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Put simply, makeup organisers are a genius addition to any cosmetic collection, big or small: imagine knowing exactly where all your beauty products are in one glance, instead of rummaging through makeup bags until you eventually tip them upside down and empty all the contents in frustration. Already, getting ready in the morning is quicker and less messy. Plus, displaying our makeup in neatly organised rows can add a lot of visual appeal to your dressing table.

When it comes to organising our makeup, it can often feel difficult to know where to start. Despite renewed efforts towards minimalism, our collection just seems to keep on growing, and frankly, there aren’t enough toiletry bags in the house to keep up with it. Enter these genius makeup organisers to provide a practical but pleasing solution. They can transform a scattered collection into tranquil rows of beautiful makeup products which you’ll gaze at with pride every morning. 

We’ve rounded up our top picks so that you’re bound to find a storage solution that suits you perfectly, whether you’re after a no-fuss drawer organiser to keep things neat and tidy but out of sight, or want to go all out and organise your makeup in the most extravagant way possible (and by the way, we wouldn’t blame you). Our makeup costs money, and so does our time when we’re getting ready in the morning, so it’s important to organise our collection in a way that will benefit us the most, and as always, grab a few extra points for style along the way. 

The 10 best makeup organisers for a neat and stylish collection

1. H&M Clear glass make-up organiser: £17.99 at H&M
Chic, stylish, and pretty, this glass and gold frame makeup organiser from H&M would be a centrepiece on any vanity unit. The sloping design means you can place smaller products like lipsticks towards the front, and store brushes in the taller compartments at the back. You can use this to organise your makeup into a really satisfying display that you’ll only be too proud to show off on your Instagram.

Buy now from H&M

2. Readaeer Makeup Organiser Storage with LED Mirror: £45.99 at Amazon
This is one that you can’t help but gasp a little when you see it. This beauty is fitted with an LED mirror on top which you can adjust to the perfect angle as you do your makeup and boasts three drawers and a see-through cabinet for storage. The cabinet can hold your larger cosmetics, and the doors have been fastened with lipstick holders and hooks so you can even hang your jewellery in there. We’re sold.

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3. GODMORGON Mini chest with 2 drawers: £10 at IKEA
These drawers are an ideal option if you’re looking to store your makeup in one place and have easy access to it whenever you need. They’re on the smaller side, which is great if you’re looking to declutter your beauty collection, and the three compartments can still provide a good amount of organisation.

Buy now from IKEA

4. Joseph Joseph Makeup Caddy: £18 at John Lewis & Partners
We love this makeup caddy because it’s a neat little fixture that will keep your makeup collection nicely organised while adding a touch of style to your home. There are deep and shallow compartments to store a variety of items, and a magnetic drawer ideal for keeping makeup sponges in, which are often guilty of rolling off into the unknown.

Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

5. Vocole Desktop Acrylic Makeup Organise: £16.99 at Amazon
Your makeup has never looked so pretty in this multi-compartment organiser, complete with two drawers and seven sections to boot. The layout of this one is satisfying yet elegant, and you can use it to arrange all your beauty products in a way that is both easy to manage and pleasing to the eye. Great for keeping larger toiletries and skincare bottles in too.

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6. ELOKI 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organiser: £20.99 at Amazon
Use this rotating makeup holder for easy access to all your products by simply spinning it around like you would a jewellery stand in your favourite shop. It’s also space-savvy, as the tiered design means it can hold a lot of products without taking up too much counter space. The acrylic material is also sturdy enough to hold those heavier bottles, so if you want to keep your perfume and cosmetics all in one place, look no further.

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7. Argos Home Set of 6 Clear Drawer Organiser: £14 at Argos
Keep these plastic organisers inside your drawer to compartmentalise your makeup into orderly sections. Separate your brushes from your eyeshadows and your mascara from your foundation with the differently sized trays, so that when you open your makeup drawer you’ll pat yourself on the back for being so organised.

Buy now from Argos

8. Livingandhome Makeup Storage Organiser With Lid Display Case: £35.88 at The Range
If you’re proud of your cosmetic collection and want to show it off, this display case will do just that. Not only is it going to organise your makeup into drawers, but you can also place your finer products on the display shelf, for an aesthetic arrangement and easy access to them. There is a pale pink option as well as the teal, and with the gold handles and feet, it would make a fine addition to any home.

Buy now from The Range

9. Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewellery Storage Case Display: £45.54 at Amazon
No makeup collection is too big for our last pick, this stunning bronze glow display case from Sorbus. With 16 slots, three large drawers and four small, you can store all the makeup you own in one place, and maintain a good overview of where everything is. We think this would look great on a vanity unit or in the bathroom, and would inspire some serious cosmetic envy from your friends.

Buy now from Amazon

Browse more makeup organisers…

If you’re still searching for your perfect makeup organiser, don’t give up. There are plenty more to browse through on the sites below. 

How to choose a makeup organiser?

There are lots of makeup organisers out there, so there are a few things we recommend you keep in mind whilst looking.

Firstly, consider the size of your makeup collection. If you’re currently using multiple storage options to keep it in, you probably need to opt for an organiser with several compartments or tiers to be able to keep everything together.

Have a think about where you want to keep your makeup, so you can decide on a style that best suits your room. Or if you’d rather keep your cosmetics out of sight, have a look at drawer organisers.

Before all of that though, we recommend going through your makeup and having a declutter – there’s no point adding expired bottles of foundation to your new organiser.

You can find plenty more clever bedroom storage ideas up our sleeve. Whether for holding and organising your makeup, your shoe collection, the abundance of books that you own or even for random knick-knacks, we’ve got a solution.

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