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Minimalist homes demonstrate the idea that less is more, a rebellion against the excess and overstimulation of the modern world. These two ultra-minimalist home concepts prioritize form above all else, creating succinct artistic spaces that don’t compromise their design message. Gallery white backdrops and sparsely decorated perimeters showcase each item of furniture as an intriguing hero piece. These unique living spaces may not convey typical ideas of homely comforts but the result is restful and fulfilling to the creative mind. By paring down to the bare minimum and spotlighting what really matters to the homeowner, the space becomes not only a home but a work of art.

Visualizer: 0429 design  

Inside the minimalist living room of home number one, there is an artistic curation of lounge furniture. A shapely black sofa draws a curvaceous silhouette opposite a pair of pale pink sculptural chairs.

The open layout includes a spacious formal dining room with a succinct white built-in buffet.

As the darkest piece in the room, the black couch forms a heavy visual anchor. The rest of the furniture orbits the black couch in light pastel tones and shades of white.

Storage space is concealed within the gallery white walls of the living room. Bifold doors draw across the front of the storage units, falling flush with the white perimeter.

A square coffee table beds down on the soft white living room rug. The table has a reflective satin surface, which reflects natural light from the large window. Sheer white voiles gently frame the window and filter direct sunlight.

At each side of the pink accent chairs, a unique floor lamp sculpts an elegant pyramid.

A unique stone dining table forms the focal point of the formal eating area. Double doors seal the living room from the kitchen when it’s in use to prevent cooking odors from wafting through.

Modern artwork places intermittent splashes of color upon the walls of the white living room.

Two linear pendants descend upon the stone dining table at different heights to create an interesting formation.

Modern sculpture makes a tall and imposing dining table centerpiece that complements the monolithic appearance of the table itself.

The metal dining chairs appear razor sharp.

Interior doors stretch all the way to the ceiling line without any architraves to achieve an ultra-streamlined, minimalist aesthetic.

One of the doors leads to the minimalist master bedroom. A whisper of gray shades the bedroom walls and a custom-made headboard design. The headboard spans the entire width of the room to construct simplified linearity.

Floating bedside tables keep the floor space clear and uncluttered. Two understated bedside table lamps provide reading light.

Photographer: Kim Høltermand  

Our second minimalist home concept is a pure white space with bare, white-washed floorboards. The furniture is spaced out to create a light and airy setting.

A small, chrome coffee table places a highly light-reflective element at the heart of the room. Black lounge furniture balances out the space on either side.

Abstract artwork boldly ties in with the black couch and lounge chair. See more inspiration for a black couch living room.

The enormous piece of modern art is casually propped on a low shelf that spans the full width of the living room. The large shelf brackets rest between panel molding, which adds interest to the white room.

The panel molded element is repeated out in the hallway of the home.

More modern artwork colorfully decorates the entryway walls.

A home library is fitted with custom-built bookshelves. Their white-painted finish merges with the perfect white perimeter. Small stacks of books give the blank room all of its color.

Boxy chairs provide seating in the purified home library. A large, arched window lets in natural light. A modern white radiator cover smooths over old iron pipes.

A wooden chair places a sudden hit of natural warmth against the cold white background. A dark painting contrasts against its clean white mount.

Traditional wainscotting counteracts contemporary art and design elements in the space, giving the room an elegant neoclassical essence.

Huge double doors connect the living spaces, presenting a feeling of grandeur despite the simplicity of the minimalist interior. Small vignettes of design and bright colors are created in the corners that form between them.

A huge black glass table provides the lone homeowner with a formal dining space or a spacious study area. A beautiful, traditional fireplace decorates the corner of the room.

Frameless artwork darkly adorns the walls.

Smaller, framed art prints dot the white wall behind the table, forming a neat line of color. An intricate, original ceiling rose crowns the center of the space without an accompanying light fitting.

Out in the hallway, a textile wall hanging makes an eye-catching focal point. White-washed floorboards form a cohesive link with the living room and home library. Deep skirting boards smartly trim the raw edges.

The master bedroom is a calming space, decorated completely in soft shades of white and pale gray. Large works of modern art introduce stronger hues.

The bed is a mere wooden platform with no headboard or accompanying bedside units. An enchanting arched window serves as the main area of interest in the room. Its charming curved frame far outshines the view.

In the guest bedroom, there is another wooden platform bed without a headboard. This time, artwork provides the focal point.

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