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If preppy is your style, you’re in luck. According to Shea McGee of design company Studio McGee and the Netflix show Dream Home Makeover, the Country Club aesthetic is on the rise. This timeless style draws inspiration from classic British elements, country club atmospheres, and the preppiness of Ralph-Lauren-like fashion. It also mixes traditional elements with modern touches for an updated look.

Leather furniture armchairs

Elements of Country Club Interior Design Aesthetic

Cabana Stripes

All stripes work with the Country Club design, but cabana styles are the most popular. These wide vertical stripes are popular for furniture design and come in various colors, with white and black or white and blue being the most popular.

Also, consider accents with pinstripes in traditional color schemes.

Woven Details

Woven baskets, light shades, and furniture are the perfect accent pieces for a preppy look. You can find rattan chairs, large pendant shades, and side tables to complement some of the darker elements of this style. 

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is the ultimate pick for an old-school country club vibe. Look for pieces with authentic or well-worn leather —pieces with and without nailhead trim work.


Traditional wood molding on the ceiling or wall adds an upscale feel to any room. It also works well to break up darker wall colors often found in this style.

Classic Silhouettes

Substantial wooden desks, rounded back armchairs, large wooden dining tables, and other traditional pieces suit the country club aesthetic. Timeless and expensive-looking pieces work best. Consider thrifting tables and desks to find high-quality furniture for less.

Vintage Artwork

Gold-framed artwork and mirrors act as jewelry for the wall. Consider paintings or photography of horses, the outdoors, or nautical settings.

Examples of Country Club Style

Country Club Main Bedroom

Country Club Main Bedroom
Image by Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

The wooden beams and wooden framed French doors give this space a commanding presence. The designer kept the furnishings simple and classic for a high-end look.

Country Club Living Room

Country Club Living Room
Image by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The painted wall paneling and brick fireplace add texture to this country club-style living room. The framed artwork is an ode to the outdoors, while the traditional leather ottomans, lamps, and decor add classic style.

A Wood Paneled Study

A Wood Paneled Study
Image by Country Club Homes

Real wood paneling is a staple of the country club design style, giving any space an elevated, upscale feel. If your home has wall paneling, skip the paint and let the natural wood show through.

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