Contemporary House With A Beautiful Spiral Staircase And A Lush Garden

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A rough concrete facade is not always associated with industrial buildings, warehouses and such. One project which resonates with this idea is the CM House located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was designed and built by studio Dado Castello Branco Arquitetura and was completed earlier this year. The architects chose a contemporary approach both regarding the exterior and the interior of the house. Behind the concrete shell stands a very warm and welcoming environment infused with lots of wood and beautiful earthy colors. The spiral staircase which connects all the different levels is one of its best features. It’s very elegant and stylish and it combines the two main materials which define this entire project: concrete and wood.

The uppermost floor is conceived as a large leisure space with various functions including a home gym
The uppermost floor is conceived as a large leisure space with various functions including a home gym
The social areas are gathered on the ground floor where they enjoy a direct connection to the pool and garden
The social areas are gathered on the ground floor where they enjoy a direct connection to the pool and garden

Like most contemporary homes, this one also focuses a lot on the relationship that it has with the surroundings and the outdoors in general. All of its 1200 square meters of space are a nice blend of indoor and outdoor areas. The interior spaces have floor-to-ceiling glass doors, often with curtains, which open them towards the exterior and let in both natural light and amazing views. This seamless indoor-outdoor integration is also emphasized through a series of courtyards and gardens which bring nature closer to the living spaces. The ground floor contains a unified social space which direct access to the pool area. Above it stand all the bedroom suites and at the very top there’s a leisure space with a sauna, gym and Jacuzzi.

Wood was used as an accent materials throughout the interior design
Wood was used as an accent materials throughout the interior design
The living area extends outdoors and can become connected to the poolside deck
The living area extends outdoors and can become connected to the poolside deck
The palette of materials and colors used inside is focused around earthy tones, neutrals and nature-inspired accents
The palette of materials and colors used inside is focused around earthy tones, neutrals and nature-inspired accents
The large sliding glass doors are complemented by long curtains for added privacy and shade
The large sliding glass doors are complemented by long curtains for added privacy and shade
Concrete is not only used on the outside of the building but also makes its way indoors
Concrete is not only used on the outside of the building but also makes its way indoors
A series of indoor courtyards and gardens are strategically placed in certain areas as a way to infuse the spaces with light and color
A series of indoor courtyards and gardens are strategically placed in certain areas as a way to infuse the spaces with light and color
The dining area is next to what looks like a giant shadowbox with plants and greenery. This also serves as a source of natural light
The dining area is next to what looks like a giant shadowbox with plants and greenery. This also serves as a source of natural light
There's also a bigger and more formal dining room designed for large gatherings and social events
There’s also a bigger and more formal dining room designed for large gatherings and social events
Dark marble surfaces give the bathrooms a very elegant and glamorous appearance
Dark marble surfaces give the bathrooms a very elegant and glamorous appearance
The interior spaces are connected by a spiral staircase which acts as a focal point for the house
The interior spaces are connected by a spiral staircase which acts as a focal point for the house
The wood's beautiful coloring and natural patterns contrast with the light grey stairs
The wood’s beautiful coloring and natural patterns contrast with the light grey stairs
Concrete was used extensively on the facades of the house but also indoors where it's complemented by lots of wood
Concrete was used extensively on the facades of the house but also indoors where it’s complemented by lots of wood
The use of wood extends beyond the spiral staircase and also encapsulates some of the walls
The use of wood extends beyond the spiral staircase and also encapsulates some of the walls
The bedrooms are positioned in the middle, sandwiched between the leisure areas above and below them
The bedrooms are positioned in the middle, sandwiched between the leisure areas above and below them
The bedrooms have their own little balconies and terraces which connect them to the beautiful views
The bedrooms have their own little balconies and terraces which connect them to the beautiful views

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The purrrfect beds to make pets feel like part of the furniture – quite literally!

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We’re always on the look out for small-space storage solutions, to help homes optimise space. And we love the notion of pets making our homes feel all the more homely. So imagine our delight when we stumbled across these gems.

Especially the quirky new pet side table at Next – that’s ticking all the boxes. The clever side table-cum-pet cubby helps make use of space, while providing a hide out for pets.

Check it out, along with more brilliantly bonkers pet beds which double-up as unique furniture pieces.

Furniture for pet owners: Marks & Spencer launch a sofa range that your kids and pets can’t ruin!

Bronx pet side table

Pet side table

As much as we love our four-legged friends, often we don’t love to see their beds out on display. They can often look messy and not very chic – nothing ruins the decor quite like a scruffy, tired-looking pet bed. While we want our pets to feel at home, we don’t want their bedding to impose on our perfectly styled homes.

This side table-cum-pet cubby allows pets to curl up inside, so your home remains stylish yet animal-friendly. The rustic oak-effect furniture piece is designed large enough to fit a comfy cushion inside.

Buy now: Bronx Pet Side Table, £99, Next

The side table got us thinking about all the ingenious ideas for pet beds. And let us just say, some of them are AMAZING!

More inspired pet bed ideas…


This design literally took our breath away! What a way to up-cycle a retro TV cabinet. Finished to perfection with a floral wallpaper in the background, to give kitty a room with a view. The abundance of surrounding plants also gets our stamp of approval.


Another ingenious DIY ideas comes from this suitcase cat bed. If you have a retro suitcase, why not add some feet and line with a cosy blanket to invite your cat to snooze in style.


A crate with a name on it, so simple but soooo cute? Get yourself a stencil from a craft retailer, such Hobbycraft, and personalise your pet’s bed.


Cat teepees, why not? You could fashion your own, relatively easily, using doweling poles and a decorative fabric of your choice.


And just because it’s too cute not to share, here’s an avocado bed.

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Is it just us or do some of these pets have better beds than us?

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Steve Aylett, Dreampunk (Cliff Jones Jr.)

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Steve Aylett, Dreampunk (Cliff Jones Jr.):


If you laugh at my stuff, you’ll probably like Aylett’s fiction. My wife hates when I read him because I laugh uncontrollably, read her the passage, and she just shakes her head. His book _Lint_ is probably the single funniest thing I’ve ever encountered.

Green Themed Home Decor Inspiration

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Green interiors can be great ambiance builders when crafted in deep shades, but once the background colour is on it can be difficult to get a grasp on where to go with the theme. These four interiors illustrate how to furnish and accessorise an all-green room, as well as how to build colour via furniture items themselves. We have green living rooms, green bedrooms, green bathrooms and a green kitchen to feast your eyes on, and gather tips to craft your own gorgeous space. You might just colour your friends green with envy!

Designer: Olovo  
Visualizer: Olovo  

Our first green interior belongs to a young energetic couple with a free outlook on life and style. A retro floor lamp and a modern chandelier inject shape into the room, along with a bold terracotta, blue and yellow design rug.

A streamlined blue sofa teams up with yellow 1950s style armchairs, against a shade of green that falls almost into the neutral palette. The vibrantly coloured furniture is able to stand proud against the backdrop, without the sterile atmosphere brought by many white interiors, or the safeness of beige or grey.

The marble coffee table is the Gubi TS. The bird figurines are part of the Immersed Birds set created by Mexican designer Moisés Hernández.

A red pouf pulls up alongside the marble coffee table and a unique media unit.

The bright accent pouf ties in with a red dining table to the side of the lounge. The dining room pendant light hangs low over the quirky table centrepiece.

A dark green kitchen adds depth at the end of the open plan light green living room. A row of gold toned wall cabinets complement the golden trims and furniture finishes in the room.

Designer: DUDES architect  
Visualizer: DUDES architect  

Our second tour takes place in a 61.5 square metre home in Novaya Borovaya, Minsk. A mid green hue covers all four walls of the living room, with expanses of wood interspersed.

Tall copper bookshelves climb the green wall by a lightweight dining set. A window seat makes a great spot to get lost in the pages.

Reflective wall decor lightens the green living room.

Wood panels make a box frame around a wall mounted TV, presenting a streamlined finish.

Narrow wooden storage cabinets tower beside the copper book stacks. The timber, copper and green shade work beautifully together.

A pale grey kitchen provides breathing space from the green scheme.

A grey induction hob makes a subtle addition to the light worktop.

We get back to our green theme in the master bedroom, where even the door has been painted green to match the walls.

Fiery lighting illuminates a grey bathroom.

The mysterious red light burns like a summer sunset.

Perspective drawing.

Designer: Oksana Petrovska  
Visualizer: Oksana Petrovska  

Home tour number three has a crisp monochrome backdrop, where heavy areas of black crash abruptly into icy white expanses. It’s the modern sofa that brings the green moment.

The green sectional stretches out in front of a clean white kitchen, and meets with a grey upholstered counterpart. A terrarium bowl grows a mini moment of greenery on a modern coffee table down in front.

Green tinted modern artwork enlivens a plain white wall.

Sofa tables run along the back of the green seating, and break between the two contrasting coloured sofa sections.

Black kitchen bar stools edge each side of a white kitchen island.

Dark kitchen accessories punctuate the light kitchen countertop. A large indoor plant sprouts its large green leaves by plain grey curtains.

A terrarium cabinet is home to a garden of mature cacti, which makes a special feature in the connecting passageway to the bedroom.

The green bedroom has a tropical vibe with its indoor palm plant. Modern wall sconces dance up a gypsum wall panel, highlighting its ribbed texture.

A slimline pendant light goes almost unseen over the small side table.

Green tiles and an all-green double sink bathroom vanity build a solid green vanity wall in the bathroom. On the other side of the room, a tiled bath and splash zone make up one entire emerald green wall.

We take a sudden leap from the green theme to a pink bedroom design, but the ribbed gypsum wall panel and modern wall sconces combo prevails.

The second green bathroom is a wet room, tiled top to toe in dark green tile.

Designer: SMLXL architects  
Visualizer: Firla Visuals  

Lastly, interior number four is coloured green by a light green modern sofa.

A white room with black accents lets the green hero piece savour the spotlight.

A hanging chair and a piece of monochrome modern art create an eye-catching spot in the corner of the living room. Round nesting coffee tables and the circular chair begin a shape theme.

Circular perforations punch through sheet metal on the TV wall, which cover a bookcase and a wine storage unit.

Anodised steel faced kitchen units have rainbows across their surface.

Linear suspension lights and a matching pendant light create an attraction over the kitchen island.

The stunning anodised steel cabinet doors include shades of green that complement the living room sofa.

Inside the bedroom, perforated steel panels build a walk-in wardrobe design. A grey platform bed, side table and floor lamp furnish the sleep area, beneath a modern chandelier.

The metal closet evokes an industrial vibe.

Recessed spotlights and a spherical bathroom vanity light brighten a black bathroom.

1. Geometric pattern rug
2. Green accent vase
3. Fiddle leaf fig
4. Green living room lounge chair
5. Green mid century style sofa
6. Womb accent chair
7. Mint green floor lamp
8. Botanical art prints
9. Green ottoman with storage

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The Beauty And Simplicity Of The White-Wood-Grey-Green Color Palette

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Wood and plenty of plants just seem to feed the soul with calming vibes. The human body simply knows that it is supposed to be out within nature–whether you’re a happy camper or not! There’s no need to worry though, you don’t have to go braving it outside with all of the bugs and the bears to enjoy the benefits of natural surroundings, as these five white, wood, grey and green colour palette interiors so beautifully show. Natural timber elements, indoor plants and peaceful backdrops are all that’s needed in which to refresh and recuperate in the comfort of your very own home.

Designer: BE3 design  
Visualizer: BE3 design  

We travel first to an apartment in Warsaw, Poland. This home has a wonderfully peaceful and relaxed appeal, with simplistic furniture and natural vibes. A custom built sofa has been designed to incorporate storage drawers inside of its base, and a nook for books or magazines at one end.

The coffee table and media cabinet are built with matching timber, and the same wood is used as panelling on the wall around a set of balcony doors. An indoor hammock swings just inside the doors, where the homeowner can kick back and gaze upon the green view.

Indoor plants bring the garden inside of the home. An array of plant species tumble over the edge of a shelf high above the media cabinet, where it caps off a textured wall panel.

A projector screen drops down over the gypsum panel, negating the need for a cumbersome TV that might skew the calming, natural atmosphere of the home. The lamp is the JWDA table lamp by Menu.

A bespoke wooden floor bed is built into the full width of the bedroom. Closets are raised up onto the platform at one side, whilst wooden shutters open on the other. A white swing arm wall lamp and a pendant light brighten either bed side. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

The floor bed design incorporates storage chambers into the base.

A simplistic wooden wall shelf holds an alarm clock and a foliaged friend.

Basic white and wood kitchen cabinets are joined by a wood pegboard wall installation that wraps around a breakfast bar nook. See more white and wood kitchens.

A small kitchen table stands on the opposite side of the narrow kitchen space, with just enough room for two diners.

The second bedroom in this home has a much smaller area. Here, there is just enough room for a single daybed and a fold out desk design, so that the room can be used as a study.

In a change from the soft natural palette in the rest of the home, the bathroom has a bright yellow colour infusion.

Yellow tiles cover the floor and shower frame, and a yellow towel heater climbs the wall.

Designer: Long Hoang  
Visualizer: Long Hoang  

Our second tour begins in a Scandinavian living room. Grey overtakes wood as the dominant tone in this design.

A grey sofa is plump with cushions and throws, opposite a modern armchair and a selection of coffee tables.

A graphic rug pulls the lounge arrangement together.

Dining room pendant lights tumble over an adjacent dining set.

The Scandinavian style chairs around the white dining table have been selected in two different finishes, one black and one natural wood.

The mix and match chair finishes bestow a relaxed vibe on the dining area.

A light grey L-shaped kitchen wraps the dining area.

Wooden wall shelves underline grey wall cabinets.

See more grey kitchens here.

A shelving unit between the kitchen and the bedroom is also the desk. A dining chair can be pulled up when required for use.

Wood flooring runs throughout the apartment, which begins a wonderful visual warmth from the ground up.

Natural tones accent white bedroom decor.

Black elements add weight and depth.

Designer: Esterior Design  
Visualizer: Esterior Design  

Home interior number three has a sleeker vibe.

Black nesting coffee tables rest between a grey sofa and a chamois colour chair.

A throw on the sofa ties in with the colour of the accent chair. The colour tones perfectly with a timber hearth under the TV, and a nearby wooden dining table. A black swing arm wall lamp pulls together with the lounge coffee tables.

The dining table is positioned directly up against a white kitchen peninsula.

Tall wooden units back the kitchen and minimalist dining room, raising the colour temperature of a predominantly white space.

A wood countertop crosses the kitchen peninsula, which is high backed to screen kitchen messes from the rest of the crisp, clean living room.

Designer: Esterior Design  
Visualizer: Esterior Design  

Our fourth white, wood, grey and green interior design is a room with a subtly tropical vibe, thanks to an indoor palm plant and a palm tree wall art.

Wood wall panelling warmly embraces the lower third of the room. A floor to ceiling window pulls outdoor greenery into the apartment.

A black floor lamp stands by the edge of a circular grey rug, which adds just the perfect amount of snug to the modern scheme.

A modern white desk and an Eames Eiffel chair both stand on natural wooden legs, which sing off a black backdrop.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson  

Our fifth and last interior is a home abundant with indoor plants.

The attractive glass coffee table in the centre of the low pile rug is a Platner coffee table replica.

An impressive sputnik chandelier shines its light through chic grey glass shades.

A terracotta throw pillow on the sofa links with terracotta plant pots in the room. A modern carafe dresses the coffee table.

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This Countertop Was Just Dubbed the Worst Kitchen Trend of the Past 50 Years

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There are some trends that fade in and out of popularity (we’re looking at you, glass bricks). Then there are the ones that stay at the bottom indefinitely—and tile countertops are apparently one of them. In a new survey of 1,500 Americans, respondents voted on their least favorite home-decor crazes from the past 50 years, breaking them down by both decade and room. Fuzzy toilet seat covers, ruffled bed skirts, and art with inspirational quotes also topped the list, but when it comes to the kitchen, the message is clear: Never, ever tile your countertops again (or so say 30 percent of interviewees). 

The question the report doesn’t answer: What if your space already has them? After all, plenty of older homes feature this so-called faux pas. Yes, the seams between the individual squares can create problems (cooking on an uneven surface is tough and the grout collects crumbs). And though heat-resistant, ceramic isn’t the most durable material on the block—the pieces can crack under pressure. But the bad and the ugly aside, tile countertops can be cool. Before you start replacing yours, consider these three ideas.

Choose a Contrasting Grout 

Read between the lines: The literal glue holding your boring white tiles together is your best friend. Simply dyeing the seams moss green, bright yellow, or electric blue will make the dated feature feel fresh. We especially love the peachy pink hue designer Tina Rich chose for the Prose office

Bring It Down the Sides 

Starting from scratch? The dark green kitchen at Piccolina Gelateria, a gelato shop in Australia, makes a case for using tile all over: The small squares continue down the front of the counter, creating a waterfall-like illusion. But why stop there? D-Tile’s curved pieces make it possible to work around turns and corners. 

Paint the Trim 

Most ceramic tiles can be painted as long as they’re not subject to water. According to Sherwin-Williams, you’ll have to clean and lightly sand the surface first (as you would a wall) and go over it with an acrylic primer before applying a high-quality latex-based paint. You don’t have to go overboard: The cobalt blue edges in Jesse Kamm’s Los Angeles kitchen are all that’s needed to make the surface seem intentional. See? What’s old can be made new again. 

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This New Mom’s IKEA Shelf Hack Is as Simple as They Come

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Complicated furniture hacks are not exactly what you want to be doing when you’ve got a baby on the way. So when Christina Healy, the creative director at Holyoke Paper Co., an event stationery studio based in Zaragoza, Spain, was designing her now 3-week-old daughter’s room, the new mom chose the most straightforward upgrade possible. Her starting point? IKEA’s wholesome Flisat wall shelves

She could have painted the two plain wood storage units. She could have transformed them into something totally new (shoe storage, anyone?). Instead, she simply added strips of leftover caning from a past project to the open bottoms. For almost no work at all, the end result is super-chic. What’s even more appealing about the whole thing (other than the fact that none of baby Chloé’s books will fall out) is that the pieces cost just $15 each. That beats buying a bulky bookcase by a long shot. Healy breaks down her clever DIY for us: 

The Supplies 

wood shelves with caning exteriorPin It
Photography by Christina Healy

The How-To: 

Don’t fully assemble the shelves—stop before you screw in the bar (the staple gun won’t fit in the nook otherwise). Cut the caning to size using the garden scissors. “I tried to cut the width of the caning to fill in the exact space from left to right so that it would come up right along the edges,” explains Healy. Giving yourself about a half inch of excess material to work with, staple one side along the center of the rod. Next, staple the caning to the bottom part of the shelf. Finish building the shelves and fill ’em up. There’s no doubt Healy has a bookworm in the making.

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25 DIY Wall Decor Ideas That Any Beginner Can Pull Off

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If there’s anything that gets us excited every day it’s the prospect of new and interesting DIY projects that we can discover and share with you guys. Today we’ve put together a big list of cool DIY wall decor ideas because every space needs a dose of charm and customization in order to truly feel like home. This type of projects is really great because they don’t require you to use any big and scary tools and focus more on developing one’s creativity. They inspire and they make our homes and our lives more beautiful and more enjoyable. They’re also simple, so simple in fact that anyone could make them.

Art can take infinite forms and you don’t need to be extremely talented in order to create something beautiful and eye-catching that you can display on the walls in your home. An abstract painting could be the perfect answer in this case. Try making something using white poster boards, picture frames and leftover paint. Foam paint brushes are ideal for this task and minimalistic frames are best because they don’t steal the attention from the actual painting. DIY wall art such as this can be customized in lots of different ways.

Next time you see some cute little woven baskets in a store, go ahead and buy a set. You can definitely do something cute with them. Our favorite idea is to turn them into wall basket planters. You don’t need much for this project: woven baskets in whatever size and shape you like, scissors, a large needle, cotton or yarn and plants. Air plants would be best suited for this project because they don’t require soil and instead absorb water and nutrients through their leaves

If you find traditional vases to be too mainstream and boring, why not make one that isn’t? A cool project idea could be this 3D fake flower wall art piece made with canvas, lots of paper straws, foam board, faux flowers and tissue paper. What’s nice is that you can choose your own favorite color palette for this project in order to customize it to your liking.

Floral wall art can take lots and lots of different forms. One of our favorite project ideas involves tree branches and silk flowers. When put together they create a bohemian decoration that’s actually really easy to make. The flowers are hanging on white tulle strips and look lovely and delicate plus this particular branch is really thin and delicate as well.

Temporary wall art projects are really cool too. They’re special because they don’t stay up much time and usually they’re meant to follow certain specific themes. For example, you could make something beautiful for Valentine’s Day using flowers. You can use both fresh and faux flowers as well as greens, berried and other things that would fit in your design. Check out this heart-shaped floral wall art and use it as a source of inspiration.

Have you ever made tissue paper flowers? It’s pretty easy and quite fun. All you need is tissue paper folds in various colors, twine or yarn, scissors and painter’s tape. You can have these flowers displayed on a wall and this can either be a temporary or more permanent decor solution. Create a colorful backdrop for your workspace, hallway or living room or use the flowers as party decorations whenever you’re planning a fun celebration.

Any leftover yarn that you may have from previous projects could be used to make colorful string wall art. The outcome will depend on the type of yarn that you decide to use, the colors and also any other alterations that you may choose to make along the way. In addition to all the yarn you’re also going to need a wooden dowel. Put your new creation on display and enjoy the cozy vibe that it imprints onto the entire room.

Speaking of string art, there’s another strategy that you can use and this is quite popular. You’ve probably seen this sort of projects around before. It’s about time you did one yourself. Create custom string art using a few simple things: a piece of wood . or plywood, lots of small nails, lots of string, a hammer and a piece of paper and a pencil. Sketch your design on the paper, nail it in place onto the wood, then add more nails all around the outside edge. After that the most time-consuming part of the project begins: wrapping all the string around the nails.

If you like the idea of custom string art but you’re not sure what design you should try, how about a map string art project? You could create the outline or your country, state or city or you can choose places that you visited. In any case, it should be a fairly simple project but of course the difficulty and duration depend on the type of map that you choose. The materials you’ll need remain the same: a piece of plywood, string, paper, nails and a hammer. You can also paint the plywood if you want to.

Canvas wall art is fun to make and can be personalized in all sorts of cool ways. To make things easier you can use colorful cardstock or paper instead of painting the canvases. Either draw the design on or use a printer, then cut out the shape out of the canvas piece. When you slide colored cardstock behind it, the design will show through. You can find out more details about this DIY wall art project on diys.

Something else that’s really easy to pull off is a confetti wall. All you need is a circle cutter, cardstock in various different colors and double-sided tape. Put a piece of tape on each circle and attach it to the wall. Repeat until you randomly tape all the circles. they’ll look like giant confetti and your wall will look amazing. You can then easily take them off whenever you want without damaging the wall. Check out diys in case you need additional details.

As you’re probably aware, there’s a ton of cool DIY wall art projects that you can do for the living room, bedroom and other major spaces. However, areas like the kitchen are a bit more difficult. There’s one project in particular that we think would be absolutely perfect for this room: shadowboxes filled with faux fruits. You can have a few of these displayed on the kitchen wall. They’ll add color to the room and they’ll look fresh and cheerful. You need shadowboxes, fake fruits (or veggies), burlap, a hot glue gun, scissors and a hammer and nails. You can find more details about this on diys.

If you want to try your hand at something a bit more…artistic, check out this cool pixelated painting. There’s actually no painting involved in this project. Instead it’s all made using paint chips in a variety of different colors. You can recreate any image using this technique. Apart from the paint chips you also need kraft paper, painter’s tape, scissors, glue and a pixelated printout of a painting or an image that you want to recreate. This is the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. If you prefer something more contemporary maybe you can try a Minecraft-inspired design. Check out diys if you need more info.

This is a project that focuses on a lot of texture and color. This wall art piece is made using lots of yarn in different colors, floral wire, macrame cord, and a big needle. There’s a horseshoe design going on here but its not necessarily the main theme of the project. You can also create patterns if you want to and combine the colors however you see fit. You can find all the details of this project on aprettyfix.

Memo boards can definitely be useful but they don’t always look that great. You can remedy that with a simple DIY project. Make your own custom memo board and make it special. A cool idea is to use wire to do so. You can bend a long piece of craft wire using pliers and you can turn it into a lovely “remember” sign that you can attach notes and other things to. It’s all described in detail on craftifymylove.

Picture frames are not as popular as they used to be now that everyone keeps their favorite photos on their phone or their laptop. Still, that doesn’t mean you can use a bunch of old picture frames to make some modern wall art. The transformation can actually be super easy. These paint-dipped picture frames can give you a hint as to what the project is all about. You need masking tape and paint in order to create something similar.

In case you find the idea of a custom, handmade memo board interesting but you didn’t really resonate with the wire one we featured earlier, check out this other cool project that we found on handmadeweekly. This memo board is a bit more robust and better-structured. It has this cute little grid that you can attach notes and other things to. You can also use this as a decoration for your home office.

Hexagon-shaped wall shelves are very trendy right now and they’re often combined into groups creating honeycomb-inspired patterns. But this particular shelf is not like the others. As you can see, it’s made of popsicle sticks. It’s also small and that gives it a really cute vibe. You can easily make something similar if you want to and all you need is glue, wood stain, a paintbrush, a hexagon template and lots of popsicle sticks (about 100). You can find all the details on makeanddocrew.

If you’re into abstract artwork and geometric designs you might also like this DIY diamond ripple wall art idea from classyclutter. It’s not as complicated as it may seem. It’s important to find the right size painter’s tape in order to get a design that you’re happy with. You’ll need two types of tape: wide and narrow. You can also choose to use paint in any color or colors you want and combine them however you see fit. Your final result could thus be very different from the one that inspired you to do this project in the first place.

Here’s yet another cute project that you can do with popsicle sticks. For this one you need around 95 sticks which is enough to craft three geometric hearts. You can paint each one in a different color andintertwine them as you progress with the project. In addition to all the popsicle sticks, you should also buy some wood stain, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and glue. You can make the heart template yourself or look for one online.

Rope is another nice resource that you can use in your DIY projects and crafts. You could use some jute rope to make a beautiful sign which you can display in your bedroom or up on a wall anywhere you see fit. It’s all described in detail on hymnsandverses but here’s the quick version: using a combination of corn starch, water and glue you soak the rope and then arrange in the shape that you want it to take. Let it dry, the hang it.

Polaroids are still a thing and have actually seen a comeback lately since they look so similar to Instagram posts. Here’s a cute frame that you can make so you can display all your favorite ones. The frame itself is not special so you can just repurpose an old one as long as it has the desired size and shape. Then just add a few layers of twine and hang the pictures using mini clothespins. Check out mylittleartichoke to find out more about this project.

Here’s something cute that you can make using leftover wood from previous projects. It’s a decoration that you can hang up on a wall or display on a shelf and it has a star-shaped cut out at the center. Getting this shape just right takes some planning and precise measurements so take your time and do things right. We really the look of stained wood but of course you can also choose to paint it instead or to leave it unfinished. Additional details about this project can be found on thehappierhomemaker.

I’ve always wanted to use branches in a DIY project. If you too find them interesting and worthy of becoming decorations in your home, check out this cool project idea featured on emoriekidder. It’s not a difficult project and the trickiest part would actually be to find a bunch of branches with nice shapes. Maybe you can find some in your own backyard. If not, take a trip and gather some.

There’s also one more project idea that we want to share with you today. It comes from thediydreamer. The project shows how you can make wood arrows which you can turn into wall decorations for your home. The combination of colors chosen here is really beautiful and we love the contrast between the arrows and the background.

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20 Subtle Pattern Peel & Stick Wallpapers

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I shared a DIY art display ledge project earlier this week but what I forgot to mention was that the backdrop was an inexpensive swirl peel & stick wallpaper that I found on Amazon. I’ll be honest, after looked at it I decided I’m not totally thrilled with it. It lacks the impact I was going for, the stripes are a little too subtle so I went looking for something new to replace it.

Subtle patterns in neutral hues are great for those just dipping their toe into the world of wallpaper. The prints are less bold and since they’re peel and stick they won’t be a headache to remove down the road if that day comes. Today’s lineup is for those who seek something softer or minimalist as a backdrop in any space. Might I suggest any one of these twenty subtle pattern peel and stick wallpapers.

moroccan wind


blue botanical

green leaves

make it rain

grey dandelion

watercolor circles

warm grey waves

gold origami

sketched botanical

neutral terrazzo

slate blue leaves

grey leaf botanical


black twigs

grey grasscloth

soft gray floral

blue stripes

white leaf botanical

neutral batik

minimalist lines