What We’re Loving From Etsy’s First-Ever Designer Collection

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“I love exploring Etsy in the same way I browse Tumblr or Pinterest,” says Joseph Altuzarra. “I start with a keyword—leather braiding, for example—and let the search take on a life of its own. I’ll find something really interesting and then follow that shop and see who they are following, and go from shop to shop until I find what I am looking for.” In quarantine especially, the allure of a good rabbit hole is irresistible—and even more so now that Etsy has released its first-ever designer collaboration with Altuzarra himself.

When it came time to plan his collection, he tapped eight of his favorite makers, sent them a mood board, and worked with them step-by-step to create products that feel true to his brand and their craft. A focus on sustainable materials—like leftover fabric from Altuzarra’s spring 2016 line and grasses for woven baskets—also gives the collection an earth-friendly edge.

Not to mention, a few of our favorite trends make appearances throughout, including splashy tie-dyed notebooks and pillows and architectural ceramics. And with prices that range from $18 for a placemat to $60 for a dog bed to $1,400 for a large, one-of-a-kind vase, you can find something special that fits your budget. Shop our favorites, below.

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