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The appeal of any French home is that it’s made up of pieces that look like they just happened to wander in and perfectly mesh with everything else in the space. That ceramic vase? She just picked it up at a random flea market! That washed-linen ochre bedding? She found it in a tiny boutique in the Marais! That coffee-table book? She can’t remember, actually, but suspects it was left behind by one of her fabulous friends after an equally fabulous dinner party! Tracking down where our Breton shirt–wearing counterparts shop for their decor is a tricky feat—after all, the whole point is that nothing looks intentional—but not an impossible one. 

Good news: We got a few insiders—Elisabeth Holder, president of Ladurée U.S.; Lindsey Tramuta, best-selling author of The New Paris; and Clémentine Desseaux, model and blogger—to spill the beans on their most-loved spots. Even better news: All of their go-tos ship internationally and have online stores. Ready your credit cards and make some space in your home for one (or four) old-world ceramic vessels. 

If you have a thing for prints…

One of Tramuta’s favorites, Jamini Design, is full of vibrant colors and intricate patterns to peruse—all inspired by founder Usha Bora’s Indian heritage. If you’ve been on the hunt for a maximalist quilt or pillow to finish off a simple white bedscape, look no further.  

If you can rarely make up your mind… 

La Redoute is a lot bigger in France (it sells furniture over there), but its U.S. store is still worth a look. There’s so much to sift through that it’s like being in a virtual flea market; you’ll find colorful file holders on the same page as two-tone salt and pepper shakers. Follow Tramuta’s guidance and don’t sleep on the AM.PM collection

If your taste leans eclectic…

Head to Merci, a concept shop that offers, by definition, a little bit of everything. We always make a beeline for its linen bedding, but Desseaux also recommends checking out the tableware and lighting while you’re there.  

If you like the finer things…

It doesn’t get much more sophisticated than fine silver, and for that specific need, it doesn’t get much better than Puiforcat. It’s one of Holder’s top picks for tableware—the brand also boasts porcelain plates and teacups—and a must if you want to infuse your space with easy elegance. Think: gleaming vases prime for storing that pampas grass. 

If you’re after a painterly touch…

On the other end of the style spectrum sits Three Seven Paris, another one of Holder’s essential stops for tabletop pieces. Its quirky handmade ceramics feature everything from flamingos to ski lifts, sure to make you smile as you sip your morning espresso. 

If you tend to keep things simple

Tramuta loves the sheets and duvet covers from Cyrillus, though its kitchen section definitely deserves an honorable mention, especially if you like basic colors and no-fuss silhouettes. Let’s be real, you can always use more glassware—you never know when you’ll have an unexpected get-together and need extra wineglasses. The French are nothing if not prepared. 

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