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I feel it, that soft and slow march toward the end of summer as the days are getting shorter. *Sigh* Summer is my favorite season so I’m doing my best to enjoy each day as much as possible. I’m committed to lazier days for just a few weeks more until the kids go back to school. It will be distance learning to start but there will be a new routine for all of us mid August.

I’ve decided to flow with the pace of life and slow down for just a few weeks until we get busy and productive again in autumn. How are you feeling about this time of year? Are you enjoying the relaxed pace of it (I am), or are you ready for fall to arrive?

Favorite links from the week:

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Love him: the world according to Matthew McConaughey. 🙂

Ha ha: this Twitter battle for the “best bum” in the museums. View the entries here.

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