Granite Flooring for Lasting Style and Durability

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Granite flooring is made from one of the most durable natural stone materials in existence. While stones like marble, travertine, and slate match the beauty of granite, if you want a lasting solution, granite flooring is a good choice. Granite floor tiles, pavers, and slab are popular flooring choices both indoors and outdoors.

Granite flooring

Natural stone floors are beautiful and long-lasting, but they also increase your home’s resale value. According to, buyers are willing to pay more when they see luxury natural stone like granite flooring.

Granite Flooring Basics

Granite flooring has similar qualities to other natural stone flooring materials like marble. It also has unique qualities that make it one of the best choices for natural stone flooring.

What is Granite?

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock that is made up of quartz and feldspar. Most granite is white, pink, or gray, though there are multiple other color variations. It is also a hard and tough rock. Its color and strength have been prized and used in building projects and decoration for thousands of years.

Granite Flooring Types

Granite Tiles

Granite flooring comes in several varieties: granite tiles, granite pavers, and granite slab flooring. Most people use granite flooring tiles or pavers as they are easy to handle and less expensive.

  • Granite Tiles – Granite tiles range in color and thickness. You can find granite tiles in earth tones of all varieties and mixtures including pink, brown, green, blue, black, brown, yellow, and orange. Granite tiles come in different thicknesses including 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″. The thicker the tile, the stronger it is. Homeowners use granite tile floor indoors and outdoors, though the grade will vary for each.
  • Granite Pavers – Granite pavers are used in outdoor environments. They are thicker than granite tiles at 1 1/2″ and have less variation in color. Granite pavers have a rough surface texture.
  • Granite Slab Flooring – A large piece of granite is known as a slab. Slabs range in size and thickness. The thickness of a slab is anywhere from 3/4″ to 3″. People use granite slab flooring outdoors and indoors. This is the least popular flooring option because they are heavy, difficult to install, and expensive.

Granite Flooring Tile Finishes

Granite Flooring Tile Finishes

There are four main finishes available for granite floor tiles: polished, honed, flamed, and brushed.

  • Polished Granite Tile – Polished granite tile has a high shine with a reflective and glossy surface. This finish highlights the unique patterns and colors of granite the best. Polished granite flooring is also the most slippery surface when wet.
  • Honed Granite Tile – Honed granite tiles have a matte finish that is flat/non-reflective. This finish dulls the surface of the granite, so the colors and pattern are not as distinct. This finish is an excellent choice for high traffic areas as it is not slippery and it is durable.
  • Flamed Granite Tile – Manufacturers use a high powered flame to create a textured surface on flamed granite tiles. This finish is popular in outdoor installations as the texture creates a slip resistant surface. This works well on a patio near a pool. Flaming opens the grain of the granite, so it is important to use a good sealer to keep it stain resistant.
  • Brushed Granite Tile – Brushed granite has a texture, but it is a softer look than the other textured finishes. It has no hard ridges, but soft ridges and edges. This is another finish that is popular outdoors or in bathrooms because of its slip-resistance.

Grades of Granite Flooring

There are three main grades of granite flooring. These grades are based on the thickness of the granite and the common or unique color choices and pattern varieties of the granite tile.

  1. Entry-Grade Granite – This is also known as commercial or builder’s grade granite. It is the thinnest granite tile at 3/8″. It is the most standard color and pattern of granite available. This granite needs a plywood subfloor for backing. Some of the least expensive of these varieties are granite and resin combinations. Inspect this level granite as some slabs will have imperfections.
  2. Mid-Grade Granite – This is also known as standard level granite. It is 3/4″ thick and has more unique color options and patterns. This grade will have some minor faults and irregularities in cut and size.
  3. High-Grade Granite – This granite also has a designation of premium. It is 3/4″ or more thick. It offers many unique color and pattern options. High-grade granite has a uniform thickness and no flaws.

Water Resistance

Outdoor granite tiles

Granite is porous natural stone which is a weakness in its overall resiliency. The porousness varies according to distinct granite types and compositions. Thus, it is important to seal all granite with a natural stone sealer. Maintain the sealer by reapplication on a regular basis.


The durability of granite flooring, backsplashes, and countertops is one reason they are so popular and have such a wide application in both residential or commercial use. Granite is resistant to scratches, cracks, and heat. Apply sealer to keep granite resistant to staining.

Granite flooring works well in heavy foot traffic areas of your house, both inside and outside. If you maintain your floors, they will last a lifetime.

Granite Flooring Maintenance

Granite floor tile is straightforward to maintain. Apply a sealer around once a year, although you can extend this if your floors are used less often. Check the seal by dropping a small quarter size drop of water on your tile. If the water absorbs into the tile, you need to reseal. If, after several hours, the drop is there, your sealer is still strong.

Clean the floors before you seal them. Next, apply an impregnating natural stone sealer with a spray bottle. Spray a three foot section and then buff with a lint-free cloth. Repeat for the whole floor. Let it cure for 24 hours. Never leave wet sealer on the floor as it will create a haze.

Check your floor for cracks, chips, or holes. Fill these with a clear filler to avoid further damage.

How to Clean Granite Floors

Sweep or dry mop granite floors at least every other day to avoid the build-up of dust and debris. Mop indoor granite tile at least once a week with a neutral natural stone cleaner. Never use a cleaner with acid as this destroys the finish on granite tile. Do not leave standing water on the granite tile. Instead, use a wrung out mop to maintain the finish on your floors.

Some experts recommend polishing your granite floor if it is looking dull. This can make your floor slippery, so polish your floors less often.

Location for Use

Granite flooring is used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors, granite flooring is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Outdoor tile and pavers are used on patios, gardens, and porches.

The look and feel of the distinct surface finishes mean that they work best in certain locations. The elegant finish of polished granite tile works well in entryways and kitchens. Honed tiles do not have as elegant a finish, but their slip resistance means that they are great in bathroom applications.


Simple Granite Tiles

Granite tile can be installed by both professionals and DIYers, though specialized knowledge and tools are required. Before you start your project, make sure that you have all the tools you need to cut and shape your tile. Also, decide if you need to lay a subfloor. 

The subfloor must be level as the tile and grout can crack over time if they are on an uneven surface. Be sure to order around 10% more tiles than you need from the same lot to cover any breakage and future repairs.

Granite Flooring Price

Builder’s grade indoor granite tiles cost $2-$6 per square foot. Mid-grade granite tile costs $5-$15 per square foot. Premium granite tile costs up to $15-$40 per square foot. On average, granite tile installation labor costs between $35-$45 per hour.

Granite Flooring: Pros and Cons

Granite makes a good flooring for many reasons. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of granite floor tiles.


  • Durability – Long-wearing flooring that will last for years with proper maintenance.
  • Real Estate Value – Natural stone flooring will increase your home’s appeal and real estate value.
  • Appearance – There are many color and pattern options of granite tile.


  • Cost – The average granite has a higher price than other natural stone floors like slate and travertine, but it is less expensive than marble. It is similar in price to limestone flooring.
  • Feel – A granite tile floor is cold underfoot, and polished granite tile flooring is slippery.
  • Maintenance – You must seal granite floors on a regular basis so that is stays resistant to moisture.

Granite Flooring Designs

Granite flooring has wide applications and styles. We have gathered some projects to inspire you for your next remodel.

Granite Tile Flooring

Granite flooring

ODS Architecture used granite tiles for both the floor and the fireplace plinth in this contemporary living room in San Francisco. They blended the sleek granite tile with a warmer material like wood for a design with more depth and texture.

Rustic Outdoor Granite Slabs

Rustic Outdoor Granite Slabs

Anderson Landscape used varied granite slabs to create this rustic walkway. They buried the stones in the ground and filled the middle with small gravel to complete the rustic look.

Bathroom with Matched Granite Slabs 

Bathroom with Matched Granite Slabs 

Contour Interior Design uses three Agata granite slabs to create the dramatic backdrop for the bathtub in this contemporary bathroom. 

Outdoor Granite Stone Pavers

Outdoor Granite Stone Pavers

To create a more regular stone floor, use granite pavers. Melissa MacDonald varied the floor design with pavers of different sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are granite garage floors?

A granite garage floor is not true granite. Rather, it is an epoxy paint finish with flecks so that the floor has the effect of granite.

What is the best granite for my flooring project?

To choose the best granite for your project, consider your budget and the look you want. While commercial grade granite is the cheapest, it does not have much color variation. It is also not free of imperfections. Mid-grade granite is the best value if you want some color variation and if you want a reliable level of quality.

Where can I find granite flooring near me?

You can find granite tile countertops and flooring at home improvement centers like Home Depot and Lowes. Online retailers and local tile shops will have more selection and more expertise.


Granite flooring is one of the most durable materials that you can buy. It is not an ideal option for everyone as it is price prohibitive for some. To others, to have an easy maintenance floor with the longevity and the beauty of granite is worth the initial investment. 
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Equisite Home Interior In Shades Of Greige, Gold & White

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Light and luxurious and full of exquisite detail, this modern home design is a high-end haven. Visualised by Idunic Studio, this elegant interior design unfolds under a delicate palette of pale greige and shades of white. The laconic colour story shapes spaces that are quietly confident, where design must come alive by originality of silhouette rather than hue. Luxury furniture pieces are joined by artistic interludes, classic wall panelling, chic lighting installations, and bespoke storage solutions. Traces of gold thread a warm metallic accent through the serene white and greige base, whilst hints of blue add the merest suggestion of pastel.

In the white and greige living room design, a large area rug quietens the acoustics of the large area. Two white sofas and a pair of elegant lounge chairs draw around the edge of the white rug to form a conversational arrangement.

A round white marble coffee table forms the core of the lounge layout, which reflects the circular silhouette of a beautiful white chandelier.

The living room chandelier reflects light from a series of windows that form a dual aspect view. Crisp white drapes frame each one, causing a deeply textural backdrop.

A small side table places a flash of metallic gold at each end of the sofa, which are complemented by chic gold wall sconces. Wall moulding adds a classic air to the decor scheme. Textile panels add a sumptuous element.

As an alternative to the overhead glow from the ​​living room chandelier, several table lamps are placed around the room to make softer mood lighting.

Each sofa table stands on a gleaming gold base that ties in with the small side tables around the room.

The TV wall is framed by 3D relief panels that slide aside to reveal shelving behind them.

The modern white fireplace features a fashionably ribbed bronze firebox. Above it, an eye-catching gilded mirror gleams brightly.

The design object that adorns the white marble coffee table conveys two links of matching white stone with gilded banding.

More beautiful decorative items adorn a narrow shelving unit beside the fireplace. The ornaments are interspersed between books and a series of picture frames.

When the 3D relief panels are slid to conceal the TV screen from view, two beautiful, bespoke shelving units come to the forefront.

The two panels of relief art become a single entity, which forms an artistic backdrop behind a stylish bench seat.

A smaller piece of wall mounted 3D relief art is mounted on a neighbouring wall to extend the theme.

In the base of each storage unit, a set of drawers are faced with stunning white marble.

Decorative vases and bowls add gems of visual interest onto the shelves of the built-in units. Subtly patterned wallpaper makes a lightly dappled, tonal background that complements the elegant display pieces.

The master bedroom is a large and spacious suite with a generously proportioned lounge area. Two sofas face each other across the room.

The bed is teamed with an oversized wooden headboard design that incorporates two wall sconces. The sconces provide focussed reading light, whilst two unique bedside table lamps shed soft mood light.

Four framed canvases cross the top of the headboard, filling the space between two striking arched doorways.

Black bedside units float clear of the floor, further increasing the sense of space in the large room.

An enormous rug stretches from beneath the bed to encompass the entire bedroom lounge area. The rug provides a continuous plush feeling underfoot and softens sound.

The bedroom TV is mounted on a wood effect wall panel that defines it from the fireplace.

The sheep sculpture in the corner of the bedroom is inspired by François-Xavier Lalanne’s “Moutons de Laine”.

A glass coffee table brings a flourish of metallic gold to the blue and white bedroom decor scheme. Grey scatter cushions add dark contrast to the white sofas.

The grey sofa cushions are matched by a grey decorative candle on the coffee table. A small ceramic vase completes the dainty vignette.

A unique chandelier circles the bedroom ceiling. The curved sofas complement the chandelier’s round outline.

Elegant white wall lights flank an art wall. Framed abstract paintings are carefully propped on a floating white marble shelf. A decorative arched mirror design drops blush pink textile into the mix.

The bedroom rug brings cool hints of pastel blue into the decor scheme, as well as darker notes that tie in with the black and white bedroom fireplace design.

The home office has a splendidly sophisticated appearance, with prominent wall panelling, art, and tasteful furniture.

Home office storage is built into the room layout under finishes that perfectly match the wall panelling.

A lounge area is the main focus of the home office, creating a place for conversation and collaboration.

A notable TV wall is created with layered wall panels and moulding.

Two fabulous lounge chairs are arranged around the TV, where they add a twist of gold. A small side table sits between to receive drinks.

Two more side tables flank the sofa in the office. One holds a stunning stone table lamp with a unique geometric shade.

Cube-shaped wall sconces light up the perimeter of the room under mesmerising stone and satin gold finishes.

Each modern wall sconce is mounted at the centre of a wooden wall panel, where they softly illuminate the beautiful grain.

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Weekend Reading 8.7.22

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I’ve enjoyed being back in California, it’s warm but I’ve always loved the month of August here and the transition from summer to the fall season. The fans whir from night until morning and we sleep in late. Just two more weeks until school starts!

This week I’ve been busy helping my daughter prep for her cross country journey since she is headed to college. We’re making lists and deciding what to pack, what to ship, and what to buy in New England. It’s bittersweet but I’m so excited for her!

Favorite links from the week:

How to whitewash butcher block countertops and shelves.

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This family apartment in Paris.

The Hilfiger’s Palm Beach estate.

This basement laundry room renovation.

French country exteriors.

Vertical exterior siding in multiple styles.

Paper bags on a mantel.

Tips on how to wash a baseball hat.

Four questions to ask in seek of your purpose.

Made me laugh: the email reply we all want to send.

Chaise Lounge Chair Offers Stylish Comfort

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A chaise lounge chair offers comfort and stylish interior decor. The chairs are upholstered and make for ideal additions to bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms, among others.

chaise lounge chair

Furniture design is rooted in the human condition. The chaise lounge is no exception. Most people spend 75 percent of each day in some type of body support.

Some believe that sitting is the new smoking. “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death,” said James Levine, Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

What Is A Chaise Lounge?

To understand the chaise lounge, you should know what it is.

Chaise Lounge Chair

A chaise lounge is a sofa-chair hybrid. Due to the length of the chair it doesn’t need an ottoman or footstool.

If you compare a chaise lounge to a sofa, the furniture piece looks like a sofa backrest on one end. Some chaise lounges have partial backrests.

Chaise Lounge Vs Ottoman Lounge

Chaise Lounge And An Ottoman Lounge

The term “chaise lounge” is the same as a “chaise longue.” “Longue” is the French word for “lounge.” 

During the Victorian Era, chaise lounge chairs offered ladies a place to sit and rest. 

An ottoman lounge is a chair that is paired with an ottoman. The two complete the design whereas a chaise lounge is just one piece of furniture. 

Indoor Chaise Lounge

Indoor Chaise Lounge

The indoor chaise lounge is the most popular style. You’ll find the furniture piece in bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms. 

Hanging Chaise Lounge

Hanging large lounge char

The hanging chaise lounge is the latest chair design. Chairs were suspended in different ways. Today, freestanding hanging chaise loungers are common.

Chaise Lounge With Storage

Chaise Lounge With Storage

A chaise lounge with built-in storage is a space saver. 

Patio Lounge

Patio Lounge

Patio furniture wasn’t common until the beginning of the 20th century. The chaise lounge became a popular outdoor seating option. 

Swimming Pool Chaise Lounge

Pool Chaise Lounge

The adjustable chaise lounge has been in production since 1966. A chaise lounge by the swimming pool should be waterproof. Lawn chairs are often made in the form of chaise lounges. Their design allows for sunbathing and relaxation.

3D Printed Chaise Lounge

3D Printed Chaise Lounge
Neri Oxman

The 3D-printed chaise lounge is the newest addition to the chaise family. Printed with filament made with wood, thermoplastic elastomers, or polymer, the chaise lounges are almost as durable as the real thing.

Chaise Lounge Materials

Chaise Lounge Materials

Different materials are used to make chaise lounges.

  • Leather – the most common chairs.  
  • Upholstered – microfiber, canvas, or velvet. 
  • Wicker – go with a complete wicker design or a wicker base with a fabric cushion.
  • Rattan & Wicker – Wicker is a method of weaving but rattan is a material. 

Chaise Lounge Styles

The chaise lounge is available in many different styles. 

Mid-Century Modern 

Mid-Century Modern Chaise Lounge

The mid-century modern chaise lounge is popular. The chairs have sharp edges and straight backs. 


Victorian chaise lounges

The cabriole legs and S-scroll upholstered armrest highlight this Victorian chaise lounge. The chair is tufted and patterned with a painted gold wood frame. 



Vintage chaise lounges cover a variety of styles. If a chaise lounge is vintage then it was made between 20 and 100 years ago.



The long-stepped serpentine backrail is this chair’s signature touch. Vintage and antique are similar but not the same. Antique furniture is made more than 100 years ago. It is not antique if it is newer than 100 years. 


Contemporary chaise lounge

A contemporary chaise lounge is a current chaise lounge chair. If it follows current trends then it can be contemporary unless it fits into a specific category like a farmhouse. 


Modular chaise lounge

A modular chaise lounge chair is a work of art. The word modular means that is a system of smaller parts that creates a whole. Imagine a Rubik’s cube taken apart and reconstructed. 

L-Shaped Chaise Lounge

L-Shaped Chaise Lounge Leather Sectional Sofa

An L-shaped chaise lounge leather sectional sofa is a sofa on one end and a chaise lounge on the other. The L-shape offers seating for large rooms.

Visionaire Dubhe Bear Chaise Lounge 

Visionaire Dubhe Bear Chaise Lounge in Fur

This lounge chair by Samuele Mazza is amazing. It is shaped like a bear. You won’t find a more unique lounge chair. 

Aluminum Chaise Lounge

Aluminum chaise lounges are outdoor lounge chairs. They are modern and look great beside the pool.

Monochromatic Chaise Lounge

A monochromatic chaise lounge chair is grey, black, and white. There aren’t any bright color schemes. 

Dark Industrial Aesthetic Chaise Lounge

Industrial chaise lounges are for industrial design styles. The dark setting goes well with steampunk, cyberpunk, and more. 

Studio 54 Disco Chaise Lounge

Studio 54 is a broadway theater and former disco nightclub. The aesthetic of the club is an inspiration for many people to design their living rooms with chaise lounges.

Popular Locations For A Chaise Lounge

Popular Settings For A Chaise Lounge

As a consequence of early 20th-century health reform initiatives, the needs of tuberculosis patients, and modernist preferences for open design, the chaise lounge spread its wings into other living areas.


  • Mid-Century Psychiatrist Chaise Lounge – The psychiatrist chair is a traditional leather chaise lounge made for comfort and sophistication. 
  • Double Chaise Mobile Outdoor Lounge – The double chaise outdoor lounge is made similar to a futon. The back is adjustable either as one piece or two. 
  • Ergonomic Health Chaise Lounge – forms to the body. The chairs are often pair with massage chairs. 

Chaise Lounge Recall And Risks

If you have heard that certain chaise lounge chairs have been recalled, then you have heard right. The chair in question is a lounge chair from Dollar General. The chair has consumer reports of amputations

The True Living Sling Loungers are the chairs in question. After a chair is recalled, it cannot be sold again until the problem is fixed. To find out if the lounge chair you own has a recall, search it online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do You Build A Chaise Lounge?

There are many ways to build a chaise lounge. An easy way to do so is to use boards to build the frame. From there, you can add cushions and paint it.

Can A Chaise Lounge Fit In A Tiny House?

Yes. You can place a chaise lounge in a tiny house. Check the dimensions before you purchase one and find out where it will fit. 

What Is The US Federal Limit On Chaise Lounge Lead Levels?

A recall was set for Rooms To Go chairs after high levels of lead were found in their chairs. The total lead allowed in products for children is 100ppm.

Why Are Chaise Lounges Popular Among Psychologists?

We have Sigmund Freud to thank for this. Freud thought asking a patient lie down, without making eye contact could provide new insights. They could be more open and say what came to mind.

How Are Chaise Lounges Good For Feng Shui?

For chaise lounges to improve Feng Shui, place them in an area with the least amount of traffic. If you have a place out of the way to rest, it will have more positive energy. 

Where Should A Chaise Lounge Go In A Living Room?

A chaise lounge should go on the least busy side of the room. Near a window is good if you like natural like. Keep good flow by ensuring there is plenty of space to walk through.

How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster A Chaise Lounge?

The average cost to reupholster a chaise lounge is around $900. There is a range and it depends on the designer of your lounge and the fabric you use to upholster it. 

How Do You Clean Chaise Lounge Cushions?

Baking soda is a good substance to clean most materials. But for best results, contact the manufacturer for specialized instructions on how to clean the cushions. 

Chaise Lounge Conclusion

Chaise lounge chairs offer a place to relax. As a decor item, the chaise lounge offers style and class to your interior settings. 

Placement is crucial with chaise lounges. For example, a chaise lounge in a master bedroom requires planning. The chair needs to be out of the line of traffic os you can walk through the room. If you have a bookshelf, a chaise lounge would look good placed in front of it.
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Bold Botanical Wallpapers

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I considered all of these bold botanical wallpapers before decided on the blue version I used in the recently featured hall bathroom remodel. At first I was leaning dark then green then I ended up picking this tonal blue botanical wallpaper.

Dark and moody florals are especially appealing this time of year as we approach autumn and winter. The darker florals make a beautiful statement. Below are more bold botanicals for your consideration!

blue forest





multicolor floral


navy tulip


green floral


vintage flowers


fern botanical


blue floral


black floral


autumn floral


blue floral


woodland floral


willow garden



verdant grey



limerence palm


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Tudor Style Home Designs Offer Cozy Old-World Vibes

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Homebuyers remain in awe of the Tudor style home. The architectural design offers European flair and old-world design. The Renaissance-period homes possess characteristics that have stood the test of time in residential environments.

Tudor Style Home

Asymmetrical layouts, elaborate stone, and landscaping, and brick walls are a few signature traits of the Tudor home. Gable roofs, detailed doorways, and chimneys are also indicative of the Tudor style. 

What Is A Tudor Home?

Homes that look like cottages from the English rural countryside follow Tudor design. The style emerged in the late 16th century and remained popular for roughly 70 years.

Tudor homes have gable roofs, brick walls, and clusters of vertical, narrow windows. Meanwhile, Stucco, wood, and brick are the most common materials used to build Tudor homes.  

Tudor Revival Home

English Tudor homes built in 1890 and through today follow the Tudor Revival style. In the US, Tudor homes became popular in American suburbs with styles inherent to their region. The house variations sparked Tudor Revivalist designs. 

In California, Tudor home styles infuse Spanish architectural influences. For example, a Tudor home with a steep-pitched roof might also feature a cantilevered second floor balcony. 

English Tudor Style Homes

Here are 20 examples of English Tudor homes. Each home illustrates the beauty of Tudor house architecture and design.

Landscape Design

With Simple Landscaping

With Tudor homes, landscaping is just as important as the home it surrounds. Harmony is the focus of Tudor home landscapes. A relationship exists between the outside environment and the home. 

Color Blocking

With Colorblocking

Color blocking refers to the practice of adding color to a Tudor layout. The homes enjoy a reputation of having high curb appeal. 

English Charm

Tudor England House Style

When a smaller home holds the Tudor style it represents an English charm that we imagine seeing on the green slopes of Europe. 

Contemporary Features

Contemporary vibe for tudor house

In this example, the Tudor home design was combined with a contemporary approach. Common among all Tudor homes is the use of stucco mixed with exposed timbers.  

Gingerbread Home

Tudor style Gingerbread Dreams

The gingerbread house style shares the same DNA as Tudor-period architecture. A slender front door with a small awning is a signature touch.

Countryside Cottage

Tudor house curb appeal

Tudor homes offer countryside appeal. In this example, the home looks like it could be in a rural setting.

Balanced Style

A shaped roof on Tudor Style

At every angle, Tudor homes feature a different view and look. Nothing is the same and every nook is detailed and made to feel luxurious and timeless.

Royal Touch

With Royal Feelings

Tudor homes offer a sense of royalty and class. The Renaissance-inspired details involved in the construction are intricate and stylish.

Castle Features

Tudor style home with Castle charm

You can even build or find Tudor style homes with a more grandiose demeanor, meaning they look slightly like a castle.

Asymmetrical Design

Asymmetry tudor style

Remember, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a Tudor style home is its asymmetry, and here’s a beautiful example of that idea in the flesh. Castle-like features and embellishments fill this home.

Timbered Frames

Timbered Frame tudor Style

Timbered framing refers to the wood accents around the doors and windows. You can find some that are more accented and others that are a bit lighter.

Front Doors

Fairy Tale tudor Style house

The front door of a tudor home is the cherry on top of the chocolate fudge sundae. In this example, a light-tone oak door complements the surrounding stone facade. brucekading.

Tudor Windows

Tudor style house with large Windows

Whether it’s seated from the inside or matching the neighbors, all that matters are the details. Casement windows are the Tudor standard. 

Oversized Features

With Oversized Features

Other accents of these medieval-inspired home include oversized features. For example, this gorgeous Tudor home has an oversized window placed above the smaller, front an impressive, extravagant look.

Hone Length

Tudor homes are big enough

Some Tudor homes are longer than others. This stucco-covered piece is built outward rather than going up every level.

French Tudor Home 

Tudor style with french influence

French Tudor homes combine elements of English and European architecture influences. Inspired by both the Renaissance spirit and French accents, it’s hard not to fall in love with the outward style and its pristine landscaping.  

Room Highlights

Amazing lake views from this tudor style house

If you look closely enough, you’ll see how each room is highlighted by their exterior designs. For example, the bay window is offset by stone whereas the rest of the house features stucco.               

Wraparound Porch

Wraparound porch

Porches aren’t popular among Tudor homes, but regional influences have impacted their design and development. 

Stone Walkways

Tudor style with Stone Walkways

Stone walkways help to create the Renaissance, medieval look you may be going for when you decide on a Tudor home. There’s an old-age quality that helps compliment this vintage feel.

Neighborhood Tudor

Tudor revival style in Syracuse

These homes don’t have to be set on a large area of land all alone. Instead, you can find or build smaller versions inside older neighborhoods without the ultra grandiose vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why Is The Trim Color On Tudor Homes Always Dark?

The trim on a Tudor home is usually dark brown. When Tudor homes were first built, the house beams were oiled, which made the look darker.  In keeping with traditional appearances, Tudor homes feature dark brown trim because it looks like oiled wood. 

What Is The Most Common Example Of Chicago Tudor Style?

Chicago’s Victoria House, built in 1893, started the city’s Tudor Revival movement. It is considered to be one of the most elaborate Tudor-style homes ever built in the Midwest. The house is revered for its striped awnings, a central tower, shingled roof, and clean cut chimneys.

What Type Of Windows Does A Tudor Home Use?

Tudor homes use casement windows. The window style features two or three windows next to each other. 

Tudor Style Home: Wrap Up

The Tudor home style is just as prevalent in the 21st century as it was in the last century. Critics remain vocal about the style but no avail. In 1935, Anthony Bertram said, ‘The man who builds a bogus Tudoresque villa or castellates his suburban home is committing a crime against truth and tradition,” and yet continues to enjoy uninterrupted success. 

Tudor revival homes are still going strong. You won’t find many Tudor style homes for sale because they don’t stay on the market long. What this proves is how English Tudor style homes remain in high-demand among US homebuyers.
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The Next Best Thing to a Pool Is This $55 Blow-Up Water Fountain

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minnidip fountain gif

Courtesy of Minnidip.

If you’re brave enough to venture beyond the AC during this scorching summer, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be on the lookout for a few ways to beat the heat. Luckily, Minnidip, the brand known for its stylish blow-up pools, is making it a little easier to chill out with its latest launch:  an inflatable fountain. Not only is this a great alternative for those who don’t want to commit to putting on a bathing suit and taking the plunge help, but it’s also a cheeky way to add a bit of curb appeal to your property without the price tag of an actual stone structure. For just $55, you can have your own courtyard-style fountain, minus the McMansion vibes. 

The Next Best Thing to a Pool Is This $55 Blow-Up Water Fountain

Available in two styles, Marrakesh (sold out for now) or Topiary, the water feature will add the essence of either a tiled mosaic or a manicured garden to your outdoor space. The inflatable is seven feet wide and two feet tall, meaning it’s as much for adults as it is for pets and kids, and super easy to set up. It easily connects to a standard garden hose, and depending on the water pressure, the spray can reach a diameter of 10 feet on the highest flow or will trickle directly into the basin on the lowest setting. 

It’s too hot this summer to stop there. Station a few personal misting systems around, add on an inflatable pool, or stay in the shade with a fashion-forward sun shield. And, before turning in, towel down with a playfully patterned bath sheet. Even your neighbors with in-ground set-ups will be impressed.

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Power Through Dirt and Grime on Your Floors With the Best Steam Mops

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Commerce Steam Mops Feature

Reading up on Domino’s shopping guides is like having your own personal product concierge. We do the tedious part—deep-dive research, hands-on testing, and tapping experts for advice—so all you have to do is hit ‘add to cart.’ That’s why we call them Simply the Best.

Blame it on Cinderella for making the chore of scrubbing your floors feel so abysmal, but this time-consuming household task tends to be the one that gets put off the most. And honestly, we get it—schlepping a bucket of sudsy water around the house while shoving a mop to and fro can feel laborious. But have you tried a steam mop? Invented in the late ‘90s, it has since become a household staple for those with a proclivity for thinking smarter, not harder. 

Though the best steam mops come with some caveats (they’re not exactly wood-friendly), the perks of using steam versus a traditional mop are fodder for those who live for a deep clean. To operate, the steam mop is plugged into an outlet and the water in the reservoir heats up to a boil (distilled water is best!). Once it’s around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the hot water vapor absorbs into the mop pad, loosens grime and sanitizes the floor beneath it. Ahead, browse through our favorites, plus get the lowdown from experts on how your home could benefit from a steam mop and which floors you should—and shouldn’t—use it on.

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Bissell 1940 Power Fresh Steam Mop 

Cord length: 23 feet | Weight: 6.8 pounds | Water tank capacity: 16 ounces

What we like:

  • Removable water tank
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to maneuver

Worth noting:

  • One sided
  • Only comes with one soft and one scrubby pad

Why we chose it: An under $100 steam mop that has all the needed features for a deep clean, plus it’s easy to use—what more could you ask for?

Caption: This streamlined steam mop is affordable and gets the job done quickly and efficiently—if you’re new to the steam cleaning game and want to test the waters, make it this one. Useful design details like a removable water tank and continuous stream make cleaning feel like a breeze. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to push around the room. Choose between low, medium, or high steam based on the floor type and degree of messiness, and add a fresh scent with the mop’s fragrance discs. For particularly stubborn stains, the easy scrubber flips down to clean grout and crevices (this handy feature is activated by pressing down on it with your foot). This steam mop comes with one microfiber soft pad, and one microfiber scrubby pad, plus two spring breeze fragrance discs.

Best Steam and Scrub: Shark Steam & Scrub S7001 Steam Mop

Cord length: 25 feet | Weight: 7.8 pounds | Water tank size: 10.82 ounces

What we like:

  • 3 steam modes
  • Upright lock
  • Rotating steam pads

Worth noting:

  • Over $100

Why we chose it: A mop that has rotating steam pads for a thorough clean.

Caption: For those of you who are used to a lo-fi mopping experience, Shark’s steam mop will feel like a snazzy upgrade with its rotating steam pads, LED headlights, and choice of three cleaning modes. It comes with four soft scrub washable pads and is constructed with swivel steering to easily clean those hard-to-reach corners and edges. The rotating scrubbing nozzle is what makes this pick feel unique, offering 150 pad rotations per minute for a powerful steam and scrub. To clean just the way you like it, choose from three steam options: a ‘light’ cleaning mode for a quick, light cleanup,‘normal’ for everyday use, and ‘deep’ for stuck on messes. 

Best Heavy Duty: Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Cord length: 16 feet | Weight: 9 pounds | Water tank size: 54 ounces

What we like:

  • 17 accessories
  • Sleek design
  • Cleans several surfaces with high water tank capacity

Worth noting:

  • Bulkier and harder to store

Why we chose it: A sleek, modern steam cleaner that you can use on your floors, furniture, and beyond.

Caption: Steam cleaners are slightly more expensive and bulky than steam mops—but if you’re looking for an all-encompassing steam cleaning experience, then you may want to consider a cleaner in lieu of a mop, like Dupray’s. It takes around eight minutes to heat up and from there, you can remove dirt and stains from floors, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms, windows, mirrors, and beyond. The floor tool can be used with regular cloths, microfiber pads, or microfiber bonnets and for areas like grout lines, appliances, and bathrooms you can switch to one of 17 accessories including the steam lance, triangle tool, window tool, brass brush, and nylon brushes. You can even use Dupray’s steam cleaner as a clothing steamer—it really does it all.

Best Multipurpose: Black + Decker Steam Cleaner

Cord length: 20 feet | Weight: 6 pounds | Water tank size: 19.2 ounces

What we like:

  • Converts from mop to handheld steamer
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Comes with steam glove

Worth noting:

  • One-sided
  • Comes with a lot of separate  accessories to keep tabs on

Why we chose it: This steam mop converts to a handheld model and comes with a steam glove for a full-control cleaning experience.

Caption: If you’re the kind of person who gets jazzed about the bells and whistles on your cleaning tools, then Black + Decker’s multi-purpose steam mop will be a welcome addition. The mop comes with two cleaning pads and two steam gloves for when it converts into a handheld steamer, which is great for pivoting to stainless steel and sealed surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Also in the mix: an adjustable steam nozzle, small plastic brush, grout brush, copper brush, fabric steamer, and accessory bag. The steam flows continuously without having to hold down a trigger and the large water tank capacity means you won’t have to constantly refill (this also helps defray the possible disadvantages of the one-sided design). 

Best Value: Bissell 1806 Steam Mop 

Cord length: 25 feet | Weight: 6 pounds | Water tank size: 16 ounces

What we like:

  • Built-in scent disc tray
  • Spot treatment brush
  • On/off button

Worth noting:

  • One sided

Why we chose it: A competitively priced steam mop with the option to add a fresh scent.

Caption: For just around $100, Bissell’s 1806 steamer mop punches above its weight. It’s designed with their ‘SpotBoost’ brush, which is detachable and can be used for those messes that need extra attention. The mop comes with one microfiber soft pad for delicate flooring and one microfiber scrubby pad for heavily soiled floors as well as two spring breeze fragrance discs, which can be slotted into the mop’s built-in scent disc tray (good for those who want as chemical-free experience as possible while still getting that squeaky clean scent). This steam mop heats up fast in about 30 seconds and the swivel head makes it breezy to maneuver around the room. Something we especially appreciate about this model is that it has an on/off button (some steam mops turn on once you plug them in) plus it offers the option between low and high steam. It’s worth noting that the 1806 is one-sided, which means if you’re cleaning a large surface area you might have to change your cleaning pad.

Best 2-Sided: Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Cord length: 22 feet | Weight: 4.85 pounds | Water tank size: 15 ounces

What we like:

  • Two-sided
  • Under $100
  • Lightweight

Worth noting:

  • Doesn’t lock upright

Why we chose it: A two-sided steam mop that despite its lighter weight, has a sizable water tank capacity. 

Caption: Shark’s Steam Pocket Mop is ready to use in just 30 seconds. The water tank capacity is larger than we’d expect for such a lightweight model (it’s the lightest on our list) and it’s designed with three levels of steam control for a customized clean. This mop is designed with two quick-release mop heads so once one side is dirty, you can flip to the other side and move on to another room with the opposite side of the mop head.

How We Chose These Products

Everyone knows how rapidly dirt and grime can build up on your floors if you don’t have a consistent routine that goes beyond a simple sweep or vacuum. We tapped cleaning experts to find out why a steam mop might make this process easier to stay on top of week after week. They shared features that actually make a difference when you’re cleaning, plus brands that they trust to get the job done as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. From there, we narrowed our search, prioritizing models with positive track records and generous product warranties. Maneuverability, steam controls, and useful attachments like steam gloves and brushes were all taken into consideration as was the design aesthetic.   

Our Shopping Checklist

Floor Type

The single most important consideration to take when using a steam mop is the type of floor you’re using it on. “Some floor companies do say that using a steam mop will void their warranty, so be sure to check first,” Clean Mama Founder Becky Rapinchuk says. “Tile, laminate, and linoleum are all floors you can use a steam mop on, but I don’t recommend using it on wood floors.” The reason for this, cleaning expert Lori Williamson explains, is because the floors could warp if they absorb too much moisture. “Proceed with caution with hard floors where adhesive was used like luxury vinyl, sealed, or engineered hardwood,” Williamson says. “That said, steam mops work great on hard floors that can tolerate moisture and heat such as ceramic, porcelain, and some stone surfaces.”


“Steam mops with multiple attachments allow you to use the power of steam to clean other areas in your home other than just floors,” Williamson says. “For example, steam mops that convert to handheld steamers can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, kids toys, high chairs, mattresses, and more.” There are also steam mops with attachments like steam gloves to use on sealed granite, tile, and stone and brush attachments meant to get pesky dirt and grime out of grout.

Water Capacity

“If you have a larger surface area or multiple rooms, water tank capacity does matter,” Rapinchuk notes. “Ultimately, you don’t want to have to stop to add more water.” Unlike steam cleaners that can hold greater amounts of water, steam mops usually fall in the range of 10 to 20 ounces. “A larger capacity is a bonus for those who have larger homes,” Williamson adds. 

Cleaning Pads

A steam mop is designed with a washable, reusable cleaning pad, typically crafted from microfiber. When shopping for a steam mop, you’ll find both single side and double side models. “Depending on the mop, cleaning pads can offer more flexibility,” Williamson says. “One side can be made with one texture that is good for certain concerns (like gently scrubbing to get stuck-on gunk up)  and the other side can be a different texture. It also could just allow you to cover more surface areas by flipping to the clean side when moving on to mop another room.” It’s important to change your cleaning pads regularly, otherwise you’ll just push dirt and grime around the floor. If you don’t have a clean one on hand, Rapinchuk recommends “wetting it, wringing it out, and rinsing frequently as you mop as this will ensure that you don’t get streaks and your floors will get as clean as possible.”

Ask Domino

[Include 3 to 5 questions that complement information you’ve already shared. I.E. if it’s a more technical story, how can we touch on style/design here? If it’s a more style/design driven story, how can we bring in more technical information? Incorporate expert voices when you can, and include a brief answer for each – no more than one paragraph. SEO suggestions are below.]

Q: Should I put a cleaning solution in my steam mop?

“Unless specified by the mop manufacturer, using just water is sufficient,” Williamson says. “If you want to spot clean and spray a cleaner directly on an area first and then go over it with the mop that could be a good alternative.” The reason for this is due to the high temperature of the water, which allows the mop to effectively clean and sanitize the surface below. “If you want to add anything, add a couple drops of lemon essential oil on the mop pad,” Rapinchuk adds.

Q: Are steam mops better than traditional mops?

Steam mops are undoubtedly more convenient than a traditional mop and bucket approach, plus they’re much more effective at lifting up dirt and grime without relying on chemical cleaners. The main disadvantage is that they’re not appropriate for all floor types, so if your house is designed with primarily wood floors it may not be worth investing in a steam mop. On the flip side, if you have several rooms with, say, ceramic or porcelain tiles you’ll be better off with this tool in tow.

Q: Can you use tap water in a steam mop?

While you can technically use tap water in your steam mop, Rapinchuk (and most of the user manuals for the mops outlined in this guide) recommend an upgrade. “Use filtered water if you can, it will keep the streaks away.” 

The Last Word

Steam mops are king when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. If your home has steam-safe flooring like ceramic tiling, chore day will feel like a breeze. Bissell’s 1940 model—our top pick—is perfect for first-timer’s thanks to its budget-friendly price point and powerful performance.

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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Tree Swings for an Endless Summer

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I was hosting my sisters in my house and playing tour guide for four days and we had so much fun. Hosting is a thrill and I loved their company but it’s exhausting too! Yesterday I took a whole day to just relax and come down from all that activity.

One of my favorite respites is the macrame tree swing I purchased for our backyard. I enjoy sitting in it every evening, sipping a glass of something cold, and listening to the birds in the trees during the golden hour. It’s one of those simple pleasures that brings joy to my life!

Every time I wander through a resort and see a hanging chair or spy a porch swing chair I’m drawn to it because as we all know, the sensation of gently swaying in a comfortable swing is sheer delight. Swings bring out our playful side and remind us of childhood, but they’re healthy for us as adults too.

Anytime the weather is good is an opportunity to relax in a swing with a book or just your thoughts. Below are ten more outdoor tree swings that you could also hang on a porch or even indoors!


cotton rope with armrests / teardrop swing (three colors)

black and white swing / yarn hammock (multiple colors) / macrame bench


bliss Caribbean swings (multiple colors) / gray cottonneutral rattan (also in charcoal)

botanical blue / gray wicker


** I found my yellow patterned jumpsuit at H&M ! So cute and comfortable!



The Electric Effects Of Colour In Dark Spaces

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Dark spaces set a strong image with a heavy mood. They appear dramatic and serious, cool and confident. So, what happens when you inject a little colour… Or a lot? These two modern home designs explore the combination of colourful brights in dark spaces, showing how to hit the balance just right. Our first home tour takes place in a charcoal grey home interior that is uplifted with an array of punchy furniture pieces to achieve a 50/50 blend. In contrast, home design number two employs just a couple of electric blue interludes to shake off the shadows of a grey and black backdrop. Each offers a different ratio of colour to achieve exciting aesthetics.

Visualizer: Tovstyi Bohdan  

This two-room apartment design was created for a young and enthusiastic homeowner who teaches art history at a university. Therefore the interior was shaped upon a concept of modern style that meets historical elements. In this dark interior concept, a modular sofa and an ottoman coffee table set introduce punchy green, salmon, and yellow interruptions.

Dark walls are cut with bright paint features that form an artistic background for statues and paintings of ancient Greek culture.

Mature indoor plants feather the edges of the room, where they merge into heavy green drapes.

One life-sized statue beside the TV has been given a modern paint treatment that incorporates it into the surroundings more effectively.

The rest of the TV wall offers no media storage but comes alive with a shapely salmon pink painted circle that contrasts against dark grey wall stucco.

A small vase of flowers brightens the coffee table with its all-white arrangement.

The lounge forms an open plan concept with the kitchen and dining area, which each offer a cohesive collection of contrasting colours and tones.

Behind the teal sofa, a small pedestal dining table is encircled by green upholstered dining chairs. A marble vase brings a few glossy green fronds to the dining table centrepiece.

The kitchen is a colour-blocked design, with coniferous green base and wall cabinets and a matching green countertop.

Under cabinet lighting reflects brightly against a reflective black backsplash. A marble utensil holder and serving stand place white accents against the dark background.

A copper kitchen tap warmly complements the dining room pendant light finish.

Inside the bedroom, the riot of colourful interruptions continues with more modern paint effects across a focal wall and a colour-treated greek statue.

The bedroom is divided by a green portiere behind the headboard. The curtain separates the sleeping zone from a home workspace and a dressing area with a custom-cut full-length mirror.

In the home office area, a custom-made green desk is contrasted by an eye-catching yellow desk chair. The workspace runs directly beneath the window and is flanked on either side by two open-fronted wardrobes. An LED desk lamp provides focussed task light to the study area when the sun goes down, and a potted plant delivers light decoration.

A small bedside table holds a vase of contrasting botanical plumes and a modern table lamp for reading.

Scatter cushions and bedclothes are layered to achieve a creatively colourful combination.

Visualizer: Nastia Perchyk  

In our second featured home design, an electric blue sectional sofa strikes through a dark grey and black living space, creating a visual buzz.

An ornate ceiling rose emerges from a shadowy grey ceiling. Small, recessed spotlights dot across the grey stucco in trios to disperse pockets of illumination. Down below, a small side table and coffee tables echo its circular outline.

The living room floor lamp cuts a sharper silhouette over the sofa, replacing curves with a slimline angular form. Tall interior doors disappear into the grey walls, free from any framework, discernible only by modern back hardware.

The nesting coffee tables bear a unique and bold minimalist aesthetic that strongly competes with the strike of colour.

Surfaces in the room are clear from clutter, which evokes a sculptural feel.

The modular sofa itself looks like a piece of installation art.

The couch is arranged to face two directions in the living room. One faces toward the kitchen diner, whilst the other looks at a TV and wall-mounted media units. The wall-hung cabinets are black wood grain to darkly meld with the moody grey backdrop. A contrasting silver shelving unit catches the sunlight by the window.

Sheer white voiles keep the windows bright. Shallow radiators keep off the chill from the glass.

Two vivid blue dining pendant lights provide a perfect match to the sofa in the open plan living space.

The fabulous blue light installation flares above a black dining table and six modern chairs.

A glass fruit bowl makes a light-reflective dining table centrepiece.

Behind the contemporary dining set, a modern kitchen works around the back of the living room in an L-shape.

A wall of floating black base units and metallic wall units run into a solid wall of appliance housing units.

An integrated black oven fits sleekly into the wall of black wood grain.

The silver wall units reflect natural light from the kitchen window in a modern linear installation.

The bright blue dining room pendant lights are the first thing the eye focuses on when rounding the corner into the black and grey kitchen diner space. Their bold presence makes a startling effect that builds intrigue and wonder.

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