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Decorating a bedroom from scratch is like attempting to finish a 1,000-plus-piece jigsaw puzzle—seemingly impossible in the thick of it but oh-so-satisfying when you finally fill in those last few gaps. To give you a head start, we pulled a suite of pieces that should check off everything on your list. And since we’re always up for a challenge (especially where sleep is concerned), we decided to up the ante with a very tight budget: $1,500 for the whole space.  A $200 dresser that’s not hideous? A $50 mirror you’ll be happy to wake up to every morning? Yes, they do exist. Here are all of our picks, which, as promised, ring in at just under $1,500 total. 

The Rug

The first step to transforming a bedroom is to lay down a beautiful floor covering to anchor the rest of the pieces. Bonus points if it’s vintage. Double bonus points if it’s the perfect shade of pink. 

The Bed

This frame’s high headboard will make the bare space above your bed feel less blah. Plus, like the rest of IKEA’s products, it’s meant to be hacked. All you need is a can of paint and you’re in business. 

The Chair 

On the rare occasion it’s not being used as a dumping ground for laundry, this timeless chair—based on the Wegner classic—will prove to be your favorite place to lounge. 

The Plant 

This Madagascar Dragon Tree will grow with you, and in the meantime, it’ll add vibrant shape and color to that lonely bedroom corner.

The Mirror

We love when a functional object gets a fun makeover. This round iridescent option will rival the artwork in your home. 

The Dresser

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to KonMari your wardrobe, this six-drawer dresser is a good excuse to perfect your standing folds.

The Clock

On the topic of starting fresh, why not go analog with this minimalist clock? 

The Light

Good bedside lighting is stylish, but never fussy. This sculptural brass lamp certainly ticks that box. 

The Basket

Drew Barrymore’s’ first-ever home collection is chock-full of chic storage, including these chevron wire baskets. Use one as a makeshift hamper or a catchall for extra blankets.  

The Tray

Corral clutter, display statement jewelry, serve yourself breakfast in bed—just three reasons to always have a tray in your bedroom. 

The Nightstand 

No need to overcomplicate your nighttime routine. This powder-coated tray table will encourage you to stick only to the necessities. 

This story was originally published on July 18, 2018, and has since been updated. 

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