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A reader inquired about my sources for the fabrics in my client’s dining nook which prompted today’s post. We ordered her cushion and pillows from Cushion Source and I’m very happy with their quality.

fabrics shown: coliseum / shibori net / pebbles

We used a Sunbrella navy fabric for the seat cushion, but she plans to swap the pillows out with the seasons so for those we used indoor use fabrics. Custom cushions are an investment but one that will last for years to come if you choose sun safe durable fabrics.

house beautiful

I stitched up a DIY simple sew window cushion seat years ago, that’s a handy tutorial if you sew, however if you don’t own a sewing machine these are some additional online sources for having custom cushions made for window seats.

All sources have extensive fabrics available in house, however if you’ve got your heart set on a particular print, most allow COM (customer’s own material) to be used for custom cushions.


If you have any additional sources that you’ve used, please share in the comments!

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