Christmas Porch Decor Ideas From Instagram To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

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Is your porch ready for Christmas? Sure, maybe you didn’t want to go all out on the decorations just yet but surely you’ve made some plans. The porch is a good starting point and some Christmassy decorations would surely add curb appeal to the house. We have lots of decor ideas that we want to share with you on this note since there’s no shortage of inspiring posts on the social media platforms. Check out below 15 of the loveliest Christmas porch decor ideas gathered from Instagram.

The red door had already set the stage for a great Christmas porch decor in this case. A green wreath was hanged on it and miniature Christmas trees were placed on either side, framing the entrance and filling the stairs. The color scheme is kept simple and there’s also a really nice series of textures that make this whole setup look nice and cozy. This was posted by justsoldbyjenn.

Here’s another amazing porch all spruced up and ready for Christmas. The front door is red and that’s a big plus. There’s also an entire wall section that could be decorated with this lovely JOY sign that cheers the entire porch. There’s also a whole bunch of Christmas trees of different sizes, all with string lights that turn the porch into a fantastic and fairy tale place at night. Follow our_farmhouse_in_the_city for more beautiful ideas like this one.

Another nice strategy is to decorate the porch with greenery. You could have a large wreath on each window that looks onto the porch and also fill some plant pots or containers with fir tree branches, clippings, pine cones and other things. The red bows really tie it all together in this case. This is a little something shared by shady_pines3.

Festive doesn’t mean cluttered so instead of filling your porch with every Christmas-related item you can find how about you take a simpler approach instead? Keep the Christmas porch decor nice and clean and don’t use too many colors or ornaments. This way it will still look festive but it will also maintain a modern, chic and stylish appearance. Check out lizmariegalvan if you’re in need of inspiration.

Here’s another wonderful example of how a simple decor can actually look really nice and festive. There’s actually a nice symmetry here even though the decorations are not exactly identical. There’s a big green wreath on the front door right at the center with red Christmassy flowers placed on each side and some nice extra decorations like the sled and the firewood pieces. Follow the_thompson_build for more details.

You definitely don’t need a lot of stuff to give your porch a festive makeover. If you’re going for a homely decor with a rustic vibe then you could use things like wooden crates, candle lanterns and miniature trees in tin cans. That’s actually something we picked up from sbkliving so have a look and see for yourself how beautiful this setup is.

You can really get into the holiday spirit when you star putting together all sorts of Christmas decor ideas and checking out some of the projects you could do. The next step is to actually take action. Start with the porch and give it a nice and cozy look. Put a wreath up on the door, maybe make a sign, get a Christmas-themed mat and add various other decorations too like a wooden sled or a miniature Christmas tree in a pot. For more inspiration check out veronicasidahome.

This is a Christmas porch decor created using lots of neutrals and greenery. It’s fresh and charming and the doormat really captures the whole essence of the decor. This strategy works well here because of the style and overall character of the porch as it was. You can check out sanctuaryhomedecor to find out more wonderful tips and ideas for the holiday and more.

We’ve seen sleds being used quite often as decorations, especially out on the porch where there’s plenty of space for big ornaments. They look really nice when you just lean them against a wall and place a few other things around it. For a rustic and cozy vibe you could also add a pile of firewood logs and if you have a chair or a swing on your porch bring out a warm and cozy blanket as well. Check out this post from simple_and_lovely and see what else you could learn from it.

Even if it’s cold outside, you could definitely take a seat on this cozy porch bench and enjoy the view. It’s like a little magical corner infused with the spirit of Christmas. The red wreath up on the window looks really nice too and so do the little Christmas trees that frame the bench. The tree stump stand is a nice touch. Check out thetatteredpew if you want more details.

In case you need a reason to decorate your front porch for Christmas, think of how much your guests will enjoy the warm welcome. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex. Just hang a wreath on the door and have some miniature Christmas tree frame it on either side. You can always add more elements based on how much space is available or the style and the vibe that you’re going for. In any case, we find this example from backyardbossnet very inspiring.

The double front doors looked nice and welcoming before and with the Christmas decorations on them they look even better now. It’s also really cute how the bench was decorated and turned into a sort of display area for trees and other Christmassy goods. If you want more ideas for your Christmas decor check out christmasheartandhome.

We really like the idea of using greenery to decorate the porch and to create a festive design without using too many colors or ornaments. This is a great example that shows how it’s done. There’s a big wreath on each door, garlands framing the doors and more greenery placed in pots. Follow thehouseofbarlow to find out more details about this.

Have you ever thought of keeping the Christmas tree out on the porch? It might actually like the cool temperature and would stay fresh for longer plus you can see it from inside. Put up lights and ornaments and decorate the rest of the porch too. Some green wreaths and garlands should do it. The inspiration for this comes from christmasfeature.

Here’s another beautiful Christmas porch decor, this time created using a combination of things like wreaths, little trees in planters, wooden signs and a festive doormat. The color scheme is simple and subdued and there’s not much unnecessary detail which keeps the decor looking fresh. Check out thecoffeeisbrewing to find out the details.

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12 Best Acrylic Furniture Pieces That Can Fit In Any Type Of Space

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Acrylic furniture is in high demand these days and for good reason. Acrylic furniture products are very durable, easy to clean and UV resistant which means they don’t fade when left in the sun. They’re also non-toxic and thus less harmful to the environment than plastic products. It also seems that scratches and marks on the surface of acrylic furniture products are easier to remove than in the case of wooden pieces or other kinds. Of course, if they’re deep enough the scratches will remain there forever. The most important element however is the aspect, the unique aesthetic that sets acrylic (or plexiglass as it’s sometimes referred to as) apart from every other type of furniture.

1. Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair

Acrylic chairs are really cool because they don’t obstruct the view in any way and that’s something you can really take advantage of. Transparent chairs such as this one are perfect for small dining rooms because they don’t make it seem cluttered. You can also add them to lots of other areas such as the living room, bedroom, office and other spaces. The Casper chairs are very versatile and really great for contemporary interiors. You can also take them outside on the patio or use them for backyard events. They’re stackable, easy to clean, strong and sturdy.

2. Lucite Transparent Clear Seat Strong Metal Legs

The GreenForest acrylic chair is super versatile too. It’s also very stylish, featuring four wooden legs with a tapered design. The seat is completely transparent and made of acrylic which ultimately gives the chair a very clean and simple look, ideal for just about any type of space, especially small ones. This is a chair that can look beautiful not just in residential spaces but also in commercial restaurants, cafes and other such areas. It’s easy to care for and has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs (113 kg).

Set of 4

Lucite Transparent Clear Seat Strong Metal Legs

Lucite Transparent Clear Seat Strong Metal Legs

The chair itself is lightweight and measures 17.9” in length x 18.3” in width and 33.5” in height. You can order it in sets of four.

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3. Clear Acrylic Decorative End Table

End tables are very versatile in general, even more so when they look like this. This is a clear acrylic table with a simple and modern design. It’s 18.5” wide, 12” deep and 23.5” high which makes it a nice fit for all sorts of spaces including living rooms, bedrooms, reading nooks, workspaces and also terraces, patios or decks. It’s completely transparent which helps it blend in seamlessly and allows it to fit in any decor. The rounded edges are a nice little detail which also helps to make the table child-friendly. It has a handy shelf which can be used for storage or for display purposes. You can also get this table in black in case the clear version doesn’t suit your needs or style.

2 Shelves

Clear Acrylic Decorative End Table

Clear Acrylic Decorative End Table

Make your decor pop with this artistically designed modern multipurpose acrylic end table

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4. Acrylic Folding Tray Table

Folding tray tables are not usually meant to serve as permanent furniture pieces. They’re often used temporarily and they’re stored when not needed in order to save space and to de-clutter the room. The fact that this one is made of clear acrylic is in conformity with everything we’ve described so far. Furthermore, this little table is highly versatile. You can use it to serve snacks or drinks, to display items on or just as a regular end table whenever you need one. You can put it anywhere, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. It has a simple and modern design and it blend in with any type of decor. You can barely notice it given its transparent look and that helps it to stay out of the way and to keep rooms looking airy and clean.

Elegant Clear Design

Acrylic Folding Tray Table

Acrylic Folding Tray Table

It’s 15” wide, 19” deep and 22” high and has handles for added convenience.

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5. South Shore Annexe Acrylic Office Chair

If you want an acrylic chair for your office or your home desk setup, this could be a nice option. This chair has a sturdy metal base with 5 arms and smooth casters. It’s stable and robust but at the same time it looks sleek and lightweight. That’s all thanks to the clear acrylic seat. As with most office chairs, you can adjust the height on this one so you’re always comfortable while working. What’s really nice is that the actual seat doesn’t stand out at all and that puts the focus on the desk, not the chair. It’s a really fashionable piece of furniture for homes and professional workspaces alike.


South Shore Annexe Acrylic Office Chair

South Shore Annexe Acrylic Office Chair

This cool and contemporary transparent office chair adds a fashionable accent to your home or office work space and complements any modern desk.

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6. Lucite Z Chair

The Z chair is an outstanding piece of furniture. It’s designed to look cool and to be eye-catching but that doesn’t make it any less comfortable or practical than any other typical chair. In fact, the fact that it’s made of clear acrylic gives it a big advantage. You can add this to spaces like living rooms, offices, libraries and basically any other area you can think of and it would most likely fit in without a problem. It’s very versatile even though it looks so unusual. The dimensions of this chair are 16” width x 17” depth x 40” height. The sits is placed 17.5” from the floor.

hand crafted

Lucite Z Chair

Lucite Z Chair

It has a very fluid construction and it can also pass as a cool decoration or sculpture.

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7. Orson Acrylic and Tempered Glass Square Circular Table

This stylish end table is made from a combination of tempered glass, iron and acrylic. It has a circular top supported by four acrylic legs around a metal circle and it’s neither too big or too small. Also, the design and the choice of materials allow this table to look elegant and to remain unobtrusive. The dimensions of the table are straightforward and easy to remember: 24” deep x 24” wide x 24” high. You can place it by the sofa in the living room, next to a comfortable chair in the reading corner or use it as a display stand anywhere you need one.

Circular design

Orson Acrylic and Tempered Glass Square Circular Table

Orson Acrylic and Tempered Glass Square Circular Table

It would fit nicely in just about any space and any decor.

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8. Acrylic Bar Trolley with Glass Shelves

If you want something that can be used as an accent table but that you can move around as needed, consider a bar trolley. It’s perfect for serving snacks, drinks and all sorts of other things and you can also use it to store various different items. This one is made of tempered glass and acrylic and has a clear finish which helps it blend in with any color scheme and to stay out of the way visually. It has two shelves and a flat work surface which can be used as needed.

glass shelves

Acrylic Bar Trolley with Glass Shelves

Acrylic Bar Trolley with Glass Shelves

Built-in handles and casters make it easy to push the trolley around and even to take it outside or to a different room without much effort.

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9. Acrylic Legs Bedroom Furniture

Another beautiful example of an acrylic furniture piece is this stylish bench. It’s very interesting because the base and the seat are so different from one another. The bench has clear acrylic legs and a soft and comfortable seat with faux fur padding. It almost seems as if it’s floating and this is something you can definitely use to your advantage when decorating. This slender design allows the bench to look good in small rooms. As a general idea, these are its overall dimensions: 25.59” length x 16.54” width x 18.5” height. It weighs 17 lbs (7.7 kg) and has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Faux fur

Acrylic Legs Bedroom Furniture

Acrylic Legs Bedroom Furniture

You can place it at the foot of the bed or use it as a freestanding accent piece.

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10. Clear Acrylic Sawhorse Writing Desk

This odd-looking piece of furniture is a desk. It looks quite unusual because it has eight legs instead of the usual four that most desks and tables have. That has to do with the sawhorse-inspired design. Of course, the desk is not rustic and doesn’t have a farmhouse-inspired aesthetic. It’s actually very sleek and modern and designed to fit beautifully in contemporary spaces which are usually minimalistic. The clear acrylic construction definitely helps in that sense. The base is made of acrylic but the top is made of glass so there’s two slightly different tints and finishes.

Clear Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Sawhorse Writing Desk

Clear Acrylic Sawhorse Writing Desk

Pair this with a clear acrylic chair for a fully transparent setup.

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11. Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves

If there’s one thing that acrylic is suitable for it would have to be the shelves. It’s a perfect match which many appreciate for the simplicity and cleanliness that it imparts on the surrounding decor. A set of clear acrylic shelves would look cool in any type of space, whether it’s a minimalistic and futuristic-looking living room, a cozy bedroom, a small bathroom, a kitchen or even a pantry. You can get these shelves in sets of three. They’re each approximately 2.8” high x 17.1” wide and 6.4” deep.

wall mounted

Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves

Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves

They’re super versatile and great for storing, organizing and displaying things like photos, collectibles, toiletries, planters and more.

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12. Umbra Magino

There’s one more acrylic piece that we’d like to show you today and we’re not sure what to call it. It’s not exactly a stool, nor a magazine rack nor an end table and yet it can be all those things. It sounds strange but it makes perfect sense once you have a look at it. The clever design allows this piece to be multifunctional which makes it ideal for small spaces and open floor plans. It’s made of acrylic and has a clear finish so it can effortlessly fit in any decor. It’s also compact and only measures 16 1/2” x 17” x 11 1/2”. This is a very durable, lightweight and shatter-resistant piece. It’s also easy to clean and really cool for such a small item.

Magazine Rack

Umbra Magino

Umbra Magino

Magino is an acrylic table that functions as a sturdy stool or clear side table with built-in magazine storage, but also works great as a side table

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disguise solutions Powered Video-Intensive Set for Network on Broadway

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When Tal Yarden created the projection design for Network on Broadway, he selected disguise gx 2 media servers to drive the video-intensive environment that sets the scene for the iconic story of network anchor Howard Beale. …

This oak barn in Herefordshire is a wonderful place to spend Christmas

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With its mellow weatherboarded façade, red tiled roof and grey-green woodwork, this cosy oak-framed home couldn’t be a more welcoming spot to spend 
the festive season, especially as the owners built the property themselves with the help of their family.

Taking on a self-build is a brave move, but it was always the preferred option for the couple as his father worked in the building trade for more than 40 years. ‘My in-laws built their own home when Steven was a child,’ says Wendy. ‘So the idea of buying land 
to do a self-build was imprinted in his DNA.’

Read real-life decorating stories in our real homes section

In fact, Steven’s parents had already helped the couple build their previous home – a two-bedroomed lime-rendered cottage – and pitched in with this one, too. ‘When I became pregnant with our second daughter, we decided to build a bigger home 
as we’d outgrown the cottage. We moved into a rented house while we looked for land,’ says the owner.

Then a plot came up via Border Oak, with planning approval already in place for a weatherboarded barn. ‘It was the right location and the right sort of house 
for us,’ says the owner. ‘The plot had somehow slipped through other interested buyers’ hands for two years but it was perfect timing for us. It’s also a huge 
amount of work getting planning permission, so 
the fact that it already had it in place was a big plus.’



Image credit: Polly Eltes

The couple had also used Border Oak as 
the supplier for their previous self-build. ‘I love the marriage of traditional building methods and modern technology that you get with Border Oak houses – it’s the best of both worlds.’

They were able 
to make some small changes to the original plans, 
such as moving the dining room from its original central location to the end of the kitchen and removing the downstairs doors to create an open-plan feel.

They took on the majority of the build themselves, subcontracting some specialist skills and using the Border Oak team to set up the oak frame and complete the watertight shell. Structural insulated panels, 
along with underfloor heating downstairs, ensure 
the house is always warm and toasty.



Image credit: Polly Eltes

When it came to the interior, the owner plumped 
for a neutral backdrop. ‘I’m a bright white girl,’ she 
says. ‘I like white walls mixed with natural textures 
– that way the home can speak for itself.’

Simple decorations add a festive touch.

Get the look
Buy now: Oak peg rail, £38, Baileys
Buy now: Walls painted in Pure Brilliant White by Dulux, £22 for 10ltrs, B&Q



Image credit: Polly Eltes

Despite being a new build, the house has an older, country feel thanks to its rustic beams and Shaker cabinetry.

we’ve done back-to-back self-builds, we weren’t so hard on ourselves with the interior of this one. I’ve 
paid homage to British classics – we have a Shaker kitchen, heritage colours, blacksmith ironmongery, wool carpets and natural oak flooring.’

‘I also paid 
a lot of attention to the taps – they’re the jewellery 
of your home so I spend more on them.’


Image credit: Polly Eltes

The American-born owner wanted to recreate the type of open-plan layout she grew up with.

Get the look
Buy now: Camargue Solid Oak Dining Chair – Burnt Oak, £195 each, Oka
Buy now: Aged copper pendant ceiling lights, £175 each, Baileys

Utility room


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Having this extra space means the owners can keep seasonal crafting out 
of the kitchen.

Living room


Image credit: Polly Eltes

The owner has added interest to the monochrome sofas with stylish pattern, while warm wood and a leather pouffe create a cosy feel.

Get the look
Buy now: Milan cushions on grey sofa, £59.95, Bronte by Moon
Buy now: Real Christmas tree, from a selection, Pines and Needles

Master bedroom


Image credit: Polly Eltes

A neutral scheme can be instantly warmed up with 
a few throws and cushions.


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Child’s bedroom


Image credit: Polly Eltes

A wrought-iron bed, Christmas lights and pretty bunting contribute to the fairy-tale 

The house has proved perfect for bringing up 
a family. ‘It’s a great home for the girls,’ says Wendy. ‘The village school is only a five-minute walk away 
and we have a nature reserve, lake and two pubs within strolling distance. With the woods behind us and fields of cows as our morning view, it makes us feel that we are raising the children in a pure and simple way.’

Ready for another? Step inside an extended four-bedroom Edwardian house, all dressed up for Christmas

Picturesque surroundings and plenty of guest space mean the house works particularly well at Christmas and New Year. ‘I like to create little arrangements, such as festive floral displays, and we have evergreen trees all around us so I line the windows with foliage from our garden,’ says Wendy. ‘Last year, with my American family and my in-laws, we had 12 visitors in total. We decorated at the back with Christmas lights and had open fires in the garden’.

‘We put an extra table in the dining space to accommodate everyone for Christmas dinner and then we all went to the local pub afterwards!’

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Gift Ideas for Him, Her, + Teens

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It’s Cyber Monday! I’m sitting in my coziest leggings and sweatshirt ordering gifts from the comfort of home. I make of my holiday purchases today, taking advantage of sales and free shipping. I rounded up a few gift ideas for the ladies, the men, and teens, I hope somewhere among the collection is something special for someone you love!

For Her



silk pillowcase (multiple colors) / spanx leggings (several patterns)

glow & hydration serum duo / jewelry tray

pajama sets (many colors) / rambler water bottle / iphone wallet

snow boot / fur booty slippers



For Him


tailgate/camping portable grill / mixologist bartender kit

denim grilling apron / wireless iphone charger / scotch toothpicks

cashmere & cotton pullover (multiple colors) / key organizer / vinyl turntable

leather duffle / pegboard tool organizer



For Teens

fairy clip lights / glossier basics / chunky knit pom beanie

velvet scrunchies / phone tripod / sheet mask set

lapdesks (multiple colors) / wireless earbuds / bluetooth speaker

portable speaker / usb charger alarm clock / hydroflask (multiple colors) / portable charger

hat storage / gaming headphones / over the door basketball


10 Fancy Christmas Desserts That Any Level of Home Cook Can Master

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If there was ever a time to ditch the Ben & Jerry’s pint and go all out on sweet treats, the holidays are it. Consider this your chance to finally break out that recipe you’ve had earmarked all year—when else are you going to have time (and a formal reason) to dedicate an hour to the creation of a four-layer spice cake? Plus, the fact that whatever you make will wow any and all dinner party guests is just the (potentially real) cherry on top. 

To aid you in your quest for confectionery bliss, we’re sharing all the fancy Christmas dessert recipes on our bookmark list. Some are admittedly more involved than others, but between chocolate truffles and decadent tortes, there’s something for every kind of baker in here. 

If you’re a rookie cook…

orange cranberry tortePin It
Photography by The Life Jolie

Orange Cranberry Torte

Serve up The Life Jolie’s cake post-meal with some coffee for a not-too-sweet end to a multi-course dinner. Pro tip: Bake it the night before to avoid any last-minute snafus.

chocolate trufflesPin It
Photography by Food Faith Fitness

Chocolate Truffles 

You’d never know it to look at them, but Food Faith Fitness’ little drops of chocolatey goodness are actually healthy (okay, healthy-ish). They’re vegan and made with avocado as a creamy base—so don’t feel too guilty if you accidentally eat the whole batch before it even makes it to the buffet table

gingersnap icebox cake with cranberry toppingPin It
Photography by The Every Kitchen

Gingersnap Icebox Cake

It’s no-bake, it’s great for a crowd, and thanks to a topping of sugared cranberries, it’s also perfectly festive—The Every Kitchen’s recipe has all the trappings of a memorable Christmas dessert. 

If you know the difference between a bread knife and a chef’s knife… 

rose sugar cookiesPin It
Photography by Alison Engstrom for Rose & Ivy

Rose Sugar Cookies

For the slightly seasoned chef, Rose & Ivy’s rose-accented biscuits are a perfect match. Make a tray of these to bring to the office, or pass them out to friends—then sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in. 

gingerbread bundt cakePin It
Photography by Salt & Baker

Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes get the short end of the stick when it comes to traditionally fancy confections, but it would be a mistake to overlook Salt & Baker’s gingery take. Glazed with a maple drizzle, it looks just as impressive as anything layered. 

crinkle cookies with candy canePin It
Photography by The Modern Proper

Crinkle Cookies with Peppermint Cream

Somewhere between cookie and cake, these fluffy, cream-filled treats by The Modern Proper are a great way to use up leftover candy canes. 

apple pomegranate cobbler with ice creamPin It
Photography by Climbing Grier Mountain

Apple, Pomegranate, and Ginger Cobbler

Climbing Grier Mountain’s cobbler has all the flavor and flair of a pie, but it requires half the effort. Serve each individual portion in mini cast-iron skillets (psst: these Amazon ones are best-sellers) for an adorable presentation. 

If you could understudy Ina Garten… 

Malabi pots with Christmas toppingsPin It
Photography by What Jew Wanna Eat

Malabi with Rosemary Caramel

If you know how to make pudding from scratch, you can handle What Jew Wanna Eat’s recipe. Make some extra rosemary-infused salted caramel sauce to have on-hand for those days where you just want (no, need) ice cream for dinner. 

multi layer Christmas spice cakePin It
Photography by The Beach House Kitchen

Spiced Layer Cake

With a cinnamon buttercream frosting sandwiched between each delicious layer, The Beach House Kitchen’s cake is definitely worth the extra effort it’ll take to ice it.

toffee pudding cake with sauce drizzled over itPin It
Photography by The Cookie Rookie

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

The Cookie Rookie’s version of a beloved English classic is definitely unique; to say nothing of the fact that she recommends taking a blow torch to the finished product to give a brûléed glaze. Make sure your fire alarms are working, then get cracking. 

Dress up the dessert table with these servingware picks:

See more dishes to make this holiday season:
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These Butternut Squash Recipes Are Autumn on a Plate
3 Cookie Dough Recipes You Can Eat While You Bake

Scandinavian Paper Star Garland

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December is here, have you decked your halls? This project will help! I’m throwing an ornament exchange party for a small group of friends at my studio next week, so I dressed it up and made it look festive for the event. I created this Scandinavian paper star garland out of metallic craft paper and I love how it turned out!


These silver and gold paper stars are made with scrapbook paper purchased at Michaels, I used a combination of glitter and matte foil papers to create these. You can use them alone as decorations, hang them in windows or string them together to display around the house. They also make great oversized ornaments for your tree!





Supplies you’ll need to make 8 stars: 2 sheets gold glitter scrapbook paper, 2 sheets matte gold scrapbook paper, 2 sheets silver glitter scrapbook paper, 2 sheets matte silver scrapbook paper; glue stick, adhesive spray; ruler or measuring tape; hot glue gun; scissors.

The first step is to secure the matte sheets to the glitter sheets so your final strips of paper are two tone, glitter on one side, matte metallic on the other. Use spray adhesive to attach your sheets together and allow for 1/3” over lap on each side (you’ll see why below).



Next, mark the strips at every inch with a pen or with a clip of the scissors. Cut twelve 12” strips. Each star is made up of six strips of paper, so each double sided set of scrapbook paper makes two stars.


With a measuring tape or ruler, crease the strips every 3 inches.


Fold the strips into a rectangular (or slightly diamond) shape. Use the glue stick to secure the overlapping edges as shown, this method creates a flat surface.

*I gave up on the glue stick after the first star and used hot glue for this part, but either works for this stage of assembly.

Once the strips are assembled, use the hot glue gun to attach the strips together. I found it easiest to secure three together at a time, then once the glue dried, I attached those trios to each other to form the six section star shape.

Once the glue is dry, a star is born!

Each star has a glittery exterior and matte metallic interior.


The double sided craft paper provides enough stability for them to be freestanding so you can layer them around your house wherever you like.



I secured the five stars together with invisible tape and used the same to attach it to the mantel.

This space is almost ready to eat, drink, and be merry!


Currys is selling the popular Dyson V8 vacuum with £100 off

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Currys PC World has launched a fresh wave of deals – off the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Black Tag promotion has up to 50 per cent off selected products and a number of popular household items – including the deal on Dyson V8 Absolute.

Previously, the vacuum was priced at £399 but – thanks to the Black Tag event – it’s now on offer for £299 – that’s a saving of £100.

The Dyson V8 Absolute is a versatile vacuum, designed to cater for all your household needs.

It’s a cordless vacuum, with up to 40 minutes of run time – which is plenty of time to give the house a quick once over.

BUY NOW: Dyson V8 Absolute, Currys, £299

The brand also boasts that it has 150% more brush bar power than V6 Animal – which means cleaning will be more thorough, as a result. This is achieved through a powerful motor inside the brush bar.

For tackling surfaces and trickier parts of the house, the V8 converts into a handheld device – which is particularly helpful with stairs, upholstery and desks.

It’s lightweight design also means that it can be easily lifted and manoeuvred, to target ceiling corners or high surfaces.

It’s worth pointing out that this deal at Currys PC World is not available for home delivery. Instead customers will have to collect for their local store.

deals on dyson v8 currys

Image credit: currys

But it seems it’s well worth it anyway – if the customer reviews are anything to go by.

Overall the vacuum has been rated as a solid 9.1 out of 10 and has more than 700 glowing reviews.

One customer praised the V8 Absolute, saying, ‘The suction is excellent and it does everything my old upright Dyson does. I don’t have to be dragging a long cable around after me and it’s very handy for the small jobs.’

While another added, ‘It’s just so good at what it does – much improved on the previous model. The longer battery time is a much welcomed improvement too.’

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Just be sure to snap up this deal quickly – we have a feeling it won’t be around for much longer.

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These 3 NYC Neighborhoods Will Be Ones to Watch in 2020

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The question of which neighborhood will hit it big next is always on the minds of real estate–obsessed New Yorkers (even those who aren’t itching for a change of address). 2020 is shaping up to be no different, and with rents having reached new highs nearly every month in 2019, according to StreetEasy economist Nancy Wu, locals on the hunt for a new place will have to stay one step ahead of the game. 

What gives a neighborhood potential? There are plenty of concrete elements to consider, from subway improvements to the arrival of big businesses. Sometimes, though, it’s just that inexplicable It factor. We asked three clued-in realtors to predict the soon-to-be-buzzy neighborhoods that deserve a spot on your radar: 

Crown Heights, Brooklyn   

Situated just south of Bedford-Stuyvesant, this area’s unexpected appeal is in how large it is (on one side it borders Prospect Park; on the other, East New York). “It reminds me why I love living here,” says Amber Mayberry, a licensed real-estate salesperson with Triplemint. While the blooming cherry blossoms are a must-see at Brooklyn Botanic Garden come spring, Fredericks & Mae’s rainbow-clad outpost on Dean Street is a year-round getaway for anyone with a soft spot for ceramic lava lamps and whimsical candleholders. On Mayberry’s hit list: Breukelen Coffee House for espresso and unbeatable breakfast sandwiches.

Sunnyside, Queens

With one-bedroom apartments averaging around $2,000, this family-friendly neighborhood is a great alternative to nearby Long Island City and Greenpoint, according to Jen Wang, a real-estate agent with Core NYC. Affordable rent isn’t the only major draw; at Goan restaurant Cardamom, vindaloo (a classic Indo-Portuguese dish described by The New York Times as “sprightly without being torturous”) starts at just $12. 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Searches for apartments in this forever-popular area on StreetEasy have spiked 48 percent in the past year for a very understandable reason: “The mostly averted L train shutdown injected new life into the real-estate market,” says Wu. The reawakening has also sparked a wave of high-design (and high-tech) stores. Everlane’s brand-new, 4,000-square-foot space features a “text-to-try-on” system in an effort to avoid fitting room traffic, while Warby Parker’s latest location spans two stories and boasts a facade covered in colorful illustrations by artist Stephen Powers. Now that where to move is settled, all that’s left to do is unearth the packing tape.

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John Lewis reveals how Christmas Decorating Trends have changed over last 10 years

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With 90s fashions back on-trend and 70s interiors booming, it’s easy to think we’re going back in time. John Lewis & Partners have taken a trip down memory lane to explore how Christmas decorating trends have changed over the past decade.

Looking back to Christmas’ past, the retailer compares then and now – to see how Christmas decorating trends have changed.

To summarise – decorations have become more sophisticated, trees are several feet taller, tree skirts are trending and statement baubles have replaced traditional round ones.

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Christmas decorating trends

Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

‘In 2009, we typically thought a thin bit of red or gold tinsel mixed with some round baubles and a few lights attached to a heavy adapter meant we were ready for Christmas’ says Dan Cooper, head Christmas buyer at John Lewis & Partners. ‘ Ten years on the UK
tastes have become so much more adventurous and sophisticated.’

New research, looking over the past 10 years at John Lewis has revealed the following;

Christmas trees are taller

‘Artificial trees have grown in quality and popularity, and become several feet taller. Ten years ago 4ft trees dominated the range sold by John Lewis, but today 7ft trees are our most popular with 9ft trees growing in popularity’ Dan explains.

Statement baubles become best-selling

‘One of the biggest changes in trends has been in Christmas baubles. In 2009 most of us bought traditional round baubles, and there were very few individual ones,’ explains Dan. ‘ Today, we have over 400 different types of bauble
and our best selling baubles are not traditional Christmas baubles but birds, foxes and dinosaurs. We have embraced the idea of making our trees individual to us with statement baubles.’

Christmas colours are more sophisticated

It’s not just the tree size that’s different, our decoration choices have changed. According to John Lewis UK households are now more likely to decorate their Christmas tree in sophisticated colours. Think white, blush, green and copper. Rather than bolder colour choices , such as red or gold, which were the favoured shades for decorating ten years ago.

Trees draped in thick tinsel, which has had a resurgence that peaked in 2018, or decorated with a statement pieces are seen as the most Instagrammable for 2019.

Trend grows for tree skirts

With the more sophisticated approach to decorating, today’s trees are more likely to have their roots covered. Making tree skirts a growing trend.

Upside down trees are thing of past

John Lewis no longer sell upside down trees, popular back in 2009. Dan informs us, ‘ Instead pre-lit trees are on-trend and this year for the first time they have overtaken un-lit trees.’

Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

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This week marks the biggest week for Christmas decorating and shopping. Will you be decorating 2009 or 2029 style??

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