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Gray, a classic and safe choice for your home, pairs well with bright colors and neutrals. Interior designers often opt for gray to replace other neutrals, appreciating its depth and its easy ability to take on cool or warm undertones

Colors That Go With Gray

Gray & Color Pairing Guide

ColorCompatible Gray TonesNotes
Black/WhiteAll shades of gray, from light and warm to cool and darkSuits a wide range of gray tones.
BrownComplementary to warm gray tones (greige), not cool grayBrown works well with warm grays but may clash with cooler gray tones.
Gray ShadesMonochromatic look with lighter and darker shades of grayCreating a modern appearance by using various gray tones.
PinkBlush pink, darker shades add warmth and depthWinning combination with gray; darker pinks enhance warmth and depth.
GreenJewel green tones, as well as lighter shadesAdds vibrancy to gray, offering a fresh and classic appearance.
BlueDark shades (navy) and paler tones (sky blue)Traditional combination found in various patterns and plaids.
YellowLight gray with darker yellow tonesUnexpected but visually pleasing contrast; creates a beautiful look.
RedBright red, deep burgundy, or soft brick-toned redAdds instant energy; sophisticated pairing with various shades of gray.
OrangeBright or terracotta/russet orangeWorks similarly to red and gray; terracotta or russet orange for an elegant look.

We have rounded up the best examples to show you different gray color combinations.

Gray + Pink

Blush Pink and Light Gray

Light pink and gray are soft colors that contrast each other for a romantic look.  Gray and pink is a popular color scheme for nurseries, but we think that it creates a stunning look in this bathroom as well.

Gray + Orange

Charcoal Gray and Deep Orange

Dark gray with an intense russet tone creates a dramatic effect. In this example, the charcoal gray walls have a cool purple undertone. The designers added a warm-toned couch for contrast. If you don’t like the contrast, try this wall color with a white or cool-toned sofa.

Gray + Other Shades

Soothing Neutral Colors

If your design style is more serene, you can’t go wrong with neutrals and gray. Notice how the crisp off-white walls and ivory floor rug create a light foundation with accent colors of dark gray, light gray, and taupe.

Gray + Aqua

Aqua and gray

The touches of aqua add the right amount of color to this gray room. The desk and chair are neutral to keep the office space calm and peaceful; together, they create the perfect workspace.

Gray + Navy

Navy and Dark Gray
Addison’s Wonderland

From Addison’s Wonderland, this dining room combines gray, navy, and neutrals for an eye-pleasing balance. The dark navy ceiling is unexpected in this room and looks great against the gray wallpaper.

Gray + Red

Gray tones and Red

The best bright colors that go with gray are red and orange. Consider this dark gray room which is far from moody or drab. Instead, it has a stunning vibrancy that is tempered with the dark colored walls.

Gray + Orange

Orange and gray

If you like bold tones like bright orange, consider painting it on an accent wall. Rather than overwhelm the room with more color, the designers used gray to balance the orange.

Gray + Lime

Gray and Lime

Despite the straightforward design, this living area features a nuanced color scheme. The lime green chairs against the gray walls create a striking contrast.

Gray + Forest Green

gray and forest green

If you are looking for colors that go with gray furniture, consider green. Choose a dark forest green to create a moody room or a light sage for a tranquil space.

Gray + Purple

Gray and purple

The gray interior design, complemented by the presence of the purple cloud couch, forms a compelling and stylish statement.

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