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closet with black hangers

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My beloved Brooklyn brownstone apartment is home to sweepingly high ceilings, potentially original picture frame molding, a fully renovated kitchen—and the smallest closets you’ve ever seen. And when I say small, I mean it: just two 3-by-3-foot enclosures with doors that barely swing open the entire way. Each has one rod for hanging clothing. 

In my dream world, I’d be a human with wood hangers that hold clothes with at least an inch or two between them so that they’d rest wrinkle-free. But in reality, my closet is so stuffed that sometimes I even wonder if hangers are necessary—if I just shoved a dress between two other garments, it would probably stay upright on its own. 

Closet with white hangers

Obviously slim hangers are a must. But after snapping countless velvet ones made by you-know-who (rhymes with boy), I had to find a solution that would let me hold onto my overflowing collection of brightly colored dresses, but also not take up too much precious real estate. When a box of Neat Method’s Everyday Hangers came to my door for testing, I was instantly soothed by their minimalist design (a white hanger with a black hook) and impressed with just how slim they are. 

Neat Method Everyday Hangers 

Closet with white hangers with clips

Since slowly turning over my closet with Neat’s hangers—I’ve been leaving my old ones on my stoop for neighbors to take—I’ve noticed the biggest benefit: They appear to be indestructible. Even in my overstuffed closet, they’ve never broken while I’ve tried to shimmy a garment from the rod, and they hold heavier skirts and pants without buckling. (I just fold them over the horizontal bar, but Neat Method sells these clips, too.)

That said, they’re not perfect: Even though they have a rubberized coating, one of my heavier camisole-style dresses tends to slip off. Plus the hook doesn’t swivel, so I can’t hang things over a door (though maybe this will force me to actually put things back in my closet and not leave them out while I decide what to wear). But these are easy exchanges for their durability and the way they look lined up in my closet. 

Real talk: I would never suggest that you immediately toss all the hangers in your current wardrobe and replace them (that’s just wasteful). But I would argue that if you are looking to refresh your closet or have just moved, it’s worth investing in something that will last—and is already constructed of 70% recycled landfill plastic. And as I slowly edit down and replace my own hangers, these are the only ones I’ll use from now on. 

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