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Rich brown accents offset a stark black and white backdrop in this chic modern home interior. The juxtaposition in tone creates a characterful colour story that feels long-established despite its contemporary elements. Designed by Sver Studio, the 140 square metre villa features a free-flowing living space and an impressive master bedroom suite. Furniture choices are fashion-forward, high-end entities that cut striking silhouettes into the scheme. Interior arches add further distinguishing shape to the design, and establish an elegant motif that runs throughout. Quirky statement pieces are employed to offset the mature aura of the home, preventing the look from seeming stuffy or stale.

Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

Despite its abundance of modern touches, this impeccable home design conveys a classic air that spells sophistication. Brown accent furniture and accessories add a rich warmth to chic black and white base decor.

A black circle chandelier draws a wide outline across the white ceiling, growing much larger than the pair of modern coffee tables that nest beneath it. Spherical shades inspire orb ornaments on the table and a globe cushion on the modern sofa.

A curved sofa complements the rounded shape theme in the chandelier and an interior archway that’s set into the white wall stucco. The archway is a delicately shallow, stepped design that incorporates a row of decorative shelving.

The nesting coffee tables hit each colour in the decor palette, displaying contrasting black and white tabletops and chunky wooden legs. An arch-shaped ornament echoes the elegantly arched recess in the living room wall.

Two smart black lounge chairs complete the lounge furniture arrangement. The pair of chairs draw the room layout to a close, whilst still allowing the line of sight to pass through to a striking black focal wall.

Sculptural living room wall decor breaks the black feature wall with a mesmerising pool of white.

The living room rug is perhaps the most characterful piece in the room. The bold chequerboard pattern makes an eye-catching statement, edged by playful tassels.

A modern black wall sconce and a black plinth build height and interest against the plain white wall.

Two open archways give entry to the kitchen diner. Wood chevron flooring flows seamlessly between the two rooms to create smooth cohesivity.

The two archways provide perfect balance, giving the interior a sense of serenity.

A modern dining room chandelier makes an abstract statement above the modern dining set.

Black and white modern fruit bowls make a high-contrast dining table centrepiece that is both beautiful and functional.

Modern upholstered dining chairs seat four people around the stone dining table.

A one wall kitchen builds a rich wooden backdrop behind the black and white dining room arrangement, providing some welcome visual warmth.

A tall appliance housing unit at each end of the kitchen installation gives the design perfect symmetry, as if in reflection of the twin archways in the wall opposite.

Mosaic tiles form a light reflective backsplash at the centre of the wood kitchen design. A single floating shelf crosses the tile, with a line of atmospheric LED light glowing below it.

Adornment to the open kitchen shelving is kept simple, with only a single decorative vase creating a minimalistic focal point beneath a modern wall sconce.

Moving on into the master, we find an uber–stylish scheme with an artistic black and white bedroom rug design and a unique end of bed bench.

An oversized bedroom pendant light crowns the scheme with a sculptural shade. A modern wall sconce provides soft mood lighting over the bedside table.

A black stem light descends on the other bedside table, creating an asymmetrical scheme.

Two large art canvases inject the warm brown accent colour into the bedroom design.

Over by the bedroom window, a pair of sculptural bedroom chairs make up a cosy area for taking coffee or reading a good book.

An unusual floor lamp drops a chunky black accent into the bedroom lounge furniture arrangement. A white faux fur ottoman drops in a hint of playfulness.

On the wall behind the bedroom lounge area, a freeform mirror compliments the curves of the designer chairs. Sheer white drapes frame a stark black bedroom window frame with matching horizontal window blinds.

An extraordinary black coffee table stands on enormous globe legs between the two bedroom chairs, looking as though it could roll away if the tabletop were to lose balance.

A decorative tray and bowl make up a simple coffee table centrepiece.

Inside the bathroom, stone tiles make up a textural backsplash wall. A double sink bathroom vanity unit is mounted upon the tile. A unique bathroom mirror compliments the curved black vanity unit and its striking modern faucets.

A modern wall sconce is mounted at one side of the mirror to supply practical task lighting. See more inspiration for bathroom vanity lights.

The bathroom sink is integrated into the stone countertop of the vanity. Amber glass soap dispensers are set on a slightly raised shelf at one end.

The bathroom floor is a stunning black and white stone mosaic design that floods directly into the shower enclosure. The shower area is a unique curved design that’s clad in rich brown stucco. A black showerhead and hand rinser make strong black anchors against the brown wet wall. A small black side table stands behind the shower screen to hold toiletries close at hand.

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