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If Count Dracula were cruising the housing market for a modern pad to replace his decaying castle, then these spacious dark interiors with blood red accents might catch his eye. The gothic inspired colour combo paints moody glamour through three dramatic concept homes, where it cocoons modern furniture, inspires a mysterious lighting scheme, and hushes the outside world. These are homes for escapism, a place where the homeowner can set their own rules. Although darkness dominates, the spaces open up with lofty ceilings and huge windows. Textured stone walls and expanses of traditional panelling are employed to play in the shade, whilst curious sculptural pieces rise out of the shadows to build intrigue.

Visualizer: Serge Somkin  

This interior concept is a fresh vision on castle living, inspired by medieval aesthetics. Rough, spacious and controversial, this modern abode is unique from its sculptural furniture down to a strangely foreboding red lighting scheme.

A tall sculptural chair basks in the atmospheric red light of a linear fireplace. Abstract art extrudes from the stone wall.

On the other side of the large living room, an open plan dining area is alive in the glow of rouge perimeter LEDs. A modern dining room chandelier ignites a hoop of searing white.

A persian rug outlines the eating area.

Each dining chair is like a piece of sculptural art. Architectural fins assist with solar shading at the windows, and cause light play across the floor.

A linear suspension light slices through a black and red kitchen scheme.

Wall art is softly lit by directional ceiling lights, bringing it out from the shadows. A dining area runs off the side of the kitchen island; unique dining chairs are shaped like small figures in the gloom.

A black faucet blends into the black kitchen and black marble countertop.

The master bedroom is a massive luxury suite with a glamorous 4 poster bed set right in the centre. A wall of ruby red lighting sears the edge of the darkness, highlighting a long stretch of glass closet doors.

Individual bedroom pendant lights form a chandelier arrangement by the
4 poster bed.

A huge rug spills out from under the bed, flooding beneath a pair of black marble side tables.

More architectural fins filter direct sunlight from the sleeping chamber. Sunlight is invited readily into the other half of the room, where there is a large lounge area and a home workspace.

A square coffee table and equally square chairs furnish the sitting area.

The floor lamp is a unique design that is tightly strung between ceiling and floor.

More red lighting adds mystique to the home office.

Two decorative vases silhouette in the ruby glow.

The sprawling bathroom is like a luxury spa, caped in black.

A sunken bathtub beds into the black floor, allowing a wall of natural light to flood into the room unobstructed.

A modern
rocking chair reclines by the window and a piece of red and black sculpture.

There is a walk-in shower at the back of the room with double shower heads.

A golden pendant light gleams over the bath.

The glass wall bathroom looks out into a vanity area.

Twin wash basins are sunken into a long black vanity shelf, underlit by red LEDs.

Vanity stools wait in the fiery glow beneath the bench.

High contrast black and white floor pattern stands out sharply in the shadowy space.

Bright white modern wall lights burn vividly against the dark backdrop. Red perimeter lights highlight wall texture and strike a sharp outline.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson  

The next home interior has a neoclassical scheme, with traditional wainscot walls and a button back sofa. A contemporary white chandelier contrasts with the raven paintwork.

Red upholstery makes the tufted sofa stand out from the black panelled backdrop.

Stylish lounge chairs bring more modernity and lighter warming hues into the layout.

An elegant glass vase tops a luxe white marble coffee table. The interior design coffee table book is Entryways of Milan.

A large sputnik chandelier casts out its spokes over the black dining room. White sculptures on white plinths disrupt the onyx decor.

Monochrome wall art is framed by the wainscot beading.

A stark botanical display forms the table centrepiece. Edison bulbs provide a low atmospheric glow.

Four black dining chairs are widely spaced around a rectangular dining table, giving the space a minimalist look and allowing the deep colour scheme to breath. An oak herringbone floor effectively brightens the look.

A garnet upholstered bench sweeps underneath colour coordinated floral art. A gold picture frame enriches the opulent colour palette.

Visualizer: Makseem Knife   

The final home interior is a one of great stature, where towering wall panels further exaggerate the room’s lofty effect. Custom-made floor length black curtains frame great windows. A black 3-piece suite and floor lamp are dwarfed by the sheer scale of the impressive space.

A splash of russian minimalism colours the black wall.

Laid out beneath the low slung slab coffee table, a scarlet area rug gives the dark room a strong heart. Chevron flooring floods the rest of the floor space with a rich espresso tone.

Almost going unseen, a minimalist pendant light fixture drops a single edison bulb from an original ceiling rose. The black rose melds with its colour matched ceiling mount.

The rest of the enormous room falls away into obscure darkness, where indoor plants brush black feathery silhouettes into the corners.

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