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While no on can predict exactly what will happen in 2021, looking to the stars can help prepare us for any twists and turns that may occur—specifically at home. We turned to cosmic expert and founder of Lilith Astrology, Adama Sesay, to help us out. Read on for her tips on how to best manage your relationship to your home, according to your astrological sign. 


As the first sign of the zodiac, you’ve long been seen as a mover and a shaker, but 2021 is an opportunity for you to slow down and take stock of your goals. Sesay notes that “with Cancer in your domestic fourth house, you’ll tend toward a comfortable sanctuary where you feel nurtured.” Consider setting up a designated workspace, complete with a desk and journal, to recharge and focus on what you want to achieve this year. 


Normally rooted in comfort and routine, next year you’ll feel an unfamiliar desire to change things up. “With Leo energy in your home sector, creativity, fun, and self-expression will be important to you when it comes to your decor,” says Sesay. “In the first half of 2021, Jupiter, the planet of positive growth, will keep you busy as it moves through the opposing 10th house of career.” Having an inspiring WFH space to achieve your professional dreams is key. Opt for a big mood board and air-purifying plants to keep you on your toes. 


A cerebral air sign, you’re used to flitting from idea to idea, and 2021 won’t be any different. “You will experience private shifts with changeable Mars and Uranus in Taurus as the year begins,” says Sesay. She recommends taking time to declutter and organize your space in order to feel grounded and further sharpen your laser-fast mind. 


You already exist in the natural sign of home, so it’s a given that peaceful and harmonious spaces are important to you. According to Sesay, “2021 brings eclipses in your health, self-care, and spiritual wellness sectors.” She suggests carving out a “zen den,” such as a meditation corner, so you can focus on what your mind needs in the coming year.  


While endlessly generous, Leo also loves the spotlight. But this coming year, Sesay says expansive Jupiter and stable Saturn will be moving through your relationship sector, so it’s time to focus on the important people in your life. Consider investing in some grown-up stationery and quality pens to keep your loved ones close, no matter where they are. 


You’ve always been all about routine, and in 2021, you’ll benefit from applying your love of order to your physical body. “It’s important to create a space that allows you to stick to your new regimen and feel organized,” says Sesay. Install open shelving in the bathroom to house skin-care essentials within easy reach or set up a freestanding cabinet in a hallway that can hide your workout gear in plain sight. 


As the zodiac’s resident master of balance, you know how to stay calm through unexpected changes. Sesay sees shifts or additions to your family life this year (a new four-legged friend, perhaps?) and cautions you to maintain stability and structure in your home to weather the storm. Stock up on the staples, like new dishware or linens, so you’re extra-prepared for anything life may throw your way. 


People may not know this due to your mysterious exterior, but your space is actually the one place you can really let your guard down and fully commit to your passions (witchcraft included). “Scorpio’s fourth house of home is going through big changes in 2021 due to the major transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius,” notes Sesay. Perhaps you’ll move somewhere completely new or decide to drastically change your home with a statement furniture piece—we’ve got ideas if that purchase is a sofa—or head-to-toe kitchen renovation. 


With your penchant for wanderlust, putting down roots has always been a personal challenge. But Sesay explains that with total lunar and solar eclipses in your sign, you’ll experience major internal shifts soon. Get to know yourself on a new level by making your interiors feel authentically you: Display mementos from your many adventures on your bookshelf or go for a bright, warm wall color that taps into your inner fire sign (ochre is a favorite for 2021). 


Your workaholic tendencies will only increase in the new year with financial evolution and growth in your future. “Your second house of earned income is experiencing a major transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius,” says Sesay. “Invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time and spark joy.” How about a statement armchair for responding to all those emails?


With Saturn and Jupiter moving into your sign this year, Sesay predicts you’ll have a lot on your plate and experience a major need for what your home can do for you. Now is the time to streamline your space with smart tech products to help you get things done—and fast.  


Your strong intuition might have already picked up on the winds of change due to a powerful Gemini solar eclipse in your fourth house of home. According to Sesay, you may find yourself on the move this year. Work through the chaos by keeping your sensitive self grounded with tactile comforts—a supremely soft acrylic throw, fuzzy sheepskin slippers—you can bring with you wherever you go. 

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