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Nature has revitalising effects that are great for mental health but often we’re pretty removed from it in our modern homes. In built-up areas, there can be restricted space for gardens, or they may not offer enough privacy from the next-door neighbours. Courtyards offer an opportunity to put this right. Surrounded by the home itself, there are no prying eyes from next door, and the central location of the green space encourages footfall through it when moving from one interior room to the next. Designed by Kaizen Archi, these two bright and modern Vietnamese villa concepts are centred around their airy courtyards that provide blissfully cooling ventilation and a serene 360º garden view.

Measuring 26 metres by 30 metres, our first Vietnamese villa design is a modern abode that’s surrounded by a lush garden border of mature shrubs and palm trees.

The two-story house is arranged in a square formation, with a courtyard slotted inside.

The modern facade is shielded by high walls to ensure privacy from the road that runs close by the front entryway.

Once inside the villa, the aesthetic remains crisp and modern with fresh white walls, ceilings and floors. Natural wood elements and beige textiles warm the colour palette, and solid black accents provide weighty visual anchors.

The large and airy living space is an open layout that encompasses the kitchen and dining areas behind the lounge.

Retractable glass doors adjoin the living room with the outside terrace, which further increases the useable space. The indoor-outdoor living arrangement also ensures plenty of cooling airflow throughout the Vietnamese villa.

The kitchen installation fills the back of the living room with rich wooden cabinets. Matching wood effect panels reach all the way up to the ceiling line to extend the aesthetic and make a much grander statement. A coordinating kitchen island separates the cooking space from the dining area and neighbouring lounge.

The living room spills out into a peaceful courtyard design with mature trees and a deck for dining on in the fresh air.

A relaxed combo of chairs and dining benches provide seating at the rectangle dining table.

Wide windows create sunkissed bedrooms with beautiful views of the green borders. An end of bed bench matches the earthy brown upholstered bed, whilst two lounge chairs tie in with the cool grey bed set and concrete headboard wall.

A floor lamp makes the bedroom seating area into a practical reading nook.

Inside the master suite, a low dividing wall separates the sleep space from a dressing table area.

A fluted feature wall rises darkly behind the upholstered bed.

An espresso bed throw perfectly coordinates with the deep shade of the headboard wall. A private terrace awaits just outside of sliding glass doors, with a calming view of the tropical treetops.

A modern bedroom pendant light drops a lustrous gold accent over the bedside unit.

The bathroom has a fabulous view all of its own, which can be enjoyed from the bathtub.

A double sink bathroom vanity attaches to the opposite wall of the bathroom, where it is attractively framed by slatted wood panels.

Two outdoor chairs and an inviting hanging chair find shade under a short roof overhang and a number of small trees in raised planters.

At the side of the house, a narrow patio area runs alongside the high perimeter wall, which is softened by overhanging plants and border of thick greenery.

The border of plants grow a level of privacy outside the window the modern home office.

Home layout.

Our second Vietnamese villa design measures 7.5 metres by 30 metres in Binh Duong,

High walls and wooden canopies box in the private, two-story villa.

Behind the perimeter wall, the ​​front entrance porch serves as a shaded outdoor sitting area.

Inside the modern living room, unique ceiling fans cool the air. A warm cognac and grey colour scheme creates a sophisticated vibe.

A round coffee table creates a dark core for the lounge layout, and adds a balancing element for the large black TV screen.

Sliding glass doors connect the lounge with an airy courtyard, which then carries through to the kitchen diner. A large, glass dining room chandelier catches the light from double height windows.

Grey kitchen bar stools cooley match with the grey upholstered dining chairs, whilst the kitchen cabinets bring warm wood tone to the room scheme.

The cognac colourway reappears in an upholstered bed design in the master suite.

A beige bedroom rug melds easily with the wood chevron floor.

Modern bedroom pendant lights are suspended on either side of the bed, where they complement the metallic finish of two luxe bedside units.

A pair of ​​bathroom mirrors hang from the ceiling of the vanity area, where LED perimeter lights cast a cosy glow.

Inside the modern kid’s room, a stepped platform raises the kid’s bed off the floor and provides storage space underneath.

Sky blue kids’ wardrobes are built-in at the end of the bed, where they attach to a kids’ workspace.

In the home office, hot orange accents add energy to a black, white and wood grain decor scheme. A designer chair makes a chic reading nook between two bookcases.

A bespoke desk design keeps the minimalist home office looking streamlined.

Ground floor plan

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Section drawing.

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