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An en suite bathroom is a bathroom that is attached to another room. This room is the master bedroom. Oftentimes, a master bedroom isn’t considered a master bedroom unless it has a master bathroom attached.

An en suite bedroom and en suite bathroom are both correct. Any realtor will know what you are referring to. They will know you want a bedroom with a private bathroom attached. The term “master bathroom” is more popular than the term “en suite bathroom” but the two can be interchangeable.

ensuite bathroom
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The term “en suite bathroom” isn’t as popular as “master bathroom.” Many are unsure about the differences. En suite is French and means ‘in sequence’ or “in agreement or harmony.” 

However, when used to describe a bathroom in English, it means “attached” or “adjoining.” Often, one of these words are used instead of en suite in case the prospective buyers aren’t familiar with the term. 

En Suite Bathroom Pros and Cons


  • Nighttime Safety: Eliminates the need to wander in the dark to find a bathroom, reducing the risk of falls.
  • Separating From The Kids: Provides a private space away from the mess and lack of privacy associated with kids’ bathrooms. Kids’ bathrooms are more accessible for their nighttime needs.
  • Easy Cleanup: Fewer home owners lead to a cleaner bathroom and less frequent need for cleaning. 
  • Privacy For Couples: Couples can enjoy personal space and privacy, enhancing comfort and convenience. Offers flexibility in privacy levels, with options to lock bedroom or bathroom doors.
  • Giving Guests Their Own Space: An en suite in the guest room provides them with their own private space, enhancing their comfort. 


  • Space Taker: Takes up space that could be used for other purposes, such as enlarging the bedroom or living area. Adding an en suite may incur higher-than-expected costs.
  • Reselling: Not all buyers want an en suite, potentially making the home harder to sell.
  • Disturbing Your Partner: Activities like showering or using the bathroom early in the morning might disturb a sleeping partner. Good insulation can mitigate this issue but adds to renovation costs.
  • When It’s Your Only Bathroom: If the en suite is the only bathroom, guests have to go through the bedroom, compromising privacy. The bedroom’s are more exposed to guests, posing security and privacy concerns.

Are There Any Other En Suite Rooms?

Are There Any Other En Suite Rooms?
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An en suite room is just a room that’s attached to another room without an outside entry. You can have en suite walk-in closets, en suite bars, and en suite game rooms. When a realtor says ‘en suite’ they mean bathroom unless otherwise specified.

That doesn’t mean you can’t request other en suite rooms attached to your bedroom. This is quite a popular thing to do in large houses where extra bedrooms would be wasted. Cut a doorway between bedrooms and turn one of them into something else.

Caves, havens, bars, game rooms, and spas are all popular add-ons. All it takes is adding a doorway and transforming that other room into your perfect getaway. 

What Is En Suite Bathroom In Hotel Rooms?

In cheaper hotels, an en suite room is a bedroom with a bathroom. However, in more expensive hotels, an en suite room could be a large suite with multiple other rooms. This would be a bathroom, living room, bar, and more. 

Jack And Jill Bathroom

Jack And Jill Bathroom
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Oftentimes, a Jack and Jill bathroom is as an en suite bathroom. This simply isn’t true. Because an en suite bathroom doesn’t have another entry, it’s private. While a Jack and Jill bathroom has two entries. 

A Jack and Jill bathroom with one entry isn’t a Jack and Jill bathroom. On the other hand, an en suite bathroom with more than one entry isn’t an en suite bathroom. This is simpler than it sounds.

To learn more about Jack and Jill bathrooms, read the entire guide here. You will learn what a Jack and Jill bathroom is, why they came to be, and find inspiration to add your own. 

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