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While some might argue that Nancy Meyers movies are always relevant, it’s no secret that they’re having a bit of a moment. With coastal grandma ruling this past summer’s style, we’re considering cozy Cotswolds as its winter counterpart. Think: less Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give sporting a straw hat, more Cameron Diaz in The Holiday reading a first-edition novel on a floral armchair. Sweet design elements like mismatched furniture, painted cupboards, and ruffled upholstery make the look undeniably homey, which is just what we crave as we nest for colder months. 

’Tis The Season to Transform Your Home Into a Cozy Cotswolds Cottage

Courtesy of Moviestore Collection Ltd/Alamy

While beachy woven baskets and neutral slipcovered sofas are all over the Internet, charming teacups and tufted ottomans involve a little digging. So we went ahead and made an edit for you, covering all the cottage-inspired bases. 

Create Your Cozy Reading Nook

The best cottages have endless pockets to curl up in and read. When shopping for furniture on which to dive into your next book, sweet florals, wheels on castors, or retro ginghams will give it that “I bought this at an English antiques shop” look.

Perfect Your Long Bath Setup 

’Tis The Season to Transform Your Home Into a Cozy Cotswolds Cottage

Courtesy of Cinematic Collection/Alamy

Remember the scene in The Holiday where a frustrated Cameron Diaz crams into that tiny old-fashioned tub? These accessories will encourage you to take a (hopefully) more peaceful bath, in an equally adorable setup.

Set Your Table as Though Your Grandmother Was Coming Over

Serving tea is a lost art, and filling your cupboards with precious ceramic wares will give an instant reminder to heat up a pot of water and partake in the ritual. Even for the simplest meals like a hard-boiled egg, woodland animal–themed pottery is always appropriate (it’s what Kate Winslet would have wanted for us).

Nail Down the Mood Lighting

When it comes to filling a cottage with lamps, the only rule is that there are no rules. Mismatched, funky finds will give the space a collected vibe, all while bringing in warm, inviting light. And don’t limit yourself to plug-ins—candles count, too.

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