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What better way to inject summer style into bedrooms than with a tropical print duvet! The new Matalan bedding collection has several hot new tropical designs to do the job. Both with palm prints they’re sure to welcome holiday destination vibes to any boudoir this summer.

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Fans are particularly feeling the feels for the reversible metallic palm and pineapple print design. Shared on the brands Instagram feed the on-trend new bedding has been met with a lot of love…

Matalan bedding: summer collection


‘Keep palm.. and go to sleep! 🌴’ say the team at Matalan (rather brilliantly, we might add). And it seems to be hitting a sweet spot for shoppers and fans of the affordable retailer. The post has generated 4660 likes and 80 comments, all with a running theme of appreciate.

‘Love this bedding 😍 ‘ says one follower sweetly.  ‘Cutest bed linen 🌴’ declares another. ‘I need this bedding 😍😍😍 ‘.

‘oh the palm 🌴 tree cover…. 😍’ comments one, ‘This is gorgeous! 😍 ‘ says another.

‘How cute is this bedding tho! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 ‘ writes one friend to another.

‘I have this and I love it!’ cries one satisfied customer.

matalan bedding with palm print


The quirk design comes in a set, complete with one pillowcase accompanying the single cover and a pair with the double and king duvet. White on one side with a palm tree print and pink on the other with the metallic pineapples this bedding really is like having two duvets in one.

Buy now: Reversible Metallic Palm Print Duvet Set, from £15 to £22, Matalan

And that’s just one of the cool new designs, the following is also new…

matalan bedding with palm leaf print

This design appears to have sold out online, just this morning! It’s best to look out for it in stores now if it’s your summer bedding of choice. The vibrant pink and green palm leaf print duvet is perfect for those who are looking for a more exuberant summery bedding.

Above you can see more clearly the pineapple illustration on the reverse of the Palm print duvet. The summer Matalan bedding collection is super strong, with its tropical prints and on-trend palette of green and pink hues.

In stores only: Palm Leaf Print Duvet Set, from £15 to £22, Matalan

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Both designs are in stores now, while stocks last.

Do you have a dedicated summer duvet?

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