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This has been a super slow week for me, by choice. Our teens are back to school online and they are feeling comfortable in their individual study zones and on their Zoom calls. So far they’ve adjusted to the circumstances and are doing well so I’m feeling really good about that.

The wildfires are back, so everyone who is close to them here in California is on edge, again. And this is only the beginning of the season. The air quality is terrible, but we’re fortunate to be 30 minutes from the coast where we can escape for fresher air. Between the pandemic and the fires all around us, I’m feeling very boxed in, so I’m being extra kind to myself and taking whatever down time is necessary to get through this. 2020 is proving to be the strangest year.

Favorite links from the week:

Tour a modern home in Lake Tahoe with warm tones and natural textures.

Plant lovers will appreciate this botanical filled home and greenhouse.

Not one but two shades of blue on these kitchen cabinets.

I always look forward to these issues: Spoonflower’s Autumn mag.

Clever and chic: This plaid trim accent wall.

Fun DIY: this layered scroll saw mountain art project.

So great: This teen room color block sunburst paint treatment.

Where to place your houseplants according to a feng shui expert.

Reasons why some people hate your dog.

Deserts around the world to bookmark for your travel bucket list.

Bill Murray’s face photoshopped into classic works of art.

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