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I’ve been focused on wellness this year (mental, emotional, physical) and I make self improvement a daily practice by taking time to listen to podcasts, read books, or seek other sources of positive inspiration. Self care seems to be the phrase of the moment but for a good reason. When we invest in our own self care, when we set aside time to show up for ourselves, we are better able to show up in other areas of our life as well.

2020 was a challenging and life changing year for all of us. Instead of a monthly planner, consider giving yourself the gift of a wellness or mindset planner, one that tracks daily habits and creates space for setting intentions. A planner that encourages gratitude journaling and logging your self improvement steps. One that keeps your personal growth on track and you aligned with purpose. No need to wait until Jan 1st, just start whenever you feel ready.

All of these planners below have a common theme, they’re more about your personal journey and less about to-do lists, but each one is designed and organized differently. Writing down our goals, dreams, and wellness habits as a practice is proven technique that leads to a greater likelihood we will show up for ourselves and accomplish our goals. Take a look at these mindset and wellness planners to see if one is a good fit for you for your next chapter. 🙂

Dream Life Workbook




Encouraging Words Wellness Planner

Daily Page Planner

Daily Wellness Log

Self Care Planner (three colors)

Daily Greatness Planner

Rituals & Wellness Planner

Morning Sidekick & Healthy Habits Journal

Mindset Shift Journal

See the Good – Wellness Planner

Mindset & Self Care Planner

Goal Setting Journal

Inner Guide Goal Planner

Self Care & Productivity Planner



Personalized Wellness & Intensions Journal (multiple patterns)


One Day At A Time Self Improvement Planner

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