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From her cozy New York City apartment, Domino’s chief content officer, Kate Berry, often daydreams about having the square footage (and budget!) for a kitchen where she could prep giant pots of her family’s pho recipe. Until that day comes, here’s how she would map out her dream cooking space, in her own words. 

A Bright Idea

I love the juxtaposition of this lamp’s clean, crisp body with the warm glow it emits.

A Cool Place to Hang

A necessary spot to dry tea towels is also an opportunity to display your favorite textiles.

Photo Finish

High-gloss paint contrasts beautifully with vintage tempered glass–pane cabinets.

Home on the Range

For someone who cooks as much as I do, a giant range that marries form and function is exactly what I want in a forever stove.

Future Perfect

Over time these brass knobs will develop the just-right patina to pair with my lilac cabinets.

Shine Theory

A copper sink can take a beating but still look amazing.

Board Room

I always set out a platter of bread and cheeses for us to snack on throughout the day.


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