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There’s a big storm happening where I’m at so I’m spending more time indoors, but thankfully I have my ceramics studio to escape too. I’m spending extra time throwing clay on the wheel this month to improve my skills. My studio has a great big barn door that we open to get fresh air, it’s next to a plant nursery and I find it so meditative to sculpt clay while being so close to nature.

I’m in the midst of prepping for another artisan market hosted by the building where I have my local shop. I’ll be ending my lease at the end of March in anticipation of a move to Florida this summer, so if you’re close to Sonoma County, stop by the market on Saturday because everything in my shop will be 30% off including ceramics, art prints, jewelry, and all the lovely gifts I’ve curated in the past few months! :)

Favorite links from the week:

This home’s decor is inspired by an English pub.

This remodeled home in Charleston.

This lovely home filled with neutrals in Newport Beach.

If you like bright colored furniture, you’ll appreciate this designer’s portfolio.

This soft color and pattern filled colonial home.

I found these pretty and colorful flameless taper candles.

The 90/90 rule for downscaling your clothes.

How not to annoy flight attendants.

New data: single women now own more homes than single men.

If you’re watching the new Feud series, here’s a bit of background on the real ‘swans’.

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