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You want the bedroom to be a relaxing space where you get a good night’s rest more than anything. Beyond that, the goal for bedroom design and decor is to be super stylish and comfortable, whether it’s the master bedroom or another bedroom. It makes sense because between sleeping and preparing for the day, you spend plenty of time in the bedroom. Moreover, the bed is the focal point of the space and rightly so. What other elements you include and their style all depends on how large the bedroom is and what else you might want to do in the space. Some comfy seating for reading, a meditation space, or a window-side lounge are all great ideas. Check out these inspirational bedroom ideas for fresh bed designs, examples of different ways to incorporate lighting and more.

Contemporary Upholstery

Today’s bed styles are very different from the standard headboard of years past. First of all, platform beds with just one mattress are now the norm, not the old-fashioned mattress and box spring set. This is a great stylistic advance because it allows for all kinds of new designs. This upholstered headboard is a great example because it’s got a contemporary flair that carries through the rest of the bed frame. The way the headboard flows into the rest of the bed, which is supported by similarly upholstered legs, is casual and very versatile. Pastel-hued oval nightstands carry through the curves and flowing lines of the bed.

Modern Tufting

Similar to the first bed, this leather upholstered model is a tad more formal in style with its winged and tufted design. It still has a modern feeling because the tufting is linear and not the traditional buttoned style. The bottom of the bed frame is upholstered, which is a very clean look that eliminates the fussy — and passé — bed skirt. Modern bedside lighting is all glass and does not have traditional shades, emphasizing the more streamlined style. The keep the decor from being too matchy-matchy, the bedside tables are of different styles and shapes.

Laid-Back Style

Super casual, slouchy styles have also made their way into the bedroom. Some of the bedroom ideas that involve these laid-back silhouettes include cushion-like headboards, minimalist wood platform bed frames, and Nordic-inspired nightstands. Modest lighting fixtures round out the space yet still provide enough bedside illumination for reading. This type of bedroom is ideal for people who like to live life with less fuss and prefer to just pull up the duvet and go.

Classic Details in a Modern Space

Classic meets contemporary in this bedroom that centers around an upholstered headboard. The classic button tufting has been incorporated into a modern upholstered bedframe done in a neutral off-white. The contrast with the paneled dark wood wall really makes the bed the focal point. A major modern edge in the space comes from the hanging light fixtures positioned over each nightstand. This is great for freeing up space on the bedside table.

Sleek and Dramatic

A more “one and done” concept that is easy to implement is a full wall unit that incorporates all the major elements of the bedroom. At the center is a tall headboard and platform bed, all upholstered in a luxurious neutral suede. Flanking the bed are two horizontally paneled wood sections that follow the same lines as the central headboard. Two floating nightstands are attached to the panels, which makes the whole room seem less cluttered. At the end of the bed, a super functional bench rounds out the furnishings.

Sofa Styling

Maybe it’s the upholstery choice or maybe it’s the overall design, but this bed exudes the feeling of a comfy family room sofa. The tweed-like textile covers the cushioned headboard and the frame. A nightstand sits on one side, however, the placement of the bed in the room behind the low headboard. Allows for a floor lamp to be positioned behind the low headboard. The bench at the end of the bed has a fresh look with a super tall cushion paired with a low frame. Situating the bed away from a wall is a great bedroom idea if the room is spacious.

Ambient Lighting Accents

In another example of a bed not placed directly against the wall, this sleek leather bed is instead backed by glass shelving that has built-in lighting that helps create a relaxing mood. Whether you arrange the bedroom this way or not, incorporating lighting in shelving units or other locations is an opportunity for adding low lighting that helps you relax at the end of a long day. The subtle illumination is not meant for tasks or reading, but for creating a more soothing environment.

 A Neutral Anchor

Most of these new master bedroom designs use a neutral bed to serve as the visual anchor in the space, which allows for plenty of creativity in the decor. This clean-lined bed is paired with a minimalist nightstand and artful accessories. To the side, a vanity table is very convenient for getting dressed and ready. A comfortable ottoman sits at the center of the curved unit, which includes lighted mirrors that aid in applying make-up, styling hair or putting on jewelry.

Matched Styling

A similar headboard is styled in a completely different way, showing how versatile a neutral bed can be. This leather-upholstered model works well with the Asian-inspired wall of windows. Matching nightstands and modern lighting give the whole room the more planned and coordinated look that many people still prefer, but without the old-style matchy-matchy bedroom set vibe. If you’re looking for bedroom ideas that are along these lines, think coordination instead of uniformity.

Combo Style

We’ve already shown you an integrated wall unit that includes the bed, but this combination bed and nightstand piece is another convenient option among fresh bedroom ideas. The upholstered platform bed has a couple of unique features that make it ideal for a room with limited space. First, the padded headboard can be lowered for sleep. Second, the platform is wider on one side and includes a small bedside storage cube, as well as a wooden section at the foot of the bed that can also function as a shelf. The narrower side uses a small side table for bedside convenience.

Basic Black

This bedroom is filled with basic black furnishings but the styling makes the space anything but boring. The platform bed has minimalist lines and features two cushions as the headboard, which are paired with leather bolsters that run the width of the bed. A leather-covered bench with similar styling sits at the foot of the bed and the bedside tables add interest because they are different on both sides. A round table with a Scandinavian style lamp sits on one side, while two cube-style tables are on the right. Among all the bedroom ideas, this one is a stylish but no-nonsense option.

Living and Lounging

With extra space comes greater opportunity for creating additional relaxation areas in the bedroom. One of the most common master bedroom ideas is the addition of comfortable seating for reading. This contemporary bedroom combines a casual cushion-based headboard and integrated floating nightstands against a paneled feature wall. Modern sconces and art accent the wall and a geometric rug pull it all together. Near the bed, a chair, a modern floor lamp and an occasional table create a great spot for reading or relaxing with a cup of tea.

All-in-One Organization

Whether a lack of space and storage is an issue or not, an all-in-one type of concept is a design-forward idea that many people prefer. This casual platform bed is integrated into a wall of shelving that also serves as nightstand space, keeping the design compact. Details like a built-in valet hanger on one side and storage cubes on the other can make a big difference when closet space is at a premium. While the color is a muted, earthy green, it’s still a neutral shade that would pair well with a wide range of other colors.

Wood-Focused Design

Not everyone wants an upholstered headboard and there are plenty of updated bedroom ideas that focus on wood. This bedroom has a Scandinavian vibe with a bit of a rustic touch thanks to how prominently the knots in the wood show. The fresh take includes floating vanities that are attached to the headboard as are the reading lights on each side. On the wall, lighted cubes add an accent along with extra storage and display space. To go with the casual feeling of the bedroom, large square poofs take the place of a traditional bench.

Minimalist Lines

Minimalist style is very good for the bedroom, especially because experts say that the bedroom should be totally devoted to sleeping and not television, work or other activities. A sleek platform bed is a good base and here it is paired with a slim bench, modern lighting and eclectic bedside tables. The no-frills bedroom as little to distract from the main purpose but is still fresh and stylish.

Accenting the Bed

Even with a basic style, it’s possible to highlight the bed. Here, a floating wall has been positioned behind the bed. This one is tall, but it could be any height you choose. The wall can be used to add color and can be lit from behind to add drama to the room. It makes the bed more dramatic and enhances other elements like the pendant lights hanging over one of the nightstands. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for master bedroom ideas for refreshing lighting, using two different styles is a great one for adding interest to a basic space.

Eclectic Style for Kids Rooms

Kids generally don’t worry too much about whether their space is stylish — they just want it to be cool. And, as they grow, their tastes will change which is why basic, neutral furnishings make a great base for a kid’s bedroom. Sturdy gender-neutral pieces can be accented with colorful accessories and bedding that can change as the child grows. This particular room features a versatile twin bed as the focus and accompanying pieces that offer storage as well as function. Task lighting, as well as a general bedside light, cover all the bases.

Modern Luxury

Luxury lovers also have plenty of options for the bedroom, including within the modern realm. Upholstered in a chic gray crushed velvet, this bed is definitely a focal point thanks to its dramatic channel tufting on the headboard. No matter what this is paired with, the room will feel luxurious. Minimalist bedding keeps the lines clean but more opulent bedding would launch this to a whole other level. Despite the distinctive design, it’s actually a very versatile piece that works with a wide range of other furnishings.

Ornate Opulence

Despite all the aforementioned minimalism, there’s still a big demand for more ornate bedroom designs from those who relax when they truly luxuriate in traditional style. This bedroom is opulent for many reasons, starting with the way the bed is made the focal point. Even though the rococo headboard is dramatic, it is emphasized by the red wall and lush drapes that frame the bed. Everything matches and detailing is exquisite, from the hardware on the nightstands and dresser to the accents on the bedding.

A Traditional Twist

If an opulent style bedroom is too much, restrained luxury is another option. This bedroom is a good example of how a traditional, luxuriously upholstered headboard can be combined with some contemporary elements to create a unique space. First of all, the bedding is luxurious but unadorned, which streamlines the look. The traditional silhouettes of the nightstands are combined with updated lighting that makes for a different look. The geometric wallpaper also lends a contemporary and unexpected flair.

If there’s anything that you take away from these inspirational photos, it should be that the bedroom is a personal space and although you want it to be stylish, it absolutely must appeal to your personal preferences. There’s no one you need to impress with your bedroom style except you and your partner. As long as it’s relaxing and conducive to sleep, the stylistic execution is up to you!

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