee tables pull the green component into the heart of the scheme with an alluring light filled quality.

Grey pieces balance out the colour, whilst pure white elements clear out breathing space.

Black dining room pendant lights, walls sconces, and a black framed console table add dark stops.

Another elegant console table stands atop geometric floor tiles in the home entryway.

In the bedroom, diffused light comes from a modest bedroom pendant light. Modern wall sconces provide task lighting over the bedsides.

High-gloss white wardrobe doors reflect the light.

The modern home office is furnished with an integrated desk/bookcase design and a cool desk chair.

A comfy grey futon folds into the corner.

A small reading nook fills a covered balcony. In lieu of a coffee table, the wood clad window sill holds a coffee mug just fine.

In the hallway, a narrow niche has been created to hold an entryway seat.

Beige herringbone tiles clad the wet zone of the bathroom. A colour matched towel ladder props beside a set of wall hooks.

Ice white walls balance out the warmer tones.

A beige basin gives a unique look to the vanity.

Floor plan.

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Writing Desk Roundup (Under $250)

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Our school system is beginning the fall semester with distance learning so I’m setting up separate study zones for my two teens. My daughter prefers to be downstairs so she’ll work from the white desk seen here. My son wants to study in his room where it’s quieter so I bought him this wood campaign desk for his bedroom.

I bought this wood writing desk several years ago and still have it. I protected the surface with one coat of polycrylic and now it functions as a vanity in my teenage daughters room. She loves it!

Writing desks are so versatile, they can act like a console as a drop off station in an entry, a makeshift work space in any room, as a long nightstand in a bedroom, or a vanity, as my daughter prefers hers. Below are a few more to choose from, just in case you’re in the same situation as me and need to set up a work station for kids, a spouse, or yourself!


leighton white (also black) / sleek black desk

white & wood mid century / lawrence wood

ash & goldlindale (multiple colors)

carson two drawerblue writing desk 

wood & cane / loring desk 

 walnut and gold / darias modern

wood & white / modern metal legs

Airbnb: Desert Style

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My travel dreams are 100% virtual right now, with no plans to go anywhere until Covid isn’t a threat anymore. Still, I can vacation vicariously while staying put at home.

I bookmarked these desert homes I found on Airbnb because they offer not only dreams of solitude, sunsets and serious stargazing, but also tons of inspiration if you’re a fan of desert style. In these casitas near or in Joshua Tree, the owners have paid careful attention to tiles, textures, and finishes to achieve that desert vibe. Enjoy the virtual tours!

Desert Wild



Roadrunner Desert Home


Cabin Cabin



Moon and Bloom

Mojave Moon Casita



Lone Joshua


Luna Cabin



Pause House


Villa Kuro

It’s hard to pick a favorite. Which one would you book?

Lush Balinese Villas That Show Off The Beauty Of Tropical Living

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These beautiful Balinese villas show off a lush tropical lifestyle that will have you dreaming of a sun drenched getaway. But before you start searching for your passport, take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous architecture, lavish interiors and green landscaping that this collection of four holiday home designs has to offer. Get set to explore a modern tropical abode under great undulating rafters, a traditional fine wood and thatch villa, a crisp property exterior with a dark heart, and an elegant jungle villa with warm orange and green accents. Let’s not overlook the alluring swimming pools that each place is set around too, along with fish filled ponds with meditative vibes.

Photographer: Danang Seta  

Padding around the lawned grounds of home design number one, the twilight sky both shades and showcases the dramatic undulation of a unique roofline. Interior lights beam through glass wall bedrooms and living spaces. Pool lights illuminate cool blue water along the sleeping sun deck.

In the morning light, the Balinese villa comes alive with vibrant green trees and shrubs. Hanging plants pour out of first floor balconies.

The rectangular pool design features a sunken sundeck and a sloping floor.

The overhang of the waved roofline provides some internal shade for the house to keep rooms cool.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up around the edge of the pool on an L-shaped deck, looking out onto the tropical garden.

Mature trees grow an oasis of privacy around the property.

Inside of the house there is a totally different vibe from the natural timber deck and abundant nature outside. The interior is an industrial grey open plan, dotted with colourful modern art and contemporary furniture.

A rustic dining set brings back the tropical vibe. A matching rustic dining bench serves one side of the table whilst four stylish dining chairs up the formal aesthetic on the opposite side.

A suspended staircase design gives rise to the upper floor over stone treads. One wall of the kitchen slots into the space under the open staircase, but the bulk of the kitchen utility is situated around a central island volume.

A goddess statue reclines by the wall of the kitchen, surrounded by the natural beauty of plants and trees.

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling makes a fitting coffee table book for the tropical setting.

Up in the bedroom we catch our first glimpse of how the unusual undulating roofline translates into the internal space. Great sweeping rafters pull over the bed, like the sinews of a mighty whale.

Custom-made glass walls open up the bedroom to panoramic views of the landscape.

Bespoke curtain rails pull across the curvaceous window and door frames.

Kuno Villas at Gili Trawangan is a three bedroom vacation property, built traditionally with fine wood and a thatched roof.

The elegant holiday destination is surrounded by tropical gardens and its own outdoor swimming pool.

An outdoor lounge overlooks the freeform pool and its rushing waterfall feature.

Inside, wooden interiors are broken with fresh white accents and pops of yellow.

Framed ceilings create a unique 4 poster bed effect in one of the three suites.

Bespoke dressing tables merge into wood framed walls.

Bathrooms are full of rustic tropical character. In this one, indoor pools present a bridged walkway to the bathtub. The wooden bridge is actually the shower platform, with the shower controls located on a freestanding column at one side.

This ensuite pushes the shower out into a garden border.

Muxarabi screens open the bathrooms up to plentiful ventilation whilst screening the sunlight. Solid wood bathroom furniture matches the rustic architecture of the place, and complements the natural pools and plants implemented into the design.

Stepping stones emerge from the shallow waters of a reflection pool.

Rocks and shrubs build a natural border around the outdoor swimming pool.

This modern three bedroom villa has crisp exterior landscaping with a linear sundeck and elongated pool. A high border of tropical trees grows a dense wall of privacy.

Chic outdoor lounge furniture is dressed with stylish monochrome throws and scatter cushions.

A fish pond sets out an area for quiet reflection, with the bubbling splash of a water fountain to aid the meditative state.

The dark interior style exudes sophistication. A vaulted ceiling keeps the inside of the villa feeling airy. A cluster of oversized living room pendant lights drop great lengths from the wooden rafters.

Across from the modern black sofa, a low lounge chair reclines at either side of the TV wall.

Directors chairs make up a unique modern dining set with a solid black table. Tubular dining room pendant lights drop like gold wind chimes overhead.

A red runner lays a bright stripe through a black bedroom scheme.

Patterned accents break up the black bed set on an imposing black 4 poster bed.

A skylight spills sunshine into a grey concrete bathroom.

Source: Danang Seta  

Our last tour takes place in an elegant jungle villa with a tree shaded patio.

A swimming pool dominates the outdoor area, pushing up against a lush border of tropical plants.

The villa opens up to the outdoors with a bar area.

Green and orange accents lift the grey stone and rich wood surroundings.

Slab stepping stones cross a fish pond.

Bright bedrooms are decorated with traditional art and textiles, in a decidedly more muted green and orange palette.

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