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Always eye-catching and impressive, neoclassical interiors create a sophisticated character and an air of perfection. Classical architectural details make a stunning backdrop for the simplicity of modern furnishings, and add a density of decoration that is much more than momentarily mesmerising. The first of our three home designs, visualised by Yurii Chaikovskyi and Nina Semenkova, is an impressively high-ceilinged home with elegant arches and rich muted green accents. Our second home design features a double-height living room with a colourfully eclectic flair. The last of our tours takes place in an all-white home interior where classical details create deep borders of decorative coving and boiserie around a counteractive core of ultra-modern pieces.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

This incredibly spacious holiday home is Villa Lago Maggiore, located on a picturesque plot in Italy. The impressively high-ceilinged luxurious living room is airy and sunkissed, and features classical architectural arches of huge proportions.

A large area rug sets down a soft grey island for the lounge area in the open plan living space. The calm monochrome palette benefits greatly from the addition of richly contrasting deep green accent pieces in the shape of two modern lounge chairs.

An oval coffee table injects stark black accents into the centre of the light lounge furniture arrangement.

Deep green scatter cushions and matching throws accent the light modular sofa.

The high ceiling of the large living area is accentuated by a grand modern chandelier.

Behind the rich green accent chairs, a modern console table adds a natural wood tone element. A designer table lamp places a bold black accent. A tall glass vase with a botanical arrangement balances out the height of the lamp from the opposite end of the unit.

Exquisite modern dining chairs gleam with gold frames. A golden picture frame complements the luxe metal aesthetic.

The gold and grey upholstered dining chairs surround a fashionable racetrack shaped dining table, where there is plenty of space to accommodate up to eight dinner guests.

A delicate dining room pendant light displays a ghostly silhouette, which allows the decorative moulding of the classical interior to maintain the ultimate spotlight.

The kitchen island is a monolithic block of travertine stone.

A wall of flat-fronted, handle-free kitchen units meld with the white render of the neoclassical interior.

The kitchen lighting scheme features a perimeter installation of LED strips around the crown of a travertine stone backsplash wall. A freeform chandelier illuminates the central island.

Another green lounge chair is paired with a round side table by the window to create a comfortable reading nook.

Inside the luxurious bedroom, three enormous arches define the windows.

Round bedside tables gather around a bespoke bed design with a travertine headboard.

Another reading nook has been created inside the bedroom with a soft grey bedroom chair and a unique small side table.

A second bedroom chair balances out the layout at the other side of the bedroom fireplace.

Above the fireplace, a piece of modern art nods to the arched aesthetic of classical architecture.

A side table with storage finishes off the fireside arrangement.

Sheer drapes filter the sunlight without destroying the elegant outline of the arched windows or covering up the view. The carefully crafted interior is designed to encourage quiet observation of surrounding nature to aid with relaxation.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Our second home design begins in a double-height neoclassical living room with a distinctive eclectic character.

A black upholstered Eames style lounge chair and footstool balance out a curved black sofa design. Geometric coffee tables place a luxurious metallic gold accent between.

The quirky tree-like lamp is the Ines floor lamp designed by Jacopo Foggini for Edra.

The organic shape of the lamp with its crooked shades creates relief from the restrictions of the perfectly pristine neoclassical decoration that surrounds it.

In a second lounge area, a modern rug lays down an eye-catching black and white pattern beneath another eclectic furniture curation.

Lustrous gold side tables brighten the lounge layout alongside a black coffee table and a unique sofa with a black stormcloud silhouette.

A sculptural barrel chair injects a dramatic blood red accent.

Gold decor accessories dot the room.

A supporting wall is wrapped with en vogue wood slatted panels, adding a moment of attractive texture.

A clear perspex chair and the fabulous gold Ella chair, again by Jacopo Foggini for Edra, make up an eclectic set with a bright cobalt blue table.

Two huge modern chandeliers add to the eccentric nature of the home design.

Wood herringbone flooring creates a cohesive covering throughout the interior.

This ravishing red lamp is the Unfold Lampadaire by Alexandre Dubreuil for Roche Bobois.

The glossy cobalt blue racetrack table and sculptural chairs make up a dedicated reading and study area. A simple ceramic pot adds a natural touch to the bright table design.

Inside the bedroom, a light grey upholstered bed is underlined with a matching grey bedroom rug.

A gold modern wall sconce dots each side of the bed, above linear bedside units with storage.

Visualizer: Federico Repetto  

Our final home tour unfolds inside of an all-white home interior with deeply detailed neoclassical coving and boiserie. A core of comparatively simple ultra-modern furniture pieces counteracts the frilly borders.

The neoclassical bedroom design is a grand space with a symmetrical layout.

A rice paper bedroom pendant light sets a simple silhouette amidst the density of decorative flourishes.

A sleek marble island cuts sharply through the neoclassical kitchen.

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