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When we think about truly memorable rooms—the ones that are obviously #SoDomino—they tend to have one thing in common: a layered, built-over-time look that showcases the owner’s unique perspective. Often that means avoiding coordinating sets and matching goods in favor of curated pieces that complement each other but still have their differences. This can apply to bedding, the assortment of accent tables in a living room, or even doorknobs and drawer pulls.

Hardware, specifically, is a readily overlooked finishing element that plays a large role in making a room feel complete—think of it as jewelry for your home. From inside your kitchen to outside your front door, hardware is an unexpected vehicle for infusing a room with some originality and helps give it that sought-after je ne sais quoi we’re forever seeking.

Next time you open your cabinets or closet doors, consider mixing and matching different knobs, levers, and pulls for maximum impact. Here, five Domino-approved combinations from Emtek’s 2021 collection that offer unprecedented personalization.

Matte Up

Though this knob-and-lever combination has incongruous details—a ridged linear texture on one; smooth marble on the other—it feels like a perfectly mismatched set thanks to its similarly flat-black finishes. Try the former on your interior doors and the latter on your exterior.

Tone It Down

To add some character to your hardware, try a tone-on-tone pairing. Each element that makes up a piece of hardware—stems, bars, knobs, rosettes, and handles—can be done in a different finish. Even a simple duo (like this flat black knob with a satin brass pull) feels really special, especially when paired on a built-in’s doors and drawers. 

Finishing Touch

If you like the idea of mixing textures (straight and conical knurling, for example), consider keeping the finish the same—looking to other fixtures within the space as inspiration. (Think: If your bathroom faucet is chrome, let the rest of the hardware match.) It will serve as the common thread that ties the grouping together.

It Takes Two

While this duo looks the same, with a rounded shape and porcelain makeup, it actually serves two different purposes. Let the styles adorn your doors and cabinets, but use side plates or rosettes in contrasting finishes to break things up.  

The Same but Different

Since all of your cabinet hardware doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy, try single-finish pulls on upper cabinets and two-tones on the lower. Just be sure to keep the texture and stem styles on both consistent to strike the right balance of coordinated but conflicting.  

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