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The Queen of baking might have left The Great British Bake Off tent, but when September rolls around we’re still day dreaming about Mary Berry complimenting our Victoria sponge or chocolate cake. Made from Mary Berry’s recipe of course.

However, recently a new fantasy has taken hold of us. Whipping up cream and fairy cakes in Mary Berry’s House, her kitchen to be exact. But unlike our old daydreaming this version doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Why? Because Mary Berry’s house in Buckinghamshire is currently on the market with Hamptons Estate Agents for an asking price of £2.5 million.

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Mary Berry house

Image credit: Jeff Spicer/PA Wire/PA Images

Why don’t we take a look around?

Mary Berry’s House


Mary Berry House 1

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

We didn’t expect anything better than chocolate box perfection from Mary Berry’s house. A lovely example of a traditional Georgian house in brick, this property is both elegant and cosy.


Mary Berry house 8

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

Simple, yet charming. These are the key words that made us fall in love with Mary Berry’s baking, and it is once again causing us to fall for this neutral hallway.

Living room

Mary Berry house 2

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

Mary Berry probably has to beat the neighbours constantly dropping around for tea and cake off with a wooden spoon. However, we imagine that the baking darling  is probably too sweet to do such a thing, also she probably wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to show off her gorgeously airy living room.


Mary Berry house 4

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

Now for the room you’ve all been waiting for – the Kitchen! Baby blue with black stone countertops, we love the kitchen’s country style and can imagine Mary Berry cooking up a storm in here.

Mary Berry house 5

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agent

This rustic Aga has probably seen its fair share of birthday cakes and stands pride of place as the centre piece of the kitchen. However, we do think this space could benefit from a hefty wooden kitchen island for rolling out dough and dusting gingerbread houses – or our make-believe baking sessions with Mary.

Dining room

Mary Berry House 3

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

Or as we would like to refer to it: the cake consuming room. Gorgeous bay windows and a marble fireplace make this room the perfect place to gather around the table with a few friends for a slice of cake or two.


Mary Berry house 7

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

This spacious bathroom has been kept simple with clean white walls and fittings. The only burst of colour comes in through the window from the garden outside.


Mary Berry House 6

Image credit: Hamptons Estate Agents

This is the sort of bedroom we usually only get treated to when we embark on a retreat to a country side hotel. Not only does it have glorious views across the garden, but also a personal fireplace. I wonder how Mary Berry feels about cake and tea in bed?

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What is your favourite room in Mary Berry’s house?

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