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Inspired by nature, this 180 square metre minimalist home interior features an all-encompassing earthy colour palette of rich brown and tranquil beige. Textured elements give large living spaces great depth and unique character. Visualised by NK Interior in Kyiv, Ukraine, the home concept holds lofty rooms where rafters are smoothed over with wide panels of chocolatey wood grain. Matching wall panels call further attention to the towering height of the living areas and bedrooms alike. Fabulous pendant lights fill the spacious voids beneath the roofline, glowing with warm and atmospheric light. White marble slabs clad a luxurious bathroom decor scheme, where modern fixtures fashion a high-end finish.

We start the tour of this luxury home in an impressive double height living room, where a towering tiled feature wall bubbles with texture. The nature inspired 3D tile design is reminiscent of scales, and delivers a beautiful silky finish to the lounge area.

The ceiling of the enormous living room is clad in handsome wood grain, which makes the lofty space feel cosy despite its massive scale.

A set of contrasting round coffee tables complement the freeform living room rug, which transitions from beige to black.

A textured ceramic vase and a unique incense burner decorate the larger of the two nesting coffee tables. The beige modern sofa draws a clean, simple line across the darkly detailed feature wall that lustres behind it.

The stylish lounge area opens directly into an equally lofty kitchen diner space, which follows the same serene colour palette of warm beige, matt black, and natural wood tone. The kitchen cabinets sport the same wood tone finish as the attractive ceilings in order to achieve an individually tailored look. Illuminated open kitchen shelves cross the back of the room, where they create a glowing point of interest.

Opposite the 3D tiled feature wall in the lounge, a modern fireplace flickers across a long black hearth. The TV is mounted just above it, set within a block of units with a reeded texture finish. The wall hung units offer generous storage space for media items, consoles and books.

A wide window frames a modern lounge chair that has a unique sculptural appeal. A fabulous view of mature trees spans the distant horizon.

Linear suspension lights hang parallel above the living room in an understated fashion.

Conversely, a dining chandelier makes a big statement in the neighbouring space with multiple low hanging pendants. The three pendants draw loose halos along the length of a large dining table and integrated kitchen island. A piece of 3D relief artwork is propped against the wall of the dining area to add interest to the plain grey render.

Upholstered dining chairs make square silhouettes at either side of the bespoke rectangle dining table, which features a glass panel at one side to lighten the look.

An induction hob with an integrated extractor unit is set on the kitchen island alongside the dining table, putting the cook right next to the diners for ease of social interaction.

The other side of the kitchen island houses two deep drawer units–perfect for storing all of the cutlery, napkins, placemats, serving bowls, and other items that are frequently used at the dining table.

Inside the first bedroom, a dreamy marble accent wall features fashionably fluted texture sections. The luxe grey stone contrasts coolly against the visual warmth of smooth wooden ceiling panels. LED perimeter lights draw a bright divide between the materials, which gives added emphasis to the feature wall.

Multiple bedroom pendant lights stream down in front of the textured focal wall, landing low over one of the bedside units. A freeform bedroom area rug lays shades of grey across the microcement floor.

A linear suspension light distributes even illumination over the other side of the bedroom.

A simple dressing table links onto the side of the bedroom TV wall units. An illuminated vanity mirror provides focussed task lighting.

The next bedroom lighting scheme takes a different turn, with great looping modern chandeliers that create an immediate statement above the bed.

Raw cement walls give the peaceful bedroom design a subtle texture.

Fluted glass fronted units glow from within at the foot of the upholstered bed.

A bespoke dressing table module is tagged onto the side of the glass units. A modern grey vanity chair tucks beneath.

The spacious walk in wardrobe is brightly lit by LED perimeter lighting, which makes selecting a clothing colour match an easier task.

The built-in lighting scheme creates atmospheric illumination over the textured walls of the walk in closet.

Square units are situated slightly apart, creating a freestanding cabinet aesthetic.

Inside the luxury bathroom design, glossy white marble slabs cover the walls and the floor to achieve one streamlined, cohesive look. Dark grey vein strikes through the white stone, creating a dramatic finish. This dark accent inspires the colourway of a charcoal grey toilet cistern concealment wall and a matching grey modern toilet. White mosaic tiles build a shimmering tower inside the shower enclosure.

Black single bar heated towel rails and coordinating black shower fixtures contrast darkly against the white marble wall panels.

A small grey marble bathroom table holds toiletries close by the shower door for convenience.

A linear white marble bathroom vanity unit seems to extrude from the matching marble walls.

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