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It’s easy to get stick in a rut with decor, especially where the master bedroom is concerned. Maybe it’s styled to your desires from a decade ago but hasn’t been spruced up since then. Keeping things in the status quo is the path of least resistance, particularly for a space that few people are likely to see. Of course, since most people spend a substantial portion of time in their master bedroom, given sleeping, reading, getting ready for work or just lounging. Shouldn’t the master bedroom’s decor be something you love?  If you’re short on inspiration, check out these ideas:

You have a headboard you love, but how about elevating the whole room with a feature wall? Adding a wall covering to just the one behind the bed puts the focus in the right place and changes the whole look. Other options are different types of wall cladding or wallpaper that looks like a mural.

A little neon can go a long way to making a master bedroom more stylish. A piece of graphic neon art — with words or not — is a way to add a little novelty to the bedroom’s decor while adding a little ambiance lighting. No flashing signs here. Whatever you choose should help create a relaxing space.

Bold sconce lights can dramatically change the overall appearance of the bedroom. This is especially true if you have a minimalist space that doesn’t have a lot of fussy embellishments. Installing large, artful wall lighting does more than just provide illumination: It creates a big dose of visual interest without clutter.

Swap out your old-fashioned headboard for a contemporary pillow style option. This soft headboard is upholstered in a casual way that conveys a very relaxed vibe and a forgiving surface behind your head. The same style is repeated on the bench at the foot of the bed, providing continuity.  Of course, just using the headboard would be a great design update too,

Four-poster styles used to be mainly associated with old-fashioned or boho-type canopy beds, but no more!  Contemporary styles are clean and architectural, without all the frills of a canopy or side panels. This is also a more gender neutral style that is likely more appealing to a wider range of people. Doing away with the canopy also eliminates a sizeable dust trap.

Sometimes changing the color scheme of the master bedroom is all that’s required for a totally new look. This can be simple if you already have a neutral space. This bedroom is all shades of gray except for the chairs and accent pillow. Before undertaking a major paint job or redecoration, try changing the accent color in the master bedroom for something different. remember you probably need a little something more than just some accent pillows.

Go for a new bed with a massive, decorative headboard. The room is mainly for sleep, right? So, put the whole focus on the bed. This bedroom has a giant headboard upholstered in a bold plaid that matches the base of the bed. No other art or embellishment is needed!

For those who prefer a low-key decor aesthetic, try adding a little metallic shine. There’s no need to be over the top about it. Add a distinctive wall-mounted light with a decorative bulb and a modest piece of metallic art and it elevates the whole room without requiring a major investment.

Here’s a radical idea: Skip the headboard all together. We’re not talking about plopping some naked mattresses against a plain wall as people do in their young student years. You still need something to anchor the bed visually, so try a wall cladding that takes up more space than a typical headboard but doesn’t cover the whole wall. It’s a game changer!

If you like the furniture you have but just want something different that you can do quickly, change up the way you make the bed. Instead of the typical comforter and shams, try layering different textures of blankets or throws, which is a super casual and contemporary thing to do. This can also solve the debate between bed partners on how many blankets are too many. One person can pile on a few extra to stay toasty!

Try out a curved, upholstered headboard. These are super popular right now and come in different heights and depths, depending on how cloistered you want to feel. This low-slung version is a good choice for those who prefer to be a little more open but like the concept.

It’s natural — and very common — to hang art or mirrors directly over the bed in the center. Making the look asymmetrical and moving it to the side can change up the look entirely.  You can do this with one piece, but this master bedroom balances the look with a wall light on the opposite side.

In case you haven’t noticed, the days of the bedspread and bed skirt are gone. It’s an old-fashioned look that instantly dates a master bedroom. Contemporary style makes use of platform beds or those with a base that disguises the box spring. This is a great example of an upholstered platform bed with an attached headboard in done in a dusty teal fabric.

Here’s a new idea: A pocket headboard. This one has a built-in pocket, perfect for sliding in your late night reading before you turn off the light. A style like this adds a little extra function to an attractive upholstered headboard.

If you want to keep the space neutral, try going monochrome with decor that relied on texture, not color. The wall behind this bed is filled with empty frames that are painted the same color as the wall. Together, they created an architecturally inspires wall that is reminiscent of more expensive wall panels but in a budget-friendly version.

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