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Hello and welcome to a new year! I took a few days off and it’s amazing what a few days of rest can do. I’ve got a few new fabrics I’ve designed that will soon be released, new art prints too. Tomorrow I’m looking at a few real estate listings for their renovation and flip potential, and I’ll be sharing an organizational DIY project I finished later this week. Good things are happening!

January is that month we all seek to reorganize, declutter, and start fresh. Great looking storage always helps, we like when attractive form meets useful function. Basic cabinets are wonderful of course, and closets serve a storage purpose for hiding all our stuff. I like open storage looks that are unique or creative and also serve a purpose. I spent some time looking around at open storage ideas that are modular or stackable in geometric shapes.

I spied this first image with stacked cubes and thought it was such a cool way to mount square shelves. They’re sculptural in their arrangement it’s a clever way to maximize vertical wall space. I like how they are more muted because they’re painted the same color of the wall.


This stacked storage system fills an entire wall and accommodates multiple size objects.


A cube as simple as this bedside nightstand is a creative narrow solution.

IKEA arranged this creative display with their EKET cube cabinets in different colors.


A creative combination of shapes and finishes to create an eye-catching display in a home office.

via dwell magazine


These rectangular cube shelves statement add storage and style in shared dining and sitting space.


gepetto designs


This combination of hexagon and triangle shelves spied at RH Teen is a unique arrangement.


The asymmetrical layout of this inexpensive cabinet is appealing as is its wood + brass doors.

This designer stacked shelf system is pricey but a very cool look.

This wood + white small bookshelf has a mid mod vibe.


This intersecting cube wall shelf is a practical way to display small collections like kids toys or your collectibles.


These stackable rectangles are versatile and affordable at only $53 each.

The staggered cubbies in this shelf unit include open and closed backs for creative displays.

This pine cube shelf unit is sure to get plenty of glances for its unique layout.

You needn’t go big, you can mount small versions, like these rectangular shelves at Room + Board.

This custom unit doesn’t ship to the US, but it’s another great geometric design.

Are you a fan of these asymmetrical layouts? Or do you prefer symmetry in your shelving displays? Let me know! You might also like these these 20 eye catching wall shelves and inspiring shelf displays from retail shops.

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