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Today is exciting for those of us in Northern California with the 49ers playing in the Superbowl! I’ll be spending my afternoon cheering them on! Other than today’s sporting event, I’ll come right out and say February is my least favorite month. By this time each year, I’m so over winter and anxious for spring to arrive.

I’m taking off on a 48 hour getaway to Palm Springs next week with my cousin! I’ll be biking around town taking pictures of iconic architecture and enjoying that sunny desert hot spot. It’s a much needed escape after sitting at home enduring winter weather! Who else out there is ready for spring?

Favorite links from the week:

Anthropologie’s 2020 spring collection is out, plenty of boho chic looks as you’d expect!

If you love color and movement, you’ll really love this beautiful backsplash.

Dark plank walls + natural stain vanity, yes please.

Got big ideas? Like to make lists? Paint a dry erase board on your wall.

“Push, pull, squat, and hinge”: the minimalist strength workout using only five movements.

“Stick your elbows out a little more” and other travel insights by Megan Rapinoe.

65 successful women on the influential book they always recommend.

Let kids follow their passions and dreams! I loved reading this heartwarming story.

“Keep a picture of your young, precious, perfect, untamed self close by.”

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