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If you ever had to shop for light fixtures you probably know how easy it is to get lost in the details and to become overwhelmed by all the different options. Of course, we also know that a lot of the products are more or less just copies or one another and few actually stand out and bring something new to the table.

Mod pendant light designJewel Axolight hanging black fixturesGalaxy brass lightingLouise brandvanegmond lighting collection

It’s those special few ones that we’re interested in. Finding those among the vast sea of conventional designs is not easy so we’re happy to do the research for you and to show you our most exquisite findings. Check out some of out latest favorites down below.

The Drip is more than just a light fixture. It takes wall lamps to a new level by showing clean and minimalist lines complemented by a very versatile and unexpected design which includes a base that can be used as a little nightstand shed, a tiny accent table or just a shelf on which to display an ornament that you would literally want to put the spotlight on.

Hanging pendant lamps are often appreciated for their stylish appearance and their innovative designs and looking at this amazing piece it’s easy to understand why. This is the Mod, a pendant inspired by delicate garden flowers with petals which can be customized with your choice of material and that even includes options such as wood panels, raffia or even colored thread.

The Jewel pendant lamp is another exquisite and unusual product which has a distinctive design featuring a double-crossed arch and a very delicate look overall. It can be used as a single standalone light source but also in groups, being available in four different versions: with one, three, four and ten lights. The clustered versions offer more diffuse light and can look amazing in a variety of different settings.

Some light fixtures are actually more than just sources of light and can double as decorations and even focal points. One example would be the Liaison series which puts an emphasis on the sinuous, delicate lines and fluid, the sculptural appearance of the lamps more than anything else.

This is the Papilio wall lamp, a stylish and modern fixture with lots of character and a very strong identity. At its core, the design is actually quite simple and what makes this product special and eye-catching is the unusual combination of materials and forms.

Simple and inconspicuous, the Mosca wall lamp provides subtle light and looks slick and quite futuristic while doing it. It’s made of aluminum with a lacquered black or yellow finish and an LED light source. You can Install it at any angle you prefer and integrate it into a variety of different contexts and decors.

When it comes to chandelier lighting things get a bit more complicated because chandeliers are supposed to stand out and to look beautiful but they’re also supposed to provide adequate and sufficient lighting for the room. Finding a design that does it all can be tricky. That’s why we love the Linea chandelier so much. It’s a real statement piece with a striking and sculptural design and a balanced look.

The Louise collection includes an amazing set of chandeliers as well. They have simple and elegant designs reminiscent of vintage glass lanterns with a hint of modern minimalism. The shades are in four different types of glass and this diversity gives the chandelier a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Another good example of a chandelier that manages to be eye-catching in a subtle and elegant is the Galaxy model which stays timeless while also looking futuristic. It looks exquisite when displayed in rooms with high ceilings and the collection includes several versions which suit a variety of different spaces and decors. The versatility of this design is in part due to its uniqueness.

This is the Palma hanging lamp, a stylish and very simplistic and exquisite light fixture perfectly suited for contemporary interiors whether it’s a private residence, a hotel, a restaurant or even an office. The unusual connection to nature is expressed in a very creative and enjoyable manner, bringing inside a fresh garden-inspired ambiance. You can display the lamps in groups or clusters where each can hang at a different height to create a unique and interesting installation.

The Mytilus pendant, like many other exquisite light fixtures, has a very artistic aura and is capable is becoming the center of attention without overpowering the room. Its design is inspired by waves and features a sinuous and organic form which has a delicate an almost otherworldly appearance. The spherical light source is enveloped in painted stainless steel mesh, a combination that’s unexpected but which also makes sense in a strange way in this particular context.

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