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In these two small home designs, muted red and green accents are used to break up compact spaces and to help create zoning. High-contrast red accessories create a visual heat, which is complemented by areas of natural wood tone. Soft green hues and indoor plants make a fresh and uplifting contribution. In home number one, red accents define a small dining area and a neighboring kitchen. In the bedroom, a red duvet set separates the sleep space from a green home workspace. In home design number two, we’ll see how muted red moments call attention to a living room media wall, a small dining table, and a welcoming front entryway.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova and Sergey Sedov  

Inside the small living room of our first featured home, a red pendant light calls attention to the dining area that hides behind the couch. Red wall cabinets draw the eye around the corner to the kitchen.

A living room rug lays down a solitary splash of blue, which makes the sitting area stand out from the crowd.

A round coffee table makes the most sense in a particularly compact furniture layout because there are no sharp corners to bump into. A small, lightweight table is also easy to move. It can be quickly repositioned to where it’s needed or where causes the least hindrance to the occasion.

Opposite the sofa, a media console draws a bold red line across the plain white TV wall. A short glass vase with a botanical spray adds a pleasant natural element to the modern unit.

Behind the couch, a round dining table is smoothly encircled by four curved-backed dining chairs.

The red dining room pendant light hangs low to the table to colorfully anchor the eating area.

The small dining area is physically separated from the adjacent kitchen by a short peninsula. The peninsula measures only one unit long but provides essential extra storage space for pots and pans.

The kitchen peninsula also doubles as a neat breakfast bar. Two kitchen bar stools slot tidily under the waterfall countertop.

In the bedroom, a gray upholstered bed is colorfully dressed with a muted red bed set. A black bedside table lamp makes a slender silhouette on the wooden bedside unit.

Mirrored wardrobes reflect natural light from the window opposite.

A large indoor plant makes lush green contrast with the red bed set. A stylish bedroom pendant light drops low to provide reading light by the pillows. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

In contrast to the passionate red bed zone, the bedroom workspace is all systems go in green.

A green upholstered desk chair is paired with a wooden desk to build a fresh natural palette.

Taupe curtains hang a neutral frame around the bedroom window.

The walls around the gray bed are pale and serene to create a peaceful aesthetic.

Hand towels take the red accent color into the compact bathroom design. Wood-slatted panels add texture and depth to the small space.

Apartment floor plan.

In this 68-square-meter apartment, a small dining table is boldly defined under an eye-catching red finish. Black dining chairs darkly encircle the colorful moment, whilst green decor makes a fresh botanical backdrop.

In the lounge area, a linear red media unit is contradicted by a dark gray small sofa and a gray living room rug.

An assortment of houndstooth print and plain red scatter cushions accessorize the sofa. A small side table is moved around the room where needed.

A pair of ​​modern wall sconces create an atmospheric glow above the sofa.

In the dining room, a small wall light throws illumination over the tabletop in place of a pendant light fitting.

A simple glass vase filled with greenery makes the dining table centerpiece.

Green paintwork frames a striking black and wood kitchen installation.

The hallway is lined with olive green decor. Oak flooring lays down a natural base.

In the home entryway, bespoke storage units stow away coats, shoes, and bags. A small nook contains coat hooks for guests and a built-in entryway bench.

More cabinets bridge the entryway bench, providing additional storage for seldom-accessed seasonal items. A much larger closet and cabinet set is concealed within the green color-blocked hallway.

The walls around the front door are treated to a warm and welcoming red colorway. A custom-cut floor-length mirror reflects light into the small space and gives the homeowners a place to check their appearance on the way out.

In the bedroom, a black swing arm wall lamp provides reading light on each side of a red upholstered headboard.

A green focal wall drops cool contrast behind the bed.

A black and gray bedroom rug lays down a tight geometric pattern. Frosted glass closet doors reflect natural light.

A media unit morphs into a dressing table at the foot of the bed. Red storage drawers cut a line of color underneath.

Even the tiny powder room faithfully follows the muted red and green decor aesthetic. A small vanity unit gains a greater presence from its red drawer fronts. A vase of greenery embellishes its clean white countertop.

Wood wall cabinets utilize the upper half of the toilet cistern concealment wall.

A recessed shelf is boldly backed in black stone to provide a contrasting focal point.

The green accent is restricted to the powder room door.

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