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There is a freshness that emanates from light green interiors, which bring to mind natural origins of sun dappled leaves and frost kissed grass. The pale green colour palette is one of peace and tranquility, and works exquisitely with en vogue grey neutrals and weighty black accents. The light green colour palette makes an ideal companion for botanical themes and a plethora of indoor plants, or to tint a natural palette alongside beautiful bare wood tone. These three inspiring interiors show how to combine light green decor with clear white pauses and dark threads to ensure crisp definition around layouts of chic modern furniture and contemporary decor concepts.

Designer: Dina Vorobyova   
Visualizer: Maria Lyalina  

An unusual modern sofa shapes the lounge of our first pale green interior. A small forest of indoor plants grows between two attractive bookcases. The plants also act as a soft screen across a light sharing glass wall between the lounge and kitchen.

The area rug throws down an earthy natural base for the breezy decor scheme.

A glass wall brings light reflective qualities to the room.

A round coffee table presents cool industrial character at the side of the sofa. Other side tables are integrated into the unique couch itself.

Sculptural black pendant lights complement a black sideboard unit, their dark influence giving balance to the light-coloured room. A textured feature wall ripples behind.

There is a small reading area beside the window, furnished with a black, grey & gold modern accent chair and an elegant satin gold floor lamp.

A black decorative vase tops off a tidy stack of coffee table books.

Inside the kitchen diner, a round dining table places tasteful white marble onto daring black and white floor tiles.

The modern fruit bowl brings a note of black to the table, whilst an attractive glass vase supports a light green accent.

Gold kitchen cabinets strike luxe into a light grey kitchen scheme. A black worktop adds dark definition.

Graceful pendant lights tumble onto the dining area, framed by the kitchen window.

A satin gold faucet accessorises the kitchen.

Muted green tones colour the minimalist bathroom. Unique tiles make a feature wall inside the shower enclosure.

Black fixtures and fittings bring bold definition to the bathroom decor.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Minty elements freshen the living room of our second home. A modern mint rocking chair glides up to the gentle wood tone of a round coffee table. A curved wall mounted media cabinet complements archways that shape the interior architecture.

Botanical canvas prints add deeper green elements to the room, and extend the revitalising effect of living indoor plants. Accent pillows and an area rug throw down a modern chevron motif to shake up the natural theme.

Indoor plants add texture to the room and soften the layout.

Wood frame kitchen bar stools make a visually pleasing addition to a mint painted kitchen island. Colour coordinated minty cabinets colour the back wall of the room.

Another leaf print pulls the kitchen in with the botanical theme.

Upper cabinets in the one wall kitchen are drained of colour to keep the space feeling open and airy.

Green patterned floor tiles define the culinary area from the rest of the open plan. Three orb pendant lights on distinctive black cables give the island a more substantial presence in the room.

Closets in the bedroom follow the same simply framed aesthetic as the kitchen cabinets. An elongated wood effect headboard design incorporates one floating bedside unit by the wardrobes, whilst a white bedside table stands out cleanly on the other side. The bedroom pendant light is a repeat of those employed over the kitchen island to strengthen the cohesive thread.

The bedroom rug and bed runner bring in the chevron element.

A cylindrical
pouf matches with a circular vanity mirror. A rounded makeup shelf and companion storage unit slot in around the vanity seat and an attractive arch.

The same closet design and colour palette repeats in the second bedroom of the house.

This time the bed slots right into the base of the units with satisfying precision.

Visualizer: New Plans  

This 54 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russia is a stylish space with pale sage infusions. Stunning twisted glass nesting coffee tables pull the green component into the heart of the scheme with an alluring light filled quality.

Grey pieces balance out the colour, whilst pure white elements clear out breathing space.

Black dining room pendant lights, walls sconces, and a black framed console table add dark stops.

Another elegant console table stands atop geometric floor tiles in the home entryway.

In the bedroom, diffused light comes from a modest bedroom pendant light. Modern wall sconces provide task lighting over the bedsides.

High-gloss white wardrobe doors reflect the light.

The modern home office is furnished with an integrated desk/bookcase design and a cool desk chair.

A comfy grey futon folds into the corner.

A small reading nook fills a covered balcony. In lieu of a coffee table, the wood clad window sill holds a coffee mug just fine.

In the hallway, a narrow niche has been created to hold an entryway seat.

Beige herringbone tiles clad the wet zone of the bathroom. A colour matched towel ladder props beside a set of wall hooks.

Ice white walls balance out the warmer tones.

A beige basin gives a unique look to the vanity.

Floor plan.

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