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I have to get on a plane today. My niece is getting married in Salt Lake City tomorrow so I’m off to the airport this afternoon. From the few friends I’ve spoken with, it’s not that bad, the airports are mostly empty. I’ll just bring my masks and hand sanitizer and off I go!

I’m excited to see my two brothers and my sister. We haven’t been in the same room together in over a decade so it will be so great to reconnect with them. We have some “then and now” pictures planned and I can’t wait to hear my  brothers’ jokes. No one makes me laugh more than my brothers! I predict a lot of belly laughs and happy tears. :) I won’t be back until Wednesday and I’ll return to the blog then.

Meanwhile, the favorite links from the week are…

Great tips on blending two rugs in the same open space.

A remodeled home in Mill Valley, California with a cottage feel.

So good: this DIY fluted dresser project.

Clever IKEA! Vacations in a box. :)

Timeless and lovely: this interview with Audrey Hepburn.

What it means to be a traveler of color.

One question to ask if you want to find more time in your day.

Living until 120+ ?  The latest research on longevity and aging.

Beautiful and inspiring: living in solitude on an island in Scotland.

P.S. I added three new prints to the Restless Art Shop. I’m sending out an email next week with a 50% off code, so subscribe to the monthly newsletter via email at the bottom of the website to get access to the August discount!  Or follow on Instagram, I will announce it there too! Also coming soon –> a new service where you can order a printed copy of any of the artwork on the site and have it shipped directly to you! All updates are sent out via email or announced on Instagram!

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