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Bathrooms both big and small can become sensational spaces when given the right aesthetics, but where to begin? This extensive gallery of incredible bathroom design comes to us from worldwide bathroom product manufacturers, Cocoon. Timeless elegance threads through this inspirational modern collection, along with a tangible passion for craftsmanship and the prolific use of natural materials. The three ideals come together to form bathrooms that are not only stunning but innately comforting, and confidently radiate distinct personal identity. These are inviting spaces that evoke a blissful feeling of shelter, safe from the outside world. A place to rest, unwind and restore mind, body and spirit.

Deeply textured rustic stone walls present the perfect backdrop for our first incredible bathroom design. A magnificent arch in the stonework divides the space between a combined bathtub & shower zone, and a separate double bathroom vanity area.

A glass wall holds the bathroom design in visual connection with an adjoined bedroom. The black framed screen contains the shower splash zone, and compliments its black base unit.

Moving away from the deep texture of natural stone, this bathroom gains defined lines from a sleek cast vanity. The natural element comes in via warm rustic woods and rattan accessories.

A whitewashed wood floor lays down a laid back look, along with casually scattered eclectic finds. A sleek freestanding modern bathtub beautifully juxtaposes the rough and rustic vibe.

Moving around this vast bathroom space becomes a naturally inspired adventure with the introduction of pebble beds and stepping stone slabs.

The bath tub is cast in the same warming tone as the stone floor, building a gentle, soothing palette that the eye can move over easily without jarring contrast.

Tropical gardens grow a botanical real life wallpaper around the glass walls of the bathroom. The glass slides open to let in calming nature sounds and scents.

A united pale palette is given interest with two types of wall texture, chevron flooring, and a unique wall mirror.

Rustic stonework reins to the rafters in this one of a kind space. A pure white textured block backs an open plan shower area, accessorised with dark grey brushed steel.

A unique bathtub is the show stopping piece in this pale grey luxury bathroom scheme. Rounded corners smooth off its rectangular outline, whilst an inner lip supports a custom bath caddy that’s perfect to hold a glass of something bubbly.

Even smaller sized bathrooms can accommodate interesting decor installations. This very shallow shelving design elegantly accentuates the positioning of a gorgeous bathtub.

Crafted from one solid block of natural stone, this bathtub makes an incredibly distinctive hero piece.

Sophisticated in its simplicity, this solid stone double sink bathroom vanity is complemented by an equally linear vanity mirror.

Descending from the ceiling, a highly unusual faucet fills this marble pedestal sink. Smoked mirror makes an atmospheric backdrop.

A small island divides the trough of this smart double vanity unit, offering up a resting spot for bathroom essentials.

A single version of the vanity featured above.

Grey pedestal sinks and a matching bathtub are cast in Cocoon’s ‘solid surface’, a non-porous stone-like material. Elliptical wall mirrors complement the curvaceous border of the room.

A slice has been taken out of a bathroom wall to house a recessed vanity area, and a top mounted mirror.

The cuboid basin slots satisfyingly into the base of the nook.

On trend green paintwork and a modern geometric floor complement the timeless elegance of a black marble basin.

Black solid surface casting forms a seductive bathtub design, beneath a contemporary swing arm wall lamp.

Mirror image style double vanities stand at the core of this large bathroom design. The double sided combo forms a freestanding element, rather conforming to traditional peripheral restriction.

A built-in bench mirrors the linear double vanity in this comfortable bathroom layout. A small floor rug elevates the cosy atmosphere.

White marble washes through this luxury bathroom scheme, covering walls, floors and a walk-in shower enclosure.

A copper spout adds rich sheen over an angular black vanity. An amber glass soap dispenser compliments its warm tone.

Bathroom vanity lights float like bright lanterns in this shadowy grey room.

Gold faucets bring warmth and luxe to grey solid surface sanitaryware.

Bamboo underlines a white marble vanity countertop, and brushed gold accents. Unique bathroom pendant lights add another special layer into the mix.

A bespoke bathroom countertop rounds the corner of an open plan shower area, fluidly interconnecting the two zones.

Dazzling light cuts down one edge of the vanity wall, giving it a clean and sharp modern look. Wooden cabinet doors bring in the grounded natural element.

This solid grey basin makes a wonderful accompaniment to a rich wooden vanity cabinet. Grey shower tiles complement the grey linear element.

Shutters disrupt the daylight into angular patterns across this quiet bathroom space.

A swan-like shower spout climbs the affected wall.

Great black curtains draw around the bathing space of this light filled bathroom, granting privacy from the imposing city.

Black stone and rich wood enfold white bathroom furniture under a shadowy cloak.

Glass walls borrow light from an adjoined bedroom.

Perimeter lighting heightens the dusky drama.

Gunmetal black shower fixtures reside behind a frameless shower screen. A unique magazine holder nestles beneath a streamlined wall mounted vanity design.

White vanity, white walls and a bleached wooden floor set out a serene setting for a minimalist bathroom.

An understated bathroom sink becomes a much bigger style statement with a base mounted raw copper faucet.

1. Automatic touch-free soap dispenser
2. Luxury toilet paper holder
3. Menu pedal trash bin
4. Modern faucet
5. Copper ventilated laundry basket
6. Bamboo vanity accessory set
7. Luxury chandelier
8. Plant stand
9. Golden glass bathroom sink

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