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Vintage ceramics, fancy engagement rings, puppies and babies meeting for the first time—the things you like on Instagram say a lot about what you’re looking for in real life. So over the past year, we’ve been keeping an eye on what our readers really want out of a home. In 2022, Domino’s Instagram feed was flooded with stylish spaces from around the world, but which rooms did you actually think were the best of the best? To find out, we compiled the posts you loved most—piecing together your “2022 dream home,” if you will, room by room. From curvy furniture to cozy nooks to color-drenched doors, this year shaped up to be all about embracing more comfort and a lot of personality. C’mon in! 

The Exterior

Dark exteriors ruled for the past two years in a row, but this periwinkle arched front door proves facades are moving in a fresh, brighter direction. Inside? The Los Angeles home, designed by Sally Breer, is equally saturated.

The Hallway

First impressions are everything for the executive producer of America’s Got Talent. Inside Sam Donnelly’s Studio City abode, the entryway extends a warm welcome with a rustic vintage bench and wrought-iron hat hooks. 

The Living Room 

Open-concept kitchens aren’t for everyone. In this Kazakhstan apartment, an intentionally sectioned-off cooking zone provides an opportunity for charming doors, a wall of pane glass, and sage green paint. TV who? We’d rather stare at this. 

The Kitchen

Brazilian quartzite counters, walnut veneer, and the ever-popular coat of sage made up the combo that won your hearts in this waterfront Australia home

The Dining Area

Banquettes make any eat-in kitchen or casual dining space feel like your personal restaurant, and a dusty blue version with patterned pillows is the main course in Charlie Ferrer’s Hamptons getaway.  

The Bathroom 

We can’t decide if it’s the blue-green tile, the stained-glass window, or the cleverly designed tub-shower combo that made this our most-liked post of the year. Either way, after toiling over 15 different mock-ups, designer Jessica D’Itri Marés clearly struck gold with this one.  

The Bedroom

Bibliophiles will find the perfect spot to curl up with a good book in this semidetached London home, where Katie Glaister of K&H Design carved out the sweetest mini library within the lofted bedroom.

The Kid’s Bedroom

It was style, storage, and a whimsical headboard that inspired parents (and design lovers alike) to click “heart” on this kid’s room in Dallas. A fringed chandelier and botanical wallpaper didn’t hurt either.

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