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Behr wants you to chill out. We already knew about the transformative power of color on our mood—a recent study showed navy leads to better relaxation—but the paint company is taking this idea a step further. Behr’s 2020 color trends report features three palettes, and one is dedicated entirely to turning your home into your own personal sanctuary.

Aptly named Restore, the color scheme spotlights five hues in cool tones of green and blue. Purposefully crafted to encourage balance indoors by celebrating nature outdoors, the collection is basically your starter pack for a calming space. We can see the shades used as soothing backdrops in post-Kondo’d homes, paired with clean-lined, neutral-hued furniture for the ultimate oasis.

Ready to get your zen on? Here’s how to decorate with each of the five paints, according to Behr’s vice president of color and creative services, Erika Woelfel.

Secret Meadow

“This is an eclectic, botanical green with global appeal—perfect for an inviting entryway,” offers Woelfel. The rich shade is definitely a bold choice, so if you’re on the fence, try giving just the inside of your front door a coat of the color. Even if you keep the rest of your hallway white, that one detail will make it pop.

Back to Nature

If you have avocado green PTSD, allow us to convince you to give it another chance. The hue is not only trendy, it’s equal parts relaxing and revitalizing. Woelfel loves this shade for warming up a family kitchen or reading nook. Paired with raw wood and other natural textures, it’s super-inviting.

Light Drizzle

This serene blue is likely what people think of when they envision a spa-like environment. Take that thought and run with it, painting your bedroom—the space where you need those soothing vibes the most—in the hue. “It’s also an excellent choice when you want to add a not-too-saturated pop of color to your door,” Woelfel points out.


Try this cornflower blue to spice up weathered antiques and old fixtures that are bringing you down, rather than painting the walls. “Bluebird is a fresh, spirited blue that adds visual interest when used on furniture, a fireplace mantel, or other focal point,” Woelfel says.


This deep blue-green will turn your living room into a cozy hideaway. To infuse a bit of color into the space without sacrificing your overall neutral aesthetic, apply it to window and door trim and call it a (very peaceful) day.

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