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Forget mini succulents, Hydroponics is the new houseplant trend set to be big news for Autumn. Here is our pick of the best Hydroponics to bring the new trend into your home.

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Hydroponics has been used for a while in underground urban farming. It involves growing plants in water instead of soil.

This makes it great space saver if you are looking to grow your own herbs and veg at home, but don’t have a garden. More and more people are also embracing the Hydroponic trend with their houseplants.

New trend alert: Hydroponics

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‘More people than ever are embracing indoor gardening and with so much interest in houseplants, there has been an increase in people growing and then sharing plants with friends and family who have been inspired to have a go,’ explains Claire Bishop, Houseplant buyer at Dobbies.

‘Growing in water is one of the best ways to propagate a houseplant, so this is certainly one of the reasons behind the trend. They also look super stylish in a nice glass container and visually are very impactful, so get the Instagrammable seal of approval.’

When it comes to growing your own Hydroponics at home first decide whether you are keen to grow your own produce or a houseplant. When growing herbs and vegetables it is best to invest in a grow at-home kit. However, with houseplants, you can do this yourself with a glass container.

‘You don’t need much at all to get growing at home,’ says Claire. ‘As it’s easy to achieve with a simple clean glass container, some natural light and regular freshwater.’


‘Make sure the container is tall enough so the plant/cutting is supported by it so no leaves are sitting in the water. Most foliage plants are suitable and simple to grow,’ Claire adds. ‘Easy ones to start with include Cheese Plant (Monstera), Prayer Plant (Calathea) and Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum).’

If you are looking to try out the trend here are three of the best hydroponics, from grow your own kits to ready grown houseplants.

Best Hydroponics

1. Dobbies Hydroponics

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If you want to try out the houseplant trend, but don’t feel confident growing your own from scratch dobbies is selling a range of striking Hydroponics.

Available in a range of containers with prices starting at £8.99, all you need is a bight place to put them.

Buy in store: Large Hydroponic, £24.99, Dobbies

2. AeroGarden Sprout

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If you aren’t sold on the sight of swirling roots, but like the idea of growing herbs or veggies this is the kit for you. You can grow up to three plants at a time in this little indoor garden.

Growing at home is painless with this kit. A control panel will tell you when to add water, remind you when to add plant food and even turn the LED lights on and off. You will have a bunch of fresh basil and cherry tomatoes before you know it.

Buy now: AeroGarden Sprout, £69.95, Amazon

3. Bighave Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem Fish Tank

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This one is a bit bonkers, but we couldn’t resist including it in the roundup. This Hydroponic system grows microgreens with the help of goldfish!

This clever fish tank is a whole ecosystem, the fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water. All you need to do is enjoy the green salad leaves you’ve grown and your new pet.

Buy now: Bighave Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem Fish Tank, £69.98, Amazon

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Will you be trying any of these Hydroponics?

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