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A beautiful home need not ignore the comfort of its inhabitants. One of the best ways to create a comfortable and welcoming space is to include plenty of soft, luxe textures through the use of upholstery. The two homes featured in this post use a contrast of textures between polished stone, gold, large windows, and beds and sofas upholstered with soft, inviting fabrics. The designs that result from such contrasts are stylish as well as welcoming, truly asking guests to get comfortable and stay awhile. 

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A large sectional sofa acts as a perfect meeting place for visitors and family in this Kyiv, Ukraine home.

A pair of matching, modern armchairs offer even more seating against a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows.

A large area rug creates a focal point and adds more soft textures to the room.

The square coffee table nestles into the nook of the sectional sofa, accessorized with glass tumblers and a
coffee table book. The gold on the tv wall provides a striking focus.

Neutral-colored ​​living room chairs have the clean lines necessary for a luxurious, modern look.

The open floor plan makes the main living space ideal for entertaining.

A unique floor lamp nearly disappears into the surrounding decor.

Because of the stunning windows, the darker gray colors don’t make the space feel smaller.

Any home with more than one level needs to pay close attention to its staircase design.

A creative sculpture is a focal point while also nearly blending into the wall with its color.

A stone, granite kitchen island is both practical and stylish.

The linear suspension light that hangs over the island is sleek and modern.

Moving into the luxury bedroom, the cool, gray color scheme carries through.

An upholstered bed and complementary
end of bed bench give ample resting places.

Using a floor lamp in the bedroom alongside other lamps gives the inhabitant multiple lighting stories to choose from.

The bedroom pendant lights are another example of lighting that can be used in this design.

The bedside table, topped by one of a few decorative vases is super simple but effective in its design.

Glass closet doors encourage organization and make the room feel bigger.

Using a bedroom rug under the bed is a nice touch for cold mornings.

When a bedroom has sleek hardwood flooring, rugs are nearly essential.

An unadorned gray stone bathroom lets the design flow from the bedroom.

A stunning glass bathtub acts as a showpiece in an otherwise monochromatic bathroom.

The amber glass lets light pass through.

The color of the tub is set off by the gray stone floor.

Side-by-side sinks complement the bathtub.

A double
bathroom vanity is a must-have in a luxury en suite bathroom.

A separate show area is a bit more practical than the freestanding tub for everyday use.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

The second home is a 120 square meter apartment in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and a tufted sofa welcomes us into the home.

A wall-mounted television is a simple focal point for the living area.

An open floorplan means the design of all the separate living spaces must work together.

The soft, white upholstered dining chairs add an inviting touch to the main eating area. Use of gold is subtle but sensuous here.

A white marble kitchen island is a tasteful and luxurious option.

A flexible lighting rope hangs creatively from an overhead fixture.

A glass vase is always a welcome addition in the kitchen or any room.

Black, white and gray are anything but simple in this creative combination.

In the bedroom, a Ring light by Lee Broom
platform bed is simple and elegant.

A monochromatic plant makes a dramatic side table decoration.

Herringbone is a classic pattern for hardwood flooring and looks stunning here.

A white porcelain bathtub is a luxurious choice in the bathroom.

Twin, backlit bathroom mirrors crown a double vanity here.

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