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DreamSkin is a new anti-allergy bedding just launched at Marks & Spencer. It’s quite literally the dream for those suffering with allergies.

Often irritated skin conditions can make it all the more difficult to get a comfortable night’s sleep. This super soft bedding is ideal to help ease the discomfort of irritated skin.

Made from sustainably-sourced, responsibly produced cotton and using advanced technology, this new bedding’s a breakthrough for soothing sensitive skin.

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New M&S anti-allergy bedding

DreamSkin duvet

anti-allergy bedding DreamSkin at M&S

How does it work? The smart technology is medically proven to soothe and protect skin, lower skin temperature, help reduce friction and act as a repellent on detergent residues. Especially beneficial for conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Eradicating these common bedding irritations leaves you free to sink into a blissful allergy-free slumber.

Buy now: DreamSkin Duvet Cover, from £19.50, M&S

DreamSkin pillowcase

anti-allergy bedding DreamSkin at M&S

Smart new DreamSkin offers symptomatic relief from skin discomfort – perfect for soothing dry and troubled skin and providing accelerated relief from irritation

The new bedding range offers duvets, pillowcases and fitted sheets – ensuring the entire bed is dressed to soothe.

DreamSkin fitted sheet

anti-allergy bedding

The base of a good night’s rest, this fitted sheet is made using the same smart technology to that of the duvet and pillowcases.

Buy now: DreamSkin Anti-allergy Fitted Sheet, from £19.50, M&S

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*Intelligent Fabric Technologies Ltd has developed a polymer which is a breakthrough in the management of skin conditions. Those include eczema and dermatitis, under the brand name DreamSkin.

The new technology is a Class1 medical device, approved in the EU for treating eczema and contact dermatitis.

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