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What happens after you KonMari your home? Once you’ve sent all your non-joy-sparking sweaters off to Goodwill, it’s a question you’re probably asking yourself, and it’s what sparked Marie Kondo’s latest venture: An online shop whose focus goes beyond just organizational tools. Officially launched today, The Shop at KonMari is instead full of Kondo’s favorite things—an ode to creating a lifestyle that sparks joy after you’ve delved into the nitty-gritty of minimizing your wardrobe and decluttering your living room. 

“A lot of followers have been asking me, after you achieve that, what would be the rituals that you do every day or the routines that you have?” Kondo told us over the phone. “These are the items that I recommend.” 

For her, it boils down to carving out a spot in her home to be her personal retreat. “I have a small study that I use for just myself, and that’s where my collection of crystals and incense is,” she says. “It’s one of my most favorite spaces.” Kondo suggests finding the places that make you happy and establishing a ritual of your own. Looking for some inspiration? Here are the three things from her shop she loves most:

The pre-chore reset 

Kondo swears by using a tuning fork—a metal object you strike against a crystal to create sound—to restore balance before she starts tidying up. So if the idea of tackling your entire home stresses you out, this is something you might want to mimic. “They clear my mind,” she says. 

The morning mood-booster

Kondo kicks off each day by burning this incense to purify her space. “I’ve been using it for so many years; it’s got a calming effect, and brings up your energy, too,” she explains. 

The entertaining must-have

“When I invite people over, of course I want to have a Japanese flair,” says Kondo. One such tradition: serving guests family-style from a big pot in the middle of the table. For this, she loves a donabe. “It’s really cute and contains the heat inside, so it’s a great way to host people.” Try it out, if only for the reason that having a chic oven-to-table pot is one less thing you’ll have to clean up post-meal. 

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