DIY Electric Fireplace Makeover

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This project started as an idea in my mind, how could I transform the free electric fireplace that came with the Florida house we bought. You can see the original fireplace in those real estate listing pictures from earlier this year. All summer long I didn’t bother with the idea of a fireplace in Florida with 90+ degree days. I had stored the electric fireplace in another room thinking I would sell it.

But when I returned in November it was chilly and I thought how nice it would be to have a fireplace as a source of heat. I love a fireplace as a focal point in living and family rooms, and I always had in the back of my mind an idea to build a floor to ceiling electric fireplace surround in the living room in this house. Instead I decided to remodel the one I had on site. Could it be done? Could I give it a fresher look, one that complemented the style of the home? What did I have to lose? I’m happy to report my experiment worked!

The fireplace looks completely different than when I started. It has a modern smooth textured finish with cleaner lines that is painted the same neutral white as the walls. I had to give it a full makeover which was no simple task!

The one below is what I started with, you can see it’s one of those basic pieces that can be bought online, but unfortunately the style didn’t fit my coastal-meets-modern aesthetic. I didn’t like the traditional trim, the thin routed legs, or the glass and stone tile face. I wanted something much more simple, modern and contemporary, something that would recede into the background and look like it belonged.

I don’t have a miter saw in Florida yet. I only have one in California, so if I was going to tackle this project it had to be done with basic tools, simple supplies, and some help from the lumber cutting department at Lowe’s.

I began by deconstructing the fireplace and taking it apart. I had to understand how it was put together if I was going to remove pieces and still have a working structure. It revealed it was a hollow MDF frame held together by pegs, screws, and cam bolts.


It was cheap construction but had just enough structure to work with. I began removing the decorative trim I didn’t want which had to be carefully done so I wouldn’t damage the frame I planned to keep.




Next I carefully removed the tile on the front made of glass and stone. It was glued on pretty well so I was lucky I remembered to wear goggles and gloves because shards were popping everywhere!



Now was the moment of truth, could I put it all back together so that it was structurally sound? Why yes, it was! Just in need of a completely different finish.


I knew I wanted a wall texture finish but wall texture does not stick to painted MDF so I came up with a plan to wrap it in thin hardboard panels, the kind you use for creating board and batten wall treatments or lining the backs of bookcases. I used one of these hardboard panels I found at Home Depot and trimmed it piece by piece with a blade to fit the fireplace frame. I glued them on with Gorilla glue and secured them with pin nails.

I purposely attached them with the rough back side facing out so that the joint compound I was planning to use would cling to the surface.

This part was time consuming because each piece had to be cut to specific dimensions and the hardboard panels are tough to cut with just a blade. With persistence I was able to do it and cover all of the vertical sides of the structure.


Now it was time for the new mantel! I wanted something larger with a thicker top so I purchased a 16” piece of pine for the top and 1×3” strips for the sides and had them cut to the perfect measurements at Lowe’s in the lumber department. I screwed them all together and to the top of the structure by predrilling holes with drill bits and joining them together with wood screws.


Finally to connect the hardboard panel pieces and smooth the corners I used joint tape secured with additional gorilla glue to ensure it would stick.


This is the final frame before the application of the joint compound:

I was a little nervous at this point because I could see the new shape but wondered if the joint compound finish would work. I applied two coats of joint compound to the fireplace surround, allowing them to dry for 24 hours between coats and sanding in between. Once it was dry and sanded I primed the piece and then painted it the same color as the wall.




It all came together perfectly as I imagined and the entire project only cost me about $60. So happy!

The side view of the starting point….

And the after:

I still have to hide the fireplace cord, you can see it popping out on the side. I notched the fireplace’s side wall just enough to allow the cord to fit through and plan to paint it the same color as the wall so it blends in and use small U shaped staples to hold it in place against the baseboard.



Overall I’m very pleased with the result! The proportions of the fireplace fit the wall nicely with space for sconces and chairs. It’s proof that with vision and a few tools and supplies you can transform pieces to fit your style!

The electric fireplace insert is so great, it has several levels of flame and temperature and a remote control that goes with it. The night it was complete it rained so I opened the door and listened to the rain while I sat by the fire admiring my work!

I’m sharing the entire project in video on Instagram Reels and you can see how cozy it is at night in that video.

To the living room space, I also added a round coffee table to the space and my sofa will be delivered in January, then I’ll add some pillows and the room will be complete!




There was a console I had sitting on the fireplace wall but I moved it to the opposite wall so it’s next to the front door, the perfect place to drop keys, mail, etc.


This house will be rented January through May so I’m happy with how far it’s come since we bought it in April. I’ll share other space improvements in this home soon. 🙂

Marie Kondo’s Secret to an Overall Clean Home Is Tackling This Single Chore Every Day

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marie kondo in a green sweater

Author and lifestyle photographs copyright © 2022 by Nastassia Brückin
Still life photographs copyright © 2022 by Tess Comrie. Copyright © 2022 by KonMari Media, Inc. English translation copyright © 2022 by Cathy Hirano.

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

In Marie Kondo’s new book, Kurashi at Home, the organizing pro takes readers beyond the joy-sparking practice of tidying up and into the Japanese way of life on a more holistic level. Now she invites you to visualize not just your ideal home, but your ideal life—from the moment you wake up to the end of each day. For her, it all starts with one daily habit. (As a bonus, this trick will also prevent you from tracking messes throughout the rest of your home.) In this excerpt, Kondo explains how her simple closet-cleaning ritual keeps her mind clear and her energy grounded, one step at a time:

Shoes have a strange appeal. While on the one hand, they’re consumables, on the other, they’re like accessories or even works of art. Some people’s passion for shoes results in collections so vast they could not possibly wear them all. Even those who don’t collect them have experienced love at first sight with at least one pair they bought on impulse.

I happen to love shoes myself—so much so that one day I sat down and gazed at mine intently. I took them all out of the cabinet, lined them up in the entranceway, knelt on the floor, and stared at them for about an hour. It’s hard to explain why. I just had a sudden urge to listen to their troubles. They had shone so brilliantly in the store, but now, shut away in the cabinet, they seemed to have lost their confidence. 

I know! I’ll clean them, I thought. 

I took out my shoeshine kit and began polishing them one by one until they gleamed. When I was done and had laid them all out on a sheet of newspaper, I thought I heard them speak. “Wipe our soles, too,” they seemed to say. 

Open your shoe closet and take a look. Do you feel repulsed? Or captivated? The difference has nothing to do with the quality or price of your shoes.

During a lesson with one of my clients, I noticed something odd when we came to her shoes. She had gathered them all together and was picking them up one by one to ask if they sparked joy, but something seemed wrong. For one thing, they were laid out on crumpled sheets of old newspaper. And she held each one gingerly at arm’s length, dangling it between her thumb and forefinger—even those shoes that looked like they might spark joy. I remembered her expression when I had asked her to take them all out. Hadn’t she grimaced? Yes. She was treating her shoes as if they were disgusting, even though they had once been displayed like jewels in the store. 

Marie Kondo’s Secret to an Overall Clean Home Is Tackling This Single Chore Every Day

No item in our wardrobe is treated as differently as our shoes before and after we purchase them. The reason, of course, is that once we start wearing them, they collect a lot of dirt. But that’s because they spend all day confronting the dirt in our lives. Without a doubt, shoes have the hardest job of all. 

Perhaps your shoes converse with their neighbors, your socks or stockings, while you are wearing them. “It sure is hot today,” your shoes might say. 

“Yes, positively steamy. Hang in there,” the socks might respond. 

But privately, your shoes must be thinking, “At least you get to freshen up by being washed every time you’re worn.” 

There’s also a vast difference between the tops and the soles of our shoes. The tops are often kept well polished, drawing admiring glances, whereas the soles are rarely so lucky. This seems heartless when it’s the soles that take on the thankless job of tramping through the muck. They’re the ones that should be given special treatment. We should really give them the respect they deserve. 

That’s why I adopted the habit of wiping the soles of my shoes before bed or first thing in the morning when I wipe down my entranceway. And as I do, I thank my shoes for supporting me all day. 

Of course, sometimes I’m too busy, but when I can follow this routine, I find that it increases my clarity of mind more than cleaning anything else. I also feel like I can go places that suit clean shoes. There’s a saying, “Good shoes take you to good places,” but it’s really the soles of our shoes that get us there. After all, it’s the soles that connect us to the ground. 

Marie Kondo’s Secret to an Overall Clean Home Is Tackling This Single Chore Every Day

Reprinted with permission from Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life by Marie Kondo. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Copyright © 2022 by KonMari Media, Inc. English translation copyright © 2022 by Cathy Hirano.
Author and lifestyle photographs copyright © 2022 by Nastassia Brückin.
Still-life photographs copyright © 2022 by Tess Comrie.

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Light & Grounded Griege Interior

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Grounded greige decor cultivates a calming ambience inside this modern apartment design. Designed by ZEWORKROOM Studio, the interior carries a light look with comforting warm undertones. Modern furniture pieces are curved in silhouette. The room perimeter features rounded corners to soften the modern living room around its edges. An open plan kitchen melts into the peaceful greige backdrop with a touch of luxe travertine added for definition. The master bedroom follows a minimalist layout, but unique elements add a characterful and artistic flourish. Concealed closets hide away generous clothes storage areas. Bathrooms are atmospheric under subtle mood lighting, smooth travertine stone backsplashes, and neat greige wall panelling.

A rounded modern sofa design instantly softens the light greige living space. However, the look is kept sharp by withholding the typical area rug. Instead, smooth wood flooring is exposed in its full light and textural glory. The large expanse of wood plank flooring makes the compact sitting area appear more spacious and airy.

Opposite the comfortable modern sofa, plain greige panels conceal a wall of shallow storage. A smooth limestone hearth underlines the storage wall, creating a landing spot for a few books and a record player.

Movie nights come to life in the projector-friendly living room. A big screen and projector unit are lowered out of the ceiling, and tucked neatly away when not in use.

Beside the window, curvaceous modern lounge chairs are cosily teamed with a small side table.

The side table features a clear base, which lets sunlight from the window flow right through. See more small side table and unique lounge chair ideas.

In the centre of the sitting area, a round limestone table holds a small display of coffee table books.

An ottoman extends the line of the modern sofa, stretching it into an L-shape under the window.

Textured wall art adds interest to the blank greige living room walls. A stem light descends from the ceiling above one end of the couch.

The stem light causes shadow-casting in the textured living room wall decor, giving it added depth and interest.

Greige Venetian blinds are drawn up to showcase the height of the large living room windows.

Sharp edges have been completely removed from the living room design with the application of softly curved wall stucco. The rounded corners smooth the transition between the living space and the hallway of the home.

Out in the hallway, a contemporary upholstered stool nestles in a tight corner. A freeform mirror is mounted opposite, creating a convenient place to dress before heading out.

Open kitchen shelving threads through a tower of travertine. Greige kitchen cabinets flank either side, housing integrated appliances.

The kitchen island is a smoothly formed travertine volume with a matching stone worktop. A gold pendant light hangs low over the countertop to illuminate a breakfast bar area.

A simple glass vase houses a sprig of greenery to form a simple centrepiece for the breakfast bar.

A gold kitchen faucet adds a flash of warm metallic to the limestone backdrop.

Light wood kitchen bar stools seat four people at the dining bar.

A closet door is camouflaged into the greige wall decor with a coordinating finish.

Inside the handy closet, a series of shelves and rails store coats and seasonal clothing. Shoes tuck away in the bottom.

Inside the master bedroom, a minimalist greige decor scheme paints a peaceful aesthetic. A greige upholstered bed dominates the understated space.

A unique bedside table lamp is settled on a round table at each side of the upholstered headboard. Behind, porthole panels reveal power sockets and switches.

At the foot of the bed, a sculptural chair draws a quirky silhouette. An abstract art piece is spotlighted under a suspension lamp.

The bedroom chair is the Etcetera Lounge Chair by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet.

A walk in wardrobe is decorated with a cohesive greige palette.

Curved garment shelves complement the rounded wall stucco.

Built-in shelves and rails work around all four walls of the spacious walk in wardrobe. A small upholstered stool offers a place to perch when trying on shoes with the day’s outfit.

An elliptical mirror is attached to the end of the wardrobe run, where it stands under natural light from the bedroom window.

A wide chest of drawers is on hand for storing folded items and undergarments.

Built-in shelving makes a smart display for designer handbags. Storage baskets stow away seldom used items on higher, harder to reach shelves. Next to it, a doorway leads into an ensuite master bathroom.

A pocket door conceals a closet in the home entryway, which is decorated smartly to serve house guests. The small space is fitted with an attractive array of illuminated accessory shelves and a golden coat rail.

Shoe racks fill the full height of the opposite wall. Shelf lights illuminate the selection.

The master bathroom is a sophisticated scheme of luxe travertine. Greige panels cover the cistern concealment wall. A wall mounted toilet keeps the floor clear and spacious.

A frameless, curved shower enclosure is softly lit by perimeter lighting around the top of its travertine wet wall.

A travertine farmhouse sink is equipped for two people.

A racetrack-shaped bathroom mirror stretches the full length of the vanity wall, ending above the bathtub.

The bathtub is a soothing greige design, filled by wall mounted faucets.

Small, elegant archways are fashioned within the stone wall decor.

The powder room off the home entryway is accessed by a space-saving pocket door.

A curved alcove houses the vanity unit.

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Gift Ideas for Her

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After finalizing the Thanksgiving menu, I paused to share more gift ideas today for the ladies in your life! Consider these suggestions focused on comfort and style!

Silk Blend Lounge Pants (six colors)


Pastel Pen Set


V Neck Cashmere Sweater – 15 colors


Geometric Planters



Initial Necklace – Similar Styles Here


Silk Pillowcase Sleep Set – Multiple Colors


Organic cotton printed robes – multiple patterns


Slip On Slipper Sneakers (three colors)


Indoor Plant Care Kit


USB port Beverage Warmer


Tartelette Clay Eye Shadow Palette


Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones


Facial Oil


Loose Leaf Tea Cup – Multiple Patterns


Personalized Tote (multiple patterns)


Sherpa Wearable Throw (four colors)



Initial Throw


CB2’s Black Friday Sale Is Stocked With Our Favorite Designer Exclusives and Collabs

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Bar cart decorated with Gianfranco Frattini glassware and decanter

Courtesy of CB2.

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

CB2 consistently puts out collections from and collaborations with designers that feel like they could be found in a fancy shop rather than a chain e-tailer. Case in point: Our heads have been spinning ever since we first saw the dinnerware and wineglasses from the Gianfranco Frattini collection, the planters from Lawson-Fenning’s collaboration sporting a one-of-a-kind custom look, and the patio furniture reissued from Paul McCobb. They add to a stable that includes the likes of Goop, Kara Mann, and Mermelada Estudio, among others—and several pieces across the catalog are a part of CB2’s Black Friday sale (and Cyber Monday!) this year. With discounts of up to 60% off (plus free shipping on orders $99 or more), take your pick from our favorites, below.

Our Favorites From CB2’s Black Friday Sale

Up to 60% Off Kara Mann

Pane Square Check Tablecloth

We found a $100 linen tablecloth (that’s machine washable) with a simple, petite grid pattern for $30. Better yet? It’s a part of Chicago-based designer Kara Mann’s collaboration, who professed to the brand her love for setting a table. It’s a standout steal among her other, monochromatic offerings, and a previous purchaser confirms it’s “even nicer than expected.” 

Allure Table Lamp

While the Domino-favorite pleated cream sofa from Mann is no longer available, the same ’80s-inspired style can be found thanks to this discounted lamp. Its nearly 5-star reviews note the table light offers the perfect glow and “surpasses expectations,” offering a lovely visual contrast between the slightly translucent glass base and nude silk shade. 

Up to 40% Off Lawson-Fenning

Descano Brown and White Planter

After digging through Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning’s collaboration with CB2, we found a few hidden gems on sale, including California-inspired, textural clay planters. Made in Portugal, the unique watercolor-like base is all thanks to a mushroom reactive glaze; variations should be expected, but that’s also what makes it feel one of a kind. 

Seacliff 3-Drawer Oak Chest

Made with FSC-certified white oak treated with a dark finish, this three-drawer chest will stand out in whatever room you add it to. We love that the drawers are made with solid wood and the decorative ribboned fronts double as handles for easy open and close (and that you can save $600 on this already pricey piece, of course). 

Loma Oak Wardrobe

Speaking of expensive furniture, this solid wardrobe in true Lawson-Fenning style, complete with subtle marquetry, is about $1,320 less during CB2’s Black Friday sale. One commenter confirms it’s as good as it looks online and adds, “Delivery was easy and well coordinated. Very happy with the purchase!”

Up to 60% Off Kravitz Design

Hakka Conical Rattan Pendant

We first spotted this conical rattan pendant lamp in Emily Ward’s California home, then quickly realized it’s a part of Lenny Kravitz’s second collaboration with CB2 last fall. The walnut-trimmed, statement lighting fixture is now nearly $100 less than it’s original asking price.

Tuareg Metal Coasters

Only woven in appearance, this set of four coasters inspired by Morroccan rugs are actually made from metal, and wrapped with colorful treads of cotton. Each is handwoven, elevating this to modern-heirloom status.

Up to 40% Off Gianfranco Frattini 

Inge White Round Platter

This year, CB2 revived iconic Italian designer Gianfranco Frattini’s ’80s dinnerware, and the Domino team couldn’t stop talking about how good the handblown glasses and rolled-rim plates looked (the pizza-sized platter happens to be discounted to $15, whereas the smaller salad plate is just $5). Both are also surprisingly dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

If you already scooped up the Aldo wineglasses (all are on sale, starting as low as $10!), you’ll be happy to know that the old-fashioned Pina cups are a perfect pairing and now just $12 a pop. Offered in either a classic clear or bold opaque black, a set easily elevates a tabletop or bar cart. 

Up to 30% Off Azeeza 

Lucinda Emerald Stacking Chair

Azeeza’s outdoor drop with CB2 this past summer was all about saturated cobalt blue and turquoise green. While the hotter months may have come and gone, now’s the time to bring the look home before they’re gone (this stackable patio chair is among a few final sale items that are 30% off). Reviewers remark the color is gorgeous and vibrant, and the material is weatherproof. 

Colorstory Tie-Dyed Silk Napkin

Silk is the main material this Chicago-based fashion label uses, and these delicate napkins include the same colors often used in Azeeza’s garment offerings. We love how they can easily match up to any other piece in the collab. 

Idle Cobalt Lounger

We swear summer will be here before you know it, so get this bright blue modern lounger for less before it’s sold out. Reviewers can’t get over how transformative these seats are for their outdoor space.

Marta Forest Barware

These cheerfully blue and green updates to the Domino-favorite Marta cup are only $3 apiece, so we recommend stocking up on a bunch (you can get two for the original price of one in both the old-fashioned style and taller tumbler).

Up to 40% Off Studio Anasi 

Crinkle Polished Brass Table Lamp

This beautiful brass table lamp from London-based Studio Anansi—with its shell-like, rippled metal shade—is worth every penny, according to reviewers. One attests: “It’s so lovely. Honey gold, stately, timeless. Solid brass, which feels like such a luxury… I was lucky enough to purchase it on sale, but I’d absolutely pay full price for it.”   

Kaylee Bath Towels

A cotton-linen bath towel that’s less than $20 is our definition of a steal, especially since this lightweight option with a simple stripe and fringed edge provides a Turkish-like luxe look without the price tag.

Kye Polished Brass Mantel Mirror

Brass-framed mirrors have been having a year, and this one will perfectly patina over time above a fireplace or at the end of an entryway hall. One purchaser describes it as “modern with a touch of timeless,” and says they’re currently hanging it in their bathroom. We love that it comes with all the necessary hardware, so an extra trip to the store isn’t needed. 

Up to 60% Off Paul McCobb

Contempri White Cruet

You might love to score a vintage, mid-century modern Paul McCobb dining chair one day, but until then, the collection of his designs that CB2 put out lets you bring home the look without spending a fortune. Plenty of fun, smaller wares are available for less than $20, too, including the reissue of a 6-ounce oil and vinegar cruet that is dishwasher-safe. One review describes it as “10/10.”

Connoisseur End Table Model 7006

First introduced in 1954, the Connoisseur Group end table is now a CB2 exclusive. Wood and metal meet at the legs, and its overall simple silhouette makes it an easy addition to any room. The steep discount ($300-plus) also means it’s a no-brainer buy. 

Pavilion Outdoor Dining Chair

Revisioned from Paul McCobb’s Pavilion collection, this armless dining chair pairs a weatherproof steel frame and reversible Sunbrella cushion that fare well both indoors and out.

Up to 50% Off Goop

Gwyneth Navy Velvet Chair

It may not be wrapped up in beloved bouclé, but it’s still a steal for the same shape of chair—comfortable, stylish, and swivel-y. Reviewers of this Goop exclusive have nothing but good things to say. “A blue heaven,” one writes.  

Firewood Tote

This luxe leather sling can detach from its brass frame for hauling logs of wood into the house before looking more presentable next to the fireplace (no splinters on the floor). There’s also a side pocket that can hold fire starters and matches. While we love the caramelly brown version, the black one is even cheaper, on sale for $250. 

Up to 30% Off Mermelada Estudio 

There’s no CB2 collaboration as long-standing as Mermelada Estudio, so we were ecstatic to see it included in the Black Friday sale. Its comfy, minimalist leather dining chairs, in fact, are more than $100 off—so buy a whole set or just one or two as accents at the end of your table. 

One of the best curtain rods is about $36 off during the CB2 Black Friday sale. It’s a modern, straightforward option that easily disappears: Its standard hang, no-frills design is just about as simple as a rod gets, as we previously wrote. Just a bit of your chosen finish (brushed brass, polished nickel, matte black, or polished black) will peep through any fabric. 

Up to 40% Off Brett Beldock

Hirsch Red Round Marble Dining Table

Brett Beldock’s designs for CB2 have topped our lists of the best floor lamps and best dining chairs, so all eyes are on the modern marble dining table during the brand’s Cyber Weekend sale. Red levanto stone sits atop an engineered oak base, large enough to comfortably seat six.

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The Only Black Friday Sales Worth Knowing About

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Our Discerning Editors' Picks For the Best Black Friday Sales Worth Shopping

Photography by Hannah Carpenter

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

We know what you’re thinking: Black Friday roundups are a dime a dozen. What started as a post-Thanksgiving deals day has since mutated into a relentlessly reported, monthlong sale slog that can fatigue even the most die-hard discount shoppers. (You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all, right?) We hear you and aren’t here to steamroll you with a barrage of hit-or-miss markdowns. Domino editors are nothing if not discerning—so you better believe our Black Friday editors’ picks are, well, picky.

Below, find our running guide to sales from the brands both our editors and our readers actually care to shop. To help keep things streamlined, we arranged it by best-of categories—from bedding to furniture to gifts on sale—spotlighting a top deal for each. We also popped in an alphabetized link index for fast access to your favorites, too. Bookmark this page and be sure to check back as we continue to monitor deals noteworthy enough to stir even the most jaded of online-shopping souls.

Best Black Friday Bedding and Mattress Sales

Up to $880 Off Avocado Mattresses

Splurging on an Avocado mattress will feel less daunting between now and January 9—the brand is offering a sitewide discount of 10% with the code SAVE10. That’s up to $880 on its organic-certified mattresses and $340 off adjustable solid wood bed frames

15% Off Bed Threads

From now to November 28, Bed Threads is offering 15% off with the code BEDTIME.

Up to 25% Off Boll & Branch 

From now to November 30, Boll & Branch is offering 25% off sitewide.

20% Off Brooklinen

From now to November 30, Brooklinen is offering 20% off sitewide with no promo code required.

Up to 40% Off Buffy

From now to December 25, Buffy is offering up to 40% off its best-selling bedding with no promo code required.

Up to 25% Off Casper

From November 24 to November 28, Casper is offering up to 25% off mattresses, 25% off adjustable bases, 25% off Upgrade Bundles, 30% off Comfy Bundles, plus 10% off everything else with promo code BFCM22-D.

Up to 40% Off Coyuchi

From November 23 to November 28, Coyuchi is offering 25% off and free shipping on select bedding products. Plus if you spend $300 or more, your purchase will ship with a surprise gift.

Up to 60% Off Cultiver

From November 23 to November 28, Cultiver will offer up to 60% off sitewide: 20% off White & Natural Linen; 40% off select Blush Linen Bedding and Freya Linen Throws; 60% off Fawn, Dusk, Cinnamon, and Olive Linen, Apparel, Cara Table Linen, and Denim Towel Collections.

30% Off Hill House Home 

From now to November 25, save $30 on Hill House Home sheet sets with the promo code 30FORYOU.

25% Off Jenni Kayne

From now to November 28, take 25% off sitewide at Jenni Kayne, but note that furniture is excluded.

20% Off Parachute

From now to November 28, Parachute is offering a sitewide discount of 20% off—no promo code required.

25% Off Piglet in Bed

From now to November 28, Piglet in Bed is offering 25% off its entire collection of sustainably sourced linen bedding.

See a full, running list of bedding and mattress Black Friday deals here.

Best Black Friday Beauty Sales

50% Off Beauty Pie

From now to November 28, Beauty Pie is offering 50% off and free shipping with the code BF50. Plus every day until then, one shopper will receive a golden ticket with their order, which can be redeemed to receive Beauty Pie’s Latest & Greatest Kit (worth $480). To note: Savings is on full-price items and valid for non-member purchases only.

20% Off Glossier

From November 24 to November 28, Glossier is offering 20% off sitewide and 30% off all orders over $100 (excluding gift cards)—no promo code is required.

20% Off Megababe

Megababe, from the mind of entrepreneur Katie Sturino, will have a 20% off sitewide sale from November 25 to November 28.

Up to 50% Off Sephora

From now to November 28, Sephora is offering up to 50% off sitewide.

Up to 40% Off Sidia

Wellness and beauty brand Sidia will have a few promos live from now to November 28: Single products will be 15% off and all bundles will be 20% off.

Up to 20% Off Soft Services

From November 25 to November 28, all orders below $50 save 5%, orders from $50 to $99 save 10%, orders from $100 to $149 save 15%, and all orders above $150 will save $20% (no code required).

Up to 28% Off Tower 28

From November 24 to November 28, Tower 28 shoppers can save 20% off orders up to $49 and 28% off orders over $50.

Best Black Friday Cookware and Kitchen Sales

Up to 25% Off Arke

From November 22 to November 28, Arke is offering 25% off its Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro; Flavor Drops and Mixers; and Bottle Accessories and Co2. The Water Purifier will be $99 (a $50 savings).

20% Off Ensembl

New stackable cookware brand Ensembl is having a 20% off sitewide sale from November 25 to November 28. That drops its $1,000-plus full set of pans, pots, and lids to less than $875.

Up to 20% Off Glasvin

DTC glassware brand Glasvin (that we’ll be setting our holiday table with) is offering 10% to 20% off all orders; 15% off $300-plus; and 20% off $600-plus through November 28—no code necessary.

20% Off Material

From now to November 29, Material is offering 20% off sitewide (no promo code needed) with the opportunity to donate a portion of your discount to the Lower East Side Girls Club.

Up to 35% Off Our Place

From now to November 30, Our Place is offering up to 30% off sitewide with no promo code required. Check out our full guide to the eco-friendly cookware favorite’s Black Friday sale.

25% Off Stasher

Stasher, one of our favorite ways to pack up leftovers, is running a 25% off sitewide sale from now to November 28. Get 30% off existing sale items, too.

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Scandinavian Houses: Understanding Their Unique Style

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Scandinavian houses, both the interior and exterior, are designed with regard to the natural environment. Scandinavia, the northern European countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, have a distinct architectural style that is common throughout this area.

These countries share a similar natural environment which has produced a similar aesthetic style. While Finland and Iceland are not Scandinavia in a technical sense, their homes also reflect this distinct Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Houses

According to Modlar, Scandinavian architecture is known for its clean lines and simple color palette. Yet, Scandinavian style houses are built with more than this in mind. They are built to respond to their location and climate to keep the inhabitants comfortable and able to live well within their natural environment.

Scandinavian Houses: Exterior and Interior Style

Scandinavian houses have a timeless quality that is attractive in today’s ever-changing world. We have gathered some examples of Scandinavian style homes, both interior and exterior spaces to help you understand what creates this classic look.

Exterior Style Elements

  • Natural Materials – Scandinavian architects build Scandinavian homes to blend in with the natural environment both as an aesthetic choice and to allow the gorgeous landscape to stand out. Therefore, they use materials that are common to the natural world and local in specific areas including wood, stone, and brick for exterior cladding.
  • Simple and Innovative Shapes – Scandinavian home shapes vary between innovative and simple. Scandinavian style came of age in the modernist era of the 1950s, so there is always an element of innovation that they cherish. Yet, traditional Scandinavian houses have simple shapes that blend into the natural environment.
  • Simple Color Palette – A Scandinavian style house has a simple color palette, though not always neutral. Many Scandinavian homes utilize whites, gray, and natural wood cladding to blend into the natural environment. But there are Scandinavian homes, like traditional Swedish style houses that are painted vibrant red, blue, and yellow.
  • Natural Light – Because of long winters and gray skies, Scandinavian homes are built to bring in all available natural light. Most home styles have large windows, glass doors, and perhaps skylights to this end.
  • Pitched Roofs – Many Scandinavian homes, though not all, are built with snow and harsh weather in mind. If someone builds a home where they must deal with snow, a steep pitched roof helps to shed snow.
  • Porch or Overhang – Dealing with snow is common in the northern countries of Europe, so having a porch or overhang to remove snow gear and muddy clothes is essential.
  • Minimalist – Modern Scandinavian house designs have few superfluous decorations and a simplicity of line and form.
  • Eco-Conscious Construction – Modern Scandinavian house style exteriors use eco-conscious and sustainable products as these countries have stricter environmental laws and consumers who value this quality in design.

Scandinavian House Exterior Examples

Here are some Nordic-style house designs so you can see these elements in real-world examples.

Savukvartsi – Finland

Savukvartsi - Finland

This is a modern ecological log home that Honka designed for a city environment. They utilized a non-settling fusion log to frame the house and clad it with spruce. This home has a simple yet architectural shape with a high-sloping roof and multiple windows types to bring in bright natural light.

Hoghult House – Karlsburg, Sweden

Hoghult House - Karlsburg, Sweden

Hoghult House - Karlsburg, Sweden 2

Fabel Arkitektur designed the Hoghult House as part of a large estate in Sweden that contains old farms, large fields, and views of a green forest. The architects designed this magnificent yet restrained home using traditional woodcraft techniques. The wood construction uses no nails or screws in the construction.

Casa Sand – Aarhus, Denmark

Casa Sand - Aarhus, Denmark

Casa Sand - Aarhus, Denmark 2

Casa Sand is a project of Christoffersen & Weiling Architects. Their design imperative was to keep the design of these private beach villas in keeping with the coastal environment.

The horizontal lines of the coast and the idea of simplicity were the guiding light in the design of these simple homes. They used a sand-colored brick to blend with the natural environment. The long linear form and weight of the brick accentuates the coastal lines and settles the home into the dunes to protect it from the wind.

Summer House – Denmark

Summer House - Denmark

Summer House - Denmark 2

GinnerupArkitekter built this simple summer home on a Danish island right next to a coastline and meadow behind. They used a stone cladding so that it would blend in with its natural environment. The large glass windows ensure that the owners can soak in every bit of sunlight and teeming wildlife on the island.

Farmhouse – Halsingland, Sweden

Farmhouse - Halsingland, Sweden
Homes & Antiques

Deep in the Swedish countryside, it is not uncommon to see vibrant red farmhouses. Red was a common home color for traditional Swedish houses in the country as it was a status symbol. Exterior decorations are more common in traditional than modern Scandinavian houses.

Mambo House – Finland

Mambo House - Finland
Mambo House - Finland 2

Honko designed this modern Scandinavian style home. They clad it with black siding to disappear into the background of the pine forest. The large windows and sharp mono-pitched roof remind the owners of the forest trips and wind shelters common in Finnish heritage and history.

Interior Style Elements

  • Open Floor Plan – Scandinavian home design favors simple clean lines without visual separation of spaces. This open floor plan facilitates time spent together with those that you love.
  • Natural Materials – Scandinavian houses feature natural materials both in the outside and the inside of the home. This means the use of exposed wood-clad walls, stone facades, and the use of natural materials like wool and leather in home decor.
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting – Natural light sources like large windows are important in Scandinavian architecture as is the use of layered ambient and task lighting inside to keep the home comfortable and efficient through the dark winter.
  • Neutral Color Palette – A modern Scandinavian home will decorate using a neutral color palette that reflects the neutral tones of the landscape. These colors include white, cream, beige, gray, black, and brown. You will also notice brighter accent colors in earth tones of blue, green, orange, and yellow.
  • Energy Efficient Systems – Scandinavian environmental building laws are more strict in countries like Denmark and Sweden than in other countries. Therefore, Scandinavian homes and consumers require but also prefer green energy systems when possible. This also means the use of materials that ensure better energy usage.
  • Comfort – Creating a comfortable environment to enjoy with your family is a vital design initiative. This includes warm and cozy spaces like reading nooks and the use of natural materials to promote serenity.
  • Wood Stoves/Fireplaces – A cozy fireplace or wood-burning stove is a traditional element of interior Scandinavian design. This provides a warm focal point and gives the family a natural place to gather on cold evenings.

Scandinavian House Interior Examples

These Scandinavian interiors will give you an idea of how these ideals are put into practice.

Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

This Scandinavian style home reflects the traditional open floor plan. In this home, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are contained in one long room. They have a common color theme of light wood and black to tie the design together. The large windows provide fresh color and light in the design.

Natural Textures

Natural Textures

Notice how many natural textures the interior designer uses in this Scandi-style living room including wood cladding and furniture, wool, metal, and natural greenery. The large windows provide all the decor needed. The white walls and lofted ceilings reflect bright sunlight throughout the room.

Neutral Color Palette

Neutral Color Palette
Zip Water

This kitchen has a neutral color palette, but it looks anything but boring. The designer has used bold color tones to create the look of contrast. The upper paneling and cabinets are painted a gorgeous black with a cool undertone. The marble countertops and textured wood cabinets give the kitchen a look of earthy sophistication.

Layered Lighting

Layered Lighting
Marcusse Construction

This bedroom design utilizes layered lighting techniques to give the user the most control over light levels. The large windows provide ample light during the day. The lighting plan also includes the overhead ambient light that spreads a soft glow in the evening when the sun has gone down. The lights beside the bed allow quiet reading before bed without having to get up to turn off the light to sleep.


Homes & Antiques

Traditional Scandinavian homes like rural farmhouses are more colorful than their modern counterparts. But there are many areas where these designs share similarities. One of these is that they both value comfort in their interior spaces. The comfort of this traditional kitchen includes the ample use of warm wood furnishings, cozy pillows, rugs to keep bare feet warm, and natural accents like fresh cut flowers.

The timelessness of Scandinavian House Style

There are no design styles that stay static over time, but Scandinavian style is one that is as close to timeless as we have. You can see this as you look across the landscape of Scandinavian design from traditional to modern.

While there are differences, Scandinavian houses are still designed with the same attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, the use of natural materials, and a desire to fit into the natural environment.

This will ensure that Scandinavian-style houses are a classic look for our lifetime.

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Holiday Art Prints & More

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Holiday greetings! I’ve added seven new art prints to my online shop and here they are below! Click on any of the images or descriptions to be led to the listings.

I enjoyed designing all of these this year, creating them using different styles of painted and sketched artwork and I added lettering to a few. I also added some of the artwork to my Zazzle shop if you’re looking for the artwork in pillow or mug form. Links to that shop at the bottom of the post!


Peace Wreath | Olive branches on a golden wreath form



Merry Christmas Wreath | red berries painted on an evergreen wreath


Cabin in the Woods | an A Frame cabin with holiday lights in a snowy forest


Mistletoe | botanical illustration with formal lettering



All is Calm Print | abstract trees on a snowy landscape


… and for extra fun this twin set in bright shades of pink and apricot:

Tis the Season Art Print

 Fa La La Art Print

These two can go together or be displayed separately.

All of the prints above are available as digital downloads in my Etsy shop.

All CHRISTMAS ART is 20% off in the shop until the end of November!

each one is less than $8 while on sale!

Also included with each purchase is a handy PDF listing where to print for same day services and list of online printing services too. 🙂


If you’re looking for merch or instead of a digital download, having the artwork printed and shipped to you, find it all in my Zazzle shop.

Thanks as always for your continued support!

Scandinavian Furniture: Where to Buy Classic and Modern Designs

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Who doesn’t love the sleek and simple design of Scandinavian furniture? Whether you are designing a room with a mid-century modern, boho, or modern farmhouse style, Scandinavian furniture will feel right at home.

Scandinavian Furniture

With a versatile style, you can incorporate this furniture style into almost any home style.

What Defines Scandinavian Furniture?

Scandinavian furniture is part of a long tradition of craftsmanship and innovative design that emerged as a distinct style around the 1950s. We know the northernmost countries of Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, as Scandinavia. These, along with the other Nordic countries, Finland and Iceland, bring the world a tradition of style that embodies comfortable warmth, minimalism, and a timeless look in both furniture and interior design.

Long before IKEA, Scandinavian designers were creating innovative and gorgeous furniture that became staples in mid-century design. Some of the most well-known are Hans Wegner for the Wishbone Chair, Arne Jacobsen for his Swan and Egg Chairs, Verner Panton for the Panton Chair, and Greta Grossman for the Grasshopper Lamp, just to name a few. Interior designers and artists love these and other Scandinavian furniture designs because they are beautiful and classic.

Scandinavian Furniture Stores for Every Budget

You will be able to recognize Scandinavian furniture because of its functional design, minimalist form, and simple style. Here are some retailers to get your started in your quest for Scandinavian furniture.

Nordic Nest

Nordic Nest began in 2002 and was known as Scandinavian Design Center. They are a company that carries some of the most well-known Scandinavian furniture brands such as Stelton, Muuto, &Tradition, and HAY.

Their website gives you access to over 30,000 Scandinavian products from 200 brands. Their site does not just feature Scandinavian furniture, but all of the other decor that allows you to embrace the full Scandinavian experience.

Nordic Nest

This is the Cover Chair from Muuto. Muuto is a Danish company that combines innovative design with classic Scandinavian style.

Thomas Bentzen designed the Cover Chair. The manufacturers use both oak and oak veneer as a base and complete it with a lacquered finish.


Archiproducts is a design community that provides inspiration and products for architecture and design. They work with designers to bring the customer some of the best historical and new brands. They are a group portal for over 3,500 international brands and help them connect with design enthusiasts all over the world.


This Loop Desk is available from We Do Wood, a Scandinavia furniture company located in Aarhus, Denmark. They design and produce their products in their local environment to ensure quality standards.

Michael Sebber Colfelt designed the Loop Desk. You can fold it up and down to provide you with extra space as needed.


The store we know as IKEA began as a Swedish mail-order store in 1943 that soon began to sell furniture. This store spread across Scandinavia and then to Europe and the United States. You can now find IKEA stores across the globe on every continent besides Antarctica.

We know IKEA for its minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. They have led the way in packaged items that customers must assemble which allow them to offer products at low prices. Look for solid wood furniture to ensure the best quality in IKEA products.


IKEA created the Bjorksnas bed. They made it using solid birch with a clear acrylic lacquer finish. Along the spindle headboard are two pillows. They make the pillows from linen and viscose which they attach with leather strapping. IKEA sells other Scandinavian bedroom furniture that complements the Bjorksnas bed.

Design Within Reach

Rob Forbes and a small team founded Design Within Reach (DWR) in 1998 to provide quality new and classic furniture designs to average people. This company features some of the most innovative modern designs. Since so much gorgeous design comes from Scandinavia, there is a plethora of Scandinavian design furniture in their product list.

Design Within Reach

The Noomi String Chair is a design of Susanne Gronlund. Her chair design allows you to sit in a way that is both elegant and comfortable. The sloping arms give a measure of privacy so that you can be at peace as you lounge. They produce this chair in Denmark.


AllModern is not a specific Scandinavian furniture store, but it does have a line of Scandinavian style furniture at a reasonable price. Their selling point is that they offer minimalist and modern furniture with quality construction and free shipping.


AllModern offers the Devale Upholstered Sofa which has a streamlined Scandi style. The sofa frame is supported by kiln-dried solid oak legs.

The fabric is a polyester blend that resists stains, scratches, and fading, so it is ideal for families with kids and pets. AllModern offers this sofa at a price that will work for every budget.


Bolia is a Scandinavian furniture store founded in 2000 based in Denmark. This group contains over 800 artists who are committed to beautiful design and seeking sustainable ways to create and produce. They use natural materials for their products including wood, linen, marble, and recycled products.


The Turned Table is designed by the collective Bolia design team. It has a simple design which allows it to blend with furniture of other styles.

The small size means that it can fit into a corner or nook to provide just the right resting place for your morning coffee and newspaper. Bolia makes this table from FSC certified wood.

Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian Designs was founded in the 1960s in the U.S. by a Norwegian expat. He began working with Scandinavian furniture makers to import their products to a wider market. This company is founded with a deep appreciation of the Nordic culture, lifestyle, and craftsmanship.

Scandinavian Designs

The Cress Coffee Table is crafted with solid walnut and walnut veneer. It features an innovative design with a wide surface area and inverted angle legs which are a hallmark of Scandinavian design.


Greg Finney founded 2Modern in 2003. This company curates Scandinavian style furniture both classic and modern. They feature iconic designs from storied names such as Carl Hansen, Louis Poulsen, and Verner Panton as well as new brands such as Ethnicraft, Blu Dot, and Cappellini.


The Cherner Side Chair is one of the iconic designs that you can purchase from 2Modern. Norman Cherner designed this molded plywood chair in 1958. It is available in various finishes and colors.


Article is a company founded in 2013. They get products direct from the manufacturer to provide their customers with the best prices. Their furniture has a clean and simple style that works well with Scandinavian-style homes.


The Dalsa dresser has solid oak drawers and handles. The slanted legs and the lack of hardware create the ideal Scandinavian furniture design.


Huset is a popular retailer and well-known across Europe. They sell clothing and also modern Scandinavian furniture.


Huset sells the Ferm Living Pekka Bench. Huset makes this bench from FSC certified pine wood. It is treated to make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Behind the backrest is a narrow shelf that works well for extra storage.

Where Can I Find Scandinavian Furniture Near Me?

It can be difficult to find a quality Scandinavian furniture outlet in every area. Your best bet is to go to the nearest large city to find suppliers or order online.

Most large cities in the United States have an IKEA store where there are many Scandinavian furniture products available. Crate and Barrel is another furniture retailer that has a modern European aesthetic that is similar to Scandinavian style furniture.

Are There Scandinavian Furniture Stores That are Less Expensive?

Scandinavian furniture does tend to be on the pricier end because they focus on quality craftsmanship. If you buy something once and it lasts you for your lifetime, you will spend less over time than buying cheap products over and over.

That being said, IKEA is the most affordable Scandinavian furniture option available. AllModern and Article are also on the less expensive side.

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Weekend Reading 11.6.22

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Holiday greetings! I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, so alert! Then realized, oh, it’s Daylight Savings, no wonder I bounced out of bed at “7 a.m.” I totally forgot about it. After having coffee I put a few finished touches on some holiday art prints releasing this week, they will be available on Tuesday, I love this year’s collection!

I’m headed to Florida next weekend to work on a few projects at our house and get ready to host a big group of family. It will be a warm weather Thanksgiving! I even bought a pale pink Christmas tree to decorate the living room, and ordered new furniture for that space as well. I’m going to give it a festive modern Florida feeling for the season, lots of bright pastels!

Favorite links from the week:

This Seattle home has the most gorgeous kitchen.

This home has the coziest living room.

“Old money aesthetic” is a decorating trend, have you heard of it?

Pros and cons of living in an A-frame house.

These porcelain light sculptures are incredible.

This is a creative bathroom tile and wallpaper combination, I do love the colors.

My honest opinion of our peel & stick floor is in this article.

Nine out-of-the-box Christmas decorating ideas.

I’m regularly using one of these heated neck wraps with so much time spent on my computer. Thumbs up!

Painting your window frames? Grab this product to make scraping the paint off glass much easier.

No shame: I want to walk around inside this competition.

National Geographic’s list of the best places to visit in 2023.

This ingenious musical collaboration is magical.