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We’re relaxing on this Sunday adjusting to daylight savings time. I’m one of those who likes it in the summer with the extension of more daylight in the evening but it stinks when it goes back in the fall and all of a sudden it’s dark at 5:00. Hate that.

My son turned 16 this week. He’s dragging his feet to get his driver’s license. Unlike my daughter, he’s just not as motivated to get behind the wheel. So funny how different kids are. He’s more introverted and prefers to be at home. I told him he’s got until the end of the year to get his permit or I’ll make him take public transportation. Ha! Maybe that will inspire him. 🙂 Actually I don’t mind driving him, I know these days are numbered so I enjoy his company in my car because it won’t last forever.

I’m hanging some shelves and towel rods today to finish up another bathroom renovation. Look for that this week! I especially love the mosaic floor tile and wood floating cabinet, I think you’ll love it too.

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