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In our Winter issue, Leanne Ford describes exactly what kind of style she was going for in her Pennsylvania guesthouse: “Girls’ trip with Georgia O’Keeffe to the Paris countryside in Joshua Tree.” To her that meant coffee-stained walls, grout washing, and keeping the decades-old wallpaper in the bedroom. And while she clearly nailed it, when it comes to picking out your own fixtures and furniture, it can be tricky to know what exactly fits that vibe—and more important, how it’s all going to look when it’s together in one space.

But because Ford is a pro, we took her lead and scoured her guesthouse for all the furniture and details that make it perfectly imperfect. Because as she says, “I walk into a space and I think: Okay, what is good? I’m not looking for perfect. I’m looking for special.”

Here are the 12 products—from the coziest white sofa to a Noguchi pendant lamp—that helped her achieve an otherworldly cottagecore feel just outside of Pittsburgh.

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