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Growing up in the 1980s, my mom had a wall basket display in our family room and I’ve observed the look has come back in a big way. I created one myself in this sunroom space a few years ago. A basket display is a creative use of wall space, and because the boho look is still going strong, using textiles as art is a look that many decorators use as an alternative to art or photography.

I’ve rounded up a medley of neutral blends, colorful collections, and mixed eclectic displays. For arranging them, you’ll see there’s no single pattern to follow. They do look best clustered with little wall space between the baskets and with some edges touching or overlapping.

For a more coordinated look, consider buying a set (see links below some of these images), or if you’re feeling adventurous and creative, visit thrift stores or retail stores like HomeGoods and mix your finds together.

meadow blu


kelsey leigh

olive and iris set of six


nomadic friends

pottery barn

dear keaton


handwoven set of eight

doug and fir

brooke wagner


boho black & white set


house of nomad


bark + raffia


kelly elko


whales display



set of eight

dear keaton

To hang them you can use sticky putty or adhesive wall hangers, but for an easy way to display them using fishing line, check out this post by Meridian NY.

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