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I considered creating a subtle gold sharpie wall treatment for my budget bathroom remodel here in Florida but I opted against it last second and substituted just a framed art print instead. Meanwhile I thought I’d share some of the designs I was inspired by and also some other wallpapers out there that I believe can be recreated with paintbrushes, metallic paint pens, or Sharpies.

Buying wallpaper is expensive and for those who are uncomfortable doing it yourself, there’s the cost of hiring an installer. For complex multicolor wallpapers it’s worth the time, I love how the bold tropical wallpaper looks in this bathroom remodel from last summer, however it did take me almost two days to get it all pasted and aligned just right on the walls.

If you’re looking for something more subtle or tone on tone, or if a wallpaper you love is not the scale you envision, you can stencil or you can freehand one on your own. What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like it so you paint over it!  Below are just a few examples of line art, geometric, and abstract prints that one could recreate with patience and a paintbrush or sharpie.

brushstroke maze


leaf line art


modern maze


line maze

citrus line art


triangle maze


graffito wallpaper


rectangle swirl

 dotted wave


mudcloth inspired lines


minimalist line art faces


metallic leaf wallpaper


shibori lines


big random brushstrokes


organized strokes


funky curve


repeating rectangles


large watercolor strokes


desert hues strokes

Stay tuned for a budget bathroom renovation coming up later this week!


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