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A smooth beige palette is a safe jumping-off point for a decor scheme… Sometimes a little too safe. Without good styling choices, a basic beige colour scheme can appear bland. This collection of three unique home interiors is packed with ideas to help create interesting neutral interiors. Home design number one is a sumptuous, neoclassical space. Delightfully decorative boiserie and crown moulding enrich the beige backdrop. Modern furniture arrangements have a sculptural essence. Tour number two takes place in an apartment with a chic, modern approach and eye-catching accessories. Finally, we’ll round up the selection with a green and red accented scheme and an elegant arch theme.

Visualizer: ZHJG Space Design Studio  

As we enter the living room of our first home, we’re met with a warm feeling of calm and tranquillity. A soft, modern tufted sofa design is set against a beige backdrop of classical boiserie. A striking black and beige rug design softens the room’s acoustics and the feeling underfoot.

A set of black and beige nesting coffee tables break up the bold pattern on the living room rug. A channel-tufted stool neatly extends the seating plan.

The living room chandelier design bridges classical and modern styling. It falls from a large, decorative ceiling rose, which crowns the neoclassical living room with intricate detailing and texture.

Wall moulding makes a cohesive link across the open-plan living room dining room combo. One larger panel frames the TV wall in the lounge, whilst a second wide panel defines the dining area.

The rattan media console is matched by a set of rattan-fronted storage units beside the window. The natural texture and tone make wonderful accompaniments to the subtle beige background.

A beige kitchen winds around the dining area. White marble backsplashes add a light, luxe touch.

In the master bedroom, a beige upholstered bed creates a moment of visual rest between a patterned headboard wall and a bold rug.

Visualizer: 秦沉浮  

In this chic, modern apartment, a brightly coloured diptych is hung above an understated pale couch. In crisp contrast to the curves of the sofa, a glass coffee table sets down a sharp silhouette.

A black and beige rug design complements the coffee table with a squared pattern. A monochrome throw and cushions accent the couch.

In the window area, a platform floor is employed to mark a separate function. A small stool and a coffee table are paired to fashion a reading area. A display shelf is built into an archway, adorned with decorative vases.

Coffee table books and small ornaments create a low-key centrepiece.

A tensioned shelving unit takes the place of a TV wall opposite the sofa.

The wall shelves are decorated with an array of books, vases, and sculptures.

Textured glass adds a decorative panel behind the shelves.

The piano room is combined with a home workspace.

A floating desk wraps around the corner of the room, adding rich wood tone to the scheme.

On the opposite side of the room, an L-shaped kitchen area is illuminated in natural light from a floor-to-ceiling window. Rich wood grain cabinets and a black fridge contrast with the light beige room decor.

Indoor plants spring from a built-in corner planter.

A convenient coffee machine adds a bright red accent.

A small laundry room is situated just off the front entry door. A narrow shelving tower creates a visual pause between the tower of laundry machines and a stylish sink area.

The concrete and wood sink unit is accessorised with a rattan stool, accomplishing an attractive textural ensemble.

The bathroom has a fragmented layout with a large shower space design at the back. A privacy wall divides the WC from a chic vanity area by the door.

The bathroom vanity area receives natural sunlight via the textured glass living room wall.

Designer: Shenzhen Chanel   
Visualizer: Azusa Space Visual Design  

The final home in this collection features a graceful, arched decor theme. A modern arched chandelier hangs from an exquisite ceiling rose. Architectural arches elegantly frame the window area and the front entryway.

Green and red accents pepper this beige interior with moments of vibrancy. A piece of modern art colours the fireplace wall. A living room floor lamp adds a sculptural brass element alongside it.

The black fireplace is complemented by a stylish black side table. They each make stark contrast with the pale beige wall.

A home library slots into a cosy, light-filled nook. An elevated floor gives the space great definition from the rest of the open-plan layout.

A kitchen dining area stands adjacent to the open lounge.

The dining island features a striking green marble volume, which draws the eye.

The main work area is a small U-shaped kitchen layout, which can be shut away behind two sliding glass doors. The wall cabinets feature a subtle arch motif.

Inside the master bedroom, an upholstered bed stands out from the rest of the beige decor scheme with a deep, muted red colourway. Muted green wall art adds a pop of contrast above the curved red headboard.

A window seat is built into the bay window. Fitted wardrobes complete the perimeter.

The second bedroom features a flat beige headboard panel upon a concrete foundation. A graceful pendant light descends in front. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

Backlit glass wardrobes emit an atmospheric glow.

Mesmerising monochrome floor tiles shake up a beige bathroom scheme. A freeform bathroom mirror loosens up the modern vanity area.

The final beige bedroom features fresh green accents.

Green accented wardrobes complement a green bed set and a unique desk chair.

More bold black and white floor tiles elevate the final bathroom design. A double sink bathroom vanity adds in the green accent.

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