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Wood is one of the most common materials used by us throughout the years and during all this time we learned how to take full advantage of it and how to include it in all sorts of different types of projects in various different forms. Today there’s a ton of cool ideas to choose from if you’re thinking of crafting something out of wood. Let us be your source of inspiration. Check below our top favorite wood craft ideas gathered over the years.

You could make a wood cheese board to display your delicious appetizers in style. Give it a nice dark finish so the food stands out by contrast. All you need for this project is a hardwood board, some sandpaper, a paint brush and food-safe finish in the desired nuance.

Have you ever considered crafting a wreath out of wood? That idea sounds a little bit vague so let’s talk specifics. This right here is a wood slice wreath. It’s made using round wood cuts with bark edges, glue, burlap fabric and some decorative things such as flowers and a little bird’s nest.

Wood is most commonly used to build things like furniture and frames for certain types of items. For example, you can build a chic wood planter for your stylish flower pots. This one has a matte black finish which looks great in combination with the metallic copper accents.

Isn’t this rustic cake stand just charming? Imagine having something like this for yourself. It would stand out at parties and it would also be wonderful to have around when you’re making treats on weekends. You can build your own stand using a thick wood round for the base and this slices for the top.

Look around the house and perhaps you’ll find that you already have a few wooden pieces that you love. In that case, maybe you’d like to give them a quick makeover. These metallic accented wooden bowls sure look pretty so let this project inspire you.

You can also use wood to create beautiful art. We’re not talking about sculptures because those actually require special talent and knowledge. The idea here is to put together a few wood scrap pieces to create some abstract and modern art. This piece right here resembles a mountain.

There’s also a bunch of useful things which you could make out of wood. A wooden tray could be a nice addition to your home or a cute gift for someone. To make one you need a piece of wood or plywood, two handles or knobs, a drill, a hand saw, nails and some paint or stain.

Sure, this isn’t actually a project that involved solid wood but it does have that warm and natural vibe that wood usually adds to a decor and that’s a great detail. To make this wooden strip candle votive you’re going to need cane reed, masking tape, a tea light candle, glass tumbler and a glue gun.

Does your desk need a lamp? Well then make one. It’s actually quite simple and you can use a piece of wood as a base. You’ll need a light socket kit so keep that in mind when preparing all the supplies. If you want to you can drill a little hole in the base and make a tiny planter. This would make your wooden block desk lamp look even more quirky.

Although we no longer need wall clocks since we can tell the time by looking at our phones, fridge, microwave oven, etc. we can still display these things as decorations in our homes. A modern wood wall clock with a minimalist and abstract design can look lovely up on the wall among framed pictures and other artwork pieces.

These rustic wooden pumpkins would make really cool Halloween decorations. They’re also the perfect project if you have some leftover wood from previous crafts and you want to put it to good use.  Alternative, you can get some unfinished wood blocks at your local hardware store. Also get some wood spools, glue, sisal wire and burlap while you’re there and don’t forget the orange paint.

Speaking of decorations, check out this stylish wall-mounted mirror attached to an oversized frame. It looks lovely and it actually leaves a bit of room for you to add some hooks on the side if you want to store and organize some jewelry or accessories. The plain wood framed mirror look is nice as well if you prefer to keep things simple.

If you’re the type of person who liked to put a bit of extra effort into their gift-wrapping technique then we think you’re going to love this wooden gift tag idea. It’s a really nice way to personalize a gift and make it special. With a branch, a drill, a saw and some sandpaper you can make a bunch of tags which you can then personalize however you want.

A wood slat hanging frame can also be a nice little project. You could use something like this if you want to display posters or paper prints on the walls. For the frame you’re going to need a long and rectangular piece of wood, a drill, 2 popsicle sticks, a saw and some twine. If you paint it if you want to.

Another cute thing that you can display on the wall is this wooden create sign. It would look lovely in your office or studio, especially if you’re the artistic type. You can either decorate a pre-made sign or craft something from scratch. In addition to that you’re going to need paint in several different colors, letter stencils, a foam brush, glue and paint brushes.

Maybe you’re not confident enough to make your own furniture right now but you might dare to try something smaller, like this wooden x-shaped magazine holder. It’s a useful accessory that can give you a taste of how satisfying it is to craft things yourself.

In search for a new centerpiece? How about this wood candelabra? It looks stylish and it has character plus it’s a really nice DIY project which you do at a low cost. You can give the wood a natural appearance and simply applying some oil but you can also stain or paint it. It’s up to you to turn this project into something unique.

Hanging planters are awesome for several reasons, one of which is convenience as they don’t take up any space on the counter or the floor. The cons, however, include the price and the fact that there aren’t really that many designs to choose from. This leads us to our last woodcraft project: a wooden hanging planter which you can make out of a bowl, some rope and a hook. Isn’t it marvelous?

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