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Vivid colour accents and unusual quirks compose this highly unconventional home interior, designed by Irada Allahverdiyeva. Eye-catching contemporary artwork and unexpected decor elements build up a unique backdrop inside the living spaces, and in the bedroom, with unusual furniture adding layers to the eccentricity. A key pink colour thread weaves its way from place to place, sweetening its surroundings at first with a restrained show in two dining areas of the home, before ruling rambunctiously inside of a glamorous pink bathroom design. Luxurious gold finishes come heavily into play here too, with lustrous gold trims, gold lighting and a fabulous marble, oak and gold finished kitchen arrangement.

Visualizer: Fuad Manafov  

The multi-toned grey living room is sliced to create sections of cool and warmth. Bright blue “crosshairs” are positioned over the intersections to shake up the neutral base, and to keep the eye wandering with curiosity.

wall sconces complement the textured finish of the wall paint. The lamps flank each side of vivid purple living room wall art, keeping the powerful piece looking bright all around the clock.

A playful balloon dog ornament draws its colour inspiration from the blue crosshairs placed around about.

The arty space is softened by a marbled living room rug, which merges the grey, blue and natural golden tones from the coffee table into one integral connective piece.

Above the racetrack coffee table, a unique gold chandelier casts a contemporary silhouette.

An armchair is turned away from the living room sofa, facing toward a cosy fireplace instead. A pastel tri-colour floor lamp and a small side table fashion the lounge chair into a welcoming reading spot.

An olive green fireplace surround lays contrast against the red and orange open flames.

Cabinets have been custom made to fit the remaining wall area above the fireplace.

The living room dining room combo is loosely split by an open shelved room divider.

Decorative items populate the shelves around the edge of the room divider, whilst the centre of the piece is reserved for a rotating TV mount.

The open concept TV wall allows natural light to be shared from one space to the next.

A small wall clock curiously overlaps the cabinet doors above the mantelpiece to gain the centre spot.

The sofa’s ribbed fabric is complemented by the textural modern coffee table.

From the couch, the kitchen becomes a rich gold and oak backdrop to the unique TV stand.

The integrated oven falls neatly just out of sight behind the TV screen.

The living room stands open the hallway and home entryway, where wood cladding builds a warm effect. Frameless doors blend smoothly into the grain.

The formal dining area is brightened with blue wall art and a colour coordinated dining room pendant light.

A chunky modern fruit bowl cradles a fruit centerpiece.

Four of the modern dining chairs bring a sweet pink accent to the dining area, whilst neutral high backed dining chairs elevate the head and foot of the table.

Colour blocked dining room curtains extend the blue accent to the windows, and add in a shot of green to complement the fireplace in the adjoined lounge space.

As we move around to the opposite side of the central, room dividing TV stand, we come to a small breakfast area in the kitchen.

On this side of the room, it’s a pedestal  kitchen table that establishes the pop of pink, whilst the dining chairs are an unusual striped design.

Blue and green kitchen curtains match those in the formal dining room to form a cohesive flow.

The wall leading into the home entryway has been nominated for the pink treatment too, completing the colour link between all three spaces.

Wooden slats make up the opposite wall of the walkway into the room. The slatted panel defines the boundary of the L-shaped kitchen, without fully blocking the end visual.

Chunky marble countertops and a matching backsplash spread a luxe finish through the centre of the kitchen installation. Warm LEDs shine from beneath the kitchen wall cabinets, as though their rich gold finish is glowing.

A frame of cool LED light displays a piece of modern art in the entryway.

Two mirrored closets expand the sense of space and light in the foyer, with a stylish marble section filling the space between.

Modern wall sconces show the way into the living room.

Inside the arty bedroom scheme, a colourfully striped statement wall crashes into a wood slatted panel behind a winged headboard and two prism-like bedside tables.

Above the platform bed, a unique linear suspension light pulls in line with the striped theme.

Another wood slatted section makes an attractive mount for the bedroom TV.

A mini bedroom pendant light spotlights a treasured item.

By the window, a floor to ceiling mirror cuts down behind a floating vanity unit.

An industrial chic wireframe bedside table lamp coordinates with the bedframe’s black colourway.

Heavy drapes frame the large window in smoky grey.

Pink bathroom tiles entirely cover the back of a huge shower enclosure, setting a fearlessly colourful theme.

Marble strikes an alternating diagonal vein down the back of a recessed shelving unit in the concealing cistern wall.

An elegant black and gold pendant light dips low by the bathroom vanity, highlighting a unique round mirror. See more bathroom vanity lights here.

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