What Are Clerestory Windows And Can Any House Have Them?

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Clerestory. This is an old term that may be new to you. It refers to a certain type of window that you’ve probably always wanted but never knew how to ask for. If you do know what they are, you probably picture cathedrals.

Clerestory Windows

This is because lancet windows are often clerestory windows that are on the top floors and balconies of churches. But of course, this isn’t even where the first clerestory windows were built, and not the only place they are used today. 

The truth is that clerestory windows are a lot more common than you may think. Anyone can have clerestory windows, not just old cathedrals that use lancet windows to gain height. Here is what you need to know about clerestory windows. 

What Are Clerestory Windows?

Clerestory windows
Image from Western Window Systems

A clerestory is any windowed wall that is higher than the roofs around it. They appear as a row of windows high above eye level that let the light shine down inside to give your room a heavenly appearance.

They are common in modern homes as the pitches of the roof are more forgiving. In older homes, there isn’t much room for clerestory windows, though they do exist. Most clerestory windows in residential buildings have been added on. 

Why Get Clerestory Windows?

Via Charlie and Company Design Ltd.

People usually get clerestory windows for that celestial shine that it gives a room. But they also offer other benefits. For example, you can use only clerestory windows to let there be light without the windows taking up entire walls.

In warm climates, clerestory windows are often preferred because they let in the same amount of light as low windows but the light is less harsh. This is because the sunlight is filtered above, leaving your room lighted but not too hot.

When clerestory windows are added above other windows, they make it appear as if the entire wall is made of glass. There can be a support beam between the two window rows so you get the effect without the danger of having a wall of windows. 

History Of Clerestory Windows

Via North Fork Builders Of Montana Inc.

Now that you know what clerestory windows are, you may be interested in their history. According to Britannica, one of the first uses was in the huge hypostyle hall of King Seti I and Ramses II at the Temple of Amon.

This was in the 1300s BC. The columns in these buildings were higher in the center, letting light in the center of the building. This was something that wasn’t thought of before then. But it sure was afterward.

By 300 AD, many Roman buildings were covered in clerestory windows. Fast-forward eight-hundred years and clerestory windows are one of the most popular windows in gothic and Roman architecture. 

Clerestory Windows Inspiration

It’s great to know that clerestory windows aren’t just historical, they are current and even trendy. You can find a home that already has them or put clerestory windows in your current home. But do to that, you need to know what you’re looking for. 

Although finding out more about interesting architecture is fun, what’s most important is finding a way to apply it to your life. These ideas and inspiration will give you something to work with as you design your new home.

Pitched Clerestory Windows

Via Jeri Koegel

Interestingly enough, clerestory windows don’t have to be straight at all. They also don’t have to be slanted up on one side only. They can work with the pitch of the roof. After all, clerestory windows don’t have to be the highest point of the house.

This can work on the ends of the house only as they will have a pitch. Unless you add on and create an L-shape to accommodate pitched windows that you would normally see on the end of a house.

Inclined Clerestory Windows

Via Guild Hall Inc.

Though these windows are inclined, the roof is. With roofs that are slanted only once and not pitched, you can always add clerestory windows to the higher side. Adding them to the slower side would disqualify them from being called clerestory windows.

If you do add clerestory windows to an inclined roof, consider using exposed rafters. This can add to the effect and give an open feel to the ceiling, making the space seem bigger and giving you more to work with.

Continued Clerestory Windows

Via Mission Tile West Showrooms

In rooms that are set higher than the rest of the house, you can add normal windows and they can be considered clerestory windows. You can also make this effect even more powerful by adding floor to ceiling windows.

This looks amazing no matter what room it’s in, but it’s even better in the highest room in the house. The effect is modern, yet offers room to play with the design style and making it look rustic or chic as well. 

Clerestory Sunroom

Via Thielsen Architects, Inc. P.S

Clerestory windows are perfect for any sunroom or naturally-lit bedroom. The two were created for the same reason. So that you can view nature and let natural light in without being bombarded by intense sunlight. 

To make sure the light is only pleasing, never too intense, hire someone to add a protective gloss on your windows. This will not only stop the heat from the sun, but can also allow you to choose how clear the windows are from the outside. 

Separated Clerestory Windows

Via CLB Network

Despite popular belief, you can have clerestory windows without having a row of narrow windows above other windows. Clerestory windows simply need to be higher than part of the roof. This gives a lot of room for creativity.

You can even put standard windows up above and call them clerestory windows. Remember Clerestory isn’t a design style, it’s an architectural style. So any type of window can be a clerestory window.

Dual Clerestory Windows

Via Dillon Kyle Architecture

Another great trend is to add clerestory windows to two sides of a room. You can do even more, but usually, the architecture will only allow two opposing sides. This will make sure there is natural light coming in at all times of the day.

The lower windows are an option, and it really depends on your climate. If your house is often warm, the lower windows aren’t eccomedned. If your house stays cool, the lower windows can let extra heat from the sun in. 

Faux Clerestory Windows

Via Level One

If your house just doesn’t allow you to add clerestory windows, you can always fake it out. Do this by adding glass doors on the bottom level and a support beam above it. Then, add large windows that reach as high as your structure will allow.

This makes it look as if the windows reach higher than the roof when really they are just below. They may not technically be called clerestory but they will look like clerestory windows and add the aesthetic you’re looking for.

How Much Do Clerestory Windows Cost?

Via Acanthus Architecture

The windows themselves will cost the same as any other window. The only thing that makes them cost more is that they are usually multiple windows put together. So instead of paying for one window, you’re paying for three or four. 

So the more expensive and unique the windows you choose, the more expensive the clerestory windows will be. Choose small, square windows for the cheapest total cost. Or hire someone to help you find out what’s best for you.

Cheapest Clerestory Windows

The cheapest “row” of clerestory windows will be about $500. This is for paned windows of a standard size ( or smaller), and that really is the cheapest you’ll pay. These are usually repurposed windows too.

If you want decent clerestory windows, you will pay more. 

Average Cost Of Clerestory Windows

The average price of clerestory windows is about $1000. This is for standard clerestory windows, not standard windows used for clerestory windows. These windows come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Most standard homes will pay about this much as most people want regular clerestory windows. But some people have big dreams and need the best of the best to fulfill them. And that’s okay!

Best Clerestory Windows

For the nicest clerestory windows, expect to pay over $2000, likely up to $5000. These will be wood or steel and have the exact panes that you want. You can get the size you want as well, and choose whether they open or not. 

If you have a $5000 budget, your dream can probably be replicated exactly. Any less and you may have to settle. 

Cost Of Clerestory Window Installation

Keep in mind that whenever you hire a contractor, you’re hiring an expert. This contractor is going to pay anyone that helps him, he’s going to pay for the tools he needs, and he’s already paid for training.

So expect to pay a good amount of money. Contractors work hard, and they charge a lot. The cheapest contractors for clerestory windows will be about $500. But the standard is at least a few hundred dollars more. 

What’s great is that most contractors have connections that will let you get the windows at a lower price. So, if you do hire them, they can help you find windows at an affordable price and the money saved can be transferred to their pay.

In the end, hiring a contractor is your best bet for saving money and making sure your new clerestory windows are as safe as possible. And that’s what’s most important. When you can rest easy, you can truly enjoy your new addition. 

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Cool Interior Design Apps That Make Decorating A Whole Lot Easier

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Not too long ago, if you wanted furniture, you had to go to a brick and mortar store. If you wanted to draw up house plans, you need grid paper and a decent amount of experience. But today, things have gotten much easier and user-friendly.

You can download interior design apps to help you achieve your dreams. These are the best interior design apps, most of them free interior design apps, that you can have on your device in mere seconds after reading about them!

Must-have interior design apps


Interior Design Apps

Pinterest is a must-have for everyone. Although it can be great for crafty people, those trying to stay inspired, and just about everyone else, it’s even better for those interested in interior design. It’s the only interior design app you need for inspiration.

You can save your own images and create inspiration boards or browse other boards to find ideas for your new or current home. There’s no end to the amount of inspiration that Pinterest has to offer.


Houzz is a fan-favorite! It’s the number one interior design app for improving and designing your home. You can find direct links to products you see or simply browse projects finished by one of the thousands of designers that are members.

All photos added to Houzz are filtered through before being approved. This means you don’t have to scroll through low-res photos to find what you’re looking for. Every photo you see will be professional. 


This home decor app lets you browse through thousands of curated furniture and art right at your fingertips. The company only accepts the highest quality designer wares so if you’re looking for something else, 1stDibs isn’t for you.

Unfortunately, 1stDibs is only available on the iPhone. So if you have an Android, you’re out of luck. However, their browser site is always up and running, so you can visit it on your computer or Android phone.

Color Capture

Another iPhone exclusive, Color Capture allows you to capture any color, anywhere. It then takes that color and lets you know which Benjamin Moore paint color matches. So you never have to take in a sample again!

All you have to do is order the Benjamin Moore paint that your free interior design app tells you is your color. Take a picture of a wall, a trinket, or even another paint of a different brand. It’s so easy that even the inexperienced can do it.

Morpholio Board

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re in luck, because Morpholio Board is here for you. This app is an interior designer’s dream! In fact, you can create dream boards with this app, but that isn’t the most interesting feature.

The most interesting feature is that you can create beautiful 3D rooms with furniture available in the app. The app also has Pinterest integrated into it, allowing you to easily access all of your Pinterest boards. 


Havenly can be accessed via browser and iPhone. With it, you can find inspiration, design your home, and buy items you find on the site. You can even work with a Havenly interior designer that will help you create your dream home.

With every amazing feature that Havenly has, one of the most unique features is called a Style Quiz. The quiz lets you know your own home interior style and afterward, you will have photos and products recommended that will suit you. 


Rooomy is a dream come true for interior designers and realtors alike. You can use their virtual staging platform for out-of-towners, as well as those that are social distancing. Create 3D tours or setups for your new home. 

With Rooomy you can try out the furniture that you haven’t purchased and see how it will look in your space. If you don’t have an eye for interior design, the experts at Rooomy are here to help. They create sample rooms for you to find a place to start.


Schumacher has a beautiful site and a wonderful interior design app for Apple. If you’re looking for fabrics or unique wall coverings, there’s no better place to turn. They have every color you can think of in every pattern and thickness.

Their app makes it easy to save ideas, store things in your cart, and create notes for possible purchases. But what else can we expect from a company that’s been in the business since before the 1900s. 


Magicplan is an amazing floor plan creator that anyone can use. But there are two things that make it stand out from the hundreds of other floor plan creators. One of those things is that you can get estimated construction and material costs. 

Another thing that has people talking about Magicplan is that you can take pictures of your room and have floor plans automated for them. All you need to know is at least one measurement in the room and the rest is taken care of.


Housepad is more than just an interior design tool. It’s a tool that can help you keep your family organized and happy as well. Each member downloads the app and shares information with other members.

You can take pictures of how you want things done, share emergency info, and assign chores via the interior design app. This eliminates the need for many other apps as you can do all of this via this one app known as Housepad. 

Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator may just be the simplest floor plan creator on the app store. You can do everything you need to do without any complicated distractions. Create your floor plan with walls or rooms, and even turn it 3D.

There are simple furniture options on Floor Plan Creator so you can see what will fit in each room. Add windows, doors, and even lighting. Then turn it 3D and see how everything looks together. There is even a sample person so you can see how big everything is compared to an average human.

Measured By Lowe’s

Whenever you’re looking for apps, it’s nice to see one by a company that you trust. Who is more trustworthy than Lowe’s? Their Measured app lets you take pictures of any anything and it will tell you how long each area is. 

Sorry, Android users, this free interior design app is only available on Apple products. However, you can get the classic Lowe’s app on any device, which lets you try out their products in your own space via augmented reality. 


Color911 is a handy app by Award-Winning Professional Color Consultant & Creator Amy Wax. She’s been in the business for nearly 20 years and helps those both in commercial and residential buildings.

Color911 helps you create perfect color combos and lets you edit already existing colors to find that perfect hue. You can then take that color palette to a paint store and have them create the colors for you.

iHandy Carpenter

This app, iHandy Carpenter, is just about what it sounds like it is. The iHandy tool comes with five tools in one. The plumb bob lets you verify the verticality of lines or walls. A surface level, lets you do this horizontally. 

A bubble level, a steel protractor, and a steel ruler are the other tools this app contains. Add all this together and you have yourself one expensive trip to the hardware store. Or, download the app and save time as well as money.

IKEA Place

Another trustworthy app that you’ll want to download immediately, IKEA place does more than endorse IKEA products. This app lets you put actual pieces of furniture in your space, at least virtually. 

You can create multiple setups and swipe through them so you can find the perfect way to rearrange your new or already existing furniture. This is way easier than buying IKEA and taking the time to set it all up!


Another win for Android, BrightNest lets you keep your home and yourself organized with little effort. It may not be the perfect interior design app, but it does make everyday tasks that much easier.

You can even take a quiz to unlock personalize tips that will help you strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Homekeeping shouldn’t be difficult and with this app, it isn’t. 


Chairish has thousands of arrivals every day and is like the eBay of home interiors. You can shop both new and used items at discounted prices from designers all over the world. You can even apply to become a seller yourself.

Sell your old furniture and Chairish can help you ship. All you have to do is snap photos and they will walk you through the process. It’s the handiest tool to buy and sell furniture in the Apple store.


Wayfair may be the best source for new furniture and home decor. This makes it the best furniture and home decor app on the app store. This time, available on all platforms for free. No other app can replace Wayfair, so make sure it’s on your home page.

If you use Amazon, great, get Wayfair too. If you only shop designer brands, then Wayfair is perfect! Even if you only shop for discounts, Wayfair has you covered. They have something for everyone.

Amazon Home

The Amazon app has many uses, but it’s the Amazon Home section of their app that is perfect for those in interior design. You can take a quiz to find products meant for you and use their AR room to try them out.

Another great feature that Amazon has is that with their shopping app, you can search for items just by taking a picture of them. That means, you can take pictures of anything in your home or in-store and Amazon will try to match it.

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’s Hybrid Chairs Can Go From Desk to Dinner

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If your WFH setup these days is anything like ours, you’ve commandeered the dining room table as your desk and traded in the office’s ergonomic rolling chair for the one you use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has seen enough. In its new spring collection, available to shop on February 1, the brand is offering the best of both worlds: a series of desk chairs remodeled from the company’s most popular dining room options.

Because working from a dining room chair has had its benefits, right? They’ve usually got more cushion, and they match the rest of the house rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Each of MGBW’s updated designs has a traditional silhouette that forgoes the industrial vibe. Plus the hybrids, named Ada, Bella, and Gage, will be available in hundreds of color and fabric options. The chairs are priced at $1,095 (Ada), $1,245 (Bella), and $995 (Gage).

The five-point base provides stability when rolling from the desk to the kitchen for another coffee, and a lever on the side lets you adjust the height to account for other makeshift work areas like the countertop or windowsill. At least now, when the oven timer goes off, you can swivel from desk to dinner without having to get out of your seat.


Spectacularly Scenic Villas In New Zealand [Visualized]

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/spectacularly-scenic-villas-in-new-zealand-visualized

A slice of true paradise, the Waimarino Lodge features properties along a lakefront wilderness in Bob’s Cove, just outside of Queenstown CBD, New Zealand. Designed by award-winning architects Fearon Hay, Waimarino is a stunning getaway with expansive shared living spaces, luxury bedrooms and breathtaking views from every angle. Choose from a glorious ‘Owners Residence’, a pristine ‘Premium Villa’, or a refined and understated ‘Luxury Villa’ wrapped in the lush greenery of the sloping landscape. Endless adventure awaits outside the villa’s doors, along Lake Wakatipu and over the surrounding mountain ranges. Or maybe the outdoor bathtub under clear blue skies will be just too inviting to leave behind.

Situated on 18,093 square metres of land in the beautifully sheltered bay, the modern home exterior of the ‘Owner’s Residence’ encompasses a huge 201 square metre sun terrace with a 40 square metre heated infinity pool. A comfortable conversation pit is sunken into the side of the concrete patio, heated by a modern firepit. The perfect place to chat about the day’s adventures of heli-skiing, scenic backcountry hikes and vineyard wine tastings.

How’s this for a living room with a spectacular view? The 495 square metre Owner’s Residence sits at the very front of the property, where majestic mountains and tranquil waters layout a magnificent welcome. Native birdlife calls from the surrounding bush, building on nature’s blissful ambiance.

A ceiling mounted modern fireplace keeps the luxurious villa toasty in wintertime, when the mountains are snow capped. In green Spring and Summertime the piece simply presents a cool sculptural addition to the contemporary monochrome lounge scheme. Pale grey lounge furniture and a matching area rug keep the decor palette restful, whilst the fireplace and a chunky black rectangle coffee table provide punchy accents.

The tasteful lounge opens up to a huge dining room and a kitchen with a butler’s pantry. The impressive rectangle dining table can seat a large party of ten, which is where the optional private chef service and fully stocked wine and whiskey cellar comes in very handy.

The sloping site affords stunning lake and mountain views from every aspect of the villa, which is why outdoor living areas have been bestowed with the same considerations as the interiors.

Decor is minimal to honor the magnificent picture perfect views. A clear glass carafe ghosts against the vista.

Behind the dining area, a lengthy white granite island stretches the kitchen layout. A linear suspension light highlights the kitchen dining bar, where black bar stools silhouette crisply against the clean stone. The back of the kitchen is arranged with a darkly contrasting cabinetry and a slick glossy black backsplash. Wine storage is backlit enticingly at one end of the layout, whilst a pair of pure white vases sculpt interest at the other.

A simple glass vase makes a crystal clear decor addition to the top of the kitchen island. A matt black kitchen faucet and undermount sink disrupt the smooth white countertop.

An outdoor dining table and modern outdoor chairs offer a closer connection with Mother Nature at breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bed of grass attractively breaks the dining area apart from the swimming pool, and serves as a subtle guide toward the top of the pool’s underwater steps.

An outdoor fireplace chases off the chill in the colder months.

In one of the holiday home’s four spacious king size bedroom suites, a modern platform bed is situated to look out upon the panorama, along with a set of stylish bedroom chairs.

Outside of edge-to-edge glass doors, an outdoor lounge chair and footstool recline under the sun.

The 69 square metre, 1 bed ‘Premium Villa’ creates an unmatched sense of connection with nature with 180 degree views out to the lake and surrounding mountain ranges.

A full length 30 square metre sundeck provides the perfect viewing platform, perfect with a glass of wine in hand.

If you can’t bear to leave the view, no worries, an outdoor shower will keep you fresh and connected. Industrial style plumbing fixtures and finishes blend easily with the dark exterior cladding, and become enveloped by its deeply corrugated texture.

Alternatively, enjoy a soak under the stars in the deck’s sunken bathtub by candlelight.

You’ll also find a hidden bathtub in the marginally smaller deck of the 52 square metre ‘Luxury Villa’, along with a indoor/outdoor daybed for soaking up the dreamy views.

Modern planters serve nature up onto the deck, whilst you serve the wine. The soft glow of interior lights filter through sheer drapes at the windows, providing enough illumination for an evening read.

Eye catching artwork makes a sophisticated addition to the bedroom’s dramatically dark walls.

Off-grid technology and green practises make Waimarino a high-end eco-centric accommodation. Conscious sustainable development decisions from initial planning to daily servicing minimise Waimarino’s footprint on the planet.

Nature envelops the lodge, pushing up around the al fresco dining area. An outdoor fireplace makes the outdoor eating spot into an inviting and romantic experience.

Back inside the modestly proportioned villa, the rooms open wide to the extraordinary landscape. Even the indoor rainfall shower thunders down in front of a sweeping mountainous scene. A mirror above the double sink bathroom vanity draws the awesome views further inside and builds on the impact.

Check out the gorgeous visualization:

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Red, Yellow And Blue Interiors That Offer Colourful Contrast

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/red-yellow-and-blue-interiors-that-offer-colourful-contrast

Brave colour lovers will relish the high contrast of these four inspiring red, yellow and blue interiors. Using the three primary colours will always result in a strong impact, and this set of designs explores how to toy with the busy balance. Introducing negative spaces of white, grey and black in between gives the eyes a quiet place to rest, and gives the brights space to really pop out. We’re going to explore a full range of saturation, from uplifting splashes and solid slices of the red, blue and yellow accent colours, through to eye-catching abstract shape infusions and a kooky dream-like Piet Mondrian inspired riot.

Designer: SNKH Studio  

Our first tour takes place in an apartment located in Yerevan, Armenia. An acid yellow L-shaped sofa outlines the living space, contrasted by a blue statement wall and blue geometric area rug.

Dark red accents push forward from the home entryway to complement a striking red TV stand. The modern outdoor chairs are the black Acapulco chair.

The round coffee tables are void of colour, instead offering a peaceful pause of white on the busy blue rug.

The smooth wood tone of the living room’s herringbone floor is replaced by a sharp red and white geometric design in the foyer.

Garnet triangles look like shards that have shattered down from the red roof above.

Contrasting paintwork draws attention to architectural details and composition.

In the dining room, a small round dining table is closely encircled by a party of six deep blue chairs.

Moody blue walls are pierced by a crisp white wall sconce. A matching white dining pendant light floats above the eating area in rippling concentric circles.

The kitchen is a combination of ink blue and clean white cabinets. A dark inky kitchen island commands the centre of the space with a wide dining extension.

Kitchen bar stools pull up at the bar in a conversational arrangement with the cook.

Tall blue kitchen units build a bold kitchen feature wall.

Visualizer: Brani & Desi  

This Mondrian inspired interior design, entitled “Breakfast with Mondrian” is an experimental concept. The use of line, form and colour provokes modern living, like a dance. Bright active white and passive black shading creates intervals between a solid red modern sofa and a yellow accent chair.

‘”I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.”–Piet Mondrian.

Just like the Dutch painter’s abstract paintings, oppositions of color and line depicts plastic expression of relationship in the open plan. Whilst each zone has its own function, they are always connected. Horizontal and vertical tracks pull a side chair and table set magnetically into the mix.

Red, blue, yellow accents slice and dice the layout, disguising conventional elements.

Circular pendant lights receive a floating black outline to define them in the chaos of colour.

Interconnective elements mean that the dining room cannot be without the kitchen, and the kitchen cannot be without the lounge. As in nature, everything exists in unity. Solid black slabs pick out the eating area and the main wall of kitchen appliances. Yellow outlines and yellow seated mid century modern chairs lighten the look.

Horizontal lines stabilize the dining room backdrop, inline with the rectangle dining table.

Clear globe pendant lights drift above, like bubbles lost on the wind.

A higher density of red marks the entryway to the lounge, and is pulled back in the kitchen diner.

Floor colours create a dance.

A modern fruit bowl adds an extra beat of colour to the black dining table.

Bright yellow outlines define the edges and openings of a gloss black kitchen run.

A unique staircase design climbs rights up alongside the kitchen base cabinets, in a blast of multicolour.

Every detail is electrified with pixelated vividity.

Visualizer: Monika Machnicka  

A simpler communication of abstract shape brings our third home interior to life. Wide red, blue and yellow elements interlock behind a blue channel tufted sofa and red accent chair. A sputnik chandelier and matching floor lamp add bright layers to the shape theme.

In the master, twin bedroom pendant lights and a huge modern chandelier sketch smooth black outlines across a colour blocked wall.

A yellow platform bed extends from a bespoke channel tufted headboard. A blue archway paints a holding device around the bedroom vanity and paired wall sconces.

Designer: PAINTIT  
Photographer: Shurpenkov Andriy  

Lastly, we come to a 52 square metre studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yellow falls away as a tiny accent spike in this darker scheme, whilst red and blue elements strongly compete with the moody grey and rich wood grain backdrop. A smoky modular sofa builds the heart of the living space.

Throw pillows pull in a pop of red.

On one side of the central sofa, a blue framed 4 poster defines the bedroom…

… The other side of the double sided couch looks onto a red one wall kitchen. A yellow pouf adds extra interest.

A small dining area is set off to one side in the shadows of a monochrome palette.

A lantern dining room pendant light hangs a full moon over the small dining table.

White wall cabinets balance out the red kitchen base units.

Dark wood grain builds a wall of storage in the studio.

A blue closet interior complements the distinctive blue 4 poster bed.

However, there is an even larger walk in wardrobe hidden away within the large wood grain volume, which is accessed just off the home entryway.

A red and white mosaic makes a unique bathroom feature.

Floor plan.

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This DIYer’s Dream Nightstand Cost $3,400, So She Hacked an IKEA One for $115

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/ikea-nightstand-weaving-diy/

Lita Lee had found her dream nightstands. The stained oak pieces from Amber Interior Design featured custom carved drawer pulls and rope cord shelves, plus they were the perfect size for her king bed. The only problem was each cost a cool $3,400. Fortunately Lee is seasoned in the art of DIY: She picked up two Nordkisa nightstands from IKEA (the pieces cost $100 each and measure almost 2 feet wide). Most important, she could remove the solid bottom shelves and weave her own creation. “It’s something anyone could do over a weekend,” she says. It only cost an additional $15 to reimagine one of the Swedish retailer’s plain bamboo pieces. The real price was Lee’s time (it took around five hours to transform each one). Throw on a good podcast and get lost in the rhythm of the process. Ahead, Lee walks us through the steps for making over one nightstand.

The Supplies

wood nightstandPin It

Step 1: Clear the Way

After assembling the nightstands per the instructions in the box, remove the bottom shelf with a jig (a small handled saw with a slender blade). 

Step 2: Give It a Fresh Coat

Ensure a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to by going over the furniture with a medium-grit sandpaper. Then apply the paint (Lee went through two cans of Behr’s Classic Noir chalk spray paint). Let it dry overnight before going back over the nightstand with a wax sealer.

Step 3: Weave the Vertical

nightstand in process of being wovenPin It

Pull a generous amount of hemp string from the roll and cut it. Tie a knot around one of the edges and begin to wrap the cord across the frame, moving from the front to the back. “Ensure the strings sit nicely against each other but never overlap,” says Lee. 

Once you’ve completed five or so columns, wrap the cord three times around the front edge only. This will create a space in the pattern. (Note: You can make your gaps as wide as you like.) Then take the string across to the other side of the frame, just as you did before, and wrap it three times around the back border but in the opposite direction. This ensures that the cords are always in line with one another. Alternate between the columns and spaces until you have reached the edge of the nightstand. 

Step 4: Weave the Horizontal

shelf cross weavePin It

Pull a generous amount of hemp string from the roll and cut it. Tie a knot around one of the edges. Keep this pattern simple by weaving over one vertical string, then under the next, and so on. Once you find that your pattern is nearing the last third, tie off your cord and, using your fingers, pull the strings slightly apart and adjust them evenly so they cover the entire surface. “It saves you from weaving the rest of the way,” says Lee. Of course, the biggest save was her budget—now she can really sleep easy. 

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Seductive Belgian Home Interior (With Floor Plans)

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/seductive-belgian-home-interior-with-floor-plans

A seductive grey, black, brown and wood tone decor theme runs through this luxurious 561 square metre home located in Gent, Belgium, visualised by Chub Architects. Don’t let the dark accents fool you though–this is a bright home that’s cut open by floor to ceiling glass doors that lead onto a courtyard design at ground level, and onto bedroom balconies from the second story. Book lovers will appreciate the unique bookcases that characterise modern interiors here, bringing a sophisticated vibe. Creative implementation of dividing walls shape an enviable master bedroom layout, fashioning a huge walk-in wardrobe, a niche makeup table area and a sleek glass wall ensuite.

Floor to ceiling windows break open a luxury living room, making way for a courtyard interlude between here and the neighbouring kitchen diner. The space is brightened further still with crisp white walls and cool white LED perimeter lighting.

A square coffee table layers up tonal grey elements with a graphic grey area rug.

One side of the large L-shaped sofa becomes a comfy reading spot with the introduction of an arc floor lamp.

An entire wall of unique bookshelves stretch out across the back wall of the lounge, where the home library becomes a piece of industrial art.

Dark wood and black stone effect panels decorate the room’s sleek TV wall.

Slatted installations and textured art create moments of intrigue that keep the eye continually moving around the spacious room.

Tan accent leather chairs introduce visual warmth in a sophisticated modern silhouette.

The lounge and kitchen diner establish connection via the peaceful courtyard design, whilst cleanly maintaining their boundaries.

The luxurious kitchen is clad with copious swathes of grey granite, which covers all of its walls, its soffit, cabinets, and a long kitchen island design.

Soft lighting spills down a walnut wall, highlighting its beautiful grain.

Contemporary kitchen bar stools strike a stylish pose in black powder coated metal and deep chestnut seats.

An impossibly thin linear suspension light threads a minimalist light source above the island and its dining bar.

A more formal dining area is situated to one side of the expansive kitchen, with a black table and brown seated chairs to complement the island setup.

Golden mini pendant lights hang like a row of chimes over the eating area, as though they could sing out in unison to announce that dinner is served.

In the master bedroom suite, a dividing wall has been erected in the space to make a huge walk-in wardrobe design behind the bed. Open doorways make the closet accessible from either side, and invite closet lighting and fixtures to become a part of the overall aesthetic. A swing arm wall lamp establishes the room divider as a headboard wall, throwing reading light over the pillows and one of the bedside tables. An Atollo lamp serves the other side.

A bordered area rug anchors the platform bed in the minimalist space.

A comfortable bedroom chair pulls up at a full wall of balcony doors. The L-shaped balcony connects the master to a second double bedroom, but leaves a cutaway for daylight to find the courtyard’s tree.

Another dividing wall fashions a separate spot for a makeup vanity in the master suite. This wall also creates a hallway between the bedroom entry door and closet, without disrupting the sleeping zone.

In the master’s ensuite bathroom, a double sink dips inside a monolithic vanity unit. Matching faucets face each other from either side.

Stem pendant lights double up at the end of the bathroom vanity to highlight a decorative display. An inlay of black glass reflects the shower enclosure.

The spacious shower enclosure divides the room.

A linear shelf recess above a freestanding bathtub mirrors the black glass insert on the vanity side of the room. Its minimalist faucet design echoes the line of the vanity taps.

The bathtub is positioned next to a glass wall that looks into the master bedroom’s walk-in closet.

Grey granite engulfs the space.

A simple rustic wooden stool serves up soap and sponges by the tub.

In the double bedroom across the balcony from the master suite, a set of bookshelves defines the feel of the space, filling it with decorative items and select tomes. A second, private, balcony area stretches out beyond another wall of glass.

A low stone slab fashions a minimalist bedside shelf. A modern wall sconce lights a higgledy row of bedtime reading books, like a full moon over a derelict little village.

Muted tones keep the open shelves of many accessories looking tidily cohesive. Drawers offer a line of more practical concealed storage across the lower section.

A comfortable reading chair, matching cream footstool and a contrasting round coffee table have been teamed up under natural light from the balcony doors.

Back downstairs, a small powder room is given a luxe look with edge-to-edge wood wall panelling and another solid stone vanity piece. Floating shelves hold hand soaps and lotion, next to a tall backlit mirror that toys with the perception of space.

A charcoal toilet melds darkly into the rich panelling.

Ground floor plan with lounge, kitchen diner with butler kitchen and walk-in pantry, entryway walk-in closet and powder room, terrace and dividing courtyard.

Upper floor plan, with two luxurious double bedrooms and one single, plus three private ensuite bathrooms.

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Fashioning Friendly Scandinavian Interiors

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/fashioning-friendly-scandinavian-interiors

Home is a place where we feel that we belong, somewhere we enjoy spending time–just like hanging out with a good friend. And, just like seeing a friendly face, cheerful spaces uplift our mood and affect how we go about our day. These four Scandinavian home interiors embody that welcoming feeling, with easy going breezy white decor, cosy textures, the natural touch of timber, uplifting indoor plant life and joyful modern pattern. We’ll also wander around a light-filled glass wall home office design, a tranquil balcony retreat, a balanced bedroom and lounge combo, plus an energised black and white arrangement with lively greenery and boho touches.

Visualizer: Quang Dũng  

Cosy textures envelop our first Scandinavian living room like a friendly hug.

A knitted pouf nibbles at the edge of a geometric rug, and deep cushions make a den of comfort on the sofa.

A dual headed floor lamp and a knitted throw makes an ideal spot to settle down with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Wooden ladder shelves house a family of plants against the TV wall. The dining set carries the beech accent through.

In the minimalist dining room, an AIM pendant light makes a match for the lounge floor lamp. An adjustable shelving unit forms an attractive backdrop with books, plants and monochrome prints.

A glazed volume sections off one corner of the living space to make a dedicated workspace with library. The modern home office desk is positioned socially up against the glass.

The minimalist home library is furnished with a comfortable reading chair in a rich honey hue. A small side table holds a mini planter of succulents–just in case the several shelf plants weren’t quite enough.

Wood herringbone flooring comes to a stop at the kitchen, where it is replaced by a contemporary geometric tile.

Mosaic tiles pattern a cheerful Scandi backsplash along the prep area of the white kitchen. Wooden shelf inserts disrupt the cool surrounds with comforting moments of natural texture and warmth.

Visualizer: Walk the Room  

Pops of blue change up the vibe on our next home tour. The deep colour contrasts against rich brown and burgundy elements, giving the living room confident character. A set of decorative wall hooks throw pattern against a clean white wall.

The mixture of scatter cushions, soft knitted throw, ribbed area rug and wicker coffee table come together in a party of homey textures.

An eclectic array of modern dining chairs enliven the small dining area off the kitchen.

Bamboo topped kitchenware and a wooden chopping board add earthy elements to the kitchen.

Blue & burgundy artwork and accents frame a grey platform bed in the master. Sheer grey drapes filter the sunlight and billow at a balcony door.

A quiet white headboard wall allows the modern wall sconces’ vibrant burgundy colourway to gain due attention.

Out on the balcony, a menagerie of planters and outdoor furniture fashion a tranquil retreat. Lavender plants release a relaxing scent to promote rest and rejuvenation. A cushioned bench reclines by the outdoor chairs, aimed purposefully at the sunset view.

Decorative mood lights scatter around the terrace like glowing pebbles.

Evening refreshments are served on an outdoor coffee table.

Visualizer: Johannes Lindqvist  

In a 3D project designed to explore photo realism, we see a replica of a real-estate photoshoot by “Entrence Mäkleri”. This white living room is also the bedroom of the home, whilst the kitchen and dining area command their own separate room.

A glass coffee table keeps the centre of the small room looking open and more spacious.

Black and white prints add a bold point of interest to the clean white room.

A clear glass vase and its metallic friend top off a collection of coffee table books.

A pair of brown leather chairs warmly offset the cool black and white decor.

Over in the bedroom half of the room, a swing arm lamp blends with the white headboard wall.

Upon entering the kitchen, we’re met with the bright welcome of a red persian rug, which defines the small dining area from the galley kitchen. Clear perspex dining chairs maximise the sense of space and light, whereas the black dining room pendant light gives the area substance.

A modern candlestick holder is set on the window sill, ready to light up cosy candle lit dinners.

The dividing wall between the lounge/bedroom combo and the entryway has been utilised as a shoe storage wall, with the help of a simple ladder shelf. Mirrored doors over the coat closet make the entryway look double its actual size.

A radiator cover makes a handy entryway shelf for keys and such.

Open shelving replaces upper cabinets in the kitchen to push out the walls.

White kitchen units fall back into matching walls.

White subway tiles lightly texture the backsplash to combat the plainness of the scheme, whilst a black countertop adds some visual weight.

Monochrome decor adds punchy dark accents.

Visualizer: Ślusarczyk 3D  

Finally, we end with a tour that seems alive with the bustle of black and white elements, an abundance of indoor plants and some earthy bohemian touches. Two sets of wall shelves cover the entire sofa wall with greenery and an aesthetically pleasing black and white book collection.

The nursery of plant babies doesn’t end there though–another alcove of shelves puts several more to bed. Macramé wall hangings up the boho vibe.

Tactile wicker chairs encircle a round dining table by the woven wall decor.

The small kitchen interior is a heart warming display of natural wood, lush greenery and sunlight.

White wall cabinets reflect natural light along the length of the galley layout.

Solid oak floors connect the rooms.

The only break from oak flooring occurs in the bathroom, where a decorative black and white tile better serves the wet zone.

A minimalist bathroom vanity light suits the simplicity of the layout, which also serves as a laundry room.

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Stacked + Geometric Shelf Designs

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2021/01/stacked-geometric-shelf-designs/

Hello and welcome to a new year! I took a few days off and it’s amazing what a few days of rest can do. I’ve got a few new fabrics I’ve designed that will soon be released, new art prints too. Tomorrow I’m looking at a few real estate listings for their renovation and flip potential, and I’ll be sharing an organizational DIY project I finished later this week. Good things are happening!

January is that month we all seek to reorganize, declutter, and start fresh. Great looking storage always helps, we like when attractive form meets useful function. Basic cabinets are wonderful of course, and closets serve a storage purpose for hiding all our stuff. I like open storage looks that are unique or creative and also serve a purpose. I spent some time looking around at open storage ideas that are modular or stackable in geometric shapes.

I spied this first image with stacked cubes and thought it was such a cool way to mount square shelves. They’re sculptural in their arrangement it’s a clever way to maximize vertical wall space. I like how they are more muted because they’re painted the same color of the wall.


This stacked storage system fills an entire wall and accommodates multiple size objects.


A cube as simple as this bedside nightstand is a creative narrow solution.

IKEA arranged this creative display with their EKET cube cabinets in different colors.


A creative combination of shapes and finishes to create an eye-catching display in a home office.

via dwell magazine


These rectangular cube shelves statement add storage and style in shared dining and sitting space.


gepetto designs


This combination of hexagon and triangle shelves spied at RH Teen is a unique arrangement.


The asymmetrical layout of this inexpensive cabinet is appealing as is its wood + brass doors.

This designer stacked shelf system is pricey but a very cool look.

This wood + white small bookshelf has a mid mod vibe.


This intersecting cube wall shelf is a practical way to display small collections like kids toys or your collectibles.


These stackable rectangles are versatile and affordable at only $53 each.

The staggered cubbies in this shelf unit include open and closed backs for creative displays.

This pine cube shelf unit is sure to get plenty of glances for its unique layout.

You needn’t go big, you can mount small versions, like these rectangular shelves at Room + Board.

This custom unit doesn’t ship to the US, but it’s another great geometric design.

Are you a fan of these asymmetrical layouts? Or do you prefer symmetry in your shelving displays? Let me know! You might also like these these 20 eye catching wall shelves and inspiring shelf displays from retail shops.

Personalising A Modern Interior With Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow Accent Decor

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/personalising-a-modern-interior-with-green-blue-pink-yellow-accent-decor

The colours we choose for our interiors can say a lot about our personalities: Dark, sombre and serious, vivid and vivacious, a monochrome minimalist. This 146 square metre home in Kyiv, Ukraine, is filled with a bright and playful palette that vibes with quirky displays of modern art. Designer Nadya Chabannaya has used green, blue, pink & yellow accent decor to energise kids’ rooms and adult living spaces alike. Common accent shades thread through each area but appear original and exciting as they’re used in new and eye catching ways. A cool grey backdrop softly soothes the space around punchy accent pieces, creating a balanced and harmonious scheme.

Photographer: Yevhenii Avramenko  

Panel molding adds character to a pure white TV wall, to pull it forward into a room of eye catching pink, blue and green accents.

A modular sofa sets down a royal blue anchor in the lounge. A taupe throw pulls the statement piece together with light wood tone elements in the room.

A Tom Ford coffee table book accessorises the round coffee table, which contrasts darkly upon a natural woven rug.

Chevron wood flooring adds subtle contemporary pattern to the room. A plant stand on legs gives indoor plants an elegant boost.

Tall green kitchen cabinets separate the living room from the home entryway to create a useful hallway. A pink accent chair challenges the kitchen’s bright saturation.

Modern art makes a quirky splash of colour over a chic entryway bench.

A velvety black throw and a decorative tray make a cosy feature on the hallway seat.

A suspension light with planter complements the green colourway of the kitchen.

The solid green L-shaped kitchen makes a colourblocked corner in the open plan living room.

A pale wood tone kitchen island and pink bar stools lift and lighten the green dominant scheme.

The softly curved spouts of the kitchen taps complement the rounded silhouette of the globe pendant lights.

A pale concrete backsplash and countertop sit back in the scheme, allowing the brighter moments to shine.

Decorative vases and trays meld with the kitchen’s grey background.

See more ideas for eye catching kitchen bar stools here.

A deep lipstick pink console unit matches the curve of the living room window wall.

A round dining table slots smoothly into the semi-circular augmentation of the room. Grey Gubi Beetle chairs complement the curved aesthetic.

Tiered dining room pendant lights are strung like pearls over the eating spot.

On top of the rich coloured console table, a large glass vase adds height to the dining room. Circular marble wall sconces dot the space around it.

Natural accessories make tasteful table decorations.

As we enter the master bedroom, we’re met by a scene of mustard yellow bedside drawer units and a muted pink accent pillow. The contrasting colour combination makes an unusual modern statement.

A minimalist modern wall sconce can be directed over the small side table or over the headboard for reading.

A spherical pendant light makes a more decorative addition to the other bedside. See more ideas for modern bedroom pendant lights here.

Black bordered cushions sharpen the bed set. A woven tray complements the waffle weave bed cover.

Pink and blue pastels compete with deep mustard decor in the modern kid’s room. Chequered pattern and curved motifs making an exciting play environment.

A cute bunny themed kid’s chair pulls up at a kid’s table with matching dipped feet.

The Tolemeo lamp adds a dark accent to the kids workspace. A spare Gubi Beetle chair from the dining room makes a stylish desk chair.

Stuffed animals make a fun wall display by the floating desk and baby blue bookcase.

A floating balloon lamp makes a whimsical reading light over the window bench. Storage drawers utilise the space beneath the bench and the bunk bed.

A dedicated home office is flooded with shades of purple, blue and yellow decor. Circular wall art pulls all of the colourful accents together.

Wooden closets stow away office supplies. A double headed floor lamp sports a matching wooden stand.

A light blue desk melds with identical hued wall paint. The striking designer table lamp design is a Tizio.

Colour coordinated storage systems are revealed inside the office cabinets.

The master bedroom has its own enclosed balcony space, which has been repurposed as a reading nook. A mid century modern chair and side table gather on a geometric floor.

A Bauhaus print adds an interesting designer touch alongside twin tinted glass vases.

The dimensions of the walk in closet are visually expanded with a pitch black and pistachio green interior.

Blue geometric bathroom tiles clad the side of the bathtub and the wet wall of the family bathroom.

A white modern bathroom vanity pales into a wall of white mosaic effect tiles, which allows a bright multicoloured floor treatment to take the spotlight.

This darker bathroom scheme has a more luxurious atmosphere, derived from black marble wall tiles and a jade green vanity unit.

A deep framed vanity mirror projects from the marbled wall. A unique bathroom faucet draws an angular arc over an integrated green sink.

The floor plan better illustrates the beautiful curve of the dining area behind the lounge, and the added balcony space on the master bedroom. We can also see the copious amount of closet space in the apartment.

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